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What is the difference between a travel consultant and a sales manager


What is the best way to get to your destination? Do I need a visa? If so, how to get it? Where to stay? How to get from the airport to the accommodation? How much money to take with you? What do you need to visit / see / try?

And the most important question: how not to go broke on this trip?

With the current abundance of information, you can go crazy planning your own trip.

And how much time is spent searching for answers to all these questions!

What is the difference between a travel consultant and a sales manager

So, let's figure out what a travel consultant does, where he has the opportunity to find a job. The minimum that a tourist needs to travel a tourist needs a transfer, a place to stay, food, a visa for international travel and medical insurance. It follows that the tourism consultant should study the client’s wishes and choose the most suitable option for him.

It would seem simple, but it wasn’t there. Recently, media reports often appear that purchased airline tickets were invalid, the flight was canceled, car accidents with tourists, tickets bought by tourists cannot be turned in, not exchanged. Sites with reviews of tourists resemble the "wailing wall": they do not clean the rooms, poor food, boorish attitude, indifference. There are frequent cases when at the most inopportune moment it turns out that the necessary services were not included in the price of the tour.

It is not sad to admit it, but all these troubles begin with the search for a suitable tour, which is engaged in a travel and tourism consultant. Unfortunately, travel agencies in the pursuit of income do not pay enough attention to the training and motivation of staff. The margin inherent in the cost of a travel package is divided into the contents of the agency, management, taxes for legal entities or individual entrepreneurs. As a result, the tourism consultant receives a tiny salary - approximately 1% of the cost of the permit. As a result of personal disinterest, a low level of responsibility.

What is the difference between a tour operator and a travel agency?

The tour operator creates, packs a tourist product, including everything necessary for travel, accommodation and leisure. Clients of a tour operator are travel agencies and individual agents who sell vacation packages to vacationers themselves.

Another business consultant is Workle. He directly bookes a tour with a tour operator, bears personal responsibility to the client and, of course, has the highest possible income from each sale - up to 11% of the paid order.

What is the difference between a Workle tourism consultant and a travel agent?

Travel agency is a company in which several people work. The travel agency is located in its own or leased premises. Travel agency revenues go to the maintenance of this space, advertising, managers and the remainder are distributed between sales managers who specifically work with clients. Unlike travel agency sales managers, the Workle tourism consultant does not need an office; he works only on his own.

Find out about the other benefits of working with Workle here or read the next post on October 26. Responsibilities: Vacancy Tourism Consultant (see the bottom of the Related Posts page).

Terms and Compensation

  • work without investments remotely through the site under a civil law contract,
  • contributions to the Pension Fund,
  • Help 2-PIT on request,
  • the possibility of combining with study or other work,
  • cooperation directly with leading tour operators: Biblio Globus, Pegas Touristik, Inna Tour, Tez Tour, Brisco, etc.,
  • module for search, comparison and automatic booking of tours,
  • guarantee of remuneration for each transaction concluded,
  • secure system of transferring funds to a bank account,
  • career growth, allowing you to increase income.
To begin

Job Requirements:

Applicant - future tourism manager should have:

  • computer literacy:
  • Internet skills
  • by email
  • knowledge of MS Word, Excel,
  • sociability
  • ability to conduct telephone conversations in the field of tourism,
  • politeness,
  • tact and goodwill,
  • focus on results,
  • initiative
  • the ability to independently organize your work schedule.

Floor: irrelevant.

Age: from 18 years (including job offers for students, retirees, women on parental leave).

Education: irrelevant.

Qualification Requirements: candidates with both experience and without experience are considered for the vacancy of a tourism manager.

Employers in the field of tourism:

  • Vacancies in travel agency Biblio Globus
  • Jobs at Pegas Touristik Travel Company
  • Jobs in the travel company Inna Tour
  • Jobs at the Tez Tour,

and other companies in the tourism sector

Beginners will be offered free online interactive training, at the end of which they will receive an electronic certificate.

Still have questions? Our forum, chat and support service works for you. Welcome to the Workle Team!

Who is a travel agent and how much does he earn

A travel agent is actually a tour sales manager. The latter are a ready-made travel program compiled by the operator. The tour includes booking a hotel, excursion programs and carrier services (airplanes, buses, cruise liners). The difference between a freelancer travel agent and a travel agency is that he does not need an office and a large number of employees. He can do all the work online.

Agent remuneration consists of a commission from sales, which is paid by the operator for each attracted buyer. It can be from 5% to 10% of the cost of the permit. Thus, your future income determines the number of sales made. A beginner travel agent should not count on quick and high profits. A stable income will require a regular customer base, the formation of which can take several months. The average income of an agent at home is from 500 to 1000 dollars per month.

How to become a travel agent from scratch at home

You can start work as a travel agent without a specialized diploma, but this does not mean that you do not need knowledge. First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the legislation regarding this type of activity and tourist (foreign) trips in general. You should also study the terminology, classification of permits, features of the choice of tour operator, methods of communication with the client and, necessarily, geography.

Legalization of tourism agent activities

Without official registration, neither tour operators nor clients will work with a tourism agent. You can register as an IP (FOP) or LLC. In the first case, documentation and registration of activities are much simpler; in the second, there will be more trust in your company.

When registering, it is very important to choose the right activity codes. AND For Russia (OKVED-2), and for Ukraine (KVED 2017) it will be:

  • 11 Activities of travel agencies,
  • 90 Booking services and related activities.

When registering, it is better to choose a simplified taxation scheme.

To work as an agent for the sale of tours, you do not need to obtain a license, and therefore you can start working immediately after registration. But here one more thing should be taken into account. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, travel agents, unlike operators, are not entered into a single register and are not required to have financial security (guarantees). If you are considering options for how to become a travel agent from scratch in Ukraine, you need collateral in the amount of at least 2,000 euros. At the same time, if this amount is not enough to cover losses associated with the failure to provide paid services due to the fault of the agent, being a private equity fund, you risk not only guarantee funds, but also personal property.

The guarantor, as a rule, are banking organizations. They provide security for up to 5 years. In some cases, you can conclude a deal for up to 2 years. The guarantee is expressed in opening a deposit account (guarantee deposit) and regular insurance contributions to the bank, which in case of occurrence will be used to pay compensation. The deposit itself will not be withdrawn and at the end of the contract with the bank it will be returned to the agent. Confiscation of the deposit can only occur if the travel agent did not adhere to the regular payment schedule.

In most cases, no one checks the availability of security for a travel agent, and you can start an activity without it. On the other hand, large and reputable tour operators may refuse you if a guarantee is not confirmed.

A travel agent at home, in most cases, does not deal with travel documents (foreign passports, visas, powers of attorney). However, in order to advise your clients, you must know the list of necessary papers for crossing the border, the list of items and medicines allowed for transportation, as well as the rules for staying in the territory of the country to which your client is sent.

The choice of direction and target audience

Before becoming a travel agent, you must decide on the category of tourism products (tours) that you will sell. This will determine your future target audience.

The modern tourism business offers a wide variety of tours. They are divided into three large groups:

  1. Domestic - travel within your country. This activity is suitable for beginners. It does not require knowledge of foreign languages. The disadvantage of this direction is the relatively low level of income and relatively low demand. The main buyers are older people and middle-income families.
  2. Outreach - travel on vacation to other countries. The traditional type of tours, which is in high demand among a wide range of consumers.
  3. Entrance - Travel for foreign tourists to your country. Requires a good knowledge of foreign languages ​​(English).

Most operators work in all areas, and therefore, at any time, you can expand the scope of your business.

In addition, tours vary by type of organization:

  • Stationary - classic tours to one country (city) with permanent residence in a particular hotel. This can be a beach vacation at sea, ski resorts, rest in forest resorts, children's recreation camps. The main buyers of such tours are families with children, newlyweds and older people.
  • Mobile - tours, during which several countries and regions (cities) are visited. These include sea cruises, bus tours, hiking trails and camping. This type of tours is in demand among young people (students).

How to find a tour operator for cooperation

To get started, you need to conclude a formal agreement with the tour operator, otherwise you will not receive a commission, even if you sell the tour. In this case, you can choose as partners one or several operators, which will allow you to provide customers with a wider choice of tickets.

Similarly, considering how to become a travel agent at home, you need to choose the direction of tourist trips. It’s very difficult to do everything right away, especially a novice agent, and therefore it’s better to choose some of the most interesting countries for you personally.

There are many resources on the Internet that allow you to find the right tour operator. Some of them offer direct cooperation. For example, if you are looking for a quick way how to become a travel agent from scratch in Russia, you can register in the tour operator system and start making money right away. To work in this system, you do not need to register in the tax, because the company itself performs all the contributions to the Pension Fund and Federal Tax Service for you.

In addition, you can find partners in the Unified Federal Register of Tour Operators on the official website of Rostourism (

If you are a registered entrepreneur, you can also use the online services for selecting and booking tours (with a fee). Agents from the Russian Federation can use the following resources:

  • Booking Center ( - provides the opportunity to study and select tours around the world.
  • ( - in addition to selecting tours, it offers help and the creation of a free website for the automatic sale of travel products (tours).
  • 1001TUR ( - selection of tours from the largest operators with an increased commission and bonus charges.

Independent Travel Agents from Ukraine operators and tours can be searched on IT-Tour ( The service allows you to select and compare the cost of tours from various operators. It is possible to sell rejected vouchers and help in creating your own website. As a rule, such resources allow you to conclude cooperation agreements with the operator online.

How to check operator reliability

In most cases, tour operators are liable to tourists, but if force majeure occurs, the agent who made the sale will also fall out of favor. This means that your reputation with clients is directly related to the conscientiousness of the selected partners, and therefore, considering how to become a travel agent from scratch at home, it is important to learn to recognize conscientious partners.

You can find a tour operator suitable for your working conditions and evaluate its reliability in special online catalogs (, that provide the ability to view ratings. It is also necessary to monitor user and agent reviews on specialized sites (,,

You can draw your own conclusions by analyzing the operator according to the following criteria:

  • Availability of partner host company in the country of tour. If the operator has its own representatives in the city or country where your customers are going, this increases the reliability of the service. You can find out this information on the operator’s official website.
  • Arrangement with airlines and carriers. The more companies partner with the operator, the greater the opportunity to replace the service in an emergency.
  • Partner Insurance Company Level. If an IC with a high level of trust and a percentage of payments on insurance policies works with the operator, the higher the reliability of the operator.
  • Number of directions. If the tour operator works in a narrow segment of destinations, he will not be able to quickly provide a replacement tour in case of unforeseen situations (natural disasters, military and political conflicts).

How to attract customers to buy tours

Most home-based travel agents start selling by offering services to friends. If the latter are satisfied, they will undoubtedly buy tours again and recommend you to their friends. But for full earnings, such sales will not be enough. You can promote your services in the following ways:

  • Own website and contextual advertising. Creating a travel agent website requires a cash investment of about $ 500. It’s quite difficult to work as a travel agent at home without this tool. The site must necessarily contain useful information (legislation, a description of the attractions, tips for preparing for tourist trips), a description of the package of services (types of destinations and types of permits that you work with), as well as the possibility of online consultation in the mode of chat or web call.
  • Periodicals Advertisements. You can order special articles in popular blogs or on news portals about your company, regularly advertise in magazines and newspapers, with contact information.
  • Travel Blog Video. Effective advertising tool are videos about tourist trips that you organized. If this is difficult, you can use videos created by your tour operator.
  • Promotion of services on social networks. Selling tours through social networks, of course, you can’t do, but making ads and redirecting customers to your site is quite possible.
  • Tourist Landing (landing pages). Sell ​​certain types of tours using one-page sites. In this case, you will not select a tour for a specific client, but will look for a client for the selected tour.

How to become a good travel agent

For a client to agree to book a tour, you must convince him that this is the right decision. Only a self-confident and prepared travel agent can do this. For this you need:

  • Present to the client an extensive presentation of the program and talk about the country or region to which he goes. This means that before starting work, you should update your knowledge of geography and carefully study the features of the represented region, its attractions, as well as monitor political and economic news. При этом очень важно проверять всю найденную информацию на достоверность, чтобы по возвращению домой, клиент не разочаровался в вашем профессионализме.
  • Помнить, что вы продаете не просто поездку, а образ жизни. A good agent must be a subtle psychologist in order to understand what kind of rest his client needs.
  • Take into account all the nuances. When communicating with customers, make notes in order not to forget important details later.
  • Use various sales techniques (AIDA, SPIN, five steps). Make scripts (scripts) of the dialogue with the tour buyer for telephone, personal communication and correspondence. Analyze and adjust your sales patterns, taking into account errors.
  • Keep in touch with the customer after the sale. To make the client permanent, be friendly, be interested in the results of the trip, remember the names and personal information about your buyers of tours. This will create an image of a familiar and trusted agent that you don’t want to change to another.
  • Follow new directions and develop professionally. It is better to spend the first profit on training (trainings, seminars), which will allow you to quickly achieve a high level of professionalism.

To avoid claims against you, as well as unplanned financial expenses, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • You cannot name the exact time of departure of the plane or departure of the bus. There is always the possibility of a delay, and therefore it can become a claim to you personally.
  • Do not promise free services if you are not sure about their provision.. If the client receives free services that, according to you, were not included in the package, this will be your advantage, and therefore in disputed situations it is better to keep silent about such an opportunity.
  • Make a contract competently indicating a full description of the tourism product, conditions for its implementation, payment rules, tour operator and the cost of the permit (in arbitrary units, as well as national currency).
  • Do not book a tour without prepayment by the client. If you register your reservation and the client refuses, you will pay a fine to the operator.

Knowing how to become a travel agent from scratch at home and applying these skills in practice, you can build a full-fledged career and receive a stable income. This type of activity may also be interesting as additional earnings for students and employment for maternity leave for women.