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How to open a private kindergarten from scratch in an apartment or house


In search of an answer to the question of how to open a private kindergarten at home, a business plan will become your main assistant. It will allow you to properly prepare the premises, choose the educational program, work schedule and format of legalizing the business. Having calculated the starting investments and assessing the risks, you will be able to understand the profitability of the project and the possibilities for further development. Even with the purchase of a franchise, you need to perform your own calculations to assess the real profitability of the proposed model.

The relevance of a private kindergarten

It is foolish to believe that in some city the services of a kindergarten are not in demand.

In some regions, municipal gardens cannot cope with the influx of children. Parents have to queue before the birth of a child.

Therefore, such a business will always be relevant. And there are 7 reasons for this:

  • The lack of kindergartens in most regions is that children are forced to wait in line, and mother cannot go to work.
  • Inadequate funding of municipal kindergartens - this affects the quality of childcare, work with them, nutrition and other important points.
  • In state kindergartens, groups consist of more than 15 children and caregivers do not pay due attention to each child.
  • A private kindergarten may offer additional services than municipal ones cannot boast of.
  • Parents do not have to stand in line and there is the opportunity to send the child to the garden at any age.
  • A private kindergarten does not drive parents into a framework, for example, the time when you need to pick up a child. This is a plus for parents with irregular work schedules.
  • The garden can be opened in an apartment or a private house. This will allow children to be in a familiar home environment.

As you can see, the "children's" business is relevant and promising. But you need to know its features, pros and cons.

Business features: advantages and disadvantages

Private kindergarten has its pros and cons. And before you open it, you need to understand the features of such a business. To do this, we give the table below.



The small number of groups is 10 to 15 children. This allows you to pay attention to each child, which positively affects the loyalty of parents to the kindergarten.

High pay - not every parent can afford to send the child to a private garden. Therefore, ordinary citizens will not become your loyal customers.

Good food - private gardens do not save on food and are careful about menu design and cooking. This moment also attracts parents.

Lack of payment benefits - most often parents are not provided with any benefits. Then they give preference to municipal gardens.

High qualification of educators - owners of commercial kindergartens are careful in the selection of personnel. This minimizes the risk of complaints from parents.

The difficulties of opening - you need to invest a lot of money, time and effort in order to organize a decent kindergarten with attractive conditions for parents.

Unique services - language learning, pre-school education, learning to play musical instruments, origami, swimming and other skills useful for the development of children. Parents save both money and time, since they don’t need to take the child to mugs.

In most cases, especially if the kindergarten is organized in an apartment or a private house, there is no way to build a specialized playground for children to walk. You will have to drive them to the city park or forest yourself.

Lack of queues is the main advantage for parents who urgently need to give their baby to kindergarten to go to work.

A big responsibility - children and their parents are different, so kids should be constantly monitored.

Monitoring the work of the kindergarten - this is the parent's advice.

Low demand in small towns - in small towns, as a rule, there are no large queues to state institutions and parents do not have the opportunity to pay for the expensive services of a private kindergarten.

Any shortcomings can be eliminated by correctly drawing up a business plan, having studied the market, target audience and market demand.

Legal issues and registration of kindergarten

Most of the future leaders of private kindergartens are interested in the legality of this business and whether the government supports such an initiative.

The only law that you need to get acquainted with is the “Law on the Education of the Russian Federation," art. 91, which says that if a private institution does not plan to educate children, then a license is not required.

You also need to study the “Housing Code” if you plan to open a kindergarten in the apartment. On this account, it says that a dwelling owned by an individual entrepreneur can be used to carry out economic activities. The main requirement is that it should not interfere with neighbors.

As for the sanitary-epidemiological and fire standards, the SES, the Ministry of Emergencies and Rospotrebnadzor are loyal to such institutions and do not conduct regular inspections. They can suddenly come only in case of complaints from neighbors. In other situations, inspection bodies rely on the integrity of the entrepreneur.

From this we can conclude.

What you need to open

To organize a kindergarten you will need:

  • Formally register a business and register with the tax service.
  • Choose a suitable room, if not own.
  • Decorate the premises in accordance with fire and sanitary standards.
  • To buy furniture, toys, equipment for cooking and solving other problems.
  • Conclude a contract for the supply of food for cooking.
  • Interview the candidates for the position of educators and select the appropriate specialists.
  • Enter into employment contracts with carers.
  • Run ads in nearby areas of the city and the Internet.

After completing all the points, you can proceed to the grand opening of the kindergarten.

Requirements for the premises of the kindergarten

The requirements for the premises of private kindergartens can be found in SanPiN We highlight the main points:

  • The institution should have at least three rooms: for games, sleep, eating. If children will be trained, then a separate room should be organized for this.
  • The indoor temperature should not be lower than 22 ° C, regardless of the time of year. Issues with the quality of heating must be resolved before the opening of the kindergarten.
  • Humidity should be in the region of 40-60% and not more. For these purposes, it is worth purchasing special humidifiers.

Otherwise, the premises should be finished with materials safe for the health of children. You should always maintain the cleanliness of each room and bathroom.

For detailed information on sanitary requirements, please contact your local SES.

It is worth paying attention to a few more points.

  • Walls can only be painted with moisture-resistant paint, which does not release substances harmful to children's health when in contact with water.
  • Do not use slippery flooring.
  • The rooms should have artificial and natural light.
  • The bathroom needs to be divided into a sanitary zone and an area for washing hands and washing.

When organizing kindergarten premises, emphasis should be placed on the safety of children's health.

Arrangement of a kindergarten: furniture, toys, dishes and appliances

Private kindergarten will need:

  • Beds for children’s daytime sleep.
  • Children's tables and chairs for eating.
  • Educational toys and books.
  • Lockers for changing clothes.
  • A stove, refrigerator, set of dishes and other kitchen utensils for cooking.
  • Detergents and towels.
  • Means for cleaning and disinfection of premises.

Additional furniture, toys and appliances should be chosen based on a list of services not provided.

Requirements for employees and their correct selection

The choice of future teachers should be approached with special attention. Because the quality of the services provided and the loyalty of future customers depend on them.

Mandatory requirements for candidates are:

  • Availability of specialized education corresponding to the position held.
  • The presence of a valid health book.
  • Experience in education or similar institutions.
  • High stress tolerance, tolerance, courtesy and sociability.

For the full work of the kindergarten you will need:

  • Educators
  • A medical professional with a medical education, preferably a pediatrician,
  • Head
  • Cleaning lady.

Other specialists, such as a children's speech therapist, can be hired taking into account the features of the garden and at the discretion of its head.

How to advertise and promote kindergarten

Marketing strategy should be built on the following principle.

  • Advertising in local media: TV, radio, newspapers, specialized magazines and other publications.
  • Installation of advertising boards in the area where the kindergarten is located. They should be in places with good patency of parents.
  • Collaboration with local medical facilities, such as a children's clinic.
  • Distribution of leaflets in new areas of the city.
  • Advertising on the Internet: contextual in search engines, targeted on social networks, banner, teaser, etc.

It is important to pay attention to the official website of the kindergarten. On its pages should contain all the information that will help parents make a decision in your favor. It refers to:

  • Contact information: phone, email, links to pages and communities in social networks, address.
  • Detailed description of the kindergarten: number of rooms, beds, working hours, additional services, etc.
  • A page with information about teachers and other employees.
  • A sample menu of dishes for children.
  • What educational methods are used.
  • Prices and terms of payment.
  • The capacity of the kindergarten and the number of free places.
  • Enumeration of additional services.
  • Certificates, awards, diplomas (if any).
  • Video presentation of the kindergarten.
  • Photos of weekdays and holidays.
  • Parent feedback page.

Give the site maximum information so that the target audience does not have many questions and they can verify the quality of the services offered.

Is it worth taking a loan to open a kindergarten

Opening a kindergarten with a loan is not worth it. Because in the first six months or a year, the profit will be low. And situations may arise when an entrepreneur cannot be able to pay off creditors on time. Then the penalty, fine and other troubles will begin.

You also need to understand that taking a loan, the entrepreneur is responsible to the lender with his property. By failing to fulfill your obligations in time, you can lose your business.

Therefore, the best option to open a private kindergarten is to do this at the expense of your savings. In the future, when the business begins to generate stable income, it will be possible to expand it.

Is it possible to get state support

State support will be as follows.

  • Tax incentives - STS 6%, abolition of VAT.
  • Granting a subsidy for the opening of a kindergarten - provided that the future entrepreneur is registered with the "Employment Center".
  • The opportunity to participate in municipal orders.
  • Provision of premises at a minimum rental price.
  • Compensation to parents - local authorities return part of the payment for kindergarten services.

Perhaps local authorities offer additional support. This must be clarified with them.

Legal Issues

How to open a private kindergarten? An experienced businessman will begin to solve such issues with a business plan. But home kindergartens often open not “business sharks”, but school teachers, educators and moms on maternity leave. Most of all, they are concerned about the legality aspect of such an event.

They can be reassured; this is a legitimate and state-sponsored business. Basic Law to Know: The Law on Education in the Russian Federation. The 91st article of this document says that only educational institutions are subject to licensing. It will also be useful to study the Housing Code, it says that a dwelling can be used for individual entrepreneurial activity if the entrepreneur lives legally there and his activity does not interfere with neighbors (chapter 2, article 17).

In 2013, the Decree of the Chief Sanitary Inspector of the Russian Federation was issued, which describes all the requirements for preschool institutions. Practice shows that the inspection bodies (SES, Pozhnadzor, Rospotrebnadzor) are also quite loyal to the "children's" business - unless, of course, there are emergency situations in the garden and numerous complaints from parents.

Thus, our kindergarten is not an educational institution, but a development school for children. The concept of our development school, for which calculations have been made on the payback of a business, is a mini-kindergarten, with children lasting about 4 hours, the cost of providing services does not include a child’s food. Operating hours are from 9-30 to 13-30. If desired, parents with children give them fruits, cereals for food, but all this must be packed and of good quality.

How to open a private kindergarten without a license: frequently asked questions

  1. Is it true that a license to open a private kindergarten is not needed? - Truth. A license is required only for educational programs. Child care, care and development is not education.
  2. Is it necessary to transfer an apartment from residential to non-residential? - Not necessary. The law allows you to open a private kindergarten in a residential apartment (house).
  3. How to open a private kindergarten on the second (fifth, ninth) floor? - Just like on the first. Of course, the first floor is more convenient, but other floors are not prohibited.
  4. Is teacher education required? - Not required, but it will be a big plus for the reputation of your institution.


The opening of a private kindergarten should begin with the preparation of a business plan that includes the following steps:

  • Registration of an individual or legal entity - IP. The law prohibits commercial organizations from conducting educational activities, and, therefore, no LLCs, OJSCs, etc.
  • Registration with the tax inspectorate, PF, state statistics authorities, FSS, compulsory health insurance fund.
  • Coordination with the local government or the education department of the specific activities of the organization.
  • Opening a bank account. After its opening, it is necessary to notify the tax office. If you intend to receive a payment from parents in cash, you should purchase a cash register, which is a serious expense.

After this, it is necessary to obtain a license, since a private kindergarten does not have the right to exist without appropriate documentation.

Registration of business and obtaining a license

The most suitable forms of registration of such an enterprise IP (FOP) or LLC. But it is impossible to legalize a private home kindergarten in the conditions of personal living space (in a residential apartment). This is unacceptable by sanitary standards and fire safety rules. For this, it is necessary to transfer real estate from housing to commercial, which will require additional financial costs.

It is realistic to officially register a home kindergarten if you are using a detached private house with a private territory or an apartment on the ground floor of a sufficient area (at least 6 square meters per child). Such a kindergarten should be fully equipped in accordance with all safety rules and sanitary standards. It should have separate rooms for sleeping, games, a plumbing unit, a medical center and a kitchen. Regulatory requirements apply to windows (at least 60 centimeters from the floor) and ceiling heights (at least 3 meters).

Private kindergarten as a business

Private kindergartens are of two types:

  • Full day. The child is left for the whole day, the nannies feed him, the teachers teach. Daytime sleep takes place within the walls of an educational institution. There are 1-2 street walks under the supervision of a teacher.
  • Incomplete day. This type provides for classes with the child for several hours without feeding, walking and sleeping. As a rule, these are hobby groups, sections, preparatory courses, studios, preschool education.

The first type of garden provides for a license, otherwise the organizers face criminal liability. Short-term kindergartens do not oblige to receive the relevant documents and allow the institution to be registered as a children's educational or development center.

It is important to remember that in such an institution you do not have the right to leave children full time.

How can I arrange a private garden

On the other hand, there are still ways to open a private kindergarten in the apartment semi-legally. You can:

  • Daily receive a receipt from the parents of the pupils that they left the child for supervision on a voluntary and free basis. In this format, you can conduct business only by looking after the children of friends or neighbors, and only with a limited number of children, since a high level of trust must be present.
  • Получить патент на предоставление частных уроков, чтение лекций и семинаров. Этот способ позволит легализовать доходы и формально узаконить деятельность, но при обнаружении реального вида услуг, в случае глубокой проверки, на вас будут наложены крупные штрафы и даже возможна уголовная ответственность.
  • Открыть развивающий центр или детский клуб. In this case, you do not position yourself as an educational institution, officially engaged only in leisure activities. Your pupils will conditionally attend the institution part-time, which means that daytime sleep and food are excluded.

Business plan

To open your own private kindergarten, you will need to find a suitable room that meets sanitary requirements and purchase the necessary equipment. Pick up qualified staff and come up with a menu for children. Well and of course take care of advertising your institution so that all efforts are rewarded.

If this is not possible, it is important to remember the basic requirements:

  • For one child at least 4 square meters.
  • The presence of a dining room, games and sports rooms.
  • The presence of a separate room for rest and sleep.
  • Offices of the medical worker and the head.
  • Toilets with children's toilet seats, cupboards for towels, washbasins.
  • Locker room with lockers for clothes and benches for undressing.

Mandatory conditions are the equipment of the premises with a fire alarm, electric lighting, the presence of windows. Recommended air temperature in the rooms is 18–22 degrees. The garden should be equipped with a separate entrance, the walls are painted with moisture-resistant paint in bright colors.


It is important to take care of bedding, towels, detergents for cleaning various types of surfaces and other household items. Toys, books, stationery, dishes, rugs, posters and other necessary little things need to be purchased in advance. In the medical room must be present the drugs necessary for first aid.

In the rooms, according to their purpose, there should be appropriate furniture: a gymnasium - sports equipment, a sleeping area - cribs and tables, a dining room - tables and chairs. It is not permissible to place clothes lockers in rest areas or kitchen tables in the games room.

The staff includes:

  • Head of.
  • Medical worker.
  • Educators.
  • Cook.
  • Nannies
  • Cleaning lady.

Most attention should be paid to educators, as they most often come in contact with children. Pedagogical education, a medical book, and experience in the educational sphere are the main requirements for people applying for this position.

In addition to these points, an important quality is considered to be love for young children, the ability to quickly find a common language with them, calm, interest. Only in the presence of such workers will kindergarten be recommended to friends.

You can call a nurse from a neighboring clinic at half the rate, which will significantly reduce costs. Cooks, a nanny, and a cleaning lady are better off looking for good recommendations, not for ads.

Often, private gardens have their own zest - learning by any method or the presence of additional classes. In this case, you need to take care of a specialist, for example, an English teacher, choreographer, psychologist of others, depending on the service offered.

Meals should be well organized, the use of stale or spoiled foods is unacceptable. An example menu might look like this:

  1. Breakfast - tea and milk porridge, a slice of butter and bread.
  2. Lunch - soup, mashed potatoes with a slice of fish or a steam patty, compote.
  3. Snack - a cupcake or cookie, a glass of juice or milk.
  4. Dinner - cottage cheese casserole or cheesecake, a glass of kefir.

It is more profitable to purchase in bulk, for this it is necessary to agree with a grocery base and a poultry farm.

Food for children is served in a clean dish without residues of detergents.

No less important aspect than all previously listed is marketing. To kindergarten noticed about him you need to talk. Various ads on the Internet, on poles, leaflets can make a kindergarten popular.


This business cannot be called highly profitable, but with certain efforts it can bring a stable income, which is quite enough for a normal existence. To roughly understand what amounts are involved, you need to calculate all the possible costs.

Registration will require from 4000 to 10000 rubles.

Rent will cost from 40,000 rubles and higher depending on the geographical location and type of premises.

The kindergarten equipment is video calling from 30,000 rublesbut it attracts parents who can at any time see what their child is doing.

Advertising will fit 4000 rubles.

Special uniform for workers, repair of premises, furniture, equipment of laundry, kitchen, sanitary unit, household appliances will require from 300,000 rubles.

On average, at the initial stage, opening your own private kindergarten will cost from 300,000 to 800,000 rubles depending on the desired number of children and the number of groups.

After the start of activity, new expenses appear: salaries for staff, their training, updating of methodological literature, food, expenses for stationery and household chemicals.

Parental fees for children are calculated based on all available expenses.

You can slightly reduce costs when starting a business by contacting the state for help.

The most difficult thing to open a garden is collection of documents. It is better to seek the help of lawyers, who for a small fee will help to collect all the necessary papers.

The second difficult moment is financial side of the issue: furniture, repair and equipment purchase require considerable investments.

Search for highly qualified personnel also require a lot of strength and nerves.

Creating a private garden will be successful and profitable only with great love for children. Starting this business solely because of monetary gain will soon disappoint the entrepreneur. The payback period may take several years and it will take patience and strength to find sponsors.

How to open a private kindergarten? Instructions in this video:

How to get a license for a preschool

To open a kindergarten is required license. The process of obtaining it is very complicated, for this it is necessary to prepare the following documents:

  • Copies of the certificate of registration of business activities and constituent securities.
  • Curricula and lesson plans that meet the standards of the Ministry of Education.
  • Documents on the qualification of the head, hired teachers and educators.
  • Data on methodological and technical support.
  • Conclusion of SES and fire service on the suitability of the premises.
  • A document confirming the ownership of the premises or lease.

Starting investments and work program

In order to draw up a business plan for a private kindergarten, it is necessary to determine how many pupils you can accept and set the institution's opening hours (working until late, you can additionally attract customers). By standards, no more than four children (2-3 years of age) should be in each adult. Working with groups of more than 10 people is extremely inconvenient, and therefore for a start it is better to limit yourself to such a load. Based on it, the calculation of starting capital will be given.

Opening investment

An approximate plan of expenses and tasks on how to open a kindergarten at home, what you need to do and buy to open one group:

  • Cosmetic repair of the room (room). It is necessary to repair the electrical wiring (position the sockets and switches at such a height that children cannot reach them). Walls should be painted (from $ 10) and decorated with vinyl stickers for children-themed (from $ 20). You will need to check the serviceability of the heating system and the quality of lighting, the windows should be completely glazed and have a ventilation mode. For the floor, monophonic carpets or with children's colors (from $ 100) are suitable.
  • Furniture. This includes a desk for the educator ($ 50), lockers for children's clothes ($ 200) and pots ($ 80), children's chairs ($ 10 each), tables for creative work ($ 25 for one), cribs (from 40 dollars apiece), racks for toys ($ 100), a wardrobe, sofa and chairs ($ 300).
  • Bedding and textiles. You need at least two sets of linen (from $ 6 per set) for one berth, as well as mattresses, pillows, bedspreads and blankets ($ 30 per set).
  • Toys, sports equipment, supplies, stationery (from 200 dollars).
  • Tableware (from $ 3 per set).
  • Household equipment - toilet pots, mops, buckets (from $ 50).
  • Appliances. For quality work, you need a music center (from $ 50), a washing vacuum cleaner (from $ 150), a refrigerator (from $ 200), a washing machine (from $ 200).
  • Food. On average, about $ 25 is required for a baby in a kindergarten per month, subject to the purchase of products at wholesale prices. The diet should be agreed with the child's parents.
  • First aid kit (from 10 dollars).

Thus, the opening of a kindergarten for 10 children will require (without rent) $ 2,990 (including the purchase of products a month in advance). If you are looking for a way to open a private kindergarten with minimal investment, buy used equipment and furniture. So you can save up to 60% of the amount quoted.

Hired staff required

For the coordinated work of your preschool institution, the following personnel will be required:

  • Assistant (educator) - is necessary for any number of children, for safety and convenience (salary from 150 dollars).
  • Medical workerwho can provide emergency assistance in accidents (from $ 150).
  • Cook - may be coming on a part-time basis (from $ 100).
  • Cleaning lady. When working with one group, you can take care of cleaning yourself, if the number of people in the kindergarten will be more, you will need an incoming cleaning lady (from $ 100).
  • Driver with personal passenger car. Many private kindergartens offer home delivery services for an additional fee (starting at $ 100).

This means it is necessary to allocate funds for wages. To begin with, it can be minimal, and a health worker can be hired concurrently. With semi-legal registration of the institution, you can limit yourself only to an assistant. A fairly common phenomenon is the family kindergarten, where employees of the institution are members of the same family.

Early development methodology and training program

An important point in how to organize a private kindergarten is a training program that must be developed before opening. You can find ready-made programs and techniques on the Internet, where there is also a large number of audio files with children's songs, videos on the organization of sports. To conduct classes you will need to make safe and attractive handouts for children.

To withstand competition with other institutions, you can hire a specialist who will develop your own unique program for your kindergarten or buy one of the fashionable franchise techniques. It should be remembered that the less interesting the classes, the less children have a desire to attend, which will undoubtedly be noticed by their parents.

The following training methods are most popular:

  • Maria Montessori - focuses on the individuality and freedom of the child.
  • Glenn Doman - the use of training cards.
  • Steiner - comprehension of the world empirically.
  • Nikitins system - development of physical skills and reflexes.
  • Kitaeva and Trunova - aims at physical development by gymnastic exercises.
  • Helen Doron - study of a foreign (English) language.
Two boys playing seafarers studying the world map - learning through the game

Advertising and customer acquisition

Promoting a private kindergarten business is not difficult. One of the main criteria for choosing such establishments is their proximity to the house. Therefore, you can use the following tools:

  • Posting ads in the nearest sleeping area. They must be beautifully designed to demonstrate the seriousness of the establishment.
  • Advertising on social networks, communities for parents in your city.
  • Distribution of flyers and discount coupons in crowded places.
  • Providing a free trial day in a group.

The easiest option to open a private kindergarten is the franchise of a children's club. In this case, the franchisee will be engaged in global advertising. However, by concluding a contract you will be bound by the obligation to follow the methodology, corporate style and make regular deductions (royalties), which is not always justified.

Income Level and Possible Risks

The cost of visiting a home kindergarten for parents is the sum of the initial (in some cases, annual) fee and monthly payment. The level of tariffs largely depends on the locality. Starting prices for a beginner’s institution for a millionaire city range from $ 100 per month, plus an entrance fee of $ 60, which will be used to depreciate equipment. With illegal work, you can expect to pay from $ 3 per day per child.

Thus, if you have a group of 10 children, you can get from $ 1,000 per month of work. If you subtract the cost of food and wages, you will have $ 300 left. Thus, your business will pay off within 8-9 months.

The main risks of a private kindergarten at home:

  • Cases of injuries in children in which parents can blame garden staff. At the same time, reputation can be quickly damaged and customers will leave.
  • Outbreaks of epidemics and diseases, mass poisoning by stale food. May lead to the complete closure of the institution and the imposition of serious fines.

Another important point in how to open a private kindergarten at home - a business plan should provide for security! This means you will need to install surveillance cameras (which can become your protection in the event of conflicts with your parents), a fire alarm and an enhanced access system that prevents unauthorized persons from entering the room.

What you need to open a private kindergarten: the most important documents

In addition to goodwill and good mood, to open a private kindergarten you will need:

  1. Certificate of individual entrepreneur (individual entrepreneur). All privileges from the state mentioned above apply only to individual entrepreneurs.
  2. Lease agreement, if the garden opens in a strange apartment (house). The clause should be spelled out in the contract that the lessor agrees to open a private kindergarten in the rented premises.
  3. Contracts with staff (nannies, cleaning lady, cooks).

But a license to open a kindergarten is not needed! This follows from the above documents. Please note: failure to obtain a license minimizes communication with SES and Pozhnadzor. Their many requirements are worth considering, but official permission is not required from these organizations.

The beginning of all beginnings - pencil, calculator, common sense

Before you open a private kindergarten at home, a business plan and its analysis will clearly show your estimated profit. Make a plan in detail based on real numbers. How much is a set of children's furniture, what will be the cost of food? You may have to remodel the toilet, make repairs? Do not forget about taxes - a newcomer can work on a simplified system and has a number of benefits.

As for the initial amount, it will depend on whether the institution is opened in its own or leased premises. In the first case, the costs will be minimal, in the second - more substantial. It’s hard to give exact numbers. There is always the opportunity to reduce the expenditure: to buy furniture on sale, to take on the functions of an accountant, cook, nanny, to postpone the purchase of items not necessary for a later time. According to estimates from various sources, the cost of a full-fledged kindergarten in a separate room with several groups and qualified personnel will range from 300 thousand to several million rubles (in the capital).

What you need to open a kindergarten in your apartment

First of all, children must be provided with:

- sleeping places (after all, a private kindergarten is children from 0 to 3-4 years old, they must sleep in the daytime)

- special furniture (a table and several chairs)

- toys, books, educational aids

- conditions for outdoor games, walks in the fresh air

Do not forget about individual towels and detergents, as in a child care facility cleaning is carried out several times a day using special disinfectants.

Private Garden Opening Plan: Counting Income

Counting income is a very pleasant process, but it is advisable to approach it soberly. You need to really assess the solvency of the population of your area (city). In Moscow, a fee for 1 child can reach up to 20 thousand rubles and exceed this amount, but in a small town (village) with small salaries 5 thousand rubles may seem excessive.

It may make sense to open a private kindergarten for half a day without sleep and food. Or take children 2-3 days a week instead of five. This will reduce the cost of your expenses and prices for parents. In any case, you need to carefully study the demand for your service. Find out if there are enough places in the municipal garden, if there are competitors nearby. Учитывайте то, что в большом городе спрос на сад больше, чем в маленьком поселке. Планируйте доходы с учетом рисков.

Для своих расчетов принимаем, что наша группа работает с 9-30 до 13-30, стоимость услуги составляет 10000 рублей. Среднее количество детей в группе в месяц составит 8 человек. Для работы с детьми нанимаем одного сотрудника, вторым будет сам инициатор проекта. For activities, we register IP; taxation is a simplified reporting system.

Our garden will be located in a rented apartment on the ground floor.

Let's bring our calculations to the tables. Let's start with the list of necessary investments.