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Squee Plie: Technique and Tips


Plie squats - this is one of the few exercises that allows you to get rid of fat on the outer and inner thighs. In addition, it allows you to pump the muscles of this part of the body, as well as the muscles of the buttocks.

This exercise is suitable for both boys and girls, however, it is women who prefer to do it. There are several ways to accomplish it, and which ones and how to do them correctly — you will learn about this from this article.

What muscles work when squatting plie

Many people care about the question, which muscles work when doing this exercise? First of all, the load falls on the muscles of the hips and buttocks. More specifically, these are the gluteus maximus muscles, the muscles of the inner and back thighs, as well as the quadriceps.

They have the main burden. In addition, stabilizing muscles work. These include the back muscles (the square muscle of the lower back, the muscle that straightens the spine) and the calf muscles.

Rules for doing squat plie

To avoid this, the exercise must be performed taking into account these recommendations, which are relevant for both boys and girls:

  • Keep your back straight. You can not tilt it, especially when moving down.
  • If you are doing weight squats, do not lower the projectile too low. Keep it closer to your body.
  • Do not turn your feet too much. Keep them so that you are comfortable doing the exercise.
  • Watch your breath. Squat on the inhale, and straightening on the exhale.
  • Do not move your hands while driving. They should be fixed in one position.
  • At the bottom, the knees should be perpendicular to the feet. They must not be allowed to be not in the same line with each other.
  • If you have problems with balance, then do the exercise while standing with your back to the wall, clinging tightly to it.
  • Do an exercise before exercise.
  • Plie squats are recommended at the very beginning of your classes.
  • Exercise can be performed without weighting, as well as with dumbbells or weights.
  • Keep the muscles of the inner thighs and buttocks in constant tension. Do not let them relax.
  • Do not lower your head. Keep her straight.
  • When moving down the pelvis, take it back.
  • Perform the exercise smoothly, do not jerk it.
  • Do 10-15 reps and 2-4 sets. This amount is recommended for those who want to pump the muscles of the buttocks and inner thighs. If the goal of the training is to rid these parts of the body of excess fat, then the number of repetitions should be 25-50.

Squat Performance

This type of squat is very effective of its kind. That is why so many girls and women who dream of tightening the upper thigh use this exercise. Many men who go to the gym believe that such an exercise is completely useless. But with the correct plie squatting technique, it can be effectively used as a basic exercise in order to increase muscle mass. Or you can make the plie isolated and create an emphasis on the inner surface of the thigh. This area is very important for any woman, because it is the most problematic.

If a woman performs this exercise, then she will be able to achieve the following results:

  1. Tightens the inner thighs.
  2. Rounds the buttocks.
  3. It will work on several muscle groups at once.
  4. Will be able to relieve knee joints.
  5. Improves coordination of their movements.
  6. Will be able to unload his spine.
  7. Will be able to do at home.
  8. Use in training will be absolutely any type of projectile.

Plie exercise may also be suitable for men. If you perform the correct exercise technique, you can significantly develop the large muscles of the lower body, which many male athletes are trying to achieve.

Plie Squat Technique

Since squeezing plie can be done in different ways, then the execution technique will be different for each exercise. Each of them is recommended for both boys and girls. Below, each exercise will be discussed in detail.

Squats without weighting.

Such a squeegee is recommended for girls who dream of giving elasticity to the muscles of the buttocks and inner thighs, as well as those who are just starting to learn it. The main thing is to do it right. The execution technique in this case will be as follows:

  • Spread your legs as wide as possible, turn your socks in different directions. Put your hands on your waist, back and head keep straight.
  • Inhale and squat so that the thigh line “goes” parallel to the horizontal surface, and the knees are perpendicular to the feet. Lock this position for a couple of seconds.
  • Exhale and go back. Exercise do the set number of times and approaches.

Squats with dumbbells.

The recommended projectile weight for girls is 2.5-3.5 kg, for boys from 3.5 kg and above. What parts of the body will get the load? All the same buttocks and inner thighs. The technique for doing squats with dumbbells will be as follows:

  • Take a shell in your hands and hold it on outstretched arms between your legs. Spread your legs as wide as possible, develop your socks in different directions. Keep your head and back straight. Look straight ahead.
  • Take a deep breath and do a squat. The line of the hips should "go" in parallel to the horizontal surface, and the knees and feet should be in the same plane. Lock the position for a couple of seconds.
  • Exhale and go back. Perform the required number of times.

Squats with a weight.

Instead of dumbbells, weights can be used as weights. For girls, the weight of the projectile should be taken less, for boys more, but such that the exercise was comfortable to perform.

The technique of the exercise will be the same as in the previous version.

Squats with dumbbells.

Such a squeegee is also suitable for both boys and girls. To do it, you need not one dumbbell, but two. Each weight must be at least 2.5 kg. The execution technique in this case will be as follows:

  • Take the shell in your hands and hold them in front of you at chest level. Spread your legs as wide as possible, turn your socks in different directions. Keep your head and back straight.
  • Take a deep breath and do a squat. At the bottom, the thigh line should run parallel to the horizontal surface. Lock the position for 2 seconds.
  • Exhale and go back.

Plie squats, if done correctly, will give noticeable results very quickly. Excess fat will disappear from the inside of the thighs and buttocks, and the muscles will become elastic.

Exercise technique

To achieve positive results with squeezing plie, you need to fulfill only one condition - to perform the correct exercise technique.

  1. Feet are shoulder width apart.
  2. Turn the socks 120 degrees.
  3. The back should be absolutely straight and slightly bent in the lumbar region.
  4. We hold the position of the back and do not tilt your head forward, and then slowly begin to squat, taking a deep breath.
  5. At the bottom of the hips should be parallel to the floor.
  6. We linger for a few seconds and exhale, and then return to the starting position, but do not straighten the legs to the end.

The number of repetitions and approaches will depend only on the specific goals of the person. If you need to perform this exercise for weight loss, then training should be carried out with a large number of repetitions. It will be enough 15-20 times for 5 approaches. If you want to gain muscle mass, then wide squats should be performed in the amount of eight repetitions.

Mark necessaryThat exercise technique is not simple. In addition, it is very peculiar. Therefore, you need to make some preparation. To work out all the movements, it is advisable to start without burdens. And when certain skills are gained, and a person feels how his muscles are tightening, then you can already take additional weight inventory. For starters, you can try to do this exercise near the mirror to accurately monitor the location of your back.

Very often, beginners cannot or are embarrassed to hold their spine properly when squatting. The fact is that the buttocks at this moment are laid back, and many newcomers to the gym begin to laugh at this situation. It’s just that you should not pay attention to it and continue to perform the extremely correct technique.

The muscles that are involved in the work

Squee Plie is a type of exercise that develops a person’s strength.. Many believe that such squats can only develop legs, and therefore does not include plie in the basic training. They simply believe that it is not effective enough. But in fact, the exercise can affect the muscles of the thigh, lower leg, back, abs, and, of course, the buttocks.

The gluteus maximus muscle will control the action of the hips during squats. The quadriceps are included in the work together with the knee joints, and the calves will begin to strain when the ankle is connected to the work. In addition, straightening muscles of the spine will contribute to the development of proper posture throughout the course of the exercise. In this process, the adductors of the inner thigh will begin to take a very active part. She will receive a very high load and will be in good shape during the ascent and descent.

Common Mistakes While Exercising

Many beginners, starting to perform such exercises, make the same mistake. Their body always leans forward, but do not forget that the target muscle group is not the back, but the legs. This is especially true for those athletes who use a barbell, dumbbells, but not weights as weights.

To properly complete the exercise technique, you need to understand how muscles work. You should always ensure that the spine does not strain during exercise. Use other equipment to understand the correct technique for doing the exercise.

Useful tips, recommendations

It's no secret that beautiful legs are a powerful weapon of any female, with which they can seduce any man. That is why women are so worried about their legs and do not want to have too developed quadriceps. Ideal for such purposes is plie, which will significantly develop the hips and buttocks. Exercises can be used in a classic version, but if you want to achieve an increase in volume and gain more weight, then this exercise can be slightly modified. Then it will be called "sumo" and slightly different in technique.

In order for the training to be as effective as possible, it is necessary to study the advice of professional athletes regarding the performance of this type of squat:

  1. In order not to strain the knee joints, it is not recommended to straighten the legs at the upper point. This rule must be strictly adhered to in all squats and leg presses that are performed with the feet.
  2. Squat should not be too deep.
  3. When doing a squeeze plie, the back should be kept absolutely flat to avoid spinal injury.
  4. In order to manage to maintain balance, watch your heels and socks - they should never be torn off the floor.
  5. All movements should be absolutely smooth, do not make any jerks.
  6. To increase the load, you can use different types of equipment, for example, weights, dumbbells or weights.
  7. Rest between sets should be no more than 1 minute.
  8. Always control the load, and for this, watch the knees - they should not be reduced or go beyond the line of socks.
  9. To largely work out the gluteal muscles, you can use special supports that are installed under the legs. At home, it can be simple bricks or books. In the gym, special step platforms are used.
  10. To train the ankle, at the top you can additionally climb on toes.

Effective workout

Exercise plie for the buttocks is perfect, but to get tight buttocks and slender legs, you need to know how to train effectively. To make the training as effective as possible, perform the most suitable exercise - plie, and also periodically change it or supplement it. As you know, the exercises that largely train the legs include various types of squats. For girls who want to change the appearance of their buttocks, it is better to perform squats and leg presses. To complement plie squats, you can perform various lunges with extra weight.

Varieties of training

There are several types of training that will work out all the muscles of the lower body.

  1. Deep squat with barbell on shoulders. It is performed in 4 sets of 15 repetitions.
  2. Plie squat with dumbbell - 3 repetitions of 15 times.
  3. Lunge with dumbbells - 3 circles of 15 repetitions.
  4. Reverse hyperextension - three circles twenty times.

Another kind of effective program:

  1. Leg press on the simulator. You must perform 3 repetitions of 15 times.
  2. Squat with dumbbells between the legs (plie) - 3 to 15.
  3. Deadlift - 3 laps of 15 repetitions.
  4. Bend your legs back using weights. Three times in fifteen repetitions.

Plier and Cardio

The day when it is necessary to engage in the development of legs and buttocks, it is best to start with squats. The same rule applies to Plie squats, which will allow you to load all the muscles of the lower body and even the press. If you squat productively, you can get rid of the need to warm up before each type of exercise. Squatting called plie is performed at a fairly intense pace. This is a kind of cardio load, which is able to develop problem areas of the human body.

This exercise is done in such a way as to shift the load from the knee, and therefore the number of repetitions can be very large. Some athletes squat 30 times. If you perform the exercise with a barbell, the back will be heavily loaded, and as you know, women develop leg muscles more than the lower back. That is why in order to deal with your buttocks, it is advisable to use other equipment. You can use weighting materials, a rubber band or an expander.

Required Inventory

The equipment and its weight will greatly affect the intensity and effectiveness of any workout. Pliers are usually performed with dumbbells and a kettlebell between the legs. If the inventory is heavy, then the back will also participate in the work. That is why in order to unload this part of the body and maximize the load on the hips and buttocks, it is advisable to fasten the weight to a special belt, which athletes often use when they are tightened.

Another such exercise can be used with the help of the T-bar. In this case, the load will be very large and you can use even more than a hundred kilograms. But such heavy weights should be used only by professional athletes who have been going to the gym for several years.

If we talk about beginners, it’s too early for them to do this, especially fragile girls who are strictly forbidden to lift more than 100 kilograms should take this into account.


Before you begin to engage in any type of physical activity, you must consult your doctor. Those people who have problems with the spine, knees, hip joint, as well as varicose veins and other similar diseases, you must first consult with a specialist, and only after that start training if permission is given.

If there are no health problems, but during the exercises you still feel some discomfort, you need to pay special attention to the correct technique. It is very possible that the exercise is simply not performed according to the rules, and this can greatly damage the body. If you perform the wrong exercise technique with large weights, then you can not achieve a positive effect, but get sprains, tearing of ligaments and muscles, as well as fractures.

And in no case do not try to immediately carry out the exercise with a lot of weight. Most likely, the technique in the first training sessions will be far from ideal, and therefore the use of significant weights will lead to serious injury to the legs or spine (if you deal with the barbell). In the first lesson, you need to go to the coach and ask him to show all the nuances of the plie exercise. And also ask him to follow you during the first attempt, and then indicate errors.

It should be done correctly, and only then the positive effect will come in the shortest possible time..

Plie squats. What, why and why?

I don’t know where it comes from, but recently in gym / fitness rooms more and more young ladies have been sticking to men trainers for mixing / raising legs. I already said in the note [leg reduction in the simulator] that I think about such a massive grazing of girls around this iron machine. Если сказать в двух словах, то да, тренажер имеет место быть в Вашей тренировочной программе мышц внутренней поверхности бедра, но не как основной, а как вспомогательный. Мне же все чаще наблюдается совсем другая картина – дамы прорабатывают приводящие/отводящие мышцы только на нем.I don’t know why this is happening, either the trainers recommend it as extremely effective, or it’s just smeared with honey there :), or ... substitute your option. In general, the fact remains that the simulator is extremely popular among women.

With this note, we will try to throw one more stone into the garden of the expediency of using the “summary machine”, and we will do this by analyzing an exercise such as a squat.

For better assimilation of the material, all further narration will be divided into subchapters.


The inner thighs. It is she who is problematic in many ladies, and it is on her degree of fit that the appearance (so to speak, watchability) of the legs depends. And the latter is a weighty argument in bringing up a man, so you need to monitor the functionality of this muscle group.

So, doing plie squats you get the following benefits:

  • slender and fit (like ballerinas :)) inner thighs,
  • the development of muscle strength in the lower body,
  • more rounded buttocks,
  • the ability to work out a large number of muscles at once,
  • removal of excessive load / tension from the joints,
  • the ability to unload the spine by abandoning squats with a barbell on your shoulders,
  • the opportunity to engage while in an interesting position,
  • the opportunity to train at home,
  • better pelvic blood circulation
  • variability of execution and use of different types of projectile,
  • improved coordination.

Women have more strength in their legs than in the lower back, so you should not overload it by doing squats with a barbell on your shoulders and relatively large weight, in the hope of better “nurturing” the buttocks.

Practical tips

To get the most out of your exercise, follow these tips:

  • keep your back straight throughout the movement and the projectile close to your body,
  • do the exercise smoothly and without jerking,
  • U-turn under 45 degrees is purely conditional, the feet should be placed as much as the flexibility of the body allows without breaking the technique, so that you are comfortable and convenient,
  • inhalation is performed in the eccentric part of the movement, exhalation is performed on effort,
  • hands should be stationary in this exercise and should not “walk”,
  • knees should not extend beyond the feet,
  • if you have any difficulty maintaining balance, then do plie squats, leaning your back against the wall,
  • knees should not be reduced, but should go to the sides (work like scissors),
  • the exercise is better to put at the beginning of the training, and before it 5-10 minutes of warm-up
  • recommended number of repetitions per set from 10 before 15,
  • in addition to dumbbells, you can use weights as weights or just your own weight,
  • proper execution should cause a burning sensation of the quadriceps, the inner surface of the thighs and buttocks,
  • do not lower your head down and do not look at your legs, it is better to turn sideways to the mirror and fix each stage,
  • at the top of the movement do not block / do not lock your knees,
  • each repetition can be supplemented by lifting on socks to work out the calf muscles.
  • for greater depth of gray hair and accentuated study of the buttocks, you can use the step platform under each of the legs.

As you can see, the exercise is not seven spans in the forehead, but requires taking into account many small nuances, strict adherence to which guarantees the maximum effect.

Actually, I have everything, it’s not very short, but it’s tasteful :), we’ll summarize and round out.


The final technical note of this year came to an end, today we talked about plie squats. I am sure that now all the ladies will get taut and slender legs and will stack our brother in stacks on a pile!

Well, something like this, until we meet again!

PS. Do you use this exercise in your training program or do without it?

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With respect and appreciation, Protasov Dmitry.

What muscles work?

Plie Squats - polyarticular An exercise that develops the strength of all the large muscles in the lower body.

  • Gluteus maximus controls the movement of the hips when you lower and rise.
  • Quadriceps (muscles of the anterior surface of the thigh) exercise movement in the knees.
  • Caviar control movements in the ankle joints.
  • Muscle bark allow you to keep your back straight throughout the movement.
  • Muscles of the inner thigh (adductors / leads) take an active part and get a powerful “conditionally isolated” load.

Result: Pros and Cons

What give:

The main difference between this type of wide squats from others is the additional load on the adductors of the thigh, our traditionally problematic female zone - the inner part of the thigh. By the way, an additional exercise for the development of these particular muscles is mixing legs in the simulator sitting. In addition, the load is received by the large, medium and small gluteal muscles. Those. there is a comprehensive study of the muscles of the legs, hips and buttocks.

This exercise contributes to development. hip joint flexibility, which in principle is very important for a quality and deep squat. So if you have any difficulties with doing squats, feel free to include plie squats in your training program!

Improvement of blood circulation in the lower body. This affects both the condition of the skin and the health of the pelvic organs.

Variability. You can do squats with a wide setting of legs with a barbell, dumbbells at the legs, kettlebell, bag, etc. They are great for home leg training.

    Exercise technique more difficultthan classic squats. In order to correctly make a wide squat, without bringing the knees in, at least basic physical preparation is required.

The load on the knee and hip jointswho are not in the most familiar position. In ordinary life, as a rule, we don’t have to squat with legs wide apart.

Technique: how to do it right

This exercise seems easy only at first glance; ladies often make mistakes that negate all the positive effects of its implementation. So, we must admit that it is almost impossible to do it with a bar, which means we will learn the technique of doing dumbbells and weights for girls and men (the rules are the same for everyone):

Stand straight, statically strain press and pick up a dumbbell with a grip on top of the pancake (at the base). Put your legs wider than your shoulders, bend your knees slightly and spread your feet outward (approximately to the corner 45 degrees) Place a dumbbell or kettlebell between your legs. This is your starting position.

As you inhale, begin to get carried down, slowly bending your knees. In the hip and knee joints you will have bending. Lower yourself until your hips are are parallel floor and if stretching is allowed, then lower. Take your time.

In the negative phase (when you sit down), the squat speed should be slow (time reference is 3-4 seconds). After do not get up right away, feel good stretching adductors, only after this, on exhalation, bring the body into the PI, pushing the heel off the floor. Repeat the specified number of times.

Note: knees should not be reduced, but should go to the sides (work like scissors), the body should be in strictly upright. No need to try to “take away” the backside. It is better to stand sideways to the mirror and look behind the buttocks, they should not go too far back or "protrude" forward.

Proper execution should cause a burning sensation of the quadriceps, the inner thighs and buttocks.

The most important point is the depth of the squat. Remember the lower you go down, the more your buttocks and thigh biceps will work. However, be careful and watch your knees - if you feel discomfort in them, you should slow down. For a greater depth of gray and accentuated study of the buttocks, you can use the step platform under each of the legs.

Pay attention to the fact that don't straighten your knees completely. It depends on whether the knee joints will get excessive load.

The Bone Broad does not recommend performing a plie-style squat in Smith or with a barbell: it will be very difficult even for a very well-coordinated person. The safest and most convenient option - with rubber bands:

The main nuances

  1. keep your back all the way straightand the shell is close to the body. Throughout the exercise, your back should be bent in the lower back. In no case can you round her. In order for the back to be straight - it is important to look forward and slightly up, as if at a person who is taller than you by your head. Don’t push your head too far or lower it down - you’ll lose your balance,
  2. better turn sideways to the mirror and fix each stage,
  3. do exercise smoothly and without jerking,
  4. a 45-degree turn of the feet is purely conditional, the feet should be placed as much as the body’s flexibility allows without breaking the technique so that you were comfortable,
  5. inhalation is performed in the eccentric part of the movement, exhalation is performed on effort,
  6. hands should be stationary in this exercise and should not “walk”,
  7. knees should not extend beyond the feet,
  8. if you have difficulty maintaining balance, then do pli squats, leaning back against the wall,
  9. knees should not be reduced, but should go to the sides (work like scissors),
  10. the exercise is better to put at the beginning of the workout, and before it perform 5-10 minutes warm up,
  11. in addition to dumbbells can be used as weights weights, pancakes,
  12. at the top of the movement do not block / do not lock your knees,
  13. each repetition can be supplemented lifting on socks to work out the calf muscles.

Sumo is the best squat technique for girls: it doesn’t matter with a dumbbell, barbell or in Smith. Exercise sumo squats are an option for doing squats with a barbell, the differences are only in technique (or rather in the setting of legs - in sumo legs are wider than shoulders, while the socks are turned to the sides.) How wide can you spread your legs apart, you can figure it out this way: standing straight, spread your arms to the sides so that the shoulders are perpendicular to the torso, and mentally lower the vertical projections - these will be the places for setting the feet in wide rack.

What muscles work in sumo squats:

The meaning of the exercise is to shift the load to a greater extent on the legs and buttocks. If in classic squats with a barbell, the back plays a significant role, especially when you are standing, then sumo technique allows you to turn off your back. In any embodiment, the exercise is basic and involves many muscle groups and joints.

Replace classic barbell squats (which, incidentally, is much better and safer to develop your buttock), sumo-style squats are not recommended, the most preferred option is microperiodization. For example, you can do sumo in one week, and in another classic, or during heavy leg training you can do sumo, and during light classic.

The fact is that sumo squats allow you to use heavier weights - the amplitude of movement is shortened, so it is easier to increase the load in this exercise.

This technique has"Pelvic" style. Read more about the technique of performing sumo for girls in the article “The perfect squat for buttocks and elastic buttocks”.

Very often, ladies in pursuit of the “backlog” of priests as far back as possible, begin to lean forward. The result is not squats, but tilts with a barbell on bent legs. So be very careful and carefully monitor your position during the squat.

Many people confuse the sumo squee and the plie, not seeing the differences between them and the special difference that exists, although not too noticeable at first glance.

primarily in load, which is experienced by the inner surface of the thigh - with pli, it is more than with sumo.

in the technique:plie requires strictly vertical position of the body, and when sumo the back is tilted forward, and the pelvis is laid back, i.e. an impression of a person sitting on a chair.

in the setting of the legs: Sumo squats involve a slightly less wide leg setting.

in working weight: sumo squats let you work with big weights.

in safety: the position of the hip joints when squatting plie is unnatural and traumatic under load. So that plie with a heavy load can not. If you want to build up the meat on the inner surface of the thigh, it’s safer to do sumo squats as the main exercise with a lot of weight, and leave the squeegee with a small working weight to leave “for snack”.

Useful video exercise techniques - how to do sumo: