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Not enough money for a living


A family is built not only on love, but also on such trifles as the need to plan a budget. Although in modern realities this is not such a trifle. Quite often, families, especially young ones, have problems associated with financial planning. Debts are growing, spending cannot be controlled, which causes stress and often constant quarrels. This can be avoided by a competent economic approach.

Why are you having problems with your family budget?

Many families let their financial situation drift. We got a salary - we spent most of it right away, but as a result, there is no money left at the end of the month. Someone takes loans, and then realizes that there is not enough money to return him. Lack of financial literacy - and the family is not able to cope with the constant lack of funds.

Family Budget Issues

Errors in finances arise for the following reasons:

Inability to plan spending. This is the main problem in the family budget, since with a competent approach you can live and have a low income.

Buying unnecessary things, which then lie at home and no one uses them.

Unreasonable loans.

Only one family member has the money, and he completely disposes of it, not knowing how to do it competently.

It is not customary in the family to discuss money, financial goals, planning.

Laziness. It is not only the reason for low earnings, but also the unwillingness to review its financial situation and take it into its own hands.

No spending limits set.

Reassessment of their capabilities - money is spent in unlimited amounts, sometimes even with debt.

Irresponsible attitude to personal funds.

In order to solve the problems associated with finances, you will have to make efforts and reconsider your views on family spending.

How to fix a situation with a lack of money in the family

To rectify the situation, all family members will have to change their attitude to money. The budget can be shared, and all members of the social cell should take part in planning. Children should also be involved, because they need to learn financial literacy as early as possible in order to effectively manage their money in the future.

The main stages and methods:

1. Sit down at the discussion table. We must choose a time when all family members will be at home. It is important to convey to everyone the need to review the current situation and learn how to plan their expenses.

2. Add up all household incomes and paint them on paper. For these purposes, it is better to use a table. Any trifles should be taken into account.

3. To describe all the expenses: rent, loans, food, clothing, entertainment.

4. Make it a rule to record all your expenses every day, up to the fare. You will be surprised, but when writing down expenses, it will immediately become noticeable how much superfluous and useless is acquired, and what you can easily refuse.

5. Plan expenses so that at the end of the month there remains some amount that you will save.

6. Live within your means. If you have 500 rubles left in your wallet, then you do not need to spend them on expensive cosmetics or food in a restaurant.

Many economically competent people recommend saving 10% from each salary. The amount is quite real, it will not require a strong cost reduction, but there will always be money in stock.

Debt should be disposed of first. Unfortunately, almost every third family has loans and debts on rent. First of all, you need to pay attention to them. To successfully cope with the problem, you will have to reduce current expenses. See what you get too much? Perhaps you like to order food at home, to buy in expensive stores, to relax "on a grand scale", forgetting about the need to save.

Any family should have an inviolable amount. It’s better to put money in a bank account and add a little to it. Now banks offer savings accounts, some even with an increase in income - it is worth paying attention to this option.

In whose hands should family money be

Here are the options:

Finance is managed by one person.

Managed by all family members.

Both options have pros and cons. If only one person has money, others have limited access to it. It is good if the main person is financially literate. If he owns the budget and spends it without limits, problems cannot be avoided. In this case, it is worth striving for joint planning.

If money is available to everyone, then they are spent, as a rule, without restrictions. There are also options here:

The budget is total.

Every man for himself.

In any case, you should provide for the general costs of rent, debt and food.

The restriction on spending does not arise just like that. Tight control is required, and first of all, within each person. It is important to understand that money must be handled carefully and reasonably. Money is a way of obtaining certain benefits, it is not a goal, but an assistant for life. They must be treated with care and respect, and then there will always be prosperity in the family.

Financial problems in the family

Financial problems in the family make themselves felt already from the first years of marriage. When not enough money for a living, then on this basis conflicts in the family are inevitable. There are frequent cases where financial difficulties cause divorce in the family. Parents help many newlyweds, they cannot cope without them. But this parental help can oppress young spouses. Instead of helping parents, or giving them a present, young people expect help from them.

At the birth of a child, the lack of money affects stronger

Financial problems in the family become more acute when the first child is born in the family. The mathematical calculation is simple. Instead of two salaries, one becomes. And instead of two family members - three. Revenues are falling sharply, while spending is skyrocketing. Child allowance is much less than the salary of a woman in the family.

But, despite this, almost all parents are happy about the birth of the baby and this is correct and natural. No financial difficulties overshadow the love of the child. When the second child is born in the family, strangely enough, financial difficulties are easier to bear. Perhaps this is due to the maternal capital that the family receives when the second child is born. Or, perhaps, parents already have the necessary experience in planning the family budget and they spend on what is really necessary for the family.

When a child goes to kindergarten, the family becomes financially easier. But, still may not have enough money for a living. Firstly, it is very difficult to arrange a child in a kindergarten. Secondly, you need to teach your child to kindergarten. And during the adaptation of the child, he often gets sick. And parents are forced to take sick leave to care for the child. And sick leave is also a blow to the family budget. In addition, medicines cost money and are very large, while a sick child needs to eat well, vitamins, fresh fruits are needed.

The problem of lack of money is especially relevant for young families

Many spouses calculate their financial balance. In the left column, they record all the expenses they make during the month. This includes food, utility bills and a mortgage (relevant for most young families), kindergarten fees and others. In the right column are incomes, these include salaries and various social benefits, parental assistance, etc. And such situations are frequent when the column "expenses" exceeds the column "incomes", i.e. money for a living is sorely lacking.

In addition, in addition to natural needs, such as food, clothing, young people have a need for entertainment and travel, for outdoor activities. And you cannot do without it, because youth is youth for that. Going somewhere on vacation, trips are very expensive, and going savages will also take a lot of money for equipment and the road itself, for gas, if you go by car. Not everyone can save up money for the trip. And, for many, the only way to go somewhere is with a bank loan. But then you have to give it away, and this is an additional increase in the column "expenses".

Of course, one can argue that rest in the country is no worse than on the seashore. But, firstly, the cottage also needs to be purchased, and this is a lot of money. And, secondly, going abroad is not only the sea. This is an opportunity to see the world, expand your horizons, learn a lot of new and interesting things about our world, get acquainted with the culture of different countries. And you can go to the cottage on weekends to rest.

Another of the needs, probably the most important, is the need for housing with the created new family. And this need certainly can not be attributed to excesses. No matter how good the relationship with the parents of the husband and wife is, it is rarely possible for anyone to live under the same roof for a long time. Need a separate living space. For most young families, the only way to get it is to take a mortgage from a bank. As a rule, this is a large amount for many years (10-25) and monthly mortgage payments can make up a significant part of the family budget.

What to do if there is not enough money in the family?

Financial problems in the family put a lot of pressure on the young spouses. The society is so unfairly arranged that it is young people who need money to start a family and they just don’t have enough money, and they need them not in ten years, but now, while they are young. Indeed, young people have the most needs, and salaries are often small. How can we get out of this situation?

There are two ways to go. The first way - you can paint the family budget to the smallest detail and not go beyond its scope. The second is to look for additional opportunities for earning. The second way, of course, is preferable and more correct. It’s better not to save money, but to earn money. But it requires more energy, diligence and organization from young people. You can go to another, more paid job, you can get a part-time job, you can "hobble" in your free time.

Which way to go, everyone chooses for himself. Someone is happy to depend on their parents, someone continues to complain about life and financial problems in the family, and someone takes control of the situation and starts to earn more. How many people, so many lines of behavior. Still, the main obstacles to financial viability are laziness and indecision. And financial well-being is an important factor in creating a happy family. Therefore, young people need to analyze all the options about where and how to find additional sources of income.

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