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The most effective butt workout


The lifestyle of most modern women in no way predisposes to a healthy and beautiful body: sedentary work leads to muscle hypotrophy, the formation of ugly sagging and folds on the buttocks. Therefore, one of the most frequently asked questions regarding the figure - how to pump up the top of the buttocks and make them rounder? Exercise for the gluteus maximus and thighs will help change the appearance. It is from the middle muscle that the level of fitness of this area of ​​the body depends. Let's find out how to pump the upper part of the buttocks, whether it is possible to increase the roundness of the muscles with the flat fifth point syndrome and what are the chances of success for girls who train at home.

How does genetics affect the shape of the buttocks?

The beautiful shape of the buttocks does not always indicate a large amount of work in the gym. Some girls have delicious roundness even without training. Once they make a little effort, the muscles gain seductive elasticity. Only a few fall into the category of favorites, but it is they who subsequently actively share their experiences in the video and vying to publish photos on social networks. Therefore, so often their exercises on the upper or lower buttocks do not help other women.

The appearance of the buttocks is highly dependent on the width of the pelvic bones. Equally important is the shape of the three paired muscles - the large, medium and small gluteus - which is laid genetically and individually, like fingerprints. The shape of the exercises can not be changed, but with weight training, you can lift the muscles and increase volume.

Brazilian ass simple squats and swoops can not get it. To correct the figure, you need to work a lot on a personal program. Do not use standard training complexes as a template and do not try to pump up the middle gluteus muscle with sophisticated exercises. To begin with, adequately evaluate the initial data, draw up your training scheme and work on the increase in individual muscles with the help of isolated strength exercises.

The appearance of the priests also depends on the size of the adipose tissue between the skin and muscles. If there are extra pounds, then the problem is not at all that the bone is wide. Overweight women need to start with aerobic and basic training and only lose weight, perform exercises on the lower and upper buttocks. Then the pumped up muscles will be not only pleasant to the touch, but also pleasing to the eye.

Gluteus anatomy

The middle and small gluteal muscles are located on the lateral surfaces of the pelvis and partially lie under the gluteus maximus muscle. The middle muscle creates a volume at the top of the "fifth point" and has a triangular shape. Its wide upper end is held on the ilium of the pelvis and, tapering fan-shaped, is attached by the lower narrow end to the greater trochanter - the outer part of the femur.

The functions of the middle gluteus muscle

The muscle holds the pelvis and torso vertically, participates in the rotation of the thigh and in almost all of the leg leads to the side. It is easily palpated during training and responds well to stress. With sufficient development, it hides the pelvic bones protruding on the sides, forming a beautiful line of the hips.

A trained middle gluteus muscle gives more bonuses than just admiring glances of men:

  • improves body stabilization during movement,
  • Helps improve swimming and contact sports
  • allows you to run faster
  • evens out posture.

Why swing the middle gluteus muscle?

Weakness of the gluteus maximus muscle quickly leads to arthrosis of the hip joint. However, its functions cannot be replaced by other muscles. Underdevelopment also provokes aching pain in the area of ​​the hip joint after a long walk. Visually, the flabbiness of the area is very noticeable when wearing high heels.

The developed middle gluteal muscles look aesthetically pleasing and form an important part of the cortex. If they are weak, then the girl does not see a healthy back, beautiful legs and high fitness indicators.

8 exercises for training the gluteus maximus muscle

Joint warm-up is an internal body massage that does not allow the aggravation of existing injuries, reduces the risk of various kinds of injuries. To warm up after a warm-up, you can do "cardio" on a treadmill, ellipsoid, jump with a skipping rope. Will make a good complex of abs exercises make the blood circulate and tone the muscles.

After preparation, you can safely perform exercises that activate the growth of the buttocks.

Deep squats with a barbell: 3-4 sets of 7-12 squats

In the correct squats, the bar is placed on the shoulders and the squat itself is performed by taking the pelvis back. Feet can be set shoulder width or slightly wider. The distance between the feet should be comfortable for you. Turn the feet sideways at 45 degrees.

When lowering, keep an eye on the knees - do not push them further than the socks and do not deviate from left to right. Keep your back straight: pull in your stomach, straighten your shoulders, do not lower your head (head should be an extension of the neck). Keep your straight arms in front of you for balance. During the squat, the body will tilt, but do not roll the body forward specifically.

Sink as deep as possible until the lower back begins to bend down in an arc and the coccyx makes a “peck”. At the bottom, linger for 2-3 seconds and rise without jerking with an emphasis on the heels. At the top point, do not stop, do not straighten to the end of the leg and immediately begin to fall down.

Lunges: 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions each

For beginners with imperfect technique for performing exercises and girls who want to build buttocks, it is better to lunges in statics without walking around the hall. Put your foot forward so that the knee is directed in the same direction with the toe of the foot. Put your other leg back to increase the load on the buttocks.

Some trainers recommend putting their legs strictly in one line, but it is so difficult to maintain balance. Others advise doing cross lunges, putting the foot back diagonally, which is traumatic for beginners. While mastering the technique, do not experiment and place your feet along the hips.

In lunges, do not sway, do not tilt the body forward, do not touch the knee of the back leg of the floor. Gradually complicate the exercise: pick up dumbbells, hold the barbell on your shoulders, throw your back foot on the bench (Bulgarian lunges).

Ascent to the platform: 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions

Stand in front of a stable pedestal or bench with a height of 40-50 cm. Put one foot on the platform (it is desirable that the leg at the knee forms a right angle). Avoid strong bending of the leg and when lifting to the platform do not extend the knee by the toe. Keep balance on one leg, resting on the heel, and return to the starting position.

Raising the pelvis from the floor: 2-3 sets of 15-20 repetitions

This is a well-known gluteal bridge. Lie on your back and put your hands along the body. Bend your legs, place your feet on the floor and move closer to the buttocks. Straining your buttocks, try to raise your pelvis up and hold for a few seconds. You can increase the load by putting on the bend of the legs and body of the bar of the bar.

Abduction of legs while standing, lying and on all fours: 3 sets of 15 reps

Standing on all fours or on straight legs (holding the vertical support with your hands), pull the straight leg as far back and up as possible. You can do swings on all fours with a leg bent at the knee or lift one straight leg while lying on its side. In the lateral swings, support your head with your hand and do not raise your leg too high - the angle with the body should be no more than 70 degrees. Do not make sudden movements, do not attach your lower back to work, and use leg weights.

Leg breeding in a simulator with a weight of 10-20 kg: 1-2 sets of 15-20 reps

Set the desired weight, sit on the simulator and tilt the back back so that the gluteus maximus muscle is more involved. Extend your hips as much as possible and slowly lower your legs, leaving a small distance between them. Leave the body motionless.

Platform press: 3-4 sets of 15-20 reps

Sit on the seat and place your feet out toe out in the upper corners of the platform. Squeeze the platform without straightening to the end of the leg. Slowly lower the platform so that in the final position the legs at the knees form an almost right angle, but the buttocks do not come off the seat.

After a workout, do a 10-20 minute hitch. This can be a run on a track in the "rugged terrain" mode with a gradual decrease in slope and pace or occupation in the orbit. Complete the training with gymnastics - stretching exercises for the gluteal muscles and the back of the thigh.

How to train your buttocks?

The best place to train your buttocks will be the gym, but half the effective exercises on the top and bottom of the buttocks can be done at home. Limit strength training to 2-3 times a week. First, perform multi-joint basic exercises for a large group of muscles (squats, lunges, deadlifts, leg presses), and after them insulating ones (gluteal bridge, step on the platform, legs abduction).

After doing a given number of repetitions per exercise, rest for 30-60 seconds and take the second approach. Breathe deeply and exhale in effort (in the most difficult phase). In no case do not hold your breath, otherwise by the end of the approach you will begin to suffocate. Do not wait for thirst to come: drink water between sets in small sips.

If you want to pump up and build muscle, try not to mix different exercises in one approach: first do all the approaches for one exercise, and then move on to another movement. For the target muscle to grow, it needs to be “hammered” as much as possible with a burden. Supersets or two-phase exercises (for example, when squatting is combined with deadlift, lunge, etc.) is better to restore muscle tone and increase endurance.

Take a break between different exercises for 15-30 seconds more than a break between sets. Choose weight weights and the number of exercises based on their capabilities. Always start with a minimum and watch your technique - quality is always more important than quantity.

Eat more cereals, vegetables, meat and fish dishes. Remove from the diet the products responsible for the deterioration of appearance: fast food, saturated fats, alcohol, sweets and flour. Training does not compensate for a poor diet, so think over a nutrition program in advance and do not waste your energy - train with pleasure, not from under the stick!

What you need to know for girls who want to tighten their buttocks

Not every girl was rewarded with natural, eye-pleasing volumes and proportions by nature. Training the buttocks in the gym is a real way to shape or adjust this part of the body yourself.

So nature ordered that the hips and buttocks are a traditional “problem zone”. Especially for women

Buttocks form the three main muscles: large, medium and small. Their shape is provided by:

  • the ratio of the volume of the gluteal muscles to the volume of the muscles of the back of the thigh,
  • the distribution of fatty tissue. All these parameters are set genetically.

Women who, by nature, have gluteus muscles with a small volume with a fairly wide pelvic size, get the desired relief more difficult.

Proper nutrition is a prerequisite for obtaining effective results for training any muscle group, especially the gluteus. A lack of nutrients will lead to the fact that the muscles will have nothing to build from, and an excess of calories will lead to an increase in body fat. The main building blocks for muscle are the amino acids into which protein breaks down. A sufficient amount of protein should be present in the diet.

Features of training on the buttocks in the gym

The most popular exercises that any trainer has in their arsenal are lunges and basic exercises, including deadlift and squats. In the process of performing basic exercises, the main part of the load is assumed by the leg muscles. For a full-fledged study of the gluteal muscles, it is necessary to include in the training isolated sets of exercises aimed at the target muscles from different angles.

The shape of the buttocks - the genetic givenness is exactly the same as the cut of the eyes or the length of the legs, but it can be corrected with exercises

The following conditions can be distinguished, observing which one can obtain the desired results:

  1. Mandatory workout before training. Warming up is necessary for joint development and muscle warming. Designed joints are injured much less frequently (subject to the technique). The warmed muscles work more efficiently than in the absence of a warm-up; accordingly, muscle building will occur more intensively.
  2. Gradual weight gain. You should not take more weight than the one with which you can observe the technique of performing exercises. If necessary, it is better to increase the mass gradually, without overloading the joints or spine and adapting the muscles.
  3. Compliance with technology. Technique is the foundation. Any deviation from the technique can lead either to damage to the ligaments and joints, or to the load of an unnecessary muscle group.
  4. Mandatory presence of cardio training. Cardio training is an aerobic type of exercise. This type of training is designed to develop stamina and fat burning. With a pronounced subcutaneous layer of fat, with all the desire it is impossible to consider beautiful gluteal muscles. Cardio loads allow you to “draw” the buttocks, removing fat and revealing all the advantages of this part of the body.
  5. Do not rest between sets for more than 45 seconds. The muscles cool down, resulting in reduced exercise efficiency.

Workout program for buttocks in the gym

These training programs are specially designed with a focus on the buttocks. At the end of the workout, it is advisable to stretch while the muscles have not yet cooled. Most exercises are heavy and require enough energy. Therefore, to replenish it and increase muscle mass, it is necessary to increase the calorie content of food.

Everyone knows that lunges and squats are very effective movements for training the buttocks.

Program options are approximate. Depending on the level of training, it is possible to replace some exercises, it is advisable to do this together with the trainer.

Gluteus maximus muscle

One of the largest and strongest muscles attached to the pope spherical shape, ranging from the lateral sacrum and tailbone to the femur. Participates in the movements of the hip joint, stabilizes a stable position of the body and legs when walking and running, turns hips out.

Actively involved in the work, when doing squats with a barbell, hyperextension and deadlift.

Gluteus Medius

They are located on the lateral thigh, consist of front and back muscle, partially hiding under the gluteus maximus muscle. Attached from the top of the pelvis to the top femoral bones. Well-developed middle gluteal muscles, hide ugly protruding bones pelvis.

Main function - abduction of the thigh to the side (front bundles turn inward, back outwards), tilts the body to the side, stabilization body position in the right direction when walking and running.

Gluteus maximus muscle

Flat triangular muscles located under secondary gluteal muscles. Fastening starts from the outer surface of the wing iliac bones, between the front and lower gluteal lines.

Gluteus anatomy

Main function - at reduction takes away the thigh stabilizes the pelvis when walking in conjunction with the middle gluteus muscle, and also straightens the torso, provided the hips are motionless.

How to tighten your buttocks and hips

Not all girls and boys want to have inflated, big buttocks and hips, for someone it’s enough to tone them a little, slightly round the shape, tighten the ass, without making them too convex, therefore, this category of people, it is necessary to carefully perform strength, basic exercises on the legs, because it is they who grow "meat»On the buttocks at high speed.

You must remember if you are prone to gaining excess weight (endomorph), or already have a lot of fat in the pelvic area, then you first need to put yourself in “order”, lose weight, get rid of excess weight, if any, by proper nutrition and aerobic exercises. Otherwise, when your buttocks begin to respond to the load, your buttock muscles begin to grow under a layer of fat, and your butt will remain visually covered with an ugly layer of fat.

In girls, much faster than in men, fat is deposited on the hips and buttocks, due to the peculiarities female body, but it also leaves faster, so you need to consider all these factors when planning your diet nutrition, which must be correct, otherwise, all efforts to achieve beautiful buttocks will go "down the drain".

Thus, if you want to tone your gluteal muscles, give them a light convex, без значительно увеличения их формы, то вам необходимо включать в свою программу тренировок следующие упражнения:

  • аэробного характера (велотренажер, беговая дорожка, скакалка, выпрыгивания из низкого приседа, прыжки через лесенку, подъёмы на гору/возвышенность/лестницу)
  • анаэробного характера (выпады со штангой, вышагивания на платформу, жим ногами, отведение ноги в кроссовере, гиперэкстензия, глубокие приседания с отягощением)
Подтянутые ягодицы и бедра

It is ideal to combine aerobic exercises on the legs and anaerobic, thus, such combination, will not allow your gluteal muscles to grow significantly, at the same time, they will tighten, improve their shape, come in tone.

Below we will describe how to correctly combine these exercises for the tone of the gluteal muscles, how much to relax between approaches, and how much to do repetitions.

For everyone else peoplewho want to pump their ass like a nut, you need to perform strength exercises in the gym on the gluteal muscles. In this case, excessive aerobic exercise will harm you in achieving this goal, because intense running, jump rope, a bicycle, will be redundant, exhausting your legs, the body as a whole, while spending the excess the energyin the end, this can lead to overtraining muscles, which will not allow you to train fully in the power style gluteal muscles.

Of course, if you have a great desire to include aerobic exercise on your legs, then easy jogging on a treadmill, an exercise bike will in no way prevent you from pumping up your elastic buttocks.

Below, we will talk about how to properly exercise the gluteal muscles, with which periodicity, intensity, and what you need to pay special attention to when planning training on the buttocks.

The best exercises for the buttocks in the gym

Buttocks, that part in female the body, which is primarily used by men, therefore all girls strive to have beautiful, pumped, and elastic buttocks, but how to train not many know this part, performing numerous mistakes.

Therefore, we present you the most effective exercises in the gym for buttock growth, and below see also a training complex for them.

Keep in mind that colorful pictures in trendy magazineswhere girls perform buttock exercises from aerobics, they can’t pump them up; they don’t even stand close with exercises that can be performed in the gym. The maximum that in this case you get - their tone, due to strengthening muscle burning and excess calories.


Compacts buttocks, and also strengthens the muscles of the back (pillars), do this exercise at the end of the workout: 4 approach to 12-15 repetitions.

If your physical form allows you to use additional burden, use it, for example, throwing a pancake from the bar 5-10 kg to your neck, or hold it in front of you, pressing it to your chest.

Extra weight more stimulates the growth of gluteal muscles.

Hyperextension in the gym

Steps to the platform

Exercise evenly pumps the muscles of the thigh and buttocks, giving them volume and clear separation.

When performing this exercise, we recommend that you use additional weights, in the form of heavy dumbbell (take one in each hand).

Run 15-20 ascents in 4-5 approaches, with an interval of no more 2 minutes. Read the technique for performing this exercise here.

Steps to the platform (bench)

Deadlift on straight legs

Gives volume and elasticity buttocks. Perform it mainly at the beginning of the workout, 3 approach to 12 repetitions. See the technique for performing this exercise here.

We also recommend introducing deadlift into your training program with wide setting legs, maximum stretching and involvement of the gluteus maximus muscles, back, arms and legs as a whole, in a short time will bring the figure in good shape.

Wide-legged deadlift

Shoulder lunges

Lunges with a barbell on the shoulders raise and emit buttocks giving them distinct form.

Run 4 approach to 10-15 repetitions. Choose a weight at which at the end of the approach, i.e. at the 10th or 15th repetition, a slight burning in the gluteal muscles. The technique for performing this exercise can be seen here.

Shoulder lunges


The best exercises for pumping elastic, voluminous, and at the same time beautiful and strong buttocks.

It is a basic exercise for the legs. For a greater study of the gluteal muscles, use the technique for performing this exercise in triathlon stylethat is, legs apart wider than shouldersSquat depth below parallels, but so that the pelvis does not fail, otherwise there are no significant deviations from the bodybuilding technique of squats with the barbell.

This exercise alone is enough to lead into your training program permanently to your buttocks, literally in front of your eyes bloated, and delighted the eyes of others.

We emphasize once again that squatting with the barbell is the most effective exercises for the legs (hips and buttocks). Depending on the setting width, mainly different muscle groups, for example, with narrow legs, hips are more loaded, with more wide (slightly wider than the shoulders) the emphasis is on the buttocks. Therefore, we recommend that you squat with a wide pose, and as much as possible deeper.

Shoulder Squats

A set of exercises for the buttocks (butt) in the gym

Before moving on to power complex exercises on the buttocks, it is necessary to understand that for fit, large and beautiful buttocks, it is not necessary dozens various ass exercises that basically exist in bodybuildingenough to do regularly 3-4 exercises that will be the most effective for building muscle masss buttocks.

It would seem so simple, but for some reason, so many newbies in the gym, ignore it, performing countless isolated (single joint) buttock exercises that are not capable of stimulating muscle growth as much as basic (multi-joint) exercises. Moreover, this rule applies not only to the training of the gluteal muscle, but also to all the rest (biceps, triceps, latissimus, pectoral, deltas, trapezoids, quadriceps, hip biceps).

A set of exercises that can significantly increase power indicators in basic exercises in squats with a barbell, deadlift. Along with strength, your muscle mass lower part, buttocks and hips, it will also grow, the butt will tighten, increase in size, will become elastic as a "nut".

A set of exercises for the buttocks in the gym

Training program for the buttocks (priests)

Follow this training program in the gym, taking into account our of recommendations.


  • 3x12 barbell squat
  • Deadlift on straight legs 4x8
  • Buttock bridge 4x15-20
  • Hyperextension 4x15


  • Deadlift with a wide setting of legs 4x8
  • Lunges with a barbell on the shoulders 4x12
  • Leg Press 4x12
  • Leg curl 4x15


  • 4x8 barbell squats
  • Steps to the 4x15 platform
  • Hyperextension with a weight of 3x15
  • Lunges with dumbbells 4x12-15 (on each leg)

Three workouts per week. Rest between sets 2-3 minutes. The first digit approaches, the second repetition.

Training program for elastic buttocks

Tips: how to pump up the ass (buttocks)

  1. Barbell squat Perform with a wide setting of the legs (wider than the shoulders), for greater involvement in the work of the gluteal muscles.
  2. Do not waste time and effort squats and lunges in Smith simulatorHack squats, they are much less effective in gaining muscle mass for the buttocks. Leave these exercises professionals, which already have an impressive volume of buttocks, to hone their shape / relief.
  3. All power must be given basic exercises (squats with a barbell and deadlift), do not spare yourself, give all your best.
  4. Increase working weights in strength exercises, but do not forget about recurrence training, that is, alternate lungs, medium and heavy training, respectively, at 8-12, 6-8, and 4-6 repetitions. For girls, these numbers can be increased by 25%, due to the fact that their body responds much better to repetitive training.
  5. Important constantly progress in basic exercises (increase in working weight / number of approaches / decrease in rest time between sets), when power performance legs grow up, you will immediately notice, in jeans, in the mirror, an increase in your buttocks. The gluteal muscles begin to respond, and counteract training stress by increasing them in size.
  6. Not worth it rush “Put” weight on the bar / trainers, everything should be gradual when you feel objectively that it has become easy for you to follow the 6/8/12/15 reps approach, only then start adding working weight, usually this 2.5-5 kg, no more.
  7. To increase strength endurance, increase working weights in exercises, improve muscle mass and muscle relief take creatine monohydrate, and don't forget about BCAAs and protein, which help you recover faster after your workout.

Squats with a barbell on your shoulders, and deadliftare the two most important exercises for beginnerswho are able to build up such a “priest” that you wish for yourself. The gluteal muscles will increase, in a "direct relationship", from an increase in working weight /repetitions/ in these basic exercises.

Do not wait for the fast results, especially if you've never worked out in the gym. First of all, you need to put the right exercise technique, adjust your diet, and only then, to begin to implement their training program.

Very often, in pursuit of heavy weights, girls and boys, exaggerate or downplay the capabilities of their body, some are overly intensely train, others as opposed to the first, lazily. Both the first and second make mistakes, if you belong to the second category of “athletes”, then ask yourself a question, expediency stay in the gym ?, if you belong to the second category, then you should "keep" your "horses", otherwise, it will not be tanning overtraining, and as a result, the appearance of injuries, the cessation of growth of strength indicators, muscle mass.

Tips for pumping elastic buttocks

It is very important when planning your workouts, adequately assess opportunities recovery of your body, therefore, when your workout is easy, you should train easily, with light weights for you, when medium - medium, when heavy - heavy.

Pumping up large, beautiful buttocks (buttocks), you can’t do exercises alone if you are not eating properly. Proper nutrition in the process of training, is one of the most important factors for achieving success in bodybuilding / fitness. So if you are prone to recruitment excess weight, then you should remove from your diet fast carbohydrates, saturated fats that hang ugly in the form of folds and cellulite on the hips, and switch to complex carbohydrates and high-quality protein. For more information on how to lose weight correctly, read this article.

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A set of exercises for the gluteus maximus muscle at home

ExercisesSetsRepeats / Time
Bulgarian lunges312
Mahi kick back on all fours320
Gluteal bridge with one leg320
Deep squats315

Bulgarian lunges


  1. Stand near a bench or sofa. Place one foot on a raised platform, and put the other forward. Keep your back straight, look in front of you. Hands down along the hull.
  2. Take a breath and lower yourself. Squat on one front foot. The second, keeps balance. Fix the knee of the front leg and do not bend forward.
  3. Exhale and rise to the starting position. Hustle your front heel.

Mahi kick back on all fours

If the level of physical fitness allows, use weighting.

Mahi kick back on all fours


  1. Get on all fours. Tighten your abdominal muscles. Look forward only.
  2. Lift one leg bent at the knee. Stretch your heel toward the ceiling.
  3. Then lower it. Change the trained leg and repeat the movement already mastered.

Option 1. Exercises are combined into supersets.

  • Squats in Smith + steps on the platform. We alternate 3 approaches of squats in Smith (repeat 12 times) with three approaches of steps (repeat 10 times) on the right and left leg. Rest should not exceed 45 seconds.
  • Perform lunges in Smith's simulator along with lifting on toes. The number of approaches for each exercise is 3. For each leg, there must be 10 repetitions in one approach. One approach of toes consists of 20 repetitions.
  • Sumo squats + curtsy lunges. Perform all exercises in three approaches. The number of sumo squats for one approach is 20. One approach for lunges consists of 12 repetitions.
  • Platform press + bending leg extension in the simulator. Perform all exercises in three approaches. The number of repetitions for the bench press is 15 times and the same for leg flexion-extension.
  • Deadlift + pulling the knees to the chest on the fitball + lifting the pelvis on the fitball (you can perform variations of this exercise without fitball). Each exercise is performed in three sets. The number of repetitions for deadlift and lifting the pelvis is 10 times, and for pulling up the knees - 15 times.

The following options do not contain supersets.

Do not rush with the progression of working weight. If your training process is built correctly, then you will progress with less weight.

  • Deep squats with a barbell. Perform 4 sets of 7-8 reps.
  • Lunges with dumbbells. Three sets of 12-15 repetitions.
  • Squats with a barbell on one leg. Do three sets of 12-15 repetitions.
  • Lifting buttocks with a barbell. Perform in two sets, 20 times.
  • Classic barbell squats. Perform 3 sets of 10 times.
  • Deadlift with kettlebell with emphasis on one leg. Perform the exercise in four sets in the amount of 8 times for 1 set.
  • Lunges with dumbbells. Exercise done in two approaches. One approach consists of 12–15 lunges per leg.
  • Lifting buttocks with a barbell. Perform three sets of 12 reps.

This difficult training option is suitable for girls who already have good training. For beginners it is better to give preference to easier options. This workout can be done once a week (as part of a split). The main advantage of this workout is that it can be done in any gym, even with a small variety of exercise equipment.

It is very important that all exercises are performed at a slow pace. You should keep full control of all movements.

  • Squats in Smith. Perform 10 squats, 4 sets.
  • Squats on one leg. Do three sets of 10 squats on each leg.
  • Lunges with dumbbells moving forward (walking). Do 3 sets of 20 steps.
  • Jumping from an emphasis crouching with dumbbells. Do 3 sets of 10 times.
  • Deadlift on straight legs - 3 sets of 10 times.
  • Squats sumo with dumbbell or kettlebell - approach 10 times.
  • Lift the pelvis on the back (without weight) 3 sets of 10 times.

Important. Girls who are just taking their first steps in the gyms have not mastered the basic exercises, the training program should be adjusted with the trainer, excluding for the time being such exercises as deadlift, squats with the barbell and some other exercises with free weights. While there is no sophisticated technique, it is better to perform isolated exercises in simulators. Thus, target muscles will be loaded.


Exercise is good because it excludes unwanted stress on the back.



  1. Stand up straight. Lower your arms with dumbbells along your body. Lock the housing in this position.
  2. Put the foot of one of the legs on a small hill. Get up Transfer the weight to the workout leg.
  3. Return to the starting position. Do the same for the other leg.

Cardio training

Of all cardiac exercises for gluteus muscles, jogging or walking with an upward slope is preferred. The relevant parameters will need to be specified in the program on the treadmill or in the orbit. Running on a horizontal surface can help reduce buttock volume. When tilting the buttocks get an extra load.

You should remember that a quality workout is the key to good training. Start the workout with a treadmill, working on it for five minutes

Features of exercises with emphasis on the buttocks

Many variations of the technique of performing exercises are known. There are recommendations for a greater involvement of the buttocks in the training process:

  1. For squats with a barbell. To maximize the load on the gluteal muscles, it is necessary to squat deeply, that is, in the process of squatting after reaching the hips line parallel to the floor, it is necessary to lower somewhat lower.
  2. When lifting the buttocks with or without weights, it is necessary to maximize the tension of the buttocks at the lifting point. This will help shift the load on the gluteal muscles from the back.
  3. When performing lunges (moving forward and in place, with a barbell, in Smith) a long step should be taken. The farther the feet are from each other, the more the quadriceps of the hips are unloaded and the gluteal muscles are loaded.
  4. When performing any type of deadlift, the back should not be felt. Pain in the back suggests that too much weight has been taken, with which the muscles of the buttocks can not cope.

The general recommendation for all exercises is proper weight selection. Weight for exercises must be taken in such a way that the last repetition, following the correct technique, is difficult to achieve, muscle failure occurs.

When working on the gluteal region should take into account the nuances of lifestyle. Walking in high heels visually lengthens the silhouette, raises the buttocks, however, weakens their tone, disrupts the spine. High-heeled shoes and platform shoes should not be worn often.

Gluteal bridge with one leg

A sophisticated version of the basic exercise.

Gluteal bridge with one leg


  1. Lie on your back. Bend your knees. Place one leg on the thigh of the other leg.
  2. Tear your buttocks off the floor. Stay in position as long as possible.
  3. Lower your pelvis. Remember to work out the other leg.

Deep squats

The best exercise for pumping the gluteus maximus muscle. Lower as low as possible to properly tighten the buttocks, to make a full-fledged work. As extra weight, dumbbells filled with water or sand bottles can be used.


  1. Straighten up. The distance between your legs should be greater than the width of your shoulders. Toes of the feet are directed in different directions. Look forward. You can take something as a weighting to maximize the load on the gluteus maximus muscle.
  2. Tighten the press. Take your pelvis back. Fall as low as if you want to sit on a chair. Rest on your heels. Watch your posture.


Normalizing your diet directly affects the outcome of your workouts. It is necessary to eat often, but in small portions. Drink plenty of water. Do not eat anything an hour before your workout to avoid dizziness and nausea. Do not eat a lot before going to bed. Better prefer low-fat cottage cheese or vegetable salad. Refuse flour and sweet foods. Eat those foods that contain protein: chicken breast, seafood, beans.
Exclude carbonated drinks and alcohol from consumption. Give up bad habits.

It is important to determine the purpose of your studies.
  • If you are overweight, you need to get rid of it. Consume fewer calories daily than you burn. However, do not allow the presence of hunger: the body needs energy.
  • If your goal is a set of muscle mass, then burn fewer calories than you consume. Eat often and a lot. The main component of the diet is complex carbohydrates, that is, pasta, rice and buckwheat. And protein will help to achieve the desired effect even faster. Booty will be much larger.

Number of sets and reps

Each exercise should be performed at least 12 times in 3 sets. Progress the load gradually, increasing the number of repetitions. Take at least a minute on static exercises, do it in 4 approaches. Train thrice a week. Take breaks between training days so your muscles have time to recover.

Useful Tips

  • Adjust your breathing. Make any exhalation effort. Inhaling, the muscles must be relaxed.
  • If you are just starting to exercise, do not grab heavy weights. Spend as much time as possible on the exercise technique.
  • Do not forget about cardio exercises. They help reduce body fat.
  • Halt at the end of the workout. Stretch out. Go to the bathroom to relax your muscles.
  • Walk on foot whenever possible. Go out for a walk daily. So you can tighten your ass, improve your stamina.
  • Start every morning with gymnastics.
  • Prefer shoes with heels. This will provide a load on the buttocks.
  • Stop using the elevator. Climb the stairs whenever possible.

Trained muscles

Gluteus maximus muscle occupies the bulk of the buttocks. It is located above the rest. It is this muscle that is responsible for flexion and extension of the thigh, responsible for stabilizing the pelvis. Thanks to the gluteus maximus muscle, gait that is not at all natural in the pelvis is ruled out.

Training the gluteus maximus muscle is relevant for most athletes. Athletes, skaters, martial arts enthusiasts include pumping of the gluteus maximus muscle in their training complex. If you pump this muscle, the frequency of steps will increase, the dynamics will improve when the hip is extended.

Get patience and worthy motivation. Concentrate on training the gluteus maximus muscle.

The first lessons you will get used to the loads. When you get involved in the rhythm of training, then the development of the target muscle group will begin. Remember to rest: it is necessary in order for the muscles to recover. After a week of training, your priest will come in tone.

A visually noticeable effect will appear after three weeks of performing effective exercises for the gluteus maximus muscle. For a month it is possible to tighten the ass. For a good pumping of the buttocks, it will take several months of hard work. Train regularly.

What determines the volume of the buttocks?

The muscles of the buttocks hold the spine. And the gluteus maximus muscle is the largest muscle of a person. It is she who forms the shape of the pelvis, which depends on several points:

  1. The gluteus maximus muscle must be properly trained. This helps to lift the buttocks. Gives them elasticity.
  2. Excess fat in the buttock area only impedes the vision. It is necessary to get rid of it: to limit oneself in the use of certain products, to perform cardio exercises in combination with power loads.
  3. Women are genetically predisposed to be overweight in the hips. The shape of the buttocks also depends on genetics: heart-shaped, pear-shaped, oval, flat. Training will help girls change the ratio of subcutaneous fat to muscle. The size of the buttocks may also vary. However, the form of priests itself depends on genetics. It should be remembered that the athlete needs to experiment with sets of exercises in order to be able to determine the most effective ones for himself and his body.

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