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How to write news: 4 easy steps


Writing the right news is an art. We will show you how interesting it is to write about an event in order to attract the attention of readers. Examples of successful and not very headlines, leads, backgrounds will help you better understand the material and put knowledge into practice.

To write interesting news for a site or offline publication, you need to fulfill several requirements for the structure, style and creation of an attractive headline.

News structure

  1. Headline. It should attract attention and arouse interest in the news, encourage the reader to view the full text.
  2. Lead - the first paragraph of the news. Must answer the questions: who, what, where, when and how did. Try to make the lead shorter.
  3. News Content reveals the content of the lead in more detail. May contain 2-3 paragraphs of text, less often more.
  4. Background. This is additional (often reference) information that the author of the news considered necessary to add. For example, in the background you can add the background of events, a certificate of participants in the event.

How to write a news headline?

There are several options to make a headline for the news:

3Question Title. It works very well to attract attention. However, keep in mind that if all the news on your site has a heading-question, it will look strange, and the effectiveness of such headings will decrease.
  • The stock market crashed. What do the experts say?
  • What options will the new BMW get?
4Comment Title. As the headline, we use the quote of the person who is the hero of the news. Similar headlines can be seen on sports sites. Such headings work well on club sites that bring together fans of a group, an athlete, or a famous person.
  • Famous skater: "I will return to the ice!"

Lead news

Lead is the first paragraph. It can be written in telegraph style. State the essence of the news (who, what, where) and the most important facts related to the news. Pay attention to the example below - the news gives the source of information (company blog), the essence of the event (switching to paid accounts), the most important information is the cost of the account (1000 rubles).

Lead example:

On March 10, 2012, Exchange X management announced on its blog that it was switching to paid accounts for all users. The minimum cost of an account is 1000 rubles per month. If the freelancer does not buy an account, his profile is blocked.

News Content

Two to three paragraphs detailing the event. Also in the content can be comments of participants in the event in the form of direct or indirect speech.

For example:

Freelancers have two weeks to decide whether to switch to a paid account or leave the exchange. According to representatives of the service, a paid account will leave only experienced freelancers on the exchange in order to improve the quality of services for customers.

When paying for an account for several months in advance, the freelancer receives discounts. For example, paying an account for 1 year costs 10,000 rubles instead of the standard amount of 12,000 rubles.

Additional, often background information about the participants in the event. For example, if your news is about an Internet service, in the background you can mark when the site is founded, its audience size, revenue, profit, and emphasize the scale of the project.

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Common mistakes when writing news

Before we get started, let's look at a few more common mistakes. For example, news without a news occasion, which is published simply in order to publish the news. In a word, water, water ... Of course, in the context of filling the site with content in search promotion, this plays a role, but for visitors to the Internet resource, such news is a little less useful than any. However, a little lower we will consider how to write effective news even without a news occasion.

Another very common mistake is an ode to your loved ones. As a rule, companies in the news place a great emphasis on themselves, believing that this is logical, because this is the news of the company. However, the editors who publish this news forget that the material is being read by their clients or potential clients, whose values ​​vector is directed slightly in the other direction.

Nevertheless, any news, if it is written correctly, can be made useful for the consumer and turned into an auxiliary sales tool. To do this, just follow the 4 simple steps. Here they are:

Lead (first paragraph)

If we cover the news, the main thing is invested in the lead as concisely as possible for some events. Then there will be details and by the end of the text the main thing has already been considered. Lead - introduction, it helps to lure, to capture attention. And the stronger the link to the words in the lead, the greater the likelihood that the material will be read to the end, or at least half.

With the help of the lead, the reader decides whether to spend time on the page or move on. How to write? You can use the method of provocation, you can immediately give “juice”, and then tell how it turned out (ie the process).
They invest no more than 45 words in the lead and use the methods of shocking headings. Lead - the main, "fat" hook, if the fish was caught on it, then do not get lost, carefully reel the fishing line.

Example. Title: In Saratov, three suspects in an attack on an ambulance paramedic were detained. Everything is clear immediately. Lead: MOSCOW, Feb 12 - RIA News. In Saratov, three men were detained who were suspected of assaulting an ambulance paramedic, according to the website of the Investigative Committee.

Note that the city is written first, then the date and the official name of the media.

Brevity is the soul of wit

Once upon a time I heard this saying, now it is almost my motto always. We write a news article briefly. For main sentences, no more than 1000 characters are required.

Here the speed of writing the article plays a greater role, i.e. the faster the information comes out, the better for the media and this resource will gather more people.

The main thing is brevity and speed, sometimes speed plays a key role and decides in many ways how much profit the content brings.

Use the rich vocabulary to maximize data disclosure, leave details to cover details.

The main thing here is the news release, and then it can be repeated again, but with additional data and all the details. So the bulk of the official media does.

News article structure

Why news? Because journalists mainly cover events in the world of politics, public life, news from other countries, and all this is not informational, but news.

Copywriters can perform the same function as journalists, just do not need reports from the scene (for example, the news is written in the official blog of the company that delivers furniture).
The structure looks like this:

  1. A big chunk is the most important thing.
  2. The smaller is already an addition.
  3. The rest of the information is a couple of suggestions.

If you visualize the structure, it will be a triangle directed with the tip down. (inverted pyramid). Why is that? This is due to the lead, it takes away all the main things and some details are already being signed. People don’t read everything. They want to understand quickly what is written here, because the beginning "without water" is ideal for increasing behavioral factors.

If you add the main thing to the end of the text, then the news will lose its meaning and important information may not be noticed.

Text analysis and thinking

When there is no clear understanding of how to write news for the site, it will take several days to create a sane article. The main thing is to start, the draft will help to create the skeleton (the skeleton of the article), then we will increase the details, if this is difficult, then it is better to lay out the text plan immediately in your head.

It’s easier with the news, we take the event and like a ball, we pull the thread and unravel it. By the end, we have nothing left.

You can imagine that you need to quickly tell your girlfriend or friend something very important and most important, without preparing it with long introductions. So the “news in the forehead” - works fine, but further information should still be disclosed according to plan. When the answers are given: What? When? Where? To whom? Why? For what? That work will turn out good.

Selection of sources (source)

When choosing sources, you need to check the dates and names, this is important, because the news should not turn into a "yellow press". You can’t write something, and then refute it. This will mean a loss of readership. Information must be checked in several sources, where names can be changed or specified, events are covered with details, so the sources need to be checked and adjusted.

False and provocative data can be written according to a plan, but then all the information should yield a result, for example, a lot of comments with indignation and rebuttal.

That's all, see other information on Redachim, ask questions, let's discuss how to write news for the site.

Inverted pyramid design in detail

Any event contains a lot of details and facts. Of course, not all of them are equivalent. One part is always crucial for understanding the picture, the other part is less important.

The author’s task is to distribute them in descending order of importance. Having arranged the data in order, he will easily give the most significant ones, first indicating the most important ones. And then, if he wants, all the others, complementing the first.

This sequence facilitates perception. The event, broken into fragments, is easier for the author to structure and clearly describe in the text.

Now you need to group aspects by importance. In the text they will be divided by subheadings.

  1. 1 degree of importance.
  2. 2 degree a, 2 degree b, 2 degree c ...
  3. 3 degree a, 3 degree b, 3 degree c, 3 degree d ...

That is, as you can see, we are building a non-primitive linear sequence of narration.

How to report the most important first

Let us return to the six main issues already mentioned. To write informative news, you should answer the following questions:

  • Who?
  • what?
  • Where?
  • when?
  • why?
  • as?

The sequence may vary. In addition, the list is often supplemented with the questions “So what?”, “To whom is it profitable?”, “Where will it lead to?”, “Where does the information come from?”.

Fragment of news for example

The news may be short or extended. A short note contains about 1000 characters and answers 6 basic questions.

Expanded news is divided into 3 main parts:

  1. core - stands at the beginning of the material, contains the main information,
  2. the details - details of the event,
  3. background - additional information for a deeper understanding of the meaning, for example, statistics or the mention of a similar event.

There can be several blocks with details and backgrounds and they can be located anywhere, but not at the beginning of the news.

How to write news: Step number 1. Structure

Creating any news begins with the right structure. And for all news, without exception, the principle of the inverted pyramid applies. There are three reasons for this:

  1. The user receives basic information, even if he does not read the news to the end.
  2. Indication of the main benefit involves the user in reading, which means that you can draw his attention to something else.
  3. When using the principle of the inverted pyramid, a person who has never visited the site before, going through the leads (about what it is is a little lower), receives a maximum of information about previous news events, i.e. The news chronicle works on sales in itself.

4 more news writing schemes that not everyone knows about

You can write news on the site not only by the “Inverted Pyramid”. It is said above about the reasons for the effectiveness of this scheme. But when viewed from a different perspective, a slightly different picture opens up.

Due to the fact that the basic information is given at the very beginning, further reading becomes meaningless. Deep read only by those who are especially important. This means that the time spent by users on the page is reduced, the position of the site is deteriorating.

To delay the user on a resource, they use schemes that tell stories. The same storytelling. Below are described 4 more effective schemes by which you can write news for the company’s website.

How to write news: Step number 2. First paragraph (lead)

One of the most important parts of the news is the first paragraph, it is also called the lead (from the English. Lead - leading). Lead is most often a stumbling block for many copywriters, as it is either ignored or not compiled correctly.

Principles for writing a killer lead

  • The lead should contain the essence of the news in the 1st - maximum of 2 sentences.
  • The lead should contain the main benefit for the consumer (preferably at the beginning).
  • Lead should not have an abstract beginning.
  • The lead should not contain details.
  • The lead should make the reader want to know the details (intrigue).
  • The lead should be short (up to 3-4 sentences), specific and unambiguous.

The most common lead lead is a distant beginning in the style of “Do we all ever think about how good it would be to live on Mars ...". Scientists have found that the reader spends no more than 5 seconds to get acquainted with the headline and lead, and if this is not interesting to him, no matter how brilliantly the news was written, no one will read it.

Soft News

In contrast to the hard news - “Inverted Pyramid” - “Soft News” has the structure of a straight pyramid. In it, the event is described in the order in which it occurred.

The approach is appropriate when it is more important to write news not about the essence of what happened, but about the process itself. For example, to highlight a curious case.

How to write news: Step number 3. Headline

I intentionally mention the headline after the lead, because if the lead is formulated correctly, then the author of the news already has two important things in hand:

  1. The essence of the news
  2. Benefit for the consumer (as a rule, irrelevant for purely news resources)

With such initial data, making a headline becomes an order of magnitude easier than when there is nothing at all on hand.

About how to write news headlines is the topic of a separate article, here I will give only a few possible options.

Main benefit

These headings reflect the value of the news to the consumer. As a rule, such headlines have proven themselves when advertising promotions.

  • To all clients of the company N - a gift for 5000 rubles!
  • STOCK! Each new subscriber has a 50% discount on the first 3 months of service!
  • Buy chewing gum - get a plasma TV as a gift!

It is very convenient to indicate the main benefit when there is no news occasion, as such. In this case, you can simply take and describe the benefits of a product, simply putting it in a new light.

  • Why do our customers prefer X PRO?

Special words

These words clearly indicate something new. These include:

  • New
  • Stock
  • Now
  • Is free
  • Innovative etc.

  • Now training will be even more effective thanks to the new ART-2000 system!
  • Lab X's new cream smoothes wrinkles in 1 day!
  • This innovative approach has increased our customers' average bill by 33%.

And so on. Many headlines may seem too flashy, too news, but, practice shows that they work and attract attention.

The essence of the news

As a rule, this approach is used when there is no benefit for the consumer, but the company really wants to talk about the event, for example, attending a conference or receiving a prize. This approach is also most often used in journalism.

  • Company X - winner of the nomination Company of the Year 2012
  • Company X opened a new office in St. Petersburg

Nevertheless, almost any news event can be “turned over” from the position of consumer benefits. So, for example, in the example above, the first news may begin with the fact that dealing with a company has become even more prestigious, and the second - with the fact that now the company's services are available to residents of St. Petersburg.

Pure intrigue

The most popular headlines for the yellow press. For corporate news almost never used, but the reception can be adopted. These are the headers in the style of:

  • No one could even imagine that he would do this with his daughter

Although in fact the news says that the father bought the daughter of Maseratti instead of Bentley, and the girl had a tantrum.

News about the opening of the dog wedding season.

Although in fact they offered to join the party, etc.

Heading Ideas

You can find more working heading options in the articles:

How to write news. Step number 4. Body news

The body of the news reveals the lead in detail. The recommended volume is about 1000 characters (in order to have an SEO effect, provided that the news uses keywords). In this case, try not to pour “water” in the news body. It is better to add facts, quotes, images, conclusions and benefits to the reader.

Read more about how to increase text size without unnecessary "water", read in this article.

Selling news

The news itself, as a rule, does not sell. Practice shows that in order to make news an effective sales tool, you need to turn the reader's attention to the selling text.

Другими словами, продающие новости – это первая ступень в двухфазной схеме продаж:

  1. Читатель приходит, интересуется
  2. Читатель переходит на продающий текст и покупает

Советы по публикации новостей

После пройденных четырех шагов у Вас будет готовая новость. Relink it with related products or services (2-3 links will be more than enough). This will add link weight and allow product pages to rank better on search engines.

When publishing news, do not forget about meta tags title and descriptionas well as about alt attributes images. All must contain keywords.

Whether or not to use keywords in the title depends on the situation. If you want to keep the intrigue and arouse curiosity among readers, then most likely the title will be without them. If you use news as an aid to search engine promotion, make sure to include keywords in the headline.

Basically, you can combine intrigue and SEO, say, like this:

how adjustable wrench S company saved the life of a young girl and forever taught bullies

News Writing Example

In conclusion, let's look at a small example of how you can write news, say, about this article.

Now you can write catchy news with these simple 4 steps!

The online edition of Shard-Copywriting.Ru has released an article describing 4 simple steps that can be used to turn company news into an effective sales tool.

An article takes only 3.5 pages of printed text, reads in less than 4 minutes, but at the same time puts in the reader’s mind a system for creating effective news. The author describes 4 simple steps, following which you can create a truly spectacular news, even without a journalist education:

Step number 1. Structure
Step number 2. Lead
Step number 3. Headline
Step number 4. Body news

These 4 steps are universal, but those who follow them need to make adjustments for the features of the resource for which the material is created.

Here is how its author, Daniil Shardakov, commented on the publication of the article:

I created this article to help authors who have recently been faced with the task of writing corporate news. I really hope that the material will be useful to both novice newsmakers and experienced journalists.

In his article, the author also shares the secrets of creating sales news and a two-phase sales organization scheme, reinforcing the article with a spectacular example.

The original text of the article can be read by clicking on this link.

Note: this news does not sell anything, but it intrigues and captivates the reader, tempting him to click on the link.

News can be a good sales tool. They show that the company lives and develops. Nevertheless, if they are not interesting to the reader, there will be little effect from them. Use the principle of the inverted pyramid, a spectacular title and a catchy lead to engage the user in reading and then transfer to a page describing the benefits of your product or service.

I am sure that the reader will not tear off your news!

P.S. What do you think, can a small domino bone, a little over 5 mm high, knock down a large domino bone, 1 m high? It turns out, maybe, and this is how ...

The video uses 13 elements. If there were 29, then the latter could be as tall as a skyscraper, like the Empire State Building. What is no reason for the news? ,)


Take a look at the diagram:

In order to correctly write news for the site according to the Hourglass scheme, you need to combine the already known inverted pyramid and soft news.

When creating text, important information is first given from primary to secondary. Further, through a smooth bridge (“But it was so ...”), a transition to a story about events in chronological order takes place.

The Hourglass scheme allows the reader not only to find out what happened, but also to step by step observe how it developed and how it ended.

Lively News

To correctly write lively interesting news, you need to illustrate it with examples. The reader should not only perceive the author’s abstract story, but also immerse himself in the story, follow its development.

The main rule for writing lively news: whatever part of the text is occupied by history, it is always secondary. In the first place is news information, and history only illustrates it with examples of typical cases.

When, for clarity, it is not possible to find a suitable story, the author has every right to invent it. There is nothing reprehensible in this, for the purpose of the news is to convey information, and not to tell about the fate of the hero.

To make the reader want to read the news to the end, it is better to break the story into 2 parts. The first piece is given first. The second is in the last paragraph. In addition, it’s easier to follow the story.

The word Feature translates as “Feature” or “Feature.” To write news for a site according to this scheme, you need to season Soft News with artistic techniques.

Yes, such texts are not honored today. In web space, structuredness, clarity of presentation, a minimum of water, reasoning, etc. are appreciated. But this does not mean that the Feature scheme does not have a right to exist and is not applied anywhere.

The text conveys not facts, but scenes, actions, dialogs. The task of such news is to show not the essence of the event, but to convey the feelings of its participants. But in the end, the reader learns about the event, draws attention to the company. That is, the indirect sale process has begun.

In general, the text is very similar to a work of art with the only exception that it describes real events, not fictional ones. According to statistics, people read Feature with much more interest than news in any other genre. This is the most difficult version of news storytelling to write, but not always relevant. One can hardly imagine a similar story dedicated to the production process of a new batch of professional sheet. Though…

You have learned 5 ways that show how to write news for company websites. These are schemes that help direct thoughts and energy in the right direction. Do not take them as strict instructions. Everywhere you can change something for the situation, supplement, combine or reduce.

The author’s task is not to blindly follow the rules, but to flexibility of thinking. That copywriter is good who will be able to choose the most suitable version of the news scheme for a particular case.