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How to train a decorative rabbit in a tray?


Rabbits are very smart and smart animals. They can be trained almost as well as cats and dogs. Therefore, it will be completely uncomplicated to accustom the animal to a tray purchased at a pet store or from a breeder. However, to make some efforts and spend a little time, of course, still have to. We can talk about how to teach a rabbit to a tray, as well as how to do it right.

How to choose a toilet

When buying this important device, you must pay attention to several important points:

The tray should be spacious enough so that the rabbit feels comfortable in it. To teach the animal to go to the toilet in the event that it is too crowded does not work.

The tray should not have any sharp edges. Rabbits - animals are active and can be injured while jumping very easily. In addition, these animals have very weak noses. If the rabbit touches this part of the body over the sharp edge, it may even die.

It is best to purchase a plastic cat toilet for the animal. Such devices are stable and quite large in size, and therefore, it is easier to accustom a dwarf rabbit to them. A tray of this kind does not require any modifications. The only thing is that the lattice from the cat's toilet should be removed before installing it in the cage. The rods can put unpleasant pressure on the legs of the animal. As a result, the rabbit refuses to go to the toilet bought for him.

Sometimes, regular metal rectangular basins are used as trays for these animals. This is also a very good rabbit toilet option. But only when the room where the animal is kept is warm enough. The cold metal of the animal from the toilet simply scares.

How to teach a rabbit to go to the tray: the choice of filler

It is best to pour large sawdust into the purchased cat toilet. Moreover, only material from hardwood should be used. Such sawdust absorbs smell well, does not injure the animal’s paws and cannot cause any harm to its health. Never place cat litter in the rabbit tray. The fact is that these animals really like to taste everything. And therefore, granules, impregnated with various kinds of odor-killing chemicals, an eared animal can simply be poisoned.

If the sawdust cannot be found, it is allowed to replace them with torn paper into small pieces with paper, hay or straw. Use a newspaper as a filler is not worth it. The reason in this case is still the same. The rabbit will surely taste it. Lead, however, will certainly not be useful for his body.

How to teach a rabbit to a tray: choosing a place

These cute animals in the wild can never cope with their own burrows, and therefore are considered very clean. In cages and aviaries, rabbits always go to the toilet in the same place. Therefore, all that the owners of the animal need to do to facilitate the task of accustoming to the toilet is to notice it and install a tray here. Perhaps at first the rabbit will not go to such a toilet. Animals are shy and suspicious. And therefore, to get used to a new, unfamiliar object in the cage, the animal may need a little time. In any case, the owners will probably have to be patient.

Tray in the apartment

Ornamental rabbits are usually not kept in cages constantly. From time to time, such animals are released to walk around the rooms. Therefore, many lovers of these furry cute animals are interested in including how to teach a rabbit to a tray in an apartment. In this case, it is worth using several toilets for a pet at once, placing them in different places of the apartment. Of course, do not place trays in plain sight. Usually they are installed in the corners of the premises. But it’s better to follow the rabbit itself. In the apartment, he, most likely, as well as in the cage, will choose several specific places for bowel movements.

Training Procedure

So, the pot is selected and installed in the right place. Now let's see how to train a rabbit in a tray quickly and without problems. To make it clear to the animal where to go for bowel movements, you should first decide on a few code words. It can be, for example, a “toilet”, “here”, etc. Then, put the tray in the selected place. This is best done in full view of the pet. In this case, it is worth repeating the code word several times.

After the tray is installed, you need to start carefully watching the rabbit. Determining what the animal wants to use is quite difficult. But if you take a closer look, most likely, you can still catch the right moment. As soon as the rabbit sits down in order to urinate or defecate, it must be picked up (carefully, trying not to scare) and transplanted into the tray, repeating the code words.

If it is still not possible to catch the necessary moment, the rabbit pellets left in the wrong place should be collected with a cloth and transferred to the tray. Then you need to take the rabbit itself, put it in the toilet and let them smell it. The same goes for urine. You need to wipe it with a rag, also place the latter in the tray and let the animal smell it. The place where the rabbit has urinated should be washed thoroughly with vinegar. The smell should be completely removed. If he remains, the rabbit will continue to go to the toilet not in the tray, but in this place.

What you should know about

All the recommendations of specialists regarding how to teach a decorative rabbit to a tray come down to the fact that the owners should be as patient as possible during the training process. In no case should you scream at the animal. Rabbits are very emotional animals. Therefore, screams can only scare them and make them confused. Instead of punishment, it is much more effective to use encouragement when training a rabbit in the toilet. As soon as the animal understands what is required of it and does its job in the tray, it must be praised. You can also give your pet something tasty.

Of course, in no case should you beat a naughty rabbit. The health of these animals, unfortunately, is not very good. And even not too strong a blow can cause irreparable harm to their body. And therefore, when teaching a rabbit to a pot, the owners should be as patient and loyal as possible.

At what age can you start to teach a rabbit to a potty

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to teach an adult to go to the toilet. You will not be able to teach a very small rabbit to the tray. It is best to start training immediately after the pet turns 1-1.5 months old. At this age, rabbits are already quite independent.

Some useful tips

So, we found out how to teach a rabbit to a tray and at what age it is worth starting this procedure. The training of the animal will be more successful if the owners follow several recommendations of specialists presented below.

The rabbit’s cage should be placed in the same place as the breeder’s. Also, when buying an animal, you must definitely ask the seller for some filler from the pot that the animal used to go to. The resulting substance should be brought home and put in a new rabbit toilet. A familiar smell will surely attract the attention of the animal, and it will be much easier to accustom it to the tray.

Of course, you need to clean the rabbit pot as often as possible. It is advisable to do this once every two days or at least once a week. If the tray is full, the rabbit will definitely not go into it. You can leave the old filler in the toilet longer only directly while the animal is being trained to it. Sawdust or pieces of paper should be exclusively in the pot itself. If they are scattered nearby, the rabbit will certainly take them for the continuation of the toilet.

Even rabbits accustomed to the pot occasionally leave spools in different places in the cage. Especially a lot of them are near the feeder. The fact is that rabbits really like to defecate with food. All pellets located in the wrong place must be collected and thrown daily or transferred to the tray.

Sometimes even trained rabbits defiantly start going to the toilet in another corner of the room. Most likely, pets in this way simply show their character. In any case, it’s not worth scolding an outraged animal. In this situation, the pot just needs to be rearranged to the new corner that the pet has chosen.

Tray and puberty

Thus, the answer to the question of how to teach a rabbit to a tray in a cage or in an apartment is not particularly difficult. With a little patience, you can pretty quickly train an animal. If the rabbit is accustomed to the tray at a young age, up to 5 months, there will most likely not be any special problems with keeping it clean in the cage and in the apartment. However, during puberty, the animal can easily forget all the skills it acquired. The fact is that at this time, rabbits begin to mark the territory. Moreover, this is done not only by males, but also by females.

In this case, looking for an answer to the question of how to teach a dwarf rabbit to the toilet (or any other) is practically useless. Weaning a beast to mark territory is actually very difficult. The only sure way to do this is castration. However, this method may not be suitable for some owners. In this case, you need to try to make it clear to the animal that no one is encroaching on its territory. The cage should be removed only after first having removed the animal from it. If possible, the rabbit should be given maximum freedom. That is, do not impede its exit from the cage if desired, do not frighten the animal with sharp sounds and movements, etc.

Why does the rabbit refuse to go to the cooked tray?

Many owners of decorative rabbits make a lot of efforts to accustom them to the tray, but do not always succeed. The pet stubbornly does his job elsewhere. Consider the causes of the problem:

  1. The rabbit marks its territory. This is a natural instinct. Having reached puberty, males always mark the boundaries of their possessions with a secret that stands out from the genitals. There is only one way to solve this problem: carry out the castration procedure a little earlier than the pet turns into a sexually mature male.
  2. Inconvenient and cramped rabbit tray. In order not to clutter up the space in the cage, some pet owners purchase a compact container without worrying about whether it will be convenient to use. Rabbits do not like to cramp. You should change the tray to a more spacious one.
  3. The rabbit does not like the filler. Even if the rabbit's tray is comfortable and large, the pet may ignore it due to the smell of the filler. Try to experiment with different manufacturers, maybe the sand of a different brand will please your pet more.
  4. Errors in the organization of space. Rabbits often relieve themselves with food. This fact must be taken into account when organizing space in the cell. You should put the tray in close proximity to the hay or buy a special container with two compartments - for sand and hay. So the animal will quickly show interest in the tray.
  5. Uncomfortable place. Rabbits are used to empty their intestines where they feel safe. If the tray is set in sight where someone is constantly walking and talking loudly, there is little chance that the animal is using it for its intended purpose.

Important! In order for a pet to learn to go to the toilet in the right place, it is important to start teaching it as soon as possible. Experienced rabbit breeders offer to train, when the rabbit has not yet reached the age of three months.

How to choose a tray?

Special trays designed for rabbits have a low side on one side for the convenience of the pet. The back walls are usually higher, they prevent the filler from falling out of the structure. However, in most cases, toilets for rabbits are small, pets are not comfortable in them.

Rabbit tray

Many rabbit breeders preferred a toilet for cats. They are more spacious, eared rodents in them feel comfortable. The only condition is that rabbit owners recommend removing the net from such a container.

Important! If you plan to use some kind of homemade container, you should make sure that its edges do not injure the pet.

It is undesirable to use metal containers for this purpose, since it will be unpleasant for a pet to step on its feet with cold paws. Most likely, he will not like such a toilet.

How to choose a tray

Choosing a new toilet for the animal will not be difficult if you clearly know the requirements put forward to it. A properly selected tray is already 90% success in training an animal. What to look for when choosing a vessel:

  • Trays for rabbits should be comfortable and spacious enough so that the animal can freely relieve itself and bury its tracks. If the tray is too narrow and tight, the pet will simply refuse to go into it.
  • It is better to avoid acute-angled containers in order to prevent injury to animals, because rabbits are animals that constantly jump and cannot sit still. Sharp corners can cause serious damage to your pet’s health.
  • You can not reinvent the wheel, re-deciding how to teach a rabbit to a tray, and just purchase a cat toilet with a special grill. They are quite spacious and comfortable for cats, which means that it is much easier to teach a rabbit to a toilet tray of this kind. An important aspect in this case concerns the interaction of the animal with the lattice. It is better to take it out, since its rods put pressure on the delicate paws, as a result of which the animal can get injured or simply refuse to cope with the need in a certain place.
  • In extreme cases, you can build a toilet for the animal with your own hands. To do this, you can use an ordinary metal basin (it is important that the corner sector is rounded to avoid injuries). But when choosing just such a method, the owner must take care of the room temperature so that the cooled metal does not scare away the pet.

To accustom a decorative rabbit to a tray, it is not enough just to choose the right vessel. Experienced breeders know that getting a pet to use the toilet is much easier with the right choice of filler.

Rules for choosing a tray, filler and location

This should be taken care of at the initial stage of training, otherwise the process will go wrong.

Toilet filler

So how do you choose this filler? What should it be: flavored or not? Is it better to take sand in granules? Maybe sawdust? About all the intricacies of the selection of filling in an animal pot in order and in detail:

  • the best option for filling the tray in the apartment is sawdust,
  • it’s better to choose deciduous trees, because the sawdust of these plants absorb moisture and unpleasant odors well, and also can’t injure the sensitive legs of the animal,
  • cat litter is better for cats to leave: rabbits like to try everything, so the likelihood of poisoning pets with granules with chemicals increases at times,
  • sawdust, if it is impossible to get them, can be completely replaced with paper, hay or straw,
  • it is allowed to use just clean paper, and not a newspaper with printing ink, which can also be harmful to health when ingested.

If nothing repels the good sense of smell of the eared ears, they quickly learn and then go to the toilet throughout their lives in an organized manner.

Another important aspect: to properly place a do-it-yourself or bought in-store tray. Crawls are very clean animals, they will not spoil the entire territory of the cage. Most often, they have one specific place, and all that their owner needs to do is just to find it and put the tray there.


To teach a rabbit to use the toilet in a certain place, you need to be patient. In no case should you swear or shout at the animal, and the punishment for wrong actions is better to replace with encouragement for the successes made. The most important thing to teach a pet to a tray in an apartment:

  • Decide and choose one or more code words (“toilet”, “place”, etc.) to teach the rabbit to understand where he should spend his needs.
  • In front of an animal, place a vessel, constantly repeating code words at this time.
  • Observe the behavior of the animal and, identifying the moment when he wants to defecate, carefully, without frightening, pick it up and transplant it into the prepared tray, while again pronouncing the code word.
  • It is very difficult to determine the moment when it’s impatient, so you should not despair. Хозяин может взять фекалии питомца и переложить их в лоток, после чего посадить туда кролика и дать ему понюхать. То же самое нужно делать и мочой: вытереть тряпочкой, а потом положить ее в лоток. Важно, чтобы на неправильном месте испражнения не осталось запаха, иначе животное будет воспринимать это как необходимое место дислокации.
  • Рекомендуется хвалить любимцев, когда они ходят в нужное место. To do this, you can give them your favorite sweets and goodies.
  • Training can begin with a month and a half months old rabbit. It is more difficult to accustom completely adult individuals or not yet independent babies to the pot.
  • Sometimes it may happen that a trained pet has stopped going to the right place. This may be due to two factors: pregnancy and puberty. In the first case, you just need to be patient and immediately after the birth begin to retrain the animal. In the second case, things are more complicated, and sometimes only castration can help, because rabbits do not just go to the toilet everywhere during this period: they attract the opposite sex.

Tray accustoming process

The training process itself is not complicated, and to teach a decorative rabbit to go to a certain place is no more difficult than to tame a cat or a dog to the same. It’s important to just be patient and sincerely willing to do it.

Love for a pet is also very important: the animal feels the attitude towards it and assimilates information much better when the training process is carried out with love and patience.

Additional recommendations

If a person has already dealt with the grafting of such skills to other animals: cats, dogs, chinchillas, guinea pigs, etc., then this will not cause much difficulty in the case of eared animals, but beginners are advised not to forget about basic hygiene rules keeping rabbits. Useful Tips:

  • It is better to change the filler in the pot once every 2 days. Maximum - once per week. This will not lead to unsanitary conditions and will not scare away the animal, because rabbits are very clean and do not go into dirty trays.
  • When letting your pet walk around the apartment, you need to decide whether additional trays will be equipped on its territory. If not, then if the rabbit wants to defecate, you need to immediately transfer it to the tray so that it gets used to it.
  • The best location for the bowls for stool will be the same place where she stood by the breeder.
  • When buying a rabbit with a cage, the future owner should ask the seller for a small amount of filler from the tray, which he is used to so that the rabbit does not get confused later.
  • It is better if only one person will be engaged in teaching the decorative rabbit to the tray.
  • These animals love to eat. It is not worth being afraid or scolding a pet, you just need to transfer the animal to the tray or throw out the feces.
  • To enrich your knowledge, you can study additional literature or watch videos on the Internet. If you can’t manage it on your own, you can contact the breeder for help.
  • Living only behind bars, the animals become closed and dull. Therefore, they just need to sometimes get free and learn new horizons.

Step-by-step instructions for toilet training

As in any business, it will take a lot of patience to teach a pet to go to the toilet. It is impossible to scold him for oversights, this will only lead to the fright of the animal, and the matter will not move off the ground. But you need to encourage and praise the rabbit. Let's consider step by step what needs to be done to get the animal accustomed to the tray:

  1. When buying a rabbit, immediately get a few trays. One of them must be installed directly in the cage, and the other in the apartment. It is advisable to choose a secluded place - in the corners, under the bed, where the animal will be calm.
  2. Buy a flavourless filling, fill it in all toilets.
  3. Place a hay container near the trays to attract your pet. When he wants to eat, he can go to the toilet while eating, for which he will have to be praised.
  4. If the rabbit was walking in the wrong place, take dry excrement and place in the tray. Feeling its smell, the rabbit will begin to associate the tray with the need to do his own thing there.
  5. If the pet has relieved the need for a corner of the cage, this is where the toilet should be rearranged. So, the animal chose this place for its needs. Follow the same principle when placing containers in the apartment.
  6. In the first days of a pet’s stay in an apartment or house, do not let it out of the cage. First, he must learn to use the toilet within it. When the animal learns the first lesson, you can let it out for a few minutes to walk around the house. At this time, have to follow him. As soon as he sits down to perform an act of defecation or urinate, the pet is carefully taken and transplanted to the toilet.
  7. It is important to apply encouragement. When the animal goes into the tray, treat it with something tasty, such as carrots or a slice of apple. This method will significantly speed up the learning process.
  8. Never use the filler as a litter, otherwise the rabbit will begin to relieve itself throughout the cage.
  9. Do not scream or hit the animal, accustoming the rabbit to the cage tray. Strict intonation is allowed, but the voice should not be raised.

At first, you will have to constantly monitor the animal in order to transfer it to the toilet every time. The efforts will certainly come true. To accustom a decorative rabbit to a tray under the age of 4 months is much easier than an adult.

Adult rabbit training

If there is already another rabbit in the house, then the novice will teach all the subtleties of the toilet, he will set an example. In this case, the competition factor will be useful: each pet will try to cover the excrement of the opponent with its feces.

How to clean the tray?

To clean the toilet, you should buy a special spatula. Every day, with its help, you need to extract wet lumps and excrement from the filler. It’s still better to leave a few dry spools inside so that they attract the rabbit by the smell. This will allow him to understand where to go when there is a need to defecate.

Rabbits sometimes eat wet feces, so you should not remove the tray immediately. These animals have a peculiarity: if undigested food is released during the act of defecation, they eat it. So animals make up for the lack of vitamins and nutrients in the body.

Once a week, wash the toilet thoroughly with a brush or sponge. However, it is undesirable to use products with a pungent odor.

What to do if a rabbit goes to the toilet near the tray?

If, despite all the efforts of the owner, the pet still goes to the toilet next to the tray, it is worth considering whether everything is done correctly. A common mistake of rabbit breeders is that they fill the filler on the floor of the cage, outside the toilet. It is not right. The rabbit can not understand the difference and goes wherever he wants.

Do not put filler in the tray and on the floor next to it.

There are other reasons why the rabbit eases past the toilet:

  • too low sides
  • it’s crowded
  • a lot of filler.

Attention! If the animal is uncomfortable in the tray, it cannot be trained.

Why did the rabbit accustomed to the tray stop going into it?

Sometimes a situation arises when a pet already accustomed to the toilet suddenly began to relieve itself in another place. Why is this happening:

  1. The animal was stressed. This happens after a visit by noisy guests, moving, visiting a veterinarian.
  2. The rabbit is not feeling well. If the pet is sick, he often lies huddled in a corner, and there he relieves the need.
  3. New pet. The appearance in the cage of a new rabbit will force the old-timer to show who is the boss: he will mark the territory with great enthusiasm.
  4. The animal has reached puberty. It has already been mentioned that as they grow older, eared animals begin to mark the borders of their territory. To solve the problem once and for all, you have to castrate a young individual.

Attention! In order not to expose the animal to stress, the castration procedure is best done at home by inviting a veterinarian.

To teach a rabbit to a tray in an apartment, you have to make an effort and be patient. Particular attention should be paid to choosing a suitable container for these needs. The rabbit breeder is required to constantly monitor the pet and, if necessary, put it in the tray. In no case should one be abused because of oversights.