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How to create a playlist on YouTube


When you have well shaped channel on youtube , constantly updating and actively watching interesting videos, then for sure while working with YouTube, a lot of playlists have accumulated.

To stop getting confused in them and leave only the most important on your created channel, it’s best delete old YouTube playlists.

To get rid of accumulated old videos:

  1. Open the "My Channel" on YouTube, which is located in the upper left corner under the words "main".
  2. Go to the "Video Manager". The transition button is located directly above the channel design header.
  3. In the menu on YouTube, which you will see on the left, click on the item “Playlists”. You will see a list of all playlists.

Further, after cleaning the channel from old playlists, it is possible to start creating new ones.

How to create a playlist on YouTube

To bring to the top your channel on YouTube, it’s important not only upload current videos, but also to constantly learn, find relevant videos on topics of interest to you. If your topic of interest includes several topics and you don’t want to get confused in the added clips, then it’s always possible to group similar videos into separate lists. creating a playlist on youtubewhich will be convenient for viewing by you and yours to numerous subscribers

What to start creating a playlist on YouTube:

  1. Go to My Channel.
  2. Open playlists.
  3. If you do not have a single list, then most likely the first item you will consider the videos you like.
  4. At the top next to the inscription “All Playlists” you will find a gray button “New Playlist”
  5. Click on it. In the area that will be in front of you, type the name of the list, indicate to whom you can view these videos. By default, YouTube offers open access for your videos. However, it is possible to create access by reference or arrange so that only you can watch videos from the specified list.
  6. After you figured out the settings, click on the blue create button, and a separate, new playlist will be created.

Now it remains to fill it with clips. Find the video you intend to put on the new list. Scroll down. Right below the clip you will find the “Add To” link. When you click on it, you will see a list where, among other alternatives, will be the name of your playlist. Check the box next to the list name and the video will automatically appear in it. You can create a list with interesting clips on the topic right below the video you like. If you carefully study the "Add to" list, then in it you can easily find the desired item.

What is a YouTube playlist

If you are just starting to explore the vastness of YouTube, then it will be useful for you to know what is playlist in youtube.

In a different way, a playlist is a special list that contains videos by category.

If you are fond of various things and often watch instructional videos on YouTube, then such a list will facilitate your learning and will greatly facilitate the search for a particular video. You can supplement it with clips, which later come in handy for re-viewing.

How to remove a playlist on YouTube

If suddenly there are too many playlists or some has become obsolete, then the question will be how to remove playlist in youtube. Removing is no more difficult than creating a playlist.

  • On top of the YouTube logo, click on the menu button, then click on the “Playlists” link.
  • In the section of your channel “Playlists”, select the playlist you need to delete. To go to the subsection for managing the playlist, you need to click not on the video itself, but on the link under the picture.
  • Next, click on three points and select "Delete Playlist." Attention, deletion will be without the ability to undo the action.

If it becomes necessary to delete not the entire playlist, but the specific video in it, then in the last step we find a similar menu of three points opposite the specific video. There will be an item “Extend video”. There is also the ability to move the video up / down the list.

Playlists Watch YouTube

Well prepared playlists look on youtube very comfortably. If the video is collected in playlists, then next to the player window there will always be a list of related videos. At any time watching a video, it’s very convenient that you can select and switch to another video.

The convenience of using playlists lies in the fact that, at the end, similar videos will not be offered by the YouTube service, but the playback of the next one on the list will begin. The automated launch of the next video to the visitor of your sheet cannot be disabled, as is done with disabling annotations in the video. But ready-made foreign playlists can be saved to your collection by clicking on the plus sign at the top of the list, or it is possible to change the sorting of clips in the list.

Another advantage of playlists is that when a user watches a video not from a playlist, then at the end of the video your sheet will not be shown, however among the suggested videos (this is a YouTube function) your playlist will be located first and 3 times larger.

If you own a YouTube channel, have created an attractive header and styled your channel, post interesting videos, but have not yet used the playlist service, be sure to hurry, as this will significantly increase the number of visitors and views of your channel, as well as significantly raise it higher in the Top .

How to make a playlist on YouTube?

In order to make a new playlist, you need to click on “My Channel” and then click on the “Playlists” tab. All your playlists will be displayed there and at the same time one will already be created from the videos you like. If you want to create a new playlist, then you will need to click on the appropriate button and choose which access it will be with.

  • Open access - the clip will be available to absolutely anyone, will be displayed in the search, etc.
  • Limited access - you yourself choose the people to whom your video will be available.
  • Access by link - the video will not be in the public domain, but anyone who clicks on it can watch it. This way you can send out such links to your friends.

How to add a video to a playlist

To add a new video to the playlist, you will need to set the appropriate item when downloading. And again, you will have the choice to add a video to an existing playlist, or create a new one. In addition, you can add one clip to several sheets.

And if you suddenly want to move the video to another list, or just add it, then there will also be nothing complicated. Just run it, and right below it, click on the "Add +" button. You will have the same window as in the previous example, i.e. You will need to choose where to define this video. I have a video about how to remove an unnecessary object in Photoshop, it has been recorded for a long time, but has not yet been determined, so I am sending it to other videos on Photoshop.

Now everything is perfectly structured and in place.

Automatically add new videos to a playlist

In the most famous video hosting in the world there is simply an amazing feature, thanks to which you do not have to distribute anything. The videos themselves will be entered into the categories you created. The “Auto Add” function is responsible for this.

In order to do this trick, you will need to go back to “My Channel” - “Playlists”. After that, select any playlist that you want to set to auto-add. Done? Fine!

Now select the "Playlist Settings" item, and then in the window that opens, select the "Auto Add" tab. And of course, click on the only available button "Add Rule".

Now choose what this rule will pay attention to. For example, I put the “Name” parameter and write the word “Photoshop”. Now, every new video in the name of which this word will be contained will fall into the playlist I need, that is, into Photoshop lessons. Great, huh?

How to remove a playlist on YouTube

Well, if you suddenly change your mind and want to delete the playlist, then no one will bother you with this. This is very easy to do, but this feature is a bit hidden. You again need to go to “My Channel” - “Playlists”, and then click on the three points that are on the right side. Well, there already select the appropriate item “Delete playlist”.

Well now you know what a playlist is in YouTube and how to work with them in general. Therefore, when you create your channel (if you have one), do not forget to immediately take care of the sections, which you will fill with new interesting videos. So if you didn’t know something, I hope that I helped you figure it out.

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Well, on this I end my article. I hope you enjoyed it and you won’t forget to return to my blog again. And so that you can always read something new, I will try to write for you even more often. Good luck to you. Bye Bye!