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10 fantastic things that really exist on Doctor Who


Even those details of the character’s image that were made to order are most likely to be released separately in different editions, depending on the popularity of the character or show. However, it is often difficult to purchase such non-standard models - in Russia they are almost never sold, and not every foreign online store is ready to send goods to the CIS countries.

Of course, this should not be an obstacle in order to "be on style" and dress as you like. “Kanobu” and the “Banderolka” delivery service are offered not to become hostages of the situation - you can buy goods in stores without delivery if you use the services of an intermediary providing personal storage cells in the USA and Europe, as well as services for arranging several parcels into one and sending them to your address.

For example, we made a selection of the images of several heroes of games and TV shows and painted where and how to buy the same clothes (or very similar) that they wear. This is not cosplay, but rather a style cloning. Our goal was to choose clothes that would be recognizable to people with similar interests and at the same time would not look defiant in everyday life - on the street, in the university, at work.

Sonic screwdriver

As we recall, the Doctor’s indispensable tool was a certain sound screwdriver, with which he could move objects, open all locks. BUT
The reason for the universal weapon was the sound waves emitted when using a screwdriver.

Of course, man has not yet managed to make such a device for moving, but scientists are trying their best and they already have something to boast about. Experiments were conducted in Switzerland last year, and now a group of researchers was able to fly several objects into the air. They succeeded through acoustic levitation, in other words, by the directed action of sound waves.

Also, a sound screwdriver could be used for medical purposes. Sound medicine is not a novelty today. Ultrasound has many uses in the diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, there is even development of cancer treatment using this method.

Robot dog

In the next episode of his favorite series, namely, “The Empty Child”, the Ninth Doctor arrives in London just when the Second World War is in full swing. As always, the main character materializes quite unexpectedly, so this time it was an emergency landing of a military alien ship, which subsequently launched a lot of tiny robots. They were programmed for completely peaceful purposes - to heal any injuries, injuries ...

Today they are called medical mini-drones. Developments are already underway in order to create nanorobots that will perform operations on the body without using invasive methods. This would greatly facilitate the practice of the doctor and the well-being of the patient. For example, such a miracle baby could penetrate directly into the artery and remove a blood clot, and also treat a cancerous tumor by directly bringing an antidote to it. In general, this is a very promising business, which will invariably lead to progress in medicine.

“EXTERMINATE!” Is the scream of the metallic voice of the distant - evil aliens from the planet Scaro, whose goal is the destruction of their main adversary, Doctor Who. In appearance, they look like an octopus in a robotic shell, which allows you to hold a soft body, also move and speak in a disgusting metal voice, like Darth Vader.

Do not worry! Far away does not exist! But nevertheless, the idea with a tuning suit haunted scientists, therefore, there is already the practice of such armor for people with disabilities. These are all kinds of bionic prostheses of limbs, artificial speech synthesizers. The most famous user is Stephen Hawking! He recently updated his speech synthesizer, which can modulate intonation.

Human robots. A new race of space cyborgs. Creepy creatures without emotions and feelings. People connected their bodies with computers, which deprived them of empathy. The result was such a race of heartless cyborgs, dangerous organic creatures with a tendency to conquer worlds, to destroy the "dissent" with their intentions.

The problem of creating cybermen, or rather our transformation into them, is the problem of many films, literature, etc. Fortunately, we are still homo sapiens, but a cyber future is not far off. Researchers at the University of North Carolina have already demonstrated an electronic interface that turns an insect into a remotely controlled robot. This animal is a cockroach, but it can hardly threaten humanity.

“Source” is a device for terraforming, that is, for transforming the planet’s atmosphere and creating optimal conditions for human life. Doctor Who was fortunate enough to find this device on the planet Messalin.

You will probably be interested to know that dreams of life on Mars were born in 1961, when Karl Sagan published his work, in which he laid out plans for the terraforming of Venus. Researchers at NASA fired up this idea, so they don’t spare a lot of money invested for this business.

Christopher Mackay is convinced that scientists can release chlorofluorocarbons into Martian air, which will provoke the formation of greenhouse gases, therefore, the retention of solar heat on the planet. As a result, it will raise the temperature, which will release carbon dioxide by evaporation of ice caps. In sum, all this should lay the foundation for creating favorable conditions for human life.

Psycho paper

Psycho-paper is such a psychological deception, an illusion for the mind. It can be compared with carte blanche, with a clean piece of paper, which allows the "user" to see what he wants. In practice, this is explained by the fact that the person who received such a convolution sees in him what he expects. Doctor Who often used it to fake ID cards, permission to enter, invitation to an event, pass, etc.

In our world, this would be considered a scam, so only magicians demonstrate such tricks. The British illusionist Derren Brown once demonstrated his abilities: he paid for his purchases in a store with a simple piece of white paper. Of course, all this was for the show, but we will not hide the fact that owning such a trick can lead a person to evil accomplishments.

The constant and irreplaceable companion of Doctor Who, the TARDIS, is both a spaceship and a time machine, it is also a cozy personal room, which sometimes expands to the size of a pool.

As you might have guessed, naturally, no one has yet made any movements in space, at least not a single case has been registered ... We include TARDIS in this list, so to speak, in advance. Scientists have been working on this issue for centuries. And the most interesting thing is that studies come to the idea of ​​the impossibility of time movements, since this is due to its linearity in the global sense. However, this is a question for physicists. In any case, if, nevertheless, time travel becomes commonplace, then the author will return to the past and rewrite this article.