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How can Russian citizens emigrate to Holland: the routes of immigration


It is best to choose Amsterdam for immigration to the Netherlands. Here, an indescribable atmosphere reigns inherent in a modern large city: the work of a huge airport, an uninterruptedly functioning system of public transport, a developed trade sector, as well as services, leisure and education. Immigration to the Netherlands for many people becomes a salvation in the current crisis situation in the world.

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But recently, in order to move to this country, it is necessary to pass a test in the form of an integration exam, the cost of which is 350 euros. You can obtain a residence permit in the Netherlands when you come to study or work, as well as do your business. A permanent residence will appear only after 5 years of uninterrupted stay in the country. Consider all the conditions in more detail.

Immigration Terms

Most likely to get a residence permit from wealthy people who do not need to provide social assistance to the state.

Residence permit card in the Netherlands

You can mainly immigrate to Holland in the following ways:

  • Through close relations for a long time (three years) with a citizen of a country, and it is not necessary to have a marriage registration,
  • Having lived in the Netherlands for five years or more,
  • Successfully running your business
  • Having received refugee status,
  • Studying in Holland.

If immigration to the Netherlands takes place through marriage, then in this case it is not necessary to be permanently in the country for three years. But it is forbidden to have dual citizenship, except for those whose spouse is himself a citizen of the Netherlands.

New rules

Those who wish to immigrate to the Netherlands before arriving in the country receive knowledge of civil integration and pass an exam on them. It will include watching a movie showing shots of homosexual relationships and a nudist beach. This is an emphasis, as this is the norm for the Netherlands. Further, at the Embassy of the Netherlands it will be necessary to pass a test for language proficiency in the country.

A residence permit can be used for a year, three or five years with the possibility of extension with good behavior. After these years, you can apply for Dutch citizenship or an unlimited residence permit.

Emigration to Holland through marriage

Marriage may have an official status and not mark. In addition, permanent residence in the country in this case is not necessary. It will be necessary to be in place at the time of submitting an application for citizenship. But not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance.

Authorities will verify the validity of long-term close relationships. They pass in the form of numerous surveys, tests, juxtaposition of information, the study of all the details, even small ones.
In the case of unregistered marriage, there is one important nuance: when parting partners after receiving permanent residence, a citizen will be obliged to leave the country.

Permanent residence after five years of living in the country

Permanent residence in the Netherlands becomes a reality after five years of being in the country. But before you leave to live there, it is worth visiting the state as a tourist in order to get an idea of ​​it.

The main condition due to which residence will be considered continuous is the annual residence permit. If this is not done at least once, then the applicant leaves the country and starts all over again. And upon arrival in Holland the next time, the countdown of five years will begin anew.

In principle, nothing complicated, the main thing is not to miss the time for applying for a residence permit and comply with the laws of the country. Sometimes once you go to earn money, you may want to stay there forever. And this is another opportunity to fulfill your desire.

Getting advice from a lawyer

Simon goldman - lawyer of international law.

More than 20 years of experience in the field of finance, loans, immigration law, real estate transactions and other property.

You can get paid advice on immigration and financial matters in the Netherlands, Ireland and Germany:

  • by email: [email protected],
  • by phone in the Netherlands +31 624 979779, calls are received from 12:00 to 18:00.
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Registration of residence permit for work

Residence permit is available to anyone who has come to the Netherlands to work. Moreover, a work visa to the Netherlands is issued to some specialists and seasonal workers according to a simplified scheme. But each specific case is considered on an individual basis, when the level of education, language proficiency, professionalism and the demand for a particular specialty are taken into account. A residence permit is issued in this case, only if there is a specific employer who wishes to take a person to his job.

The minimum level of salaries should be:

  • Those who are under 30 years old - 35,000 euros per year,
  • Employees who are older than this age have 48,000.

Immigration to the Netherlands is also possible if you open your own business there. The main thing here is to have enough funds to implement this event and experience, which is recorded in an official document (diploma or extract).

A sufficient stable income will be considered 1000 euros per month for a year. In this case, it will be possible to obtain a residence permit after this period.

You can also purchase real estate in the Netherlands for doing business, at the same time investing profitably.

Construction of a new Zaandam hotel in Zaandam

It falls under state protection (the law on foreign investment and private property of foreigners) and allows you to get a European multivisa.

It is important to know: buying real estate in the Netherlands to obtain a residence permit does not give any additional reasons.

Refugee immigration

To leave to live in Holland as a refugee is a popular and sought-after way. But the authorities are quite attentive to this category. This becomes possible if there is a danger of losing life, health, or there are any ethnic or sexual harassment.

The latter problem is likely to serve as a response to immigration services due to loyalty to sex minorities. Another point for a positive response will be the problem of criminal prosecution.

Holland refugee camp has decent living conditions

If the motive is religious or political, then the process of applying for a residence permit and permanent residence may be delayed for 6 months, or even two years. And all this time you have to live in a special camp.

In order to obtain such a status, one must ask for asylum upon arrival at the airport at the border control. A person will be invited to deal with these issues, who will need to tell their story.

But in case of improvement in the country from which the immigrant arrived, a return will follow. This status gives permission to reside in the country and study. You can also apply for family reunion for life in the Netherlands.

Getting an education

One of the easiest and most popular ways to live in Holland is to get a student visa. Moreover, it is not too expensive. Such permission is issued for the study period and restricts rights. Upon graduation, the applicant for permanent residence must submit a contract with the employer or leave the country.

Living in the Netherlands today has one of the highest rates in the EU. Minimum salaries, reaching a level of 1300 euros, can not all boast.

The whole world considers Holland an agrarian country. The reason for this is growing beautiful tulips and holding annual auctions. But the economy in the country is post-industrial and industry-oriented, where there are the most important sectors: engineering, ferrous metallurgy, petrochemicals, textile and furniture industries.

Refinery in the Netherlands - Transnational Blenders B.V.

Agriculture generates an income of only 1.6 percent domestically, and five from exported exports.

Holland attracts job seekers with its attitude to freedom of morals and affordable access to a place in the sun. Religion, behavior and political directions are not imposed here; the use of light narcotic substances is allowed. And at the same time, it has a high economic level, where the established laws and rules of conduct must be observed.

Summarizing all of the above, a foreigner who has lived continuously for five years, has passed an exam on knowledge of civil integration, having a certain financial sum in his hands, can very well count on a permanent residence in Holland. And after 10 years of living without a break, the amount of income, in general, will not matter for life in the country. It remains only with pleasure to live and enjoy all the benefits and advantages of a place where there are no all sorts of prejudices in compliance with liberal laws and rules.

You can get advice on immigration and financial matters in the Netherlands, Ireland and Germany from a lawyer of international law - Simona Goldmana.

More than 20 years of experience in the field of finance, loans, immigration law, real estate transactions and other property.

Consultations are paid. Information on a specific request can be obtained:

Immigration Destinations

For residents of Russia, there are 5 ways to emigrate to the Netherlands:

  1. Employment.
  2. Entrepreneurial activity.
  3. Marriage (official or civil).
  4. Education.
  5. Refugee status.

The Netherlands is part of the European Union. Accordingly, priority in providing jobs is given to EU citizens. Residents of Russia may be offered jobs in the Netherlands. But only if the employer proves that he did not find the right specialist in the European Union.

However, since 2005, the Kennismigrant (Knowledge Immigration) program has been operating in the country. Under this program, Dutch companies invite foreign workers. It does not require confirmation of the absence of EU specialists.

The main factor is the minimum wage:

  • For persons under 30 years of age - about 37 thousand euros per year (before taxes).
  • For persons older than 30 years - 50 thousand euros per year (before taxes).

The state favors immigrant entrepreneurs. For companies opened by foreigners, do not impose special restrictions. To open a business in the country, you should:

  1. Choose the legal form of companies.
  2. Draw up a business plan.
  3. Register an organization at the Chamber of Commerce.
  4. Get a tax ID.
  5. Equip the office.
  6. Arrange the necessary insurance.

Immigration to Holland

The process will be easier and more productive if you familiarize yourself with the procedure for collecting, processing and legalizing the necessary package of documents in advance. The number of people thinking about how to move to this country is growing regularly. In 2019, the move can take place in several ways.

Immigration to the Netherlands from Russia involves the study of the language, as well as familiarity with the concepts of life in a country where the migrant plans to stay on a permanent basis. The introduction of the integration course designed for those who enter the Netherlands with a view to further assimilation is provided.

Where to start preparing for the move

A person who is thinking about how to move to Holland should first of all take into account that the execution of a package of documents costs 350 EUR. A lot of work remains for a migrant who wants to realize himself in a new country. In the classic case, permanent residence is possible after 5 years of continuous (without traveling) residence in the state.

Moving to the Netherlands in 2019 and registering resident status requires having your own account with a bank in the country and being ready to pass an exam on social integration - the degree of merger with and adaptation to Dutch society.

Package of documents

It is necessary to collect and provide:

  • statement,
  • fiscal fee receipt,
  • confirmation of the monthly financial well-being (salary, scholarship or sponsorship guarantee),
  • valid passport
  • health insurance
  • certificate of the absence of dangerous or chronic diseases.

Those wishing to obtain a residence permit in the Netherlands, Russians need to obtain an invitation from an employer, educational institution or a Dutch citizen, with whom a joint household is conducted. Students are required to present a certificate of admission to the university.

It will also require a full-color photograph and fingerprints.

Duration of consideration

IND (Local Service for Immigration and Naturalization in the Netherlands) will analyze the application and, if so, will issue a residence permit. The applicant will be able to immediately receive a temporary analogue of a long-term visa type D - MVV. In fact, a special mark will be pasted into the passport allowing entry for up to 3 months (90 days).

Cost in 2019

If you are planning an option for family reunification, the spouse must provide information that, firstly, he already has a residence permit in the Netherlands, and secondly, his minimum income will provide normal living conditions for the two of you. It should be at least 1,704 € per month. A residence permit for an adult will cost 240 €, for a child - 51 €.

When employing experts or competent employees, which the employer did not find among the local population, the contribution will be 938 euros, for seasonal workers and trainees - 802 EUR, you can get a blue EU Card (Blue Card EU) for 909 €.

For a holder of a diploma from a Dutch university or other accredited universities in other countries, the cost of a residence permit for one year in order to find work will be a little more than 640 euros. For entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, the price of a residence permit is 1336 €.

Large investors can claim the opening of innovative projects, such an MVV will cost 321 euros.

Types of residence permits

The most natural ways to assimilate on Wednesday are to find a permanent job, study, or civilian, or enter into official marriage with a Dutch national.

Applicants for refugees, spouses and relatives of a Dutch citizen, as well as entrepreneurs paying taxes to the Netherlands, can apply for a residence permit. The advantage of permanent residence (permanent residence) or nationalization is that the document is long-term.

Residence permit for marriage

Holland is the only state in the world where a civil union is equal to the official one, and both a man and a woman can be a partner. But an officer of the Netherlands Immigration and Naturalization Service will necessarily require written evidence of the fact of joint farming under one roof. The advantage is that you do not need to renew your residence permit annually and confirm your financial viability (this will be proved by a spouse who has a monthly income of at least 1,500 euros).


After 36 months of a confirmed marriage (employees can request joint photos), the migrant has the right to request an MVV and apply for citizenship in the Netherlands. In order not to violate the regulations, it is impossible to leave the borders of the country by plane, but travel by private car within the Schengen zone is allowed.

Residence permit for studies

Students provide a certificate of enrollment in a university (full-time education, a certificate of high academic performance). Studying in the Netherlands implies confirmation of financial viability or the presence of a certificate from the university that the institution assumes the responsibility to sponsor the student.

If the applicant already holds a diploma in high school in the Netherlands or in another prestigious educational institution, then in 2019 he will be able to obtain a residence permit for a period of twelve months in order to seek income. You will need to provide evidence that the university was completed no more than three years ago.

Formal employment in the Netherlands or work in Amsterdam also serves as a good basis for obtaining a residence permit. Moving in 2019 is also possible under a labor contract, because a legal position under the legal procedure for hiring guarantees a residence permit in the Netherlands. The package of documents is standard: an invitation from the employer, medical insurance, a valid passport.

If a person legally resides in the Netherlands for 60 months, you can safely apply for permanent residence. After 10 years, the immigration service will no longer check financial wealth. The main advantage of permanent residence is that the document is issued indefinitely without the need for annual confirmation.

Relocation to permanent residence

The first way to obtain permanent residence is to legally stay in the country for the past five years in connection with work, study, personal business, when the tax went to the Dutch treasury. The applicant must know the Flemish language and not conflict with the law.

Второй способ — иметь на руках документальное подтверждение того, что последние три года велось совместное хозяйство (официальный брак необязателен) с индигенатом Голландии.

Порядок оформления

Претендент должен иметь регистрацию по адресу действительного проживания (аналог прописки в РФ). Russian citizens need to contact the diplomatic mission (embassy) of the Netherlands in one of the cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg or Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, after filling out the application form and collecting a package of documents, go through an interview at the embassy, ​​and prove the authenticity of intentions. Before obtaining citizenship in the Netherlands, you need to have on hand medical insurance, a valid passport, and other necessary documents.

A simplified method of obtaining permanent residence

The benefits are received by large investors and entrepreneurs who have invested at least 1,250,000 euros in the Dutch economy. The millionaire’s special visa gives a number of benefits to those who plan ways to leave for the Netherlands. The State Ministry of Economy will quickly consider the statements of large businessmen.

Get a Dutch passport can partner with a citizen of this country. For heterosexual couples must provide a marriage certificate or documentary evidence of living under the same roof for three years.

Permanent residence for refugees

Obtaining such a status in the Netherlands is difficult. It must be documented that the applicant is being persecuted in his homeland and that there is a real threat to his life. Such a statement can be considered from 6 months to 2 years. The applicant will be forced to stay in a refugee camp and enjoy the benefits, but will not receive employment rights.

How to become a citizen of the Netherlands

Private entrepreneurs, persons with official work, or university students can rely on a Dutch passport no earlier than after 5 years of legal residence here. Obtaining Dutch citizenship after 36 months of continuous stay in the country can only permanent partners of citizens of the Netherlands or their legal spouses.

To summarize

The main conditions for success: a monthly income per person (yours or a sponsor) of at least 870 euros, money to pay a tax fee, and the successful completion of the Dutch language learning program for easy integration into a new society.

Emigration from Russia to the Netherlands in 2019 is a rather troublesome procedure, but it will make it possible to change your life for the better.


In terms of personal freedoms, the Netherlands is one of the leading places in the world. Same-sex marriage is officially allowed in the country. At the same time, printing in the passport is not a prerequisite for the grant of a residence permit and even citizenship.

To claim the status of a citizen, it is enough to be in close relations with a resident of the state. To obtain citizenship:

  1. At least 3 years to live with a common-law spouse / partner:
    • With a residence permit or citizenship.
    • Receiving a monthly income of 1.5 thousand euros.
  2. The entire 3-year period is on Dutch soil.

However, in the event of termination of relations with a Dutchman / Dutchwoman, a foreigner who does not have time to acquire citizenship will have to leave the territory of the state.


Sample marriage certificate

If the marriage is legally fixed, the immigrant removes the need for a continuous 3-year stay to obtain citizenship. Moreover, the Netherlands recognizes a certificate of marriage issued in another state.

However, you should be prepared for document authentication, various tests and visits by the immigration service. Employees of the department carefully verify the authenticity of marital relations. So the authorities are trying to minimize the risks of registering fictitious marriages.

A diploma from a Dutch university is a good help for those wishing to settle in the kingdom.

The basic package of documents for admission includes:

Sample Dutch diploma of education

  • Filled in application form.
  • Summary.
  • Motivation letter.
  • Recommendations
  • Diploma of previous education received in Russia or another country.
  • Inquiries about ratings.
  • Application review fee.
  • Certificate of knowledge of the language. There are more English programs in the Netherlands than in other non-English speaking countries. Therefore, many foreigners confirm their knowledge of this language with TOEFL or IELTS certificates.

Upon completion of training, foreigners in a simplified manner receive an annual visa to look for work. At the same time, starting to search for a place is allowed already from the student bench. Students from non-EU countries are given work permits. The only condition is that the weekly working time does not exceed 10 hours.

Despite liberal laws, the Netherlands is wary of asylum seekers. Each asylum seeker is carefully checked. A foreigner will have to confirm the fact of oppression at home and the danger to life for any reason.

It happens that a case takes more than one year. In some cases, the process stretches for a decade or more. All this time, an immigrant lives in a refugee camp. Citizens are paid benefits (on average, 55 euros per week). The alien does not have the right to work. Only people can be employed, the decision on which lasts for years.

Immigration steps

  1. Get a long-term visa MVV (temporary residence permit).
  2. Enter a European state and request a regular residence permit, renewing it as necessary.
  3. After several years of stay, apply for permanent residence or citizenship.

MVV Long Term Visa

Step 1. Opening a visa

Embassy of the Netherlands in Moscow

Visa centers do not apply for long-term visas. MVV (aka temporary residence permit) is issued directly by the Dutch embassy in Moscow. The diplomatic mission is located in Kalashny Lane, building 6, p. 1.

Documents for temporary residence permits are submitted on weekdays without prior appointment. The application and accompanying papers should be brought from 09:00 to 11:00.

Features of temporary residence permit

Persons planning to stay in a West European power for more than 3 months are entitled to count on an MVV visa. The document is valid for six months after issue. It is only suitable for a single entry into the Netherlands.

Visa applicants prepare the following set of papers:

  • Passport (valid for at least 90 days after the expiration date of the visa).
  • Visa application form (fully completed and signed).
  • Photos:
    • 2 pieces.
    • Colored.
    • Size 35 × 45 mm.
    • Made a maximum of six months ago.

Apostille on documents from the registry office

  • Medical insurance.
  • Copies of all documents explaining the purpose of the trip. The list of papers should be clarified on the website of the Dutch Immigration Service. Documents usually require an apostille.
  • Official notice from the Royal Immigration Service about the payment of a fee.
  • The results of the exam on knowledge of the state language and culture. The exam is taken, in particular, by persons leaving the Netherlands for the purpose of marriage or building a relationship. A visa will be opened only in the case of a positive exam.

A visa will not be issued without the provision of all required papers. If the applicant has forgotten any document, paper is allowed to be brought later. The deadline is 4 weeks from the date of submission of an incomplete package.

We must not forget that the Netherlands is part of the Schengen area. When crossing the Schengen border, a foreigner has the right to request the originals of a number of documents:

  1. Receipts for the availability of money:
    • Currency.
    • Traveler's checks.
    • Bank cards, etc.
  2. Information about the purpose and duration of the trip:
    • Work permit.
    • An invitation from relatives.
    • Certificate of admission to a university, etc.
  3. Insurance policy.

Temporary residence permits are issued, on average, 3 months. In some cases, the embassy requests additional information from the candidate and / or host.

Step 2. Entrance to the Netherlands and obtaining a residence permit

Arriving in the Netherlands on a long-term visa, a citizen has the right to apply for a residence permit (VTV). To do this, you must personally check in the municipality of the city where you plan to stay. Registration is required no later than 8 days after entry.

In addition, a foreigner is registered with the Immigration Service and undergoes a medical examination. In general, registration of a residence permit takes several months.

Step 3. Permanent residence or citizenship

After receiving a VTV and having lived in this status for 5 years, an immigrant is entitled to:

  • Or apply for permanent residence.
  • Or apply for citizenship.

First page of Netherlands biometric passport

Spouses and partners of the Dutch apply for citizenship after 3 years.

Immigration to the Netherlands is possible with the whole family. Relatives of an immigrant with a residence permit are entitled to write an application for reunion. Or they submit papers at the same time as the main resident entering the kingdom.