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Stone massage


Hot stone massage is a type of massage that uses smooth, flat, heated stones. They are located along the spine, in the hands, along the legs, between the fingers. The heat from them penetrates deep into the muscles, warming and relaxing. This type of massage is called stone massage or stone therapy.

This procedure is not new. Heated stones have long been used by people to treat sore muscles. The first mention dates back to 1500 BC.

Nowadays, it is reborn and is increasingly gaining popularity, experiencing a rebirth. Now rarely is a spa or sanatorium not offering such a service.

What is useful for stone therapy

Modern life is full of stress. It is he who is considered one of the main causes of a number of serious diseases. It does not matter what it causes: problems at work or everyday relationships, domestic troubles.

Fortunately, today there are many different practices and procedures that will help balance the effects of stress, bring our body, feelings back to normal. One of them is stone therapy.

The theory of massage with hot stones is very simple: the heat from smooth polished stones, penetrating the muscles, heats and relaxes them. This allows the massage therapist to penetrate into the deeper layers of the muscles.

During the procedure:

Blood vessels expand

The flow of lymph increases.

This stimulates the body to cleanse, remove toxins, toxins.
Poor blood circulation can lead to fatigue, muscle tension, and the accumulation of fluid and lactic acid in them. Increased blood flow improves and increases the flow of oxygen to the tissues, thereby relieving pain on time and after the session.

Hot stones have a calming effect that alleviates chronic pain, reduces stress, and promotes deep relaxation.

Useful for people:

Suffering from circulatory disorders,

Experiencing muscle pain,

With diseases of the skeletal system: arthritis, rheumatism and others,

For back pain

With chronic fatigue

Experiencing frequent mood swings, including those associated with hormonal disorders,

For frequent headaches, including migraines,

Useful stone massage for obesity, overweight, cellulite.

The benefits of hot stone massage

Stone therapy allows the masseur to make a deeper, penetrating massage, without putting a lot of stress on the patient's body. Excessively tense muscles make massage difficult.

Heated warm stones relieve tension, relieve muscle pain. As a result, they are less injured during the procedure. The patient does not experience the pain that occurs in the first days during a regular massage. After it there are no bruises on the body.

Heat stimulates blood circulation around the problem area, improves and accelerates healing, restoration of the injured or damaged area. Under the influence of heat, the pores open, which allows the body to better absorb healing oils.

This type of massage:

Relieves muscle cramps

Normalizes metabolism,

Helps cleanse the body of toxins and other harmful substances,

Relieves muscle pain

Relieves anxiety, anxiety,

The course of stone therapy can improve overall health, strengthen immune defense.

Hot Stone Massage Types

There are several types of this massage:

Classic - performed only by heated stones,

Contrast - during the session, stones with different temperatures are used,

Massage with precious and semiprecious stones.

Each species performs its functions. With classical muscles, they warm up well and relax, pores open. It allows you to relieve stress, cramps, pain, activate blood and lymph circulation, cleanse the body of toxins and toxins.

With contrast, metabolism is stimulated, the tone of muscles and blood vessels improves, and swelling of the body goes away.

The third type is aimed more at energy recharge. For him, stones are chosen that are more suitable for a particular person. In this form, perhaps the main healing effect is on a subconscious level.

In addition, the following massage groups are distinguished:

Aromatic (using essential oils),

Modeling (more often used with excess weight, for modeling body shapes in old age),

Energy (massage with precious stones),

How to do stone massage

Preparation for the procedure begins even before you arrive at the session. The first thing you always need to do is disinfect the stones. If oils are used, an oily film may build up on their surface. You can remove it with hot water, vinegar and baking soda.

Then the stones are heated in water or special furnaces to a temperature of 52-54 degrees for at least 30 minutes. When using marble stones after heating, they are cooled to a temperature of 10-25 degrees.

Before you put it on the patient's body, you need to warm up the muscles. For this, a regular massage is performed or the patient takes a warm shower.

Then the massage therapist lays stones on the key points of acupressure. In this case, it is absolutely necessary to check the temperature. They may appear somewhat hotter in sensitive areas of the skin than in the hands. It is better to check the temperature by applying a heated stone to the wrist or to the forearm.

On the back, stones are placed along the spine, on the shoulder blades, shoulders. The masseur can lay them out in one or two rows, alternating large with smaller ones.

If the stones will be located not only on the body, but also on the head, then the temperature should be lower. This area of ​​the body contains more nerve endings and is much more sensitive to temperature.

When performing a massage of the abdomen, stones are laid on the stomach, face, arms and legs.

Smaller ones are placed in the palms, between the fingers, along the legs, on the feet. Thin - between the legs.

Many experts believe that the stones themselves carry an energy charge and try to decompose them into a spiral pattern.

It is necessary to lay out from below, and not from above, so as not to cause increased blood circulation in the region of the heart.

Then the patient is covered with a warm terry towel. Pleasant warmth relaxes, calms.

Stones can be used during massage only for heating the massaged area or directly for its holding.

After warming up the body, massage oil is applied and the massage itself begins. In this case, the specialist applies various methods and methods using only hands or warm stones.

Holding a stone in his hand, the specialist massages the whole body with it. It can alternate hotter stones with less heated ones, large ones with smaller ones. When the stone cools, it replaces it with another. The session itself, as a rule, lasts about an hour.

What stones are used

Most often used basalt with a very smooth polished surface. They retain heat well throughout the entire massage period.

Sometimes cold marble and stones of volcanic origin, semi-precious, jade, jadeite are used.

For hot massage at home, you can use polished pebbles, which are easy to find on the sea or riverbank.

For ease of massage, they should be the size of a palm.
You can buy them on the Internet or in a specialized store. The price varies from two thousand and above.

When buying, you need to pay attention to the fact that they are round and smooth. The presence of chipping, sharp corners, surface roughness is not allowed.

As a rule, stones of different sizes are sold in a set. Immediately, with them you can buy a furnace for heating.

General tips and tricks

Hot stone massage is a pleasure. Before the session:

Eliminate fatty junk food,

Do not drink alcohol

Arrive at least 10 minutes before the start so you have time to rest.

You should always tell the massage therapist if the temperature of the stones is comfortable for you. It should not be above 10 degrees body temperature.

Be sure to warn about existing chronic diseases. With some of them, it is contraindicated.

If you take pain blocking medications, they can reduce the sensation of temperature.

All this should be taken into account by a specialist when choosing the type of stones, heating temperature, and massage method.

After the session, drink more water and herbal teas.

Firstly, during the procedure, sweat is lost.

Secondly, they will help to better remove toxins, salts and other harmful compounds.

Plan a massage a day when you don’t have to rush anywhere. Yet it is a very pleasant, relaxing procedure.


You can not do hot stone massage if you have:

Infectious or colds

Alcohol intoxication or being under the influence of drugs,

An operation or trauma, stroke, heart attack, spinal injury or other serious illness has recently been suffered,

Exacerbation of chronic diseases,

There is a metal implant,

Decreased sensitivity to pain,

Taking blood thinners

You can not do it in the presence of injuries, burns, abrasions, scratches on the body.
Forbidden with varicose veins and thrombosis.

With caution, this type of massage should be treated by a pregnant woman during breastfeeding. It can only be done after consultation with your doctor.

In some cases, they may require permission from the attending physician in the presence of a certain disease.

Stone massage is a pleasant procedure that will help improve health, tighten, strengthen muscles, cleanse the body of toxins. Before deciding on it, consult your doctor. Choose specialized centers. Feel free to ask a specialist for a diploma. Only if all the rules are followed will it be beneficial.

What is the use of stone massage, how to do it, see the video

Types of stones

For stone therapy, natural stones formed from volcanic rocks of active volcanoes are used. Such rocks slowly heated and cooled, accumulating useful micro and macro elements. As you know, stones can accumulate in themselves information and energy that they give out when interacting with the human body.

For therapy, smooth flattened stones of different diameters are used. There are white (marble) and black (basalt) stones, with which massage is done.

Basalt massage stones retain heat for a very long time, which helps to relax muscles, soften tissues, and warm the body. Basalt stones are mined in Indonesia, Peru, Argentina, and Hawaii. Hot stone massage is also used to calm the mind and soul, they open energy channels.

White is used cold to relieve heat and balance temperatures. They are polished by hand, since this rock, extracted from the bowels of the earth, in its original form is a large block with sharp peaks.

In some cases, jadeite, a semiprecious mineral, is used for stone therapy. It promotes the release of energy and the opening of the chakras. Due to micronutrients released during heating, it has beneficial effects on the central and autonomic nervous systems.

The therapeutic effect of such therapy consists in exposure to different temperatures, activation of biological points of the body and the exchange of information.

Initially, the stones were heated in direct sunlight to absorb the energy of the sun. In modern cosmetology and during SPA procedures, stones are heated in water or using special heaters.

Indications for stone therapy

The organization of several sessions of stone therapy becomes appropriate for such processes and phenomena:

  • muscle pain
  • weakened immune and respiratory systems
  • body fat
  • improper metabolism
  • physical, mental overwork, depression, stressful situations
  • headache
  • skin aging
  • hypertension
  • frequent colds
  • insomnia

In addition, stone massage allows you to improve blood circulation, restore skin lost elasticity.

Features of the procedure

How is the procedure performed? The atmosphere of the massage room is extremely important. The light is usually dimmed, and relaxing music is turned on. Aromatherapy methods may also be used. All this contributes to the maximum relaxation of the person and his correct attitude to the success of treatment.

Do not worry that the stones were used to massage another patient, because after each procedure they undergo disinfection. For heating, special stone heaters are used for stone therapy. The temperature of the hot stones should be about 10-15 degrees higher than the temperature of the human body. But it can not be below 44 degrees and above 55. But the temperature of cold stones can vary from 0 to 25 degrees. It all depends on the purpose of the impact.

Stages of the procedure

First, the massage therapist will rub the body with aromatic oils. This will help warm up a little and prepare the skin and relax the patient.

On some parts of the body, the specialist will put stones, for example, on the neck, arms and legs, spine, as well as on the lower back.

Small pebbles will be placed even between the fingers. It is believed that such zones are also biologically active.

Then the massage therapist will begin to press, stroke or rub some areas and zones, using stones for this. Usually they start from the feet, then go to the lower legs, then to the hips, hands, arms, then to the neck and shoulders, and then to the décolleté zone.

If any unpleasant sensations occur, the patient can say about them. After that, the specialist will change tactics, taking into account the condition and wishes of the person.

After the procedure, the massage therapist will advise you to lie down a bit and relax. Sometimes customers are offered a cup of green tea, which enhances the effect of the procedure, speeding up the metabolism.

Face massage with stones

Stone facial massage is not just pleasant, it can help get rid of tension, relax facial muscles, increase blood circulation in the skin, cleanse it and give softness, elasticity to tissues. This procedure refers to lifting, as it produces soft grinding and enhances lymphatic drainage.

In addition to a beneficial effect on the skin, a correctly performed hot stone massage procedure also has a positive effect on the metabolism of brain cells, and is a preventative measure for cataracts, atherosclerosis, and some other diseases.

Stone therapy is best done in a specialized salon, but you can master simple techniques at home. Get the stones you like and start learning. To begin with, remember that after each procedure they must be thoroughly cleaned and left in salt water for at least half an hour, and then wiped dry. Stones are heated in a slow cooker, but at home you can use a heating pad (pre-wrap them in a towel) or hot water.

Consider several options for how to massage with warm stones. Initially prepare yourself a bed or a comfortable chair to relax. Ask relatives not to distract you - the massage can last more than an hour - it all depends on your feelings and patience.

Any type of stone therapy begins with moisturizing and preparing the skin: apply a day cream on it, and even better, oil:

  • on dry skin - sandalwood or rosemary
  • normal - pink or lavender
  • fatty - eucalyptus oil or basil

The easiest massage method

☀ Check the temperature of the stones by placing them on the back of your hand, otherwise you risk burning your face. If the stones are overheated, then put them in cold water,

☀ Massage your face with light movements, observing the arrangement of the massage lines. Make longitudinal, circular movements, do not forget to pay attention to the nose bridge, eyebrows, cheekbones. Enjoy the sensations that hot stones give you,

☀ At the end of the facial massage, select 4 stones and place one on the forehead, chin and on each of the cheeks. You can rest like this for about 10 minutes, or you can massage your neck, shoulders and chest at this time to get the maximum benefit and pleasure from the procedure.

☀ A more complex version of stone facial massage is the use of hot and cold stones alternately:

☀ Put dark stones in a pot with hot water, and light stones in a container with ice. Wipe them dry before use. Do not forget to monitor the temperature maintenance in containers with stones,

☀ Take out 2 hot stones and start doing facial massage with them. Continue for about 2 minutes, then return them to hot water, and take cold stones in your hands and stroke their skin. This temperature difference is extremely beneficial for the skin and head as a whole. Change stones at least 10 times per procedure.

Such a massage for 20-40 minutes will give you not only fresh and radiant skin, but also relieve small wrinkles, tighten the oval of the face, and most importantly, headaches and bad mood, if any, will disappear.

How to do hot stone massage?

The first thing to always do before a hot stone massage is to sanitize the stones. Если при массаже используются масла, то маслянистая пленка может накапливаться на поверхности камней.This film can be removed easily with hot water, vinegar and baking soda. Hot stone massage

The stones heat up for at least 30 minutes to the desired temperature. Before starting the massage, you can also warm up the areas that will be massaged. To do this, you can take a warm shower or do a hand massage.

Before you put the stones on the body, you must definitely check the temperature of the stones. Stones may appear somewhat hotter on sensitive areas of the skin than in the hands. Therefore, the temperature of the stones is better to check by applying a heated stone to the wrist or forearm.

If the stones are located on the head, and not just on the body, then their temperature should be lower, since this area of ​​the body contains more nerve endings and is much more sensitive to high temperature.

Stones need to be laid out from below, and not from above, so as not to cause increased blood circulation in the region of the heart.

The client should drink enough water. Firstly, during the massage fluid is lost with sweat. Secondly, then all toxins and wastes are removed.

Heated stones are placed on both sides of the spine and covered with a warm terry towel.

Thin stones are located between the legs. Smaller - between the fingers.

After warming up the body with stones, massage oil is applied and massage is done. A masseur can massage only with his hands or using a warm stone.

Hot Stone Massage Tips

  • Stone massage is a pleasure. When planning this massage, do not eat heavy fatty foods immediately before the massage. Drinking alcohol before massage is also not allowed.
  • You should always tell the massage therapist if the temperature of the stones is comfortable for you.
  • Be sure to warn a specialist about your chronic diseases. With some of them, such massage is contraindicated.
  • The temperature of the stones should not be higher than 10 degrees of body temperature.
  • If you take pain blocking medications, they can reduce the sensation of temperature of the stones and this should be said to the masseur.
  • Plan a hot stone massage a day when you don’t need to rush. Nevertheless, it is a very pleasant, relaxing procedure. Hot stone massage - contraindications