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How to draw eyes with a pencil?


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Drawing beautiful arrows on the eyes is not an easy task. Initially, they come out crooked and sloppy. If one turned out successful, it is not a fact that the second will be the same. When the ideal lines begin to come out, it turns out that the selected type of arrows does not look at all. To avoid such surprises and to learn how to quickly and accurately draw arrows, you can use several secrets of beautifully let down eyes.

Properly selected eyeliner

The windows of cosmetic stores are filled with a whole arsenal of various products. Each product has a number of advantages, but not all are suitable for beginners. Before you color your eyes with eyeliner, you should deal with possible options and alternatives. Today in stores the following tools for drawing arrows are presented.

How to make eyeliner for different eye shapes?

Small eyes can be visually enlarged using the arrow. “Ponytails” will visually increase the length of the eye. In addition, work out the orbital line with the help of matte shadows darker than the skin color, thereby the eye size will also become larger.

  • Large, elongated eyes

In the case of large eyes, the stroke is best done in a circle, without leading the arrow to the temple. Paint over the mucous membranes and inter-eyelash space with a black pencil, if desired, blend a little along the outer edge.

Narrowing your eyes will help darkening with a black pencil on the mucous membrane, as well as a thin arrow pointing out in the direction of the temple. In order not to make the eye even more round, do not draw wide arrows.

To visually round such eyes, make the eyeliner wider, and also work on the crease of the upper eyelid with dark matte shadows, giving the eyes a more rounded shape.

  • Close set eyes

To visually set close-set eyes, start the stroke or arrow not from the beginning of the eye, but from the beginning of the eyelash line, or from the middle of the eye. Additionally, darken the corner with shadows, blend in the direction of the temple.

  • Wide-set eyes

Look down, starting from the very beginning of the inner corner of the eye. In order not to visually “spread” your eyes even further, draw a more curved, not elongated arrow.

How to draw arrows not in pencil, but in shadows step by step? This video will help you.


Suitable for beginners. The pencil can be retouched and adjusted. But the pencil has several drawbacks, because of which it can not be used constantly. It is often imprinted on the eyelid. In addition, it is not as resistant as a liner or eyeliner. Having understood how to draw arrows with a pencil, you can safely proceed to the eyeliner, felt-tip pen or liner.

Liquid eyeliner, or liner

Suitable for those who already have a full hand. It is the arrows drawn with liquid eyeliner that look stylish, neat and long hold on to the eyes. But beginners have a lot of chances to draw a curved line with the liner. If the arrow turned out unsuccessful, it will have to be washed off and painted all over again. Therefore, before using eyeliner, you need to practice your pencil or eye shadow well.

Preparatory stage

A century should be prepared. For this, the shadow base under the arrows is perfect. It is best to prefer beige shades - they will look with any eyeliner or pencil. Moreover, with their help, make-up becomes more stable, even in hot weather. Before you dye your eyes with eyeliner, you need to perform all the other stages of makeup, for example, even out the tone of the face and color the eyebrows. But curling and dyeing eyelashes is necessary after summing up the eyes.

Draw a contour

To draw a successful arrow right away is a very difficult task. therefore it is better to first draw the outline of the arrow, and only then paint it. This step will help insure against major shortcomings that cannot be fixed in any way. The outline is best done with small, sharp strokes. At the stage when we learn to draw arrows, a beveled brush will be indispensable. With its help, the line is more even.

Rules for building arrows

There are a lot of types of arrows. Many have to choose a unique shape for themselves. However, the tail of the arrow should always look up.. Otherwise, instead of the seductive “cat” look, you run the risk of getting sad, dreary eyes.

Arrow and Eye Shape

Before you let your eyes down with eyeliner, you should take into account the individual characteristics of the eyes, their shape, color, fit and section. Arrows can hide some of the imperfections of the face, if you approach their choice wisely.

Small eyes a line that starts in the middle of the eye will do, expand and extend beyond the outer corner. She will visually enlarge her eyes and make her look brighter and more expressive.

Close set eyes should be painted over the entire length of the eyelid, gradually expanding the line to the outer corner.

When wide-set eyes emphasis should be placed on the inner corner. It must be carefully drawn, but not overdone.

Overly round eyes decorate a uniform long line that extends beyond the eye. Thus, they will seem more elongated.

Narrow eyes decorate a long line along the entire line of eyelash growth, but it should become thicker in the pupil area. Thanks to this nuance, the eye will look wider and more open.

The hardest thing to draw is arrows on overhanging eyes. If the overhang is strongly expressed, it is better to abandon them altogether. But sometimes the arrow can be a good makeup item. It is important to remember that such an arrow must be drawn with an open eye.

Having understood the system of how to properly bring eyes with eyeliner and which shape of the arrow is suitable specifically for your eyes, you can easily create a successful and beautiful make-up.

Arrow options and choosing them for different types of eyes

Consider what popular types of arrows are now in fashion in order to correctly draw and design beautiful makeup.

Options may be different ...

Color schemes

A lot in the make-up depends on what color your eyes are. It will help to choose the right shade of shadows, mascara and eyeliner.

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For brown-eyed

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  • Lighten the orbital zone using concealer to the maximum.
  • Apply monophonic shadows to the upper eyelid: beige, rose, peach, pastel.
  • For widely spaced eyes, shade to cover part of the nose to visually bring them together.
  • The second layer shades a brighter palette.
  • Straight, bold arrows are drawn, and the upper ones are connected to the lower ones so that in the outer corner there is free space - then you can shade it with brown and golden shades.
  • Brown or black mascara is applied in 1 coat (for daytime makeup) or 2 (for evening).

For blue-eyed

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If the blue eyes are round, improper makeup will give the face a puppet or vulgar look.

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  • The orbital region is first treated with a concealer, and then with powder.
  • To create a natural look you need make-up in gray, blue, pink shades.
  • Mascara is exceptionally black.
  • Eyeliner is possible dark gray, you can use a pencil that allows shading.
  • On top of the eyelid, apply a peach or a rose, shade.
  • Carefully bring the lower ciliary edge.
  • Apply gray shadows, blend towards the eyebrows.
  • Arrows draw a dark gray eyeliner.
  • Eyeliner inside the lower eyelid is possible to bring the arrows down to the very corners.
  • Apply shades in gray to the inner corner of the mobile eyelid, and blue in the middle. Shade the border.
  • Last applied beige or peach blush and pink lipstick.

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Makeup for gray round eyes is carried out taking into account the same recommendations.

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For green-eyed

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  • For everyday make-up of round green eyes, use muted tones, for the evening - bold contrasting combinations.
  • Correct the skin in the orbital area with concealer and powder.
  • On the upper eyelid, apply the first layer of copper or sand shade, the second - brown, shade.
  • Chocolate-colored arrows will look good.
  • Mascara can be of any shade, the main thing is not to overdo it with layers.
  • Brown powder highlight eyebrows.
  • A bronze blush or bronzer on the cheekbones will complete the image.

Hair color will not play a decisive role here, since the most important thing is to obscure the natural shade of round eyes so that they do not look so convex. And to do this is possible only considering their palette.

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Little trick. Christina Ricci makes her naturally round eyes perfectly almond-shaped, applying dark shadows along the line of eyelash growth, making a smooth transition to light at the temples.

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Classic arrows

The traditional version of the classic arrows can be a great addition to any makeup for the eyes, and also serve as the only accent of appearance. Thin arrows are drawn as follows: first the outline of the tail, then the line along the growth of the eyelashes, then all this needs to be connected. Be sure to make a gradual thickening from the inner corner with the outer.

Style Options

If you want to hide your round eyes both during the day, going to work, and in the evening, when you need to create a bright image, then it is important to take into account the stylistics of makeup.

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  1. Skin imperfections are masked by a primer, a concealer (especially carefully, the orbital region).
  2. Her tone is leveled with foundation and powder.
  3. To make daytime look natural, for the base, take neutral shadows without sparkles and nacre. They are applied from the ciliary edge to the eyebrows.
  4. A soft pencil (anthracite shade or wet asphalt) applies a thick arrow along the upper eyelid. The line does not go over the edge so that there is no effect of "lowered corners".
  5. Gray shadows are typed on the brush and rubbed in a circular motion along the arrow, slightly beyond its borders. This will obscure the eyelid and make round eyes less convex.
  6. Now the tail is pulled around the corner, repeating the “cat's cut”.
  7. The graphite arrow starts along the lower ciliary edge, connecting with the upper or going parallel to it. The space between them can be filled with marengo.
  8. Mascara may be colored, but for the naturalness of the daily make-up, prefer black.
  9. Coral blush shading cheekbones.
  10. The lips should be matte and expressionless, it is better to take the tone of blush - coral lipstick.


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One of the options for the evening make-up for round eyes

  1. Fluids with a light texture are allowed to even out the skin. They will not only make the evening make-up brighter, but also distract attention from round eyes.
  2. For both centuries, the first layer is applied base.
  3. Shadows are best used dark gray, brown, peach, swamp, bronze.
  4. Brown thick arrows draw the outline of both eyelids, narrowing their cut to the outer corners and leading them beyond the edges.
  5. The gap between the lower and upper arrows is extinguished by bronze shadows with a shimmer.
  6. Brown or black mascara thoroughly dye eyelashes. To the outer corner you will need 1 layer more.
  7. If the eye makeup turned out expressive, it is enough to apply raspberry or coral gloss on the lips.
  8. Loose blush with a shimmer to match the lips complete the image.

Smokey ice

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  1. Align the skin in the orbital area with a concealer.
  2. Go through the ages with light powder for lasting makeup.
  3. Draw a line along the upper eyelashes with a flint pencil and blend with a brush.
  4. Apply classic black shadows to the moving part of the eyelid, driving them with fingertips.
  5. Apply graphite color higher on the brow part.
  6. The last layer is light marengo shadows.
  7. A thorough shading is required.
  8. The lower eyelids are highlighted by muted gray shadows. For the smoky eyes effect, draw a line inside the eyelid with a black or gray pencil.
  9. Black mascara - in two layers on the lower and upper cilia, pay special attention to the outer corners.

This is not to say that makeup for round eyes is a matter of 5 minutes. He needs to learn. If it is not possible to consult a professional makeup artist, you can always see a step-by-step photo or video tutorials, where everything is described in detail. They will not allow you to make unfortunate mistakes, but it’s quite possible to hide all the shortcomings that you were embarrassed about.

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Double arrows

Double arrows look very impressive. Such a fashionable make-up opens its eyes, visually makes the eyelashes thicker, being an active tool for seducing the opposite sex. First, draw a black liner on the tails from the corners of the eyes to the tips of the eyebrows. Next, draw a line towards the inner corner of the eye. Then we make another short ponytail, from the outer corner of the eye down.

Thick arrows

They make it possible to draw cute arrows with a spectacular shape, brightly draw the contour of the eye. Here you need to adhere to the basic rule: the thicker you make the arrow, the thicker and longer eyelashes will be needed. In some cases, false eyelash bundles are relevant.

Raised arrows for cat's eye effect

Cat look will be exactly provided if you draw this option. The eyes will seem larger, the look will turn out to be more slanted. The arrow should be raised from the outer corner of the eye towards the temple. The line should be wide and the rise quite sharp.

Arab arrow

This option is very popular on instagram, especially in combination with bright shadows. The contour under the eyelashes is well stained, on the lower and upper eyelids, without gaps. From above, the arrow thickens with a deviation from the corner of the eye, and from below, a thickening at the end is made and connected.

Shadow Arrow Master Class

First you need to choose the right tools for drawing and decide which brush to paint more convenient for you. You need a beveled brush, or a thin brush for eyebrows. Follow the instructions below:

  • Type in the required number of shadows on the brush.
  • Mark the tail of the arrow, mentally or using improvised means, continuing the line of the lower eyelid.
  • Apply the continuation of the arrow as close as possible to the eyelash growth line, staining blank areas.
  • If the shape is irregular, you can adjust the arrow using a cotton swab, dry or wet.

How to draw arrows on different types of eyes with your own hands

First you need to determine what your eyes are and choose a make-up shape for them. This will allow you to choose the most profitable option from all existing ones.

The round shape needs to be slightly lengthened by drawing an inner corner with a liner. It is advisable to draw lines with a pencil in bold rather than thin lines, otherwise the effect of convex eyes is guaranteed to you. Try to draw and blend the arrows correctly to fill in the ciliary space and narrow the roundness. Drawing the bottom arrows is not recommended.


In this case, you can draw different types of arrows, since such eyes are a standard of beauty. An interesting idea is to make shaded long arrows with the effect of expansion. You can try the style of the 60s by making dramatic arrows. Start the line from the inner corner, gradually drawing an increase closer to the end. Notice that the ponytail at the end should continue the eyelash line.

It is better to draw visually increasing arrows for narrow eyes that do not extend beyond the border of the eye. The lower eyelid is left unpainted, or emphasize the line only at the end. The use of a bright pencil for the bottom line is unacceptable. The eastern section with small eyes can be corrected by making thin arrows thickened only in the middle. The edges of the lines should be done with shading.

Eyes wide apart

Some secrets will help reduce this form: we bring the eyelid along the entire length, extending the line towards the bridge of the nose. It is advisable to perform it along the line of eyelash growth. The lower eyelid must also be fed along the entire length.

Arrows on closely set eyes

Here, the makeup progress is the opposite of a close landing. The beginning of the arrow is best done with a slight indentation from the inner corner of the eyelid. On the outside corner you need to make rounded beautiful tips.

Who are the different shapes of the arrows for?

Who came up with drawing underlining lines in front of our eyes, and why are they needed? This fashion came from ancient Egypt. Egyptian beauties, and Cleopatra herself, were lovers of such tricks that make such a make-up that her eyes seemed larger. Since then, such a trick has not lost its relevance, continuing to enjoy great popularity among women, regardless of age. The age of 40 years is also not a hindrance to look well-groomed and stylish. In this case, black classic options on the eyes, or in a retro style, will do.

Step-by-step instruction for beginners: how to beautifully paint your eyes with eyeliner, felt-tip pen, pencil

The drawing scheme with a felt-tip pen, liquid eyeliner is step-by-step simple, consider further the simple rules of drawing:

  1. Apply a special base on the eyes under the shadows.
  2. Используя карандаш с твердым грифелем, прорисуйте контур стрелки от внутреннего угла до середины. Далее продолжим линию и закончим аккуратным кончиком.
  3. Using eyeliner, paint over the outline of the arrow without leaving spaces.
The technique of drawing with felt-tip pen Eyeliner arrows

How to do eye makeup with a pencil in stages? Correctly apply makeup on the right and left eye with a pencil as follows:

  1. Apply a special base on the eyelids under the eyeshadow, then blend with a brush.
  2. Take a soft or medium soft pencil. We put one point near the inner corner, the second just above the growth of the eyelashes, in the middle, and the third parallel to the outer corner, in a level above the average.
  3. Connect all three points into one, try to make the transition as smooth as possible. The arrow should go clearly along the line of eyelash growth.

How beautiful to paint with a pencil

Learning to do everyday and holiday arrows at home: tips for a newbie

Daily make-up for study, school, work is best done discreet, neat. It is important to correctly draw thin and even outlines of the eyes with a pencil or eyeliner.

On the contrary, unusual multi-colored options to make a beautiful make-up come in handy on the occasion of a celebration or holiday or add fresh notes to your image. There are different types of arrow options, some of which are as follows:

  • Black and white allows you to visually enlarge the eyes, make them deeper and more expressive. To easily make such a make-up, you need to apply a foundation and draw the same arrows with eyeliner. Above them, you need to make white arrows and draw an internal line below with a white soft pencil.
  • Brown tones of eyeliner look beautiful in the afternoon, especially for girls with light brown eyes with nut blotches.

"Important. The color of the eyeliner must be lighter than the tone of the mascara, otherwise the makeup will turn out to be tasteless and not expressive, and the eyes will begin to seem smaller. ”

  • Blue ones are suitable for owners of blue or bright blue eyes. This color combination looks harmonious, it is desirable to emphasize it with the same tones in clothes or accessories. Arrows for blondes with blue eyes
  • Pink in anime style change a boring image to a new, interesting and original. Suitable for young girls for theme parties, photo shoots, summer walks. Pink arrows
  • Gold allows you to make beautiful, shiny eyes. Such arrows are relevant for the holiday. Combine with a warm skin tone and gold-trimmed clothing.
  • Violet eyeliner paint makes the look more daring and bright. Such a bold decision is appropriate for stylish people who are not afraid to attract increased attention. In this case, lips should not be painted with bright lipstick.
Makeup for gray eyes with purple arrows.

If you want make-up, like Hollywood stars, you can decorate the eyelids with sparkles and rhinestones, and stick special stickers in the form of arrows with patterns on the eyes. The British singer Adele is famous for her spectacular, bright eyes, if you learn to paint like her, you will always shine with her beauty.

Learning to draw arrows with Adele

Eye Tattoo: Pros and Cons of the Procedure

There is not always enough time to draw perfect arrows. In order not to do drawing every morning, you can make permanent make-up of arrows, which allows you to emphasize the dignity of the eyes for a long time and paints the inter-eyelash space.

How long does tattoo last? After the first application of the permanent, a correction will be required, somewhere in 1.5 months after the procedure. Tattooing will last on the eyes, depending on the type of skin and special care, on average, will be a year and a half.

Does tattooing hurt? During the painting of the shooter, the master applies a special anesthetic to the eyelids, which reduces pain.

The tattoo heals for a long time, crusts, swollen eyelids, redness and bruises may appear, but they disappear within two weeks. It must be carefully looked after. Leaving after the procedure involves the use of antiseptics, panthenol, micellar water to remove makeup.

Keep in mind, the consequences of an unsuccessful tattoo can be deplorable if you choose an inexperienced master or use low-quality, cheap paint in the procedures.

What is biotattoo? The arrows in this case are applied using henna. This is done painlessly, without tattoo machines, it will last about 2 weeks.

Life-painting for drawing: interesting ideas and tricks

Make even wide lines with a spoon. It will turn out pretty active and catchy makeup. Step by step, draw the arrows as follows:

  • Take a clean, dry spoon. Hold the spoon by the edge and place it diagonally towards half of the eye, towards the lower eyelid.
  • Press the spoon firmly against the eyelid. Try to point the arrowheads in the upper corner.
  • To complete the shape of the arrow, take a spoon, apply to the upper eyelid close to the growth of eyelashes. Try to draw a uniform shape. If the hand slips, use micellar water.
Draw the shadow with a spoon Sample stencil for arrows

You can also quickly draw arrows using a stencil. To do this, you need to purchase a special device in the form of a stencil, which will become an assistant in express makeup.

The way to draw arrows with tape We draw using tape

Easy to make up arrows and quickly draw wings will help ordinary tape, a piece of which is glued parallel to the eyebrow line, so that the eyes do not look sadly lowered. The necessary line is drawn along the upper contour with eyeliner or pencil. It turns out a neat and even makeup, which is very simple to do.