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Tell me how beautiful to leave on the phone?


It often happens that one of the partners passes feelings and he sees no reason to continue to build relationships. Women believe that men are much easier to survive the gap. However, the guys are very kind to any failures. If a woman left him, then he will delve into himself for a long time and look for the cause of what happened.

Therefore, it is worth parting with a man so as not to cause him severe harm. Before this, you need to think carefully. It is possible that now the problem seems too serious, and in a few years, such difficulties will be perceived as a moment of grinding in the relationship. If the decision is made, then it’s worth carefully telling the guy about it.

Partners decide to break up for many reasons. But there are a number of factors that occur most often:



If a woman works as an artist, and a man as a financial director, then such people will be interesting to each other only at the very beginning of the relationship, unless they find a common topic or hobby

Different life principles

If a man believes that you need to live one day, and a woman is used to making plans, then in this case it is very difficult to talk about full-fledged relationships

Different level of development

If one of the partners is more educated, then perhaps at the beginning of the relationship he will be interested in teaching his soul mate, however, after a while it will begin to be very annoying and it will come to insults

Long absence of one of the partners

If a man or woman is forced to spend a long time on business trips, then the distance will be a good test for relationships only at first. After a while, everyone will have lovers and mistresses, and partners will part

Different income levels

This affects couples where women earn more than men. This greatly affects pride, so negative thoughts begin to gradually accumulate in the guy’s head

At first, it seems to many partners that smoking and excessive drinking, untidiness and other shortcomings are just nice nuances that you can easily come to terms with. When a loved one does for a long time what annoys a woman, she will begin to look for another man

Birth Attitude

Most often, in couples, there are fights precisely because one of the partners wants to have a baby, and the other does not understand why this should be done right now. Attitude towards children becomes a big stumbling block for building a future family

Also, the gap is often due to the fact that one of the lovers received a serious injury that undermined his health. Not everyone can take on such a responsibility and live a lifetime with a disabled person.

Before talking about a breakup between a husband or a guy, it’s worth understanding what emotions he may begin to experience after such news. In this case, it will be useful to study the recommendations that psychologists made on the basis of different psychotypes of men:

  • Choleric. Men of this type are very hot-tempered and impulsive. They always take everything from life, so it is expected that such a guy will start to behave quite aggressively if he finds out about the breakup. It is worth preparing for scandals and violent behavior. The best way to part with a choleric is to make him want to sever his relationship.
  • Melancholic. Men of this type are neurotic. Outwardly, they look very calm, but if you leave such a guy, you can expect from him inappropriate behavior. Therefore, you need to prepare him for a break, that is, daily lay in his head the idea that the partners are not suitable for each other, that the time has come to end the meeting. If you prove to such a man that a woman is also very much tormented by a break, then this will slightly ease his condition.
  • Sanguine. These people are optimistic and cheerful. They are balanced, so parting with such guys is much easier. To break off relations with a sanguine person, it is enough to honestly tell him about your thoughts. If a girl prepares a romantic dinner and speaks to him heart to heart, then he will definitely appreciate such an act.
  • Phlegmatic person. These men are unable to make decisions on their own, so you can safely talk to them about the gap. In such a situation, the phlegmatic will accept everything and will not protest or resent. He admits that he could not give the girl what she needed.

It is necessary to bring the partner to a break in relations gradually. If you break the connection very abruptly, this can lead to the fact that lovers will begin to miss each other.

A woman should understand how to act if she decides to break off the relationship. There are several behaviors that are considered optimal.

Using social networks or a mobile phone, you can inform the guy about the breakup. In this case, you need to write a young man an SMS or a message on the social network that the relationship is completed. In this case, do not limit yourself to one sentence. This will greatly humiliate the former partner. Therefore, it is better to draw up a full-fledged letter, which will clearly state why the girl came to this conclusion.

It is worth explaining the main reason for the breakup and note that the girl is still grateful to her partner for spending time together. Do not go into too soulful aphorisms and remind your former partner how good they were together. In the message you need to very clearly explain the whole situation and think through the answers to the questions that come from the guy in advance. Do not ignore him if he begins to find out the reasons for the separation. People need to be appreciated and respected, so it’s better to clearly explain the situation to the young man.

Do not put too much pressure on the guy. This will more resemble cruel manipulation and bring him much suffering.

This method is good because in such a situation a young man will not be able to try to hold his beloved with kisses and hugs.

This way of breaking the relationship is considered the most humane and rational. In this case, the girl honestly and openly leads a private conversation and explains to the young man why she really decided to leave him. A similar method would be appropriate if the relationship lasted a long time. How to personally tell a guy about a breakup:

  • First you should contact the young man by phone and tell him that you need to seriously talk. It is best to make such a call a few days before the expected break. Then, subconsciously, the man will begin to understand that we are talking about breaking up and will be able to prepare a little morally.
  • On the planned day, it is necessary to clearly and clearly state your position to your former lover. Do not go deep into insults and an explanation of all the shortcomings of a young man.
  • It is worth declaring that the girl simply no longer feels tender feelings towards him and does not see any reason to continue to torment him. If a girl met another man, then do not talk about it. It’s better to come up with another reason that will do less harm to the guy.

Some women simply cannot morally break off relationships on their own. If a man offers to start all over again, begins to kiss and hug the girl, then in this situation she feels great pity for him and often backtracks. In such a situation, the only rational option is to help a friend.

To do this, you need to find a very attractive girlfriend who, free of charge or for a specific response service, agrees to look after her boyfriend. She needs to start a page on social networks and try to start talking to him. After a while, the “decoy” should invite the guy to meet in person. If they have a good time, it will help the young man to survive the breakup much easier or completely forget about his current girlfriend.

There are only a few secret wordshearing that a man begins to fall in love. Open a secret that only a few women know. Press the button and watch the video to the end.

There is a big risk that a friend uses an agreement against a girl (she will tell everything to a guy). In this case, the creator of the plan is accused of hypocrisy and cruelty. If a guy seduced by a new girl, independently offers to leave, then all problems will be resolved. If he does not react in any way to the "decoy duck", then he will have to act on his own.

Some girls, in order to part with a guy, tell him that now they are not interested in the opposite sex.

A man may not believe in all this nonsense and get angry. Therefore, it all depends on the specific qualities of the partner. To be more believable, you should prepare the text correctly. When a man asks why the girl spent so much time with him and had sex, it is necessary to explain that for a long time the girl struggled with herself and did not know who she was attracted to.

This technique, although effective, but rather ridiculous. There is a high probability that a guy will start offering to kiss another girl in front of him. In this situation, it is worth declaring that it is insulting, because it was difficult for the girl to admit her unconventional sexual orientation.

This method of separation is very popular, however, on the part of a woman, this behavior looks rather hypocritical. She perfectly understands that the man will agree to become her faithful friend, but it will be difficult to experience such friendships. The girl gives him extra hope that friendship will again be able to develop into a more serious relationship.

It will be much fairer to invite the young man to try to become friends after some time. He must move away from the relationship. Maybe even meet another girl.

Do not leave your former partner as a fallback. This is very cruel. No need to reassure him and talk about friendship, and then do not answer his messages and phone calls. You need to honestly explain your position to the young man.

It will be useful to think over the last conversation with your lover. Communication is in a crowded place. Married men are very dependent on their mistresses and are more jealous of such breakups. If the meeting takes place in a place where there are a lot of people, then this factor will deter a man from displaying strong emotions.

It should be calm and very clearly convey to your partner your position. After the final conversation, it is necessary to distract from thoughts and not allow the possibility of a resumption of relations. You need to be prepared for the fact that the man will begin to be active, will attack with calls and write on social networks, because he regretted that he had missed the girl.

It is impossible to succumb to these provocations, the connection should be cut off once and for all. You should not behave with a former lover so that he wants to return the relationship. If a girl works with a man, you will have to find another job. If a woman constantly sees her lover, then this will certainly lead to a resumption of relations.

After parting, you need to prepare for the fact that not every guy will come to terms with the situation. Therefore, it is worth turning to astrology:

Zodiac sign


After the break, Aries begins to wage an aggressive war against his former lover. By all means, he will try to show the former passion that she made the wrong choice. He will be ready for any sacrifice.

Taurus experiences a very strong nervous shock at any separation, even if he himself was the initiator of the break. For many months he will digest everything that has happened and gradually realize that his life has changed. It is difficult for Taurus to have new relationships, so for a long time he will be alone

Representatives of this sign of the zodiac quite easily endure a break in relationships. They are used to striving for something new every day, so such events in life will become just an extra impetus in order to meet new people and start a relationship with another girl

Representatives of this sign will certainly try to keep their beloved with all their might. Cancer will beg her, cry and kneel. If all his attempts are unsuccessful, then he will change very much and begin to behave aggressively

Lions think too much about how they look, so even when parting, representatives of this sign will behave with dignity. You need to be prepared for the fact that after parting, Leo will begin to pour mud on his former lover, to humiliate and insult her. He will make every effort in order to find a more beautiful, smart and interesting girl.

Representatives of this sign prefer to the last fight for their feelings. They do not like anything new and prefer to spend their whole lives with one partner. The virgins argue their position by saying that you can live life in constant conflict, but with a person who is already well known

Such men suffer for several weeks. After that, they go into all seriouss and start numerous novels. They are very easy to survive the gap and rarely complex.

The representative of this sign will avenge resentment throughout life. He will never accept the fact that he was defeated. He will recoup on the former passion not only emotionally, but also physically. Scorpio will try to ruin the life of his ex

Such men are very afraid to get the status of the former, so they themselves never part with the girls. If the girl abandoned Sagittarius, then he will try by all means to denigrate her in the circle of relatives and friends

Being a rather staunch personality, a man of this sign with dignity will survive the separation. He will not scream, insult, or try to humiliate his ex-girlfriend. Capricorn will draw conclusions and continue to move on.

Representatives of this zodiac sign are philosophers in life. Therefore, they quite easily remain close friends with their former partners. Aquarians will never try to restore relations or tarnish the reputation of the former

These men are very easily depressed and have trouble breaking up. For a long time, they try to get everything back and persuade the girl to give them a second chance. If Pisces sees that nothing helps, then they return to a depressed state

You need to understand that if a woman decided to finally and irrevocably terminate the relationship, then there is no point in following the pity. Sometimes at the time of the breakup, men categorically disagree with the arguments of their partner and offer to continue the relationship, since they consider the breakup a rather stupid undertaking. Therefore, the girls should:

  • Do not succumb to persuasion. If a man behaves too aggressively and begins to threaten a woman, then you should not follow his lead. It is necessary to stand your ground and inform him that such behavior is simply unworthy of a normal person. We must offer to leave on a positive note.
  • If threats come from a married man, then in this situation it is worth mentioning the secret connection of his wife. Frightened by such a promise, the gentleman will lag behind his mistress.
  • Do not choose humiliating ways to part. If a man has changed, then a woman may behave incorrectly. In all other situations, you need to understand and take into account the emotional state of the former lover.

Worst of all, if a girl evicts a former partner with the help of law enforcement agencies or friends, she reports the gap through children, parents or colleagues. No need to stoop to this level. It is better to talk to the person in person.

Svetlana Chernyshova

Psychologist, Consultant. Specialist from the site

Can’t you not beautifully pick up the phone?

And how old is the lover?

If you ask a reason, just say, NOT MY SIZE)))))))))))))))

Just tell him (good) that he is wonderful, but alas! you don’t suit each other for a number of reasons (it’s not necessary to list them, though you can) .Do not express your grievances to him and do not reproach him for anything. Talk to him calmly, politely and without emotions. In this case, you will not part as enemies, but he will appreciate your words deservedly! Although in general it’s better to say all this not by telephone, but face to face - only calmly!

Fuck off, my sweet cherry!

I sent an email to my own, where I explained everything beautifully. After sending the letter, she stopped responding to his phone calls and SMS. I also advise you to do so. If you explain to him by phone, it may not be possible without emotions both on your part and on his part, and negative emotions. You can say such nonsense that you will be ashamed of yourself later. And so - they wrote, sent and that's it. The door has closed.

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say you’re busy, busy today, and tomorrow, and this, and next week. he will understand and untie.

Just tell him (good) that he is wonderful, but alas! you don’t suit each other for a number of reasons (it’s not necessary to list them, though you can) .Do not express your grievances to him and do not reproach him for anything. Talk to him calmly, politely and without emotions. In this case, you will not part as enemies, but он оценит ваши слова по заслугам ! Хотя вообще-то лучше сказать все это не по телефону, а с глазу на глаз - только спокойно!

Вобщем, девочки,может быть и так что пару раз позвонит и отвянет.А как бы мне так провернуть, чтобы не сошло на ничью, а я не хочу с ним встречаться? Честно, заслужил.Как бы так по-умному поступить? Спасибо всем!:)

By the way, I think he was surprised that I did not run to him right away. This is the first time in 2 years. I wonder what he thinks now? Maybe he doesn’t think anything. Maybe he doesn’t care. I’m a fool, in general.

say you’re busy, busy today, and tomorrow, and this, and next week. he will understand and untie.

And how old is the lover?

And it’s not the point, how old is it. I didn’t like it because of age or position. I loved. And he used it. Well, it's my own fault. But I can’t do it like that. I couldn’t, really, whom offend by word or deed. Especially. if someone loves me.

Girls, at least praise me or something, that did not meet him! :)))

He already broke up)) himself, since he rarely calls, to call only out of politeness. Himself already quit. Say I can’t today. He will be glad not to call again, if in a month you call again, you say, "today, too, nothing, business." And that’s all. He won’t call anymore. If you want to hurt him by saying like I don’t like him anymore, nothing will come out anyway. one damn current will be happy.

Out of politeness, men never call. He calls, that means he wants something. Only our desires may not coincide. But the fact that he has already "parted" is in a sense yes. He is not the same person who was once .

Rarely, this is not once a month, but once or twice a week. Once I called 50 times a day.

"Out of politeness, men never call." Since so experienced what are you asking questions then?

"Out of politeness, men never call." Since so experienced what are you asking questions then?

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