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How to learn to trust a man? Wise advice


Trust is an important component of a long and happy relationship, where two partners communicate freely and openly with each other. But trust does not always come to a couple right away. In some cases, people cannot believe because of past unsuccessful relationships, and therefore transfer the behavior of a past partner to all men or women, believing that everyone changes and betrays. Another cause of mistrust is the jealousy of one of the partners.

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Trust is a person’s internal state, a state of peace when he is confident in his partner. It gives rise to the belief that a loved one will or will not act in a certain way - for example, she will not meet another girl in a cafe or bar.

In this case, a person can be quietly released with friends in a bathhouse or fishing and not worry about where he is. A feeling like trust is quite unsteady, because if you break it at least once, your partner will have constant suspicions.

Trust is the main component of any relationship, which in importance cannot be compared even with love, since without trust relationships are doomed. A girl, a woman may not trust a loved one after treason or betrayal, since it is extremely difficult to regain trust in this person.

Without trust, there is no long and harmonious relationship. To learn to trust a man, you need to understand the reasons for distrust.

The main ones are as follows:

  • One of the partners is too jealous. This problem is very easy to handle, just do not give in to obsessive thoughts and trust a man. You must trust the partner as yourself. In this case, there is one nuance - this is a fear of loneliness, and if one of the partners is afraid of him, then he will seize the other with a death grip and will not let go of himself under any pretext. It is best to part with such a person. In harmonious relations, both partners should give each other freedom and trust, otherwise it is not a relationship, but a prison.
  • Trust is undermined. If the irreparable has already been committed: treason, betrayal. In this case, restoring trust will be quite difficult. Forgiving a person and relying on him again are slightly different things. You can forgive immediately and easily, but you may not be able to believe it again, or it will take a lot of time and effort.

The advice of psychologists will tell you what to do in order to believe your loved one:

  1. 1. Do not confuse trust and unjustified hopes. A person needs to be accepted with all his shortcomings, and not come up with his fictional image or idea of ​​how he acts or acts. This is trust, that is, trust another person with their desires and hopes.
  2. 2. It is necessary to get rid of the role of the victim. If a person has had an unsuccessful past experience, mainly in women, then they cease to trust men. To enter into a happy and harmonious relationship after a divorce, you need to get rid of the image of the victim. This can be done by believing in a bright future. After all, a person is perceived as he sees himself.
  3. 3. More realism. You need to look at the relationship from the side. Are there any reasons for jealousy or all these speculations appeared because of boredom. Perhaps everything was settled in a relationship for a long time and one of the partners wanted to cheer them up to understand whether the relationship is still alive or not. A delay in the work of one of the partners is not always a sign of treason, sometimes it is simply a large amount of work. Just like correspondence with other people is just a way to increase your self-esteem.

First you need to understand why men are cheating. In most cases, they think: “everyone does it”, “what’s so terrible?”, “Think, tragedy”. If betrayal has already occurred, then it is necessary to give the man to speak out and explain everything. A woman should be ready for the truth, which is unpleasant for her.

But how to live further after betrayal and betrayal, only a woman decides. She can give a partner a chance not to ruin the family. In this case, it takes tremendous fortitude and a truly loving man will appreciate it.

If a woman cannot forgive a man and leaves him, then in this case she needs to forgive herself. Forgive yourself that she was mistaken in man. But do not avoid communication with the opposite sex. It is better to try to build friendships with them. To believe a man after an unsuccessful past experience, you need to focus only on the current relationship.

Learning to trust a guy or a man is not so difficult, but it is better that trust be in any relationship.Because it is quite difficult to return it, and a person may have hidden fears.

How to learn to trust a man - tips for women

Stop categorically treating others. If you were once betrayed or deceived, this does not mean that from now on absolutely everyone will relate to you in this way. Learn to be more open, be friendly to others in order to learn to trust men. Engage in auto-training.

For example, say to yourself every day: “I trust the guys. They won’t hurt me. Ahead we have a happy future with my young man. Men take care of me. Thanks to them, I enjoy my life, "

Set your thoughts in a positive way! Psychologists claim that girls who do not have a relationship with the opposite sex simply program themselves to cheat. If you keep a grudge against all traitors in your heart, then why wait for a normal man - he will never appear, because you subconsciously attract only deceivers to yourself. So, you enclose yourself in a vicious circle, from which it’s more difficult to get out of time,

Do comic exercises. For example, on the advice of psychologists, get yourself a pet, most importantly, a male, and conduct various confidential conversations with him. This unusual training is designed to solve several problems at once. Firstly, when you speak the essence of a problem, it is easier to get rid of it, and secondly, it is a good step towards deeper self-knowledge. Use other techniques to learn to trust men - self-hypnosis, meditation, NLP. To learn to trust a man, increase self-esteem, and for this, work on yourself all the time,

Pay attention to the inner world of men from your circle of friends. Get acquainted with their views on various problems, find out about their interests, preferences. This will allow you to get closer, and, therefore, establish a more trusting relationship. In addition, men always encourage interest in their person from the fair sex, in most cases responding with sympathy. So be bold - time will settle everything, most importantly, your desire and efforts.

Make friends with one of the men. Just not to perceive men as something alien dangerous. To know how men behave in different situations, how they are able to care, empathize. This will help you learn how to trust a man who will already be in another royal in your life.

How to learn to believe and trust men?

To an adult, this seems like a trifle, but for a girl during maturity, these little things are significant and leave a mark on her psyche, determine her future adult life.

A girl who has been convinced since childhood that dad will always help her, dad will protect her, dad will support her, even if she is wrong, he will not be rude, will not ridicule her, he will tell and understand, and will help correct mistakes. This girl will grow up confident, in the future she will not have problems with men.

If dad was not around, and the daughter was raised by mom, offended by absolutely the entire male half, or dad still was, but such that it would be better if he was not at all? What to do then?

First you need to understand that only an already matured girl can help herself in this case. She herself is now responsible for herself. Of course, it’s not easy for her. It is worth getting rid of the idea that all men are males, goats and scum, that they need to take only one thing from a woman.

Men are all different. At the subconscious level, men see a woman who is unsure of herself. Those who seek a sacrifice are suitable for such people. A decent man does not get acquainted with a woman who does not like men.

In order to learn to trust men and the situation has somehow improved, first you need to stupidly repeat at every opportune moment: “Men are beautiful. I trust men. Men are created to protect me, to help me enjoy life, to take care of me. ”

And it does not matter whether you believe it or not. You just need to constantly repeat. You can get yourself some male animal - a dog, a cat, a parrot, to love him, to be frank with him. One must not be afraid to look funny! Talk to your pet, consult. Soon you will see how your life begins to change gradually.

To learn how to trust a man, you can try to make friends with an elderly neighbor who will treat you like a granddaughter or daughter. You will be able to understand the masculine nature, logic, behavior of men and banally cease to be afraid of them.

When you meet a man whom you will like very much, with whom you will start dating, you should not see him as a cheater, do not make big plans for the future, do not put pressure on him in terms of marriage. Enjoy your relationship, enjoy all the good things that he will do for you.

Say: "I am grateful to fate for my man, and I trust him." Soon, no question will arise about how to learn to believe and trust men. “To each is given according to his faith.”