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10 ways to keep a man (male tips)


There is a wealth of literature and articles discussing this issue. Sexologists give advice on how to keep a man at different stages of a relationship, even if you are both not free. Wise women will share their experiences and advise you to endure everything.

But for every woman, no matter how commonplace the situation is, everything is always individual, because we all have different characters, different principles and goals in life. There are several methods that have been tested in practice and have not lost their relevance in our time. Try to take advantage of some of them and enjoy your life together.

10. Do not criticize

Every man in his life listens as much criticism as women have never dreamed of. For some reason, many wives consider it their duty to tell her husband how to live properly. They constantly criticize: “You work a lot, spend little time at home, do not pay attention, do not play with children ...”

A man gets tired of criticism, he wants to run away from his beloved without looking back. Before you is an adult who knows what he needs to do and when. Less criticism, more compliments and nice words.

Motivate your man with various female tricks. Praise him, he will turn mountains for you. You will continue in the same spirit, scold, criticize, and prepare for the fact that you will soon be left alone.

9. Do not cry

Want to keep a man, never cry with him. This advice will not appeal to most women. Still, how can one lose such an effective “weapon”? Men hate tears. When women cry, they have one desire - to flee to the ends of the world, so as not to see it.

They simply do not know how to behave in such a situation, what to do. If comfort does not help, the man can only ignore the crying woman. Then until the end of his life they will accuse him of indifference.

Do not make scandals, do not show your tears, take pity on your man. Otherwise, he will find you a replacement that will not manipulate him with tears.

8. Do not whine

We are talking about the endless complaints and moralizing that women love so much. At first glance, this is a very effective method to achieve everything you want. If for a couple of weeks it’s sounded that “a friend has a new fur coat, and I’ve been in a jacket for three years,” the man will give up and buy the coveted new thing. A couple more weeks of whining, and you buy tickets to Italy.

Do not use this method. Perhaps at first he will work, but then your man will run away. Use other methods and forget about nagging, unless of course you want to maintain a relationship.

7. Do not put a man on a diet

Men love slender women, but most of all they love food. If you want to lose weight, then do it discreetly. Most guys need a girlfriend who agrees to go to the pizzeria during a night walk. A man will be offended if he buys ice cream or sweets for his beloved, and she says that she is on a diet.

Allow yourself small weaknesses. No need to show your beloved how joyful you are to eat salad leaves and drink them with kefir. He will feel in danger.

Moreover, never put a man on a diet out of solidarity. He will run away from you at the first opportunity to one that may not differ in perfect forms, but it will cook deliciously.

6. Do not make serious talk about relationships

When a woman tells a man: “We need to seriously talk,” he wants to fall through the ground. Indeed, a frightening start to the conversation. Men do not understand why there is talk of a relationship.

You can talk endlessly, discuss who is to blame, but that will not change anything. He has his own point of view, his own ideas about ideal relationships. If they do not coincide with yours, there is only one way out - let him go and not suffer.

If you want to talk, start voicing your complaints right away, and don’t forget to suggest various solutions to the problem. So, at least, the man does not have time to be afraid. To be honest, most talk about relationships is pointless. You will not be able to remake your partner, so is it worth trying.

5. Do not forbid a man to have fun

Don’t worry, this is not about parties until the morning and drinking with friends on weekends, although this can also be allowed occasionally. Surely, your beloved loves football or fishing, is fond of computer games or watching action movies.

Do not criticize his hobbies and do not forbid him to rest. Of course, if his hobbies negatively affect your relationship, if he devotes all his free time to them, it’s worth talking.

And if he wants to spend Friday evening watching football, do not make a hurt face and do not say that you wanted to watch a love melodrama together. Let the man relax, he will rest and agree to any of your conditions.

4. Do not control

Constant calls with questions: “Where are you?” And hundreds of SMS will annoy anyone. Do not try to control your man. This is an adult who is responsible for his actions, he is free to do what he wants.

If you think that in this way, you can hold it, you are deeply mistaken. If a man wants to go "to the left," he will do it. Control will not help.

Do not read his SMS or correspondence on social networks. You can only decide on this if there is other evidence that your husband is lying to you. But in this case, you are unlikely to want to maintain a relationship.

3. Do not deny proximity

No one asks you to jump to bed at the first request of a man. If you feel bad or very tired, he will understand everything. But failures should not be systematic.

Most people still believe that men need sex more than women. If you want to save your marriage, forget about this nonsense. Women need sex no less. Only they all depend on their mood.

If your husband is in no hurry to arrange romantic dates, tell him directly about his desires. Be sure he won’t refuse, and your sex life will become much richer and brighter.

2. Do not give him nicknames

Many couples prefer to use “pussy” and “bunny” instead of names. If this is your case, make sure that the man does not mind. If a loved one agrees to be “sun” or “pusey,” then you can call him that, but only at home.

No nicknames in public, especially in the presence of work colleagues or subordinates. Otherwise, your husband will be the object of ridicule.

To be honest, many men prefer to be called by name even at home. They agree to nicknames to please their beloved. Show your man that you respect him, call him by name.

1. Show love

Everyone needs signs of attention, in love. Even if it seems to you that your husband is a serious man whom tenderness does not tolerate, most likely you are mistaken. Give him your love, he will carry you in his arms.

Do not arrange jealousy scenes, do not run away to mom at the first opportunity. Scandals, quarrels and violent reconciliation - this is not what your man needs. Provide him with a "safe haven." He will gladly return to the house where they love and wait.

How to keep a man for life

Always stay attractive. But do not confuse natural data and forms with grooming. It is a well-groomed woman who always remains attractive,

Male nature is polygamous. They are, in fact, males, which must impregnate a large number of females. They so want. Therefore, the task of women is always to remain different and unique. Female representatives have a unique gift: you are actresses. So play a new role every day,

Do not hide the interest of other men in you. Let your chosen one see this and know about it. For men, what is liked and aroused by the interest of people like them is always attractive. Like other men, then you don’t have to think about how to keep a man,

Get rid of claims against a man. Well, what kind of men can be a complaint, if most of them are like adult children. But you know this, but others do not need to know this, so try to raise the authority of your man in the eyes of the environment. Over time, he will begin to conform to this image,

The role of an excellent lover was not ruled out. Try to maintain your physical fitness all the time, read books on flirting, watch various films about love and sex - do not lose your skills. Act like you seduce him all the time

Be a real mistress. It’s not necessary to have a mountain feast every day, but spoil it with your favorite dishes a couple,

If you are truly a couple, then you must have common interests. Do not give them up in view of their domestic chores. Do it together

Do not try to impose your opinion on the man, as the only true one, to control him during business hours with calls and SMS. Men, like wet soap, a little squeeze and slip out. Create an illusion for him as if he is free and enjoy your freedom at this time.

How to keep a decent man forever

Try to look very good almost constantly. The representative of the stronger sex, well-known for his eyes. Just don’t need to stick a huge amount of makeup on yourself. Men love natural and well-groomed girls.

Want to keep a man? Then understand his hobbies. Ask him what he does in his free time from work or study and what his hobbies are. Try to support his interests and, if necessary, take an interest in the same.

Learn to play checkers and chess, watch football with him, if he has a great attachment to these events. This will bring you much closer, because he will notice that you have a large number of common interests.

Be a mystery to him. Do not tell him anything about your past personal life until he asks about it. And even if he asks, then do not try to tell everything in small details, it is likely that in your lifestyle he will understand that for so long he was looking for not such an ideal representative of the fairer sex as you. It is not at all necessary to tell him about your ex-boyfriends, and moreover, you should not blame him for doing something wrong like them.

For some specific time, remain impregnable for him to keep the man. Representatives of the stronger sex do not really like easily accessible women. If you really liked the young man - wait with having sex, if you want to stay with him for a long time. Extend your romantic time: dates, night walks under the moonlight, kiss.

With your own comprehensiveness, hit the young man. For example, go diving, sign up for karate or start collecting something. Tell him about all your hobbies and he will definitely appreciate it.

Make your every meeting unforgettable. After all, not only representatives of the stronger sex are obliged to surprise women, but of course, vice versa. Don’t be embarrassed to present an ordinary trinket on a love theme, try to compose and read a verse, try to surprise with something special.

Make it clear to him that only with you will he gain truly true happiness. With all this, you will give yourself the answer to the question that has worried you for so long: "how to win and keep a man."

Understand the essence of the problem

To begin with, I would like to understand the nature of the question. Many girls are puzzled by how to keep a man, but units (and this, I must say, very wise and reasonable persons) decide to start thinking about the situation. After all, if the missus begins to move away, there is a reason for this. Not always logical, sometimes offensive and unreasonable, but it is. It is unlikely that the guy will voice it himself, although such honest, sincere instances are found. But if he is silent or dodges the answer, then before keeping the man, it will be necessary to solve this riddle.

Maybe the reason lies precisely in the girl. But her young man as a gentleman does not want to offend his chosen one. In any case, for starters, it's worth talking to him. Unobtrusively, softly. You can start approximately as follows: “I began to notice that something strange was happening in our relationship. Maybe it only seems to me, and I will be happy if I'm wrong.” And then you can already express your guesses. Already after his answer, it will be possible to think further. If a young man confirmed his fears and said that he was not happy with it, then he should act in a certain, concrete direction. Of course, it may be unpleasant to hear the reason, but what to do, few people love the truth. But the truth will be clarified, and this is a plus. But if the guy does not say anything, keep silent or answer what you really thought would be more difficult. Most likely, he simply does not want to talk about it. But it’s difficult to deceive a woman’s instinct. So you have to think for yourself, just like solving a problem. Well, how to keep a man?

Communication and psychological problems

It is no secret to anyone that often problems in relationships arise due to misunderstanding, disrespect, scandals, quarrels and abuse. And in many cases, all this, oddly enough, has no ground under it. Perhaps your young man is too jealous and he began to cool down because he “cheated” himself. No guy wants to feel cheated, all the more so to think that they cheated on him.

Well, even if it’s not, you’ll have to come to terms with this character trait of your beloved and do everything possible to avert suspicions: often be there, answer the phone with names, tell him who is calling, who is writing, etc. .d. Well, if there is no such possibility, then how to keep a beloved man in this case? Only one way is to constantly prove your love.

Of course, it is not suitable for every girl: pride, self-esteem, etc. can become the reason. However, when it comes to love, you can certainly give them up. In words, actions - whatever. In the end, the man will understand that you are truly loyal to him, and will stop rolling quarrels and scandals based on vain suspicions. Of course, an immediate result should not be expected, but gradually the problem will be solved. The main thing is to do everything sincerely and from the heart. Guys feel it. And they believe.

Saving Relationships

Entire books are written about how to conquer a man and keep him. Why? Because every girl knows that attracting a guy’s attention is not so difficult, but making it so that he stays with her forever is more difficult. They say that a man is like a ball. If a girl releases him from her hands, then he will dissolve. And vice versa.

You need to remember that you have to sacrifice something. After all, for a loved one, you can go for almost anything. Devote as much time as needed to him, sometimes to put at the expense of his interests and hobbies, communication with other people and other activities. In general, give all of yourself to him. But it’s important not to live in pink glasses and perceive reality as it is. You need to pay attention to everything that happens in a relationship. Otherwise, you may miss some very important detail. In order to maintain relationships, you must constantly analyze them.

Novelty and freshness in a relationship

Monotony is annoying. This is known to all. Everyone constantly wants something new. And if a girl can satisfy this desire with some pleasant purchase, then the guys most often solve the problem in a different way: they are looking for novelty in a relationship. And God forbid it would occur to him to find another girl. In addition, the conquering instinct will still be included. A new entertainment is to try to get another girl. Let even for a while, then to return to your beloved. For some (not for all, of course) guys this is absolutely normal. But for a loving girl - a real punishment and pain. How to keep a man who considers the above described normal? Not so difficult.

You need to increase your importance in the eyes of your boyfriend. The way in which this can be achieved is not suitable for all men, it should be noted immediately. You can denote them like that - jealous hunters. These are not those who will tear off the head of anyone who comes closer to his lady of the heart closer than a kilometer. These are the guys who like that their sweetheart attracts the attention of other men. Such behavior seems to say: "You have a great taste, you know a lot about women, you are lucky that she is yours!" A similar situation can be provoked, ask a friend to play along.

Still need to remember the desire for novelty. You can just go and change. Surely the girl knows what attracts her boyfriend in the fair half of humanity. Moreover, changes can be both external and internal. You can reconsider your character: to strengthen or weaken some qualities. Make your look more confident, convince yourself of your own uniqueness, become stronger, more independent, more bitchy. Of course, it is best if these changes appear after some separation (for example, we have not seen each other for a week or two). Это будет логичнее, чем то, если бы и он и она заснули вместе в одной постели, а спустя восемь часов девушка внезапно проснулась с другим характером.

В общем, стоит подумать об этом. На самом-то деле ответ на вопрос о том, как влюбить и удержать мужчину, крайне прост. Нужно просто стать той девушкой, которую он никогда не устанет любить.

Вернуть себе ценность

Если говорить о том, как удержать мужчину, нельзя не отметить вниманием такой пункт, который условно можно обозначить как страх потери. You can try to hold your lover in some tension, make him remember that you are a value. Just not in plain text, of course. This can be done in various ways: starting with the one mentioned above (collecting the admiring glances of other men), ending with the closer-to-further method.

It consists in a certain time to be with him as tender, sweet, loving and affectionate, and then suddenly disappear. Will call - answer dryly and restrainedly, saying: "I can not speak now." Asks for a meeting - come up with a more important matter. But the main thing here is not to overdo it with the deadlines. Half of the day of such a “game” will be enough for some guys, but for the week it will be short. It all depends on the character. Is it possible to keep a man in this way? Quite. As soon as he feels that there is a chance of losing his beloved, the one that values ​​him and belongs only to him, he will have fear and a desire to return everything.

You can also take a deliberate break. Make him bored. Everyone knows that if people too often see each other, then it bothers. Someone begins to feel a desire to take a break from this regime a month later, someone - a year later. If a girl feels that her boyfriend is starting to cool towards her, it's time to "go on a business trip" for a week or two. Because of the "busy work plan" only five minutes a day to talk. “Dear, I'm sorry, it’s really inconvenient for me, but when I get back, we will meet and be sure to make up for the lost! After all, it’s just a fortnight, it's okay,” this final phrase will make him worried. He used to see his beloved every day, and then suddenly such a sharp break. Definitely, a man will be bored. He may not say this, but after "returning from a business trip" the girl herself will feel it.

Mistakes of girls who have lost their heads

Well, there are a lot of ways to return to the former sharpness of relations with your boyfriend. The above is just a minimum. However, how to keep a married man? Unfortunately, a fairly common question. Will a child keep a man who already has a family? The thought, I must say, is crazy. And many girls who have lost their heads from a married man decide on such an act - to get pregnant from him and try to keep his lover with this "joyful" news for him.

This is a fatal mistake. So you can only ruin everything. A married man will understand what he has done (although there is a 99% probability that he will require confirmation, because many decide in such a way to deceive in order to maintain his happiness), and will disappear, giving money for an abortion.

In general, I must say, an affair with a young man who officially has a wife is an ignoble and low-level affair. For a girl, this means being a “fallback.” In any case, even if he fell out of love with his official mate, his wife has more rights to him than you. Most of these novels ended in collapse. Sometimes a wife cannot keep a man as a child, but here the chances are small. There, in marriage, he has stability, a family, perhaps even children, and what he found on the side is most likely just the diversity mentioned above. There is something new. But if the girl decided to adjust the pregnancy, then it is better not to do this. Otherwise, you can remain a single mother without alimony.

Character guys

Many girls, puzzled by how to attract and retain a man, begin to look for answers from the stars, that is, look at the horoscope. Sometimes it can really help. Like it or not, representatives of certain zodiac signs are similar to each other. Of course, for a more accurate solution, you should also know your beloved’s affiliation with the Chinese horoscope, as well as other nuances (starting from the time of birth and ending with your favorite color), but general knowledge is also good. Well, it's worth talking about how to keep a twin man, Taurus and Capricorn.

Let's start with the Twins. What, or rather, who do they like? Beautiful girls who are fun to flirt with. The chosen one should be smart, educated, independent, competent in those areas that concern them, and, importantly, it is necessary that she think outside the box. The girl should also be open and sincere, trust her boyfriend. If we talk about how to keep the twin man, we can say one thing with confidence: he always needs to tell the truth. And do not limit his freedom. The twins hate being banned. Be that as it may, these men are not prone to deep feelings. It must be accepted. So, if you want to keep such a guy, you need to be the most interesting person, constantly improve yourself, develop and surprise him with something new every day. There are no perfect girls for Gemini. For them, there are ideal companions of life - those that will become for them everything: both friend, support and support. With such a lady he agrees to be until the end of his life. By the way, the same can be said about Capricorns. Only they, perhaps more jealous, and intimate relationships play a greater role for them than for Gemini.

Taurus - these persons should be discussed in more detail. Incredibly jealous and forever suspicious of dishonesty, the owner, which can only be kept with love, truth and fidelity, which must be constantly reminded to him. Saying that he is the one and only, the best and most beloved, that no one else is needed, and that even if you were offered 10 million dollars, you would still choose him. This warms the soul of Taurus. If a girl wants a long and happy relationship with him, he will have to love, constantly proving it with words and actions. In general, I must say, Taurus - great loving guys. Only now their feelings and trust must be won. The ones mentioned above. But one thing can be said with certainty: boredom and routine in relations with Taurus will not be for sure. It is an eternal firework of emotions and feelings.

Soft and sensual

Libra and Sagittarius - perhaps the most sensual signs of the zodiac of all 12 existing. Moreover, it is in the sequence indicated. How to keep a Libra man? Simpler than that: you don’t even have to do anything for this if he himself is crazy about his beloved. The fact is that representatives of this sign (both boys and girls) are very vulnerable and emotional, although they try their best to hide it. And since they are great actors, featuring qualities such as cunning and resourcefulness, they do it superbly. But when they remain alone with themselves, this is the most sentimental stream of emotions that can only be.

Moreover, the Libra guy is easy to win, even if he did not pay attention to you before. You need to be active, initiative, with all your might to charm him and show that he is not indifferent to you. Compliments will also not be superfluous, on the contrary, these guys "love with their ears." Libra - these are people who love because they love them. A paradox, but such amazing personalities also exist. So finding a common language with them is very easy. However, do not play them. Despite all their gentleness, openness and sensuality, these people, offended and angry, are capable of strong revenge.

And how to keep Sagittarius? The man of this zodiac sign is also easy to conquer. This is a dreamy person. An emotional guy who loves communication. So, if you want to become his chosen one, you need to become his like-minded person and a reliable partner. Be sure to support his interests, tastes and preferences. If he is a football fan of the Munich “Bavaria”, and you, it turns out, also don’t have a soul in this team, then this sudden fact will significantly increase your value in his eyes. Also, do not forget about softness and tenderness. Sagittarius girl is a refined lady, but self-confident.

Unpredictability and initiative

These are two words that perfectly describe the Aquarius man. With his unexpected actions, he is able to surprise anyone. About how to keep the Aquarius man, you can talk forever. The fact is that these guys are representatives of the most unstable zodiac sign. And if relations have already begun with him, then you will have to realize that this is a game. A very difficult quest in which you have to prove yourself in the same way as in the case of Gemini. With Aquarius it is necessary to be interesting, original, surprising and amazing. For him, a girl is not just a friend and partner. This is an object to study. For Aquarius, it is always necessary to be a secret and a mystery. And when he decides one of them, then you must immediately provide him with another. Aquarius should not be bored in a relationship, because they usually choose extraordinary personalities. If you are, great. If not, you will have to work on yourself, your character, behavior, habits and, possibly, even a way of life.

And how to keep the Virgo man - the man from whom fairy tales can not be expected? Will have to work hard. First you need to accept the fact that the Virgo guy is the one who carefully conceals his thoughts, especially dreams. He is neither romantic nor optimistic. And it won’t become one, so no need to try to change it. Of course, not all Virgos are pedants and realists who think skeptically. However, in their nature, these features are manifested quite often. Why are Virgo guys so attractive? Because they are very caring. And for many girls, this is the main thing. So, if you want to get support in the form of this person, you have to put up with his habit of criticizing everything. And it will be necessary to open to him.


Unfortunately, there are often cases when girls are puzzled by the question of how to keep their loved one near them. And everyone solves this problem in their own way. Some by conversation, which is sometimes quite enough. Others begin to fight, to save relations by all means: changing themselves, their usual way of life, character, appearance, if only the beloved would pay attention to his girlfriend again. Still others let it go, hoping that the problem will be solved by itself. However, be that as it may, do not lose hope. There are no relationships without difficulties. We are all human beings, and sometimes every person has a healthy desire to leave. But in this case, it is necessary to understand the essence of the problem and remember why it all began. Sometimes guys save relationships, sometimes girls, but the main thing here is a mutual desire to maintain shared happiness. Then everything will work out.