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How to quickly unlock all characters in Super Smash Bros.


Super Smash Bros. Brawlknown in Japan as Dairantō Smash Brothers X (Jap. 大乱 闘 ス マ ッ シ ュ ブ ラ ザ ー ズ X Dairanto: Sumassu Buradza: zu Ekkusu) - the third game in the series Super Smash Bros. developed by a special development team consisting of employees of Sora, Game Arts, and other developers. The game was created by Nintendo for the Wii game console. Super Smash Bros. Brawl was preliminarily shown at the E3 2005 press conference. The game was introduced by Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

North American game cover
DevelopersGame arts
Hal laboratory
Sora Ltd.
Part of a seriesSuper Smash Bros.
Release dates
GenresFighting game
CERO: A - All ages
  • Teens
    OFLC (A): PG
  • Parental guidance
    PEGI: 12
  • Creators
    SupervisorMasahiro Sakurai
    ProducersKensuke tanabe
    Kaisuke terasaki
    Akiya Sakamoto
    ScreenwritersKazushige Nojima
    Masahiro Sakurai
    PaintersChiharu Sakiyama
    Takashi Ito
    Yosuke Hamada
    ComposersTakahiro Nishi
    Sogo Sakai
    Masaaki Iwasaki
    Yutaka Iraha
    Keigo ozaki
    Kentaro Ishizaka
    Technical details
    Game engineHavok
    Game modessingle-user, multi-user
    Official site(Japanese) (English) (German) (French) (Spanish) (Italian)

    The number of characters that players can control in Brawl increased compared to Super Smash Bros. Melee. Like its predecessors, the task is to knock the enemy off the screen. This is a departure from traditional fighting games. Brawl also supports battles in multiplayer mode with up to four fighters. This is the first episode in which you can play online through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. You can also play four of them on four different controllers (for example: Classic Controller, GameCube Controller, Wii Remote and Nunchuk and one more Wii Remote and Nunchuk).

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl received positive reviews from critics.

    Brawl uses typical battle systems. The task is to knock the enemy off the screen. Players are given a wide selection of characters (among them are such well-known characters as: Mario, Link, Pikachu and others). Players have a hit percentage. At the very beginning of the battle, all players have 0% damage. But after strikes, the value gradually increases, and can reach up to 999%. The larger this value, the easier it is to knock a character out of the arena. If a player is knocked out of the arena and cannot return, then he loses either his life, or his life point (stock), or coins (depending on what type of game).

    Characters in Super Smash Bros. Brawl fight each other with the help of various attacks (which became more compared to their predecessors). Attacks are selected by holding the button and sharply tilting the Wii Remote’s or Nunchuk’s. Movements for attacks are by default, but they can be changed for a specific profile.

    You can also fight using the Classic Controller connected to the Wii Remote or the GameCube’a gamepad (choice of professionals)

    How to unlock all the heroes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

    There is a fairly simple way to unlock Super Smash Bros. Ultimate It is much faster and easier to implement than the standard way to unlock heroes. If you don’t have time or desire to go through a long adventure mode, you should use this quick method.

    The only way to open characters relatively quickly is to perform the infamous "reset". He tricks the game by showing the system that the player has completed all the battles and fulfilled the necessary requirements in them. The method may seem a little tedious or tedious, but there is no alternative at the moment. For quick unlocking, this is the only way.

    How to use Reset Exploit?

    The name of the method itself indicates that it is based on the reset of the game timer. This allows you to restart the game timer, which leads to the unlocking of a new hero. You can unlock the hero both in the game against artificial intelligence and against a real player.

    Before you begin the following steps, remember one important point. The game has a timer that marks for blocking the opening of a new hero before the set time has elapsed. The timer is set for a period of 5 to 10 minutes. Thus, more than 1 time in 5-10 minutes, the character cannot be unlocked. If during this time you perform a reset, the player will not satisfy the requirement of the game. You will have to perform a reset again.

    What do we have to do:

    1. Initially, you should exit the game and start it again from the main screen.
    2. Start a game against a bot or a real gamer and quickly end the battle by killing yourself.
    3. After fulfilling this requirement, a new contender for the battle will appear, leading to the unlocking of the hero. The hero will open after defeating a new opponent.
    4. If a new opponent does not appear, you should play 1-2 regular matches and try again.

    The developers fixed the method with one of the updates. The only alternative today is to set the match timer for 20 minutes. Then you can "go crazy": run, jump everywhere. The more players complete the method, the faster it will work. After waiting for the allotted time and resetting the game, a new opponent should appear. This will unlock the character. If this does not work the first time, you will have to try as many times as needed.

    This is a quick way to unlock characters, but it's not the only one. You can follow the standard way of opening heroes. Although it is very long, but quite interesting.

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate guide: how to unlock each character

    Everyone is here! Truly, they are. 74 characters are available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Do it 76 with the Piranha Plant and the Joker from Persona 5, which will appear early next year. Until then, it's probably best to work on unlocking all these characters so you can have the most ridiculous battles with your friends.

    Alas, in deference to the first game, Smash Ultimate launches you with a miserable eight characters. This means that it will take a long time before you reach this legendary 74, if you do not know what you are doing. Fortunately, this is what this guide is for. Let's start!

    Method 1: World of Light

    It's a pretty slow record, but you should know that playing World of Light is a guaranteed way to unlock characters in Ultimate. When you go to the world of board games to fight Galim, you will encounter many funny battles with spirits, as well as a rare fighter who needs to be “awakened” through the agony of battle.

    Often, these fighters will be difficult to access because of the battle of spiritual battles between your character and the icon, or sometimes because of a spiritual puzzle where you have to defeat a certain character in order to subsequently use it to unlock the route. For example, to get to the Captain Falcon, you need to defeat another F-Zero pilot so that they can focus on his badge.

    All of these variables add up, so if you want to quickly unlock the entire list, this might not be the best way. However, if you do not mind waiting and want to enjoy the story as much as possible, then the World of Light method is worth it. In addition, if you fight with opponents in other modes, World of Light allows you to drop difficulties and revenge almost instantly, which means that you do not need to deal with Luigi, who confuses and forgets you, and painful turns into black . what follows.

    Method 2: Classic Mode

    If you played in the previous release of Smash, you are most likely familiar with the classic mode. In fact, this is a standardized mitten in which the selected character must go through many different fights before jumping in the bonus round and defeating the boss. You can choose the “intensity” in which you play to satisfy your own abilities, and the difficulty will increase as you play, and provide a worthy challenge.

    In Ultimate, you start with eight original characters from the original Super Smash Bros., and upon completion, different applicants appear depending on who you decide to play with in Classic mode. Now, this is a kind of spoiler territory, but the Reddit user has published an extremely useful table to consult if you want to speed up and get your main one. Do not look if you want to go through the movements at your own pace, but this is undoubtedly the best resource if you want to unlock the necessary characters.

    Basically, the one you unlock is determined depending on who you play with in classic mode. This is a much faster method than World of Light, especially if you want to tailor your list to the character that interests you the most.

    Method 3: Applicant Approach

    One of the most controversial additions to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the Challenger approach mode, which appears as a small icon in the lower right corner of the games. Another section. In the end, you will receive a notification about this as soon as you unlock several characters and spend a couple of hours with the game.

    The Challenger approach is, in fact, a time-saving registry unlock method, enclosed in game mode. Most often (if you are not a professional), new applicants are going to take you by surprise with the help of Moveset and send you back to the main menu.

    The Challenger approach allows you to immediately start a rematch where you can choose the character you are playing for. This means that you can choose your main one and take revenge on the fighter who despised you. This is a good way to mitigate random encounters from previous games, but it is not always there when you need it. If the small gate icon does not appear, just play something else and come back to challenge your opponent. If you are unable to defeat several opponents in a row, the Challenger approach will also switch between these characters when you play it, which adds an extra dimension of fun.

    Method 4: game system

    Other than just playing a game with friends and naturally unlocking characters, there are no other direct ways to pick up new fighters. However, there is a tricky way to play a system that circulates on the Internet. An honest warning, however, this kind of spoils the pleasure.

    Alas, if you want to finish the registry sooner rather than later, you will want to wait until you fight the new applicant. After you have completed the battle and returned to the main menu, simply press the Home button on the switch, press X and then select to close the software.

    Download the game and go to battle Smash. Define a set of rules that will make this match as fast as possible (1 margin or minimum time limit should work), and then fall off the scene or quickly destroy your opponent with a powerful attack or two.

    After the results screen, you should go to another Challenger Approaching screen with a completely new character, different from the one you just encountered. Regardless of whether you win or lose, your new friends will be saved in Challenger approach mode so you can try later. Keep up the good work and you will immediately fall into the elusive 74.

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