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How to Conquer a Taurus Man: A Guide to Action


When we talk about Taurus men, we think about innate firmness, perseverance and the desire to go ahead. This person is very difficult to lose his temper, so he attracts the attention of the fair sex, eager to build strong long-term relationships. If you want stability from love, then you have found the right person.

Disguise master

But behind all the pretense of calm Taurus hides a sensitive and vulnerable soul. Let the lack of pronounced interest do not bother you. If you do not know all the features of the fine organization of representatives of this zodiac sign, you can suffer a crushing fiasco. He seems impregnable and disinterested to you, so at some point you decide to give up. Do not rush to make hasty conclusions. After all, the Taurus man wants to make sure that it is you who is the only woman with whom he is ready to associate his rest of his life. What are the secrets to subjugating this finely organized personality?

Why are Taurus favorites for women?

What conquers the heart of beauties male Taurus? We have already said that he personifies calmness and discretion. It is these qualities that a woman who dreams of getting married is looking for in her chosen one. Besides the fact that our heroes embody masculinity, they try to sacredly honor traditions. This man simply must be a good family man.

Which girls fall in love with Taurus?

Men of this zodiac sign are balanced and often think out a clear plan for the future. Since they do not tolerate loneliness, the search for a faithful and reliable partner in life is necessarily included in this plan. It is not alien to such natures and the creation of a certain sustainable image of a life partner. So, in order to understand how to conquer a Taurus man, you need to know what kind of girls he likes:

  • Appearance. Naturally, the concept of beauty is subjective, judging by the physiological parameters. Here we are talking about a woman's ability to file herself, to create her own personal accent, which would indicate a highlight in her appearance.

Taurus definitely will not like a woman who puts a bright war paint in three layers and in leopard leggings. Also, one should not “catch” such a man in miniskirts and a deep neckline. They want to see next to them a lady who has taste and style, can advantageously emphasize her merits.

  • Calm nature. Bright and active individuals who are constantly looking for adventure, change, vivid emotions, will not be able to get along with Taurus. Representatives of this sign like spending the weekend in a relaxed home atmosphere. To create such a cozy mood in the house, the woman herself must be balanced, not making unnecessary movements.

  • Devotion, loyalty, constancy. Taurus is distinguished by its straightforwardness, and therefore various tricky little things and love games in order to make such a man jealous will not succeed. He is looking for a faithful companion who will not need to be conquered again and again.
  • Those who know how to be “behind a man”. If you want to know how to fall in love with a Taurus man and create a strong relationship, then forget to constantly tell him how to do, argue and persuade. Such men want to be leaders in the family and relationships, waiting for support from their girlfriend, rather than moralizing.

This does not mean that the girl should be quiet and “clogged” with mummy, which agrees with everything. The Taurus companion may take the initiative, consult or disagree with something if this contradicts her value system. Relationships cannot be spoiled by such behavior.

  • Purposeful girls with a serious attitude to life. The main idea here is the ability to follow a man, not giving in to his priorities. Taurus’s companion should have clear goals and plans for life: the desire to fulfill oneself through creative activity, motherhood or a career in the field of administration and management is not important. Taurus will appreciate and respect that woman who grows and develops.

How to behave and what to say

Even to just interest Taurus, a woman will have to try. They regard each acquaintance or girlfriend as a candidate for a wife, and therefore they closely monitor the behavior of the girl.

The right behavior strategy would be warm inaccessibility. This means that a girl should not show that she has views of a man, but at the same time, maximum openness and friendliness should be maintained.

The conquest of Taurus should begin with building friendships. In this case, you need to try to hit him occasionally, it is pleasant to surprise, cause admiration. A representative of this zodiac sign will not appreciate any open actions indicating a female interest, and especially manipulations. But in doing so, you must show genuine human interest. For example, you can ask Taurus for help or advice (but only if you are sure that he is well versed in the topic).

After you establish close trusting relationships (without any hint of intimacy), the Taurus man will begin to trust you, he will be able to see his soul mate, a person who will be nearby and accept him for who he is.

After that, you can act more actively and go to the stage of falling in love. It is important to remember that Taurus love open and sincere people. You should not start flirting or translating communication in a romantic way. It would be more correct to play the “sudden onset” of love. Directly tell Taurus about your feelings, explain that you suddenly saw him with a feminine look. It will also serve as a subtle hint of his sexuality.

And one more important tip for those who want to know how to charm a Taurus man: be sure to learn how to cook deliciously. Taurus really appreciates such a show of care as a hearty dinner and a healthy breakfast. And therefore, this skill of yours will definitely be evaluated. Even at the stage of friendship, treat your chosen one with your culinary masterpieces.

How to dress

Special attention should be given to their everyday toilets. Taurus likes women who dress simply, but with taste, skillfully emphasizing their feminine. So, it is better to avoid too bright or vice versa gloomy images. Give preference to calm, restrained tones.

The same goes for shoes. You will not be able to impress Taurus with high platform shoes or 15 cm stilettos. Such men and jeans with sneakers will not be appreciated. This does not mean that every day you should appear in the image of the modern duchess - in a hat and gloves, but the middle ground should be kept.

What traits repel Taurus?

In general, Taurus can be described as an easygoing person, and many men born under this sign are ready to endure the shortcomings of their beloved woman. But there are traits that will scare off Taurus immediately, and he will not even date the girl. Among them:

  • Selfishness. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac themselves are egocentric, and therefore will not be with that woman who requires excessive admiration for her own person.
  • Impudence and impudence. Companion of Taurus should always behave with dignity. This applies to everyday situations, and behavior in society.
  • Whining and tearfulness. The calm and balanced man Taurus does not accept dramatic scenes about the unscrupulous boss or too expensive dresses, etc. Either the woman will learn to relate to her problems easier, or the relationship will not work out.
Taurus is very flexible, but at the same time are narcissistic

How do Taurus behave in a relationship?

It is very easy to get along with a May man. He loves order in the house, but is generally unpretentious, has a good disposition and a calm character. Such men need a regular expression of tenderness, care and affection from a woman. The constant unconditional support of the companion and honest admiration will allow him to bloom. Taurus is non-conflict and will make every effort to avoid quarrels and contention in relationships.

Family life in the view of such men is not a stormy sea with its adventures and dangers. Rather, they seek a quiet haven where all days are sunny and the sea is calm. Considering that Taurus are monogamous, peaceful and balanced women will be able to create a strong and long alliance with them.

With Taurus it is easy to build a quiet family life, because peace and tranquility help them to be happy

Life example

Two years ago, I got a new job in a large and friendly team. From the first day I noticed Artem. Confident, sunny, balanced. From him and breathed calm. Since then, I began to think about how to get closer to him, to get to know him better, in the hope that he would like him. But how do you know at least something about a person, about his character? It’s not an option to ask colleagues, you understand, people will do something different. Moreover, some women were offended by Artem, since he rejected them at the time.

So I turned to astrology, I just found out that by the zodiac sign he is Taurus. I myself Cancer according to the horoscope. Already a small coincidence. After reading some recommendations on the Internet, I, first of all, reviewed my wardrobe. Then, having gained courage, I turned to him for help on one project. Everything was logical, he was a more experienced employee, he understood how to help me. After that, a fragile connection was established between us. He did not particularly make contact first, and I, in order not to show my intentions, did not bother him, did not flicker before my eyes. Arranged “random” clashes in the corridor, etc. She brought me tasty treats to work, good, my mother taught me how to cook perfectly. Little by little we became friends, a month later he began to invite me for evening walks with his friends, and after 3 months he introduced me to my parents. Now we are married and raising a little son.

They appreciate a woman's softness and suppleness.

If you want stability, know that your chosen one will never tolerate unyielding and rebellious rebels. Therefore, get rid of bitchy habits in character. Of course, you should not indulge your man in everything and look in his mouth. The conquest of Taurus will depend on your prudence and rationality. Try to weigh your steps and do not count on the role of the head of the family.

These men do not tolerate tantrums

Your chosen one considers nervousness to be the biggest sin in a woman. If you make him hysterical at the initial stage of the relationship, most likely he will wave your goodbye after you. In the event that scandals and tantrums begin a little later, when you will already be in a relationship, your chosen one will suddenly cool off to you. You will immediately feel a change in his behavior, so be prudent if you do not want to spoil your romantic affection by rumors or the Cold War.

The key to your success is kindness and love for children

All you need for success is to adopt some of the characteristic features of this man. Do not strive to become its exact copy or shadow. Focus on calm, discretion and firmness of character. All other character traits should not repeat his trait, but should not contradict him. Arm yourself with a minimum of adventurism so that life does not seem too fresh and boring. Be kind, go through life with an open heart and do not forget about the love of children.

Do you really need this man?

Do not expect Taurus to fall at your feet as soon as you see it. Before mastering the secrets of seduction, decide for yourself that the measured stable life and the role of the “second number” are really to your liking. If you are a guided and gentle nature, Taurus is the perfect option for you. But if you have the character of a rebel, and humility is just an illusion in order to attract a man, this venture will justify itself only for a short time. You cannot live someone else's life, always adapting to another person. Sooner or later, your true face will burst out. In addition, representatives of this zodiac sign shine with observation and intelligence. When a man notices inconsistencies in his behavior, he will start to suspect you, and very soon he will lead you to clean water.

Bright appearance or rich inner world?

Male Taurus pay attention to beautiful well-groomed women. But if you struggle to adapt your image to the generally accepted standards of beauty, a deafening failure awaits you. Our heroes simply hate a non-natural refined appearance, if it comes to choosing a chosen one. In order to rekindle interest in him, you do not need a bright shell. Therefore, neither hair extensions, nor false nails, nor even a surgical sculpture of the body will become your allies in the struggle for his heart. Instead, engage in the quality filling of your own inner world. We are not saying that beauty and spirituality cannot be combined. Put emphasis on naturalness and go for it.

Expand Interests

You might think that Taurus men want too much from their chosen one. But how else, if they are sure that they are looking for a woman for the rest of their lives? Therefore, it’s not enough for you to have a good upbringing, a brilliant education and to have sophisticated manners. Become the one who can keep up the conversation. Well, for this you need to expand your horizons. Practice not only active listening, but also eloquence. Show him that you can continue any topic that he started. Don't be afraid to initiate conversation topics. In other words, your chosen one needs an intellectual, otherwise he will lose interest in you.

Taurus are true connoisseurs of culinary masterpieces

You are incredibly lucky if you like to cook and devote a lot of time to culinary art. Your chosen one is a real gourmet and connoisseur of delicious food. If cooking is not your thing, do not despair. Set a goal to become a master of culinary art, hone your skills and do not forget about the secret ingredient of each cook. It is about investing in the cooking process particles of your soul. It seems you have an ideal model for romantic dates: invite the Taurus man to your house for dinner. He will be pleasantly surprised, and will look forward to the next meeting, now and then recalling your signature borscht with sour cream and pies with cabbage. It seems that the saying "the path to the man’s heart lies through the stomach" fully applies to our hero.

Don't be intrusive

He managed to make out your delicate beauty and rich inner world. He enjoys long intimate conversations with you, and also worships your culinary abilities. It seems the time has come to launch a massive offensive. But it was not there! Do not rush to reveal your cards and make frank confessions. This is the case that psychologists describe as follows: "keep on a long leash." Do not be too intrusive, but at the same time in sight. You can play cat and mouse with him, at some point demonstrating pretense of indifference. The Taurus man will be discouraged and will definitely want to return your location. If your maneuver with an impregnable fortress draw succeeds, consider that it is on your hook. Do not rush to “give up” immediately, bring your chosen one closer to yourself gradually.

Romantic relationship

Slow development of events will be the best in the event that the relationship has reached the stage of intimacy. Once you realize that the Taurus man is fascinated by you, do not rush to be in his bed. At stake is much more than a fleeting affair. Even if a man insists on sex, have patience. You have been playing the impregnable impenetrable game for a very long time, so do not spoil everything with one wrong decision. Explain to him that he is not ready for intimacy, and that he is in a hurry. This is the case when a man is able to wait for the consent of his chosen one for eternity. Now that he has spent so much emotional energy on you, he himself will not want to refuse to continue the game. Taurus is very stubborn and will until the last achieve the location of the lady of the heart.