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Lolita style - an unusual puppet image


Lolita's style arose against the backdrop of popular Japanese fashion inspired by the Rococo era and the Victorian period. It all started in the 1980s, and this style continues to evolve even now. Today, this style has gained great popularity in many countries. If you want to look in Lolita style, but are afraid to go too far, slightly change your everyday wardrobe. You can occasionally wear Lolita-style clothes or embellish your wardrobe with special accessories.

Method 1 Create a Lolita Style Using Casual Wear

Clothing in the Lolita style may look defiant, but if you wear such clothes in combination with regular outfits, you can smooth out the perception of this style. Wear Lolita style blouses with jeans or a regular flared skirt. You can also wear a Lolita-style dress in combination with regular shoes and accessories.

  1. 1 Wear loose blouses. Most Lolita styles include airy and ruffle blouses. Sleeves can be long or short, but traditionally they should cover the shoulders. The most traditional blouses are buttoned and have a round collar.
  2. 2 Try on a bell-shaped skirt. The ideal Lolita-style silhouette is a bell, although some voluminous flared skirts are also suitable. The skirt should be at least 5 cm above the knees. Look for skirts decorated with ruffles, ribbons, lacing or bows.
  3. 3 Look for a sweater-style skirt. Skirts in the style of a sweater is a regular skirt at the bottom and a blouse at the top. The upper part should have a low enough cut so that the blouse underneath can be seen, and the skirt should be in the shape of a bell or flared.
  4. 4 Try a loose solid dress. If the combination of blouses and skirts seems too burdensome to you, or if you want to stand out differently, you can wear loose dresses. The skirt should be in the shape of a bell, and the upper part of the dress should cover the shoulders and have magnificent sleeves and ruffles.
  5. 5 Carefully choose Scottish skirts and knee-highs. Although these things are necessary for a complete picture, they can make your style too expressive. Instead of the light Lolita style, you will create a very expressive style. If you still want to buy these types of clothes, you should soften the impression with the help of accessories and do not choose clothes with ruffles and lacing.
  6. 6 Choose dark-colored clothing and floral designs if you want to look like “classic Lolita”. Classical Lolita is the most common clothing style, suitable for everyday needs. Many skirts in this style are classic flared skirts, not bell skirts. You can also wear a delightful evening dress with roses or pastel floral designs.
  7. 7 Create a “Gothic Lolita” style. Gothic Lolita is a combination of dark Gothic fashion and Lolita free style. Look for loose and completely black dresses or black and white clothes. You can also look for clothes in other dark colors, such as burgundy, purple or blue.
  8. 8 Choose pink, white or sky blue if you want to look like “sweet Lolita”. Sweet Lolita is a puppet and extravagant style, which is quite difficult to combine with everyday clothes. If you want to try, choose light colors with white accents. Pink and sky blue are the most common shades. In addition, look for dresses with a design in the form of hearts, cherries or sweets, as well as made in a fabulous style.

Method 2 Look for Lolita Style Accessories

If Lolita-style clothing is too expressive for everyday needs, try looking for accessories that suit your style. Mary Jane shoes can be worn with high knee-high socks and simple dresses, and intricate Lolita hair jewelry can be worn with jeans and a blouse.

  1. 1 Wear Mary Jane shoes with high knee high stockings. Mary Jane shoes are the most important type of shoe to create the Lolita style. These shoes can be flat or on a high platform if you want to wear more expressive clothes. Choose black and white shoes for everyday needs. You can wear such shoes with white high socks above the knees. Try not to wear pantyhose and ankle socks.
  2. 2 Look for an intricate rectangular jewelry on the hair. It should look like a hairband. You can even buy the hairband itself, but you need to choose fabric ribbons with ruffles and lacing to make your style look like Lolita's.
  3. 3 Select Alice's bow. Alice's bow is a large bow attached to the center of the head and similar to Alice’s bow in Wonderland. You can also wear large bows on the side, which will help you choose casual clothes.
  4. 4 Try on small bows to create a less expressive style. Small hair bows also resemble Lolita style. Braid your hair into high braids and tie them with bows. You can also look for small lace-up bows that are attached to the side of the head, while the style of the hairstyle is not important.
  5. 5 Select a corsage for hair. Corsage for hair is a floral arrangement woven into the hair. Flowers are often made of fabric, and one or two flowers can be used in the composition. Choose more feminine flowers, such as roses, or flowers suitable for young girls, such as daisies.
  6. 6 Wear a servant-style apron. Find a decorative apron with ruffles, ribbons, bows and lacing. You can choose an apron in the form of a skirt or an apron covering the entire torso. It should be a decorative apron, reminiscent of the apron of typical "French maids", so kitchen aprons will not work.
  7. 7 Wear pearls and ribbons. Pearls have an old-fashioned classic aura, and ribbons are a feminine accessory. If you want to wear jewelry, look for large pearls or faux pearls tied with shiny silk ribbons. Make the style more expressive by choosing ribbons decorated with lacing.
  8. 8 Your makeup should be light.
    • Apply a light foundation on the face.
    • Give a pink tint with light blush.
    • Color your eyelashes with a light layer of mascara.
    • Apply a light pink gloss to your lips for a finished look.
    • You can also not apply blush, but bring your eyes with black eyeliner to create the style of the Gothic Lolita. Instead of pink shine, use red lipstick.


Lolita style first appeared in Japanese girls, is one of the types of street fashion. It was born in the 1970s, became popular and widespread in the 1990s. One of the distinctive features of this style is the childishness, innocence, youth and freshness of the girl, often the image of Lolita looks like a puppet.

Lolita's style is named after the famous work of the same name, authored by Vladimir Nabokov. And it is no accident that the image of the young heroine coincides with the girl who adheres to this style. Nabokovskaya girl Lolita is a young, charming young lady of adolescence, who personifies both innocence and depravity. Japanese women really like Lolita's style, they strive to look innocent with all their might.

The main difference between a Japanese-style girl and Nabokov’s Lolita is that there is not the slightest hint of vulgarity, vulgarity or vice in it. Girls in the Lolita style look very feminine, young, cute. One gets the feeling that the miniature porcelain doll seemed to come to life, so the style transforms women, allowing them to return to touching adolescence.

At first the style was called “Lolikon”, which meant “Lolita complex”, and then they began to call it the name of the heroine of the work of Nabokov.

Why is the image so popular in Japan

Many people in Japan believe that adult women are specially transformed into Lolita to create the illusion of youth, thereby attracting the opposite sex. Perhaps this is true to some extent, however, many qualified psychologists think very differently. According to them, women are intentionally trying to return to adolescence, this is due to the fact that in Japan the male gender dominates. Women do not have as many rights and powers as men, which does not very well affect their psyche. And thus, with the help of clothes and a puppet child’s image, they simply seek to isolate themselves from adulthood and problems.

The influence of music on Lolita's style

Music and this style of clothing are inextricably linked. A musical direction called Visual Key or Visual Rock had a great influence on the style. Singers singing songs from the Visual Key area turn their performances into a real performance, choosing colorful, colorful costumes for this. Their concerts resemble real theatrical action.

In the world of music, there are two main persons who represent the Lolita style. The idols of many women are Mana and Kana. Despite the fact that their images are primarily associated with the stage, and bright things emphasize the status, a huge number of Japanese women imitate them. Mana is the guitarist for the Moi Dis Moix band, popular in Japan. Mana's style is as close as possible to the Gothic Loliths. He became an idol for young people, thanks to him the style became more and more popular. Mana even produced his own clothing line called the Elegant Gothic Aristocrat.

Kana is a singer, fashion designer and actress, sews soft toys. Many want to be like her in appearance.

Lolita Magazine

In Japan, the subculture became so famous that many publishers began to publish special magazines that talk about Gothic Loliths. The usual Gothic style in Japan does not exist, it is believed that it is closely associated precisely with the Lolita style. The most famous magazine is Gothic & Lolita bible, in abbreviated form G&L. On the pages of the magazine you can find fashion news, interviews with music singers, patterns for sewing clothes in the style of the Gothic Lolita, in addition to each page there is a page with Japanese comics.

Original Lolita or Real Lolita

This image is standard, represents a young girl - a doll. In her wardrobe dominated by lace dresses, skirts, light blouses, trimmed with ruffles, lace. Bright satin ribbons are often used to create a full-fledged image. All outfits are distinguished by their tenderness, femininity, performed in pastel colors. They look a bit like Victorian or Rococo. Under the skirt, you can wear a lush petticoat or crinoline. Lolita wear only dresses and skirts and do not wear shorts, trousers. In the cold season, girls who adhere to this style wear coats, jackets, jackets that match the image of Lolita. From shoes, they often prefer shoes or slippers that look like children's shoes. The most popular are Mary Jane's shoes - with flat soles, with a rounded toe. Some wear the same shoes, only in small heels. Of accessories, everything that suits the “girlish” style, pink manicure with flowers, small hair clips, rubber bands, bows - everything that is used to decorate little girls will be appropriate. Some Lolit have teddy bears and big books. They prefer to wear tights or stockings under dresses. Makeup at Lolita is moderate, eyelashes are slightly tinted, and lips are smeared with gloss. Favorite hairstyle - curls that create the similarity of girls with porcelain dolls.

Sweet Lolita or Sweet Lolita

Of all the types of Lolit, such an image is the most infantile, trusting and innocent. Such girls think through their outfits down to the smallest detail - all accessories and clothes should be on a children's theme. Often, Sweet Lolita walks around the city with lollipops, cotton candy, ice cream. They are distinguished by a decent disposition that others like.

White Lolita or White Lolita

The image of such a girl is very similar to others, but he has one distinctive feature - white color prevails in their wardrobe. Snow-white Lolita love him very much, everything is painted white, even the interior of the room. Color, as you know, symbolizes innocence, so such Lolita is very chaste.

Gothic Lolita or Gothic Lolita

Very different from all other Lolita species, her image is gloomy, sad. Almost the entire wardrobe consists of clothes of dull colors and shades, black things with guipure and mesh. The main accessories are usually crosses. Gothic Lolita makeup is the most striking of all types of style. Usually, this is white, almost porcelain skin, dark or black shadows, lipstick, often red. Such girls are cold, indifferent, they are unemotional. Despite the appearance of the doll, she looks at the world with a rather gloomy look.

Schoolgirl Lolita or Lolita - Schoolgirl

This kind of Lolit is known all over the world, all thanks to the Japanese anime. Lolita often copy the style of a school uniform, the skirt is usually worn in a cage or strip. The top can be either black or white. On their feet you can see stockings, they stab their hair with bows.

Lolita's style is a memorable and touching image.

Lolita style. Adult girls games

Fashion in the Lolita style is originally an element of the Japanese subculture, based on the style of the Victorian era, as well as on costumes of the Rococo era. The Japanese are inventive comrades, so they perfectly dilute Victorian elements with elements of Gothic style, cosplay (this is when a hero is portrayed) or just corsets from a sex shop. It turns out, oddly enough, very funny, stylish, and unusual.

No wonder that this fashion has become popular in Japan. Firstly, the Japanese love everything complicated, and secondly, it is easier for Japanese girls to portray light infantilism, which is inherent in Lolita-style.

In short, if you have a small chest, big eyes and you are miniature - you can safely try. Of course, if you are not confused by the fact that on the street everyone will look only at you.

Well, if you still have breasts, then you can try on the image of Gothic Lolita. Corsets are almost always worn there.

At the same time, Lolita is a recognizable style in any of the subtypes. There are several destinations that are popular around the world.

So, the subtypes of lolistyle:

Classic lolita

Key elements: knee-length skirt, blouse, petticoat, knee-high socks or leg warmers, Mary Jane shoes or high-heeled boots (maybe on the platform).

Instead of a blouse and a skirt, there may be a dress, but the silhouette is an hourglass - that is, with a well-defined waist and flared skirt. Classic lolit dresses are decorated with frills and ribbons, however, no frills. Classic Lolitatend to wear darker or more muted colors (as opposed to bright pink or blue, which Sweet loli love) and floral prints.

The main brands of clothing: Juliette et Justine, Innocent World, Victorian Maiden, Triple Fortune, and Mary Magdalene.

Chip: classic lolita love to wear lace knickers. This is underwear, yes. And put a flower or a hat on your head. By the way, if you’ve dreamed all your life about a hat with a veil, then here you are.

Sweet Lolita (Sweet lolita / Amaloli)

This is maximum infantilism. Solid mimimi, kawaii, pink color and bows. Sweet lolit can be called the most touching of all existing subspecies. They emphasize their childishness in everything - facial expressions, make-up, accessories and the interior of their home or room.

A pink and white bisse is what sweet lolita resembles. However, other colors are also used in outfits, a pink-black combination and a blue color, gently purple, lilac shades are very popular, in a word, everything that evokes thoughts of sweets. Pink bows, handbags in the form of cubs, kittens, gingerbread houses, dolls, lollipops, a milkshake are all Sweet Lolita's favorite accessories

Chip: Sweet lolita love cute lace umbrellas, frill caps, elegant hats and even small crowns.

Country Lolita

Village Loliths are Japanese peasant ladies. They dress in cute clothes with images of berries (strawberries, raspberries, cherries, etc.) or checkered patterns.

Dresses and skirts are often worn with a high waist. On the head of the village Lolita is a straw hat decorated with artificial berries or flowers.

Chip: wicker baskets instead of bags.

Gothic Lolita (GothLoli)

It is a combination of Gothic fashion and Lolita fashion. It arose in the late 1990s and was a kind of social protest. Since Gothic Lolita was the first type of Lolita, sometimes it is mistakenly perceived as a synonym for Lolita itself.

Traditionally GothLoli chooset black and white colors. But the style may include darker colors - burgundy, purple, blue. Of the accessories there are crosses, a veil, hats.

Chip: it is Gothic Lolita who love corsets and black and red color combinations. And also canes, which are used not for their intended purpose, but as a cane.

Schoolgirl (Schoolgirl Lolita)

Perhaps one of the most famous images, thanks to the manga and anime. Этот тип в европейской интерпретации чаще всего зовут просто «японская школьница».

Девушки, носят одежду, копирующую или напоминающую японскую школьную форму. Обычно это майка или белая рубашка в сочетании с короткой клетчатой юбкой. Также лолиты-школьницы носят жакеты, жилетки и пиджаки.

Лента повязанная на манер галстука или бантом – тоже популярный аксессуар.

Этот подвид очень близок к Лолитам-морячкам (Sailor Lolita). Сэйлор — потому, что появились они, благодаря мультику про Сейлор-Мун, помните, там длинноногие девочки, с хвостиками в матросках и очень коротких юбках, боролись со злом? Ну вот. Они вдохновительницы.

These Lolita are very similar to the Lolita schoolgirls, but in their image there is certainly a “marine” theme: accessories in the form of ropes and anchors, helms, lifebuoys, sailor suits, visors.

Chip: high knee socks, often above the knee, or stockings. On the head are bows or neat berets. Can wear two ponytails.

In fact, there are a lot of subspecies: Lolita-maids, nuns, brides, princesses, Alice (who are in Wonderland) and further, further, as far as imagination allows.

Thanks to the Internet, anyone can transform into Lolita, both Chinese online stores like, where there is a whole subsection of Lolita Dresses, as well as the ubiquitous, will come to the rescue with pleasure.

How to create an image in the style of Lolita?

  • An image in the Lolita style is clothing in the style of the Victorian and Edvarian eras and the Rococo era. Underlined waist, bell skirt, knickers, petticoat.
  • Lace, ribbons and trim! A dress or skirt must have frills. The stand-up collar of the blouse will also come in handy. Black stockings and tights complement the look.
  • Wear Mary Jane shoes. They look great in any retro look, and they are easy to find in regular stores. In addition, high boots or boots on the platform (mainly black and with lacing) are suitable.
  • Add accessories. Lolita, as a rule, wear a large number of all kinds of jewelry, perfectly combining pearls with metal chains, many pendants, cameos and so on.

1. We buy a women's suit for the image of Lolita

A suit in a vintage style with a trapeze skirt and a vest with large buttons is a great option for those who want to master the trend by express method. Add here the laconic basic things: a plain shirt, a backpack and rude boots - and you can leave the house. Particular attention should be paid to jewelry — we selected candy earrings and a large flower brooch to match the tone.

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2. Create an image of Lolita with a skirt

A miniskirt is not always synonymous with provocation, but in combination with deliberately relaxed or, on the contrary, a strict “top” and touching accessories, it will be out of place in everyday outfits.

A checkered mini skirt and a voluminous sweater, flavored with eccentric details like sequined shoes and a plastic backpack, are an outfit of an eternal student, windy and dreamy.

Where to buy clothes
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To the costume of an exemplary schoolgirl (a blouse with a neat collar and a black velvet skirt) add golden shoes, as if rented from an older sister, and a miniature briefcase.

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3. We are looking for suitable pants

A business dress code for a person with fantasy is not a hindrance! Pants-pipes or culottes and funny hats, rings and handbags will help to create a playful office outfit in the Lolita style.

Follow the rules of a good office tone, combining gray culottes with a white shirt and tie. A small digression in the form of a grass-colored jacket and a bag with Bugs Bunny will not hurt business reputation.

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A brooch-bow, a graphic clutch and shoes with large crystals - this is the very case when the outfit begins with accessories. They should choose a classic company: pipe trousers and a laconic top.

Where can I buy
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4. Dresses for the image of Lolita

The fitted midi dresses are truly universal: it’s easy to create a feminine and harmonious look with them, and you can combine them with massive boots,
and with classic shoes.

Creative natures will appreciate the outfit with a strict graphic dress and an ironic portrait bag matched to it. The boots on the "tractor" soles also do not hurt - it is convenient to wander in museums and parks.

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A dress with a sharp collar and pastel print, pink shoes with a transparent heel and a clutch box - such a set must have been with Barbie in the 1970s, and now it is perfect for a date.

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