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3 recommendations on how to refuse an offer to drink


Too many people who want to refrain from drinking alcohol are faced with the fact that it is extremely difficult to refuse alcohol in a company. The problem is compounded by the fact that all attempts to give up alcohol are met with sincere misunderstanding. But do not forget that every person has the right to refuse - no one should abuse alcohol just because the rest of the company drinks. Remember, saying “no” to companions is easier, the more often they hear it from you.

How to say "No":

How to avoid the temptation?

Say no to alcohol!

Holidays, anniversaries, corporate parties - at these events it is quite difficult to give up alcohol. But do not forget that you have the right to decide for yourself whether you should drink or better to abstain. You should not drink just because the rest of the company is drinking. Remember, your destiny is in your hands!

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1. Know in advance about company preferences

The main thing that you should do is to foresee ways of rest of this or that company in advance. Surely, it will not be a revelation for you that you can talk with some people until the morning for a cup of aromatic coffee, and with others - even a half-hour meeting will end with a beer and chips. And in the second option, as a rule, your refusal can cause a real quarrel or a long insult. It is important to determine what is more important for you - conversation or walking. If a person persuades you to drink alcohol, and then angrily reacts to your refusal, think about whether it is important for him to communicate with you or is he just looking for an excuse to put himself and you intoxicated.

2. Be firm

The second point worth paying attention to is the firmness of your positions. If you do not succumb to temptations and persuasion, then after a few phrases on the theme of the well-known “respect - not respect”, the company will still leave you alone. Otherwise, you will have a reason to think about the attitude of your friends to you.

3. Get away from insults and persuasion

An equally important point is avoiding a quarrel by any means. In order not to spoil your relationship with others who want to supply your body with alcohol at any cost, your best bet will be your original lie. For example, say that you are taking medications that are incompatible with alcohol, you are allergic, have a business meeting, you cannot leave your car, and you are planning some important trip after meeting with friends. It is unlikely that someone will check your health with alcohol, and every person can have important meetings. But clarification of the emphasis on such situations at the very beginning of the feast will be the best way to avoid resentment and persuasion.

How to refuse a proposal to get married?

If the guy made an offer, but the girl refused, then she had reasons for this. Perhaps she realized that she was not yet ready for marriage. At the same time, girls are often interested in how you can refuse the offer of a partner so as not to offend him. To do this, follow these tips:

1. It’s better to tell the young man everything at once. He must understand that the girl is not yet ready to become his wife. But rejection does not mean breaking up.

2. If a loved one touches on the topic of marriage, then there is no need to tell him about the desire to get married. On the contrary, he must understand that his lover has a negative attitude towards marriage.

3. If hints that the beloved wants to marry become more frequent, then you should definitely talk to him. After all, he can make an offer in a public place, and a refusal by a girl can humiliate him.

How to learn to politely refuse people?

Many are wondering how to politely refuse an offer that a good person made. In any case, there must be a reason for the refusal, which must be declared. She must be honest, as a lie will quickly become clear. The answer must be made quickly, since the “minute of silence” can give the interlocutor hope in vain. You can offer something in return: recommend someone else, give advice. It is necessary to make sure that the interlocutor is not offended by the refusal, because only in this case he can be called polite.