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The banking sector cannot be called simple, but, despite this fact, it is very profitable and attractive. The main limitation is the presence of significant experience and specialized knowledge, as well as a huge amount of investment.

A close examination of the peculiarities of the Russian legislative sphere allows us to conclude that a simpler and faster option is to purchase a ready-made and working bank than to open a new one that requires all necessary permits.

Format options

Currently, the range of banking services is very popular, which attracts more and more new entrepreneurs in this area. Before starting to open your own institution, you need to decide what direction it will have:

  • Market banks, the main activity of which consists in the establishment and maintenance of interbank relations. Most of their assets consist of finances raised from other credit organizations. They are based on speculative finance, for example, securities.
  • AT credit institution, based on its name, the main part of the asset consists of borrowed funds.
  • Estimated the bank practices service for its customers (by the way, they don’t have to have a lot of clients, often just one, but large one).
  • The biggest group is retail organization. They are engaged in the provision of various services in the field of finance, combine the features of each other type and therefore are the most versatile and universal.

You can watch an interesting interview about organizing such an activity with its owner in the following video:

Description of the enterprise

We can assume the opening of this financial institution, the so-called middle level. There are five types of banks:

  • retail
  • credit
  • settlement
  • market
  • interbank financial institutions.

Each of these types has its own specifics. In order to make a choice, you need to know a brief description of each option.

So, let's start with a credit bank. Assets in it are based on the debts of their customers, and liabilities on their own funds. In settlement, the main emphasis is on settlement and cash services for all of its customers. Regarding the market type, it can be said that securities prevail in its assets, and liabilities, as a rule, are formed from their own funds. A retail bank, for example, is distinguished by the fact that there is diversification of assets and the widest range of financial services.

Interbank financial structures - these are banks that are characterized by profit from interaction with other similar financial organizations.

Currently, there are a huge number of banks of the fourth type. To open, it is necessary to register a closed joint-stock company, as well as obtain all the necessary documents and permits.

The main ones are:

  • General license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to carry out such activities,
  • certificate of the Russian State Assay Chamber on registration,
  • Mandatory permission of the State Customs Committee.

Main structural units

The Guarantee and Credit Department prepares the necessary materials for the Credit Committee, conducts various preparatory work, and much more. Also, this department successfully interacts with many other bank services for guarantee and credit operations.

FEA Management - performs various functions related to currency control in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The Internal Control Service, for example, operates on the basis of the existing Charter of the Bank, as well as the existing Regulation on the Control Service.

Such a service is entitled to:

  • receive from the required persons all the documents for the audit,
  • establish the conformity of various operations and actions that are carried out by bank employees, internal documents of the bank and much more,
  • to attract, if necessary, employees of other divisions of the bank,
  • make copies of documents received.

This service reports to the Board of Directors known to many at least once a year.

Description of services

Banks, as a rule, provide clients with services such as:

  • maintaining and opening various bank accounts,
  • settlements on behalf of legal entities and individuals,
  • cash services for persons
  • lending services,
  • issuance of various bank guarantees,
  • plastic card service,
  • conducting various depository operations,
  • brokerage operations in the foreign exchange and stock markets, and much more.

Financial plan

In order to open a small bank today you need at least 100,000,000 rubles. As for the average bank, this figure will already be much higher. Nevertheless, its payback period is approximately five to ten years. It all depends on its type. As you can see, after passing through the bank payback mark, you can earn a lot in this area.

Classification of credit organizations

So, you have clearly decided for yourself that you want to engage in this particular type of activity, and also you have a large starting capital. However, before you figure out how to open a bank in Russia from scratch, let's look at the main formats of this kind of business.

Activities today may be as follows:

  1. Market banks. They specialize in establishing and maintaining relationships between various financial organizations. The bulk of the assets in this case is formed from the financial resources of other credit institutions. Earnings in this format of doing business consists of speculative operations, for example, investing in stocks or bonds.
  2. Credit Banks. As the name suggests, they are engaged in the provision of consumer cash loans.
  3. Settlement financial organizations. Provide services to wealthy clients and manage their funds.
  4. Retail cans. The largest group, combining a little from each organization discussed above. Their advantage is versatility and versatility.

Thus, if you want to have your own bank, you first need to decide on the format in which it will operate. Qualified financiers with extensive experience in the financial sector argue that retail organizations are the best option.

Legal Aspects

Let's dwell on this in more detail. As with any other type of business, the implementation of a financial services project begins with registration. This raises a completely logical question of what documents are needed to open a bank. It is immediately worth noting that for such companies, the standard form is an open or closed joint-stock company. As for the classifier of all-Russian products, you should choose the type of activity "Financial services, except insurance and pensions."

After the settlement of all legal formalities, you will need to submit information about the credit organization and its full name to the Main Territorial Administration of your region of residence. This is a very important step, because without written approval there is absolutely no point in issuing a license for the provision of banking services.

Answering the question of how to open your own bank, a few words should be said about the authorized capital. To obtain a license, at your disposal must be at least 300 million rubles in free circulation. When you have written approval in your hands, you need to submit information to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. It is he who makes the decision to allow or prohibit the opening of a credit institution. If your project is approved, then information about the new company is transmitted to the tax office, which will include it in the credit registry. As soon as this happens, you will have only 1 month to deposit funds into the registered capital account.

As for the package of necessary documents, it includes:

  1. Statement.
  2. List of constituent documentation.
  3. Business plan for opening a bank.
  4. The protocol on the constituent assembly.
  5. Receipt of payment of state fees.
  6. Copy of document certifying state registration.
  7. Profiles of employees in senior positions.
  8. Independent company opinion on compliance of financial statements with reality.
  9. A package of documents required to obtain an opinion on compliance with basic standards when making cash transactions.
  10. Document issued by the Federal Antimonopoly Service.
  11. Written consent to open a new credit institution.
  12. Full list of all founders.

The package of documents is standard regardless of the format of the bank you open. In order to speed up the process of launching an institution, it is recommended to take its preparation very seriously, since it requires a lot of time.

Possible list of services

You already know what documents are needed to open a bank, as well as the procedure for implementing the project. Now you must determine for yourself the main direction for activity. The main goal of any financial institution is to increase revenue.

The following methods exist for its implementation:

  1. Increase customer base.
  2. Expanding the range of services provided.
  3. Increase in market share.

The level of competition in the banking sector is very high, so it will be difficult to scale the business. Based on this, the only way out is to provide as many services as possible.

Among the main ones are:

  1. Advice on any financial issues.
  2. Cash flow management.
  3. Brokerage service.
  4. Managing customer investment portfolios.
  5. Insurance services.
  6. The performance of trust, leasing and factoring operations.

Having determined the main working moments for yourself, you can begin to search for the answer to the question of how to open your bank. The step-by-step instruction, which we consider in this article, will help you do everything quickly, as efficiently as possible and without unnecessary problems.

Search for premises

Answering the question of how to open your bank from scratch in Russia, it’s worth it to talk separately about the optimal property in which it will be based. A regular office is not suitable for the successful operation of a financial institution, as they are responsible for the following functions:

  1. Customer service.
  2. Cash operations.
  3. Storage of large cash and material stock.

Based on this, it follows that the room must satisfy a number of criteria that must be taken into account at the stage of construction of the facility and the implementation of repair work. Exterior and interior decoration should be designed in a corporate style, and the layout is carefully thought out and divided into zones. In addition, the building should be technically strengthened, as well as equipped with all modern security equipment and systems responsible for creating a high level of security.

If you have no idea how to open a bank, the requirements that are mandatory for compliance can be studied on the website of such structures as the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Fire Inspection, and Rospotrebnadzor. Each organization has its own criteria for assessing the suitability of the premises in which the credit institution will be located, so it is necessary to carefully study all the regulatory documentation.

Logistics Equipment

If you are thinking about how to open your bank, you should be aware that you will have to work with very large amounts of money every day. This will require specialized equipment and a powerful material and technical base. With its help, you can quickly and accurately calculate cash, sort banknotes at face value, and also verify their authenticity. The market offers a wide range of both individual devices and multifunction devices. In addition, you can not do without ATMs, which must be located in various areas of the city.

It was described in detail above how to open your bank from scratch. However, for its normal and uninterrupted functioning, as well as high-quality customer service, you need to create a team of qualified specialists. The provision of any financial services is a very responsible occupation, requiring maximum concentration and responsibility from employees. Therefore, you should be very serious about hiring and training staff, since even the slightest mistake can lead to large financial losses. Particular attention should be paid to finding employees for managerial positions, since the effectiveness of the entire organization depends on them.

The organizational structure of the bank is determined by its charter, in which information on governing bodies should be detailed. The highest level is the shareholders who meet at least once a year to address the most important issues and determine the future development policy of the company. In addition, you will need to form a qualified staff. How to open your bank so that it works efficiently and stably generates big profits? To do this, you need to form the following units:

  • Credit and audit departments. The first is engaged in the development of new products, and the second monitors the effectiveness of the financial organization.
  • Planning department. Commercial planning, the study of economic indicators, a marketing campaign, public relations, as well as increasing the liquidity of the enterprise.
  • Management of depository operations. Work with clients who want to open a deposit in the bank, manage securities transactions and issue money into circulation.
  • Credit Operations Management. The issuance of short-term and long-term cash loans.
  • Management of international operations. Placement of deposits in foreign currency.
  • Accounting and operational management. Implementation and accounting of operations performed through the cash register.

In addition, the administrative, accounting and legal departments, as well as the personnel service, are also mandatory. Now you have a detailed idea of ​​how to open your bank in Russia. However, here every entrepreneur has a question about how much it will cost to develop and launch a project. The necessary volume of initial investment will be discussed later.

Start-up capital

Let's look at this aspect in more detail. If you decide to open a bank, a business plan should be drawn up even before registration and receipt of all necessary permits. This will allow a realistic assessment of the required financial resources and the feasibility of investments. As mentioned earlier, the minimum authorized capital is at least 300 million rubles. In addition, about two hundred more will be spent on the organization of offices, the creation of material and technical equipment, the development of a security system and the hiring of personnel. It is very difficult to name the exact amount, since it depends on the scale of the business, however, the indicative figures are as follows:

  • legal registration - 50,000,000 rubles.,
  • registered capital - 300000000 rubles.,
  • rental and repair of premises - 50,000,000 rubles.,
  • purchase of equipment and office furniture - 70,000,000 rubles.,
  • marketing - 500,000 rubles.,
  • associated costs - 30,000,000 rubles.

A total of 500.5 million rubles is obtained. This is the minimum amount without which it simply does not make sense to talk about opening a bank. If you do not have these funds, then you can think about attracting additional sources of financing or organizing a credit union.

Break-even deadlines

Payback depends on many factors, the main ones being the financial situation in the city and the state of the country's economy. However, according to experts, with careful strategic planning and good advertising, the funds invested in opening a bank fully pay for themselves on average in 5-10 years. Such a long period is due to the high level of competition in this niche.

General tips and tricks

So, you know how to open your bank. Are there any ways to make it work as efficiently as possible? To compete worthily with other financial organizations, you must do the following:

  1. Create a well-developed infrastructure.
  2. Develop several loan and custody products with favorable interest rates.
  3. Do not charge for maintenance or additional services.
  4. Form a large staff of qualified specialists so that customers are served as quickly as possible.
  5. Create a convenient online banking with a high level of protection.
  6. Install a sufficient number of ATMs.

In addition to all of the above, you should constantly work on the reliability of your financial organization, since this indicator is of most concern to investors.


Undoubtedly, opening a bank is a very long and complicated process requiring large financial investments. However, as statistics show, credit institutions are consistently earning, regardless of seasonality, the state of the economy and other factors, therefore this niche has always been and remains attractive for investment. If you have the required amount of money at your disposal, then feel free to open a bank and you will not regret it.

Necessary documents and the procedure for their receipt

So, first you need to register a business entity. The standard form here is a joint-stock company (open or closed - there are no legislative restrictions). In accordance with OKPD 2 classifier, banking sounds like “financial services, except insurance and pension provision services”.

After completing the registration manipulations, you should generate information about the bank and its full name, and then send the information to Main Territorial Administration (each region has its own). Until the given agency hands over the signed agreement to the newly made entrepreneur, there is no sense in applying for a license.

Also, upon approval, an audit will be made of the financial history of the organization as a whole and of each of its founders individually. And if at least one of the founders decides to hide information about any of his financial transactions, then the possibility of opening will be ruined in the bud.

Now a little about the registered capital. Must have 300 million rubles available funds at the time of obtaining the license. By the way, they have increased the amount recently and quite significantly, before the authorized capital required “only” 180 million.

After the GTU completes its audit, it is necessary to ensure the transfer of information about the newly opened institution in central bank, where each submitted document will be checked at least carefully. The final review authority is Banking Supervisory Committee. It depends on the decision of this structure whether a new commercial organization will open or not.

From this moment, the institution has only 1 month to deposit authorized capital into the account.

The initial standard mandatory package of documents for registration includes the following items:

  • Statement.
  • The list of constituent documents.
  • A carefully planned business plan.
  • Protocol proving that the founders held a general meeting.
  • The document confirming the payment of state. duties.
  • Copies of documents stating that the founders passed state registration.
  • Profiles of candidates for senior positions: director, chief accountant and their deputies.
  • An audit report confirming that the financial statements are reliable.
  • A package of documents necessary for a credit institution to be able to obtain a conclusion that it complies with a number of established requirements when conducting cash transactions.
  • A document issued by the FAS (Federal Antimonopoly Service) and confirming a positive response to the application for consent to the establishment of the institution.
  • Full list of founders on paper.

If you are interested in how to find out the TIN of an organization, read this material.

Possible range of services

The strategic goal of the bank and each of its services is to increase revenue, which can be achieved in several ways:

  • Customer acquisition.
  • The expansion of the market for services.
  • Increased market share.

Currently, the level of competition in the banking market is high enough, therefore, to maintain balance in the organization, a kind of department store must be formed that can provide the client with a full range of services.

The main types of banking services:

  • Consultations. A bank employee must necessarily understand issues such as investments, securities, tax returns, be able to bring information in an accessible form to the client. If the client is a legal entity, then he may need to check the creditworthiness of the new counterparty or help in analyzing marketing opportunities in markets of various sizes - both nationally and globally.
  • Cash flow management: the bank collects payments, makes payments to companies and invests excess cash in short-term securities until the client begins to feel the need for them.
  • The provision of brokerage services when carrying out operations involving securities.
  • Realization of investment services. For example, underwriting, which is a guaranteed placement or purchase of new securities from issuers. At the same time, the purpose of such an acquisition is the subsequent resale to another buyer and income.
  • Insurance. For a long time, banks have been providing credit insurance to a client, which guarantees him the repayment of a loan in case he dies or becomes ill. Actions to provide an insurance policy are carried out through joint ventures or by signing a franchising agreement that gives the insurance company the right to open a kiosk for the sale of policies on the territory of a credit institution.
  • A number of financial services, which in turn consist of trust, leasing and factoring operations. The type of service directly depends on the type of client.

About a suitable room and necessary equipment

The bank cannot be called an ordinary office, although it seems to be such at first glance. It performs several important functions:

  • Customer and visitor service.
  • Cash operations.
  • Storage of significant monetary and material stock.

This implies a number of certain features that must be taken into account during the construction, reconstruction or repair of bank premises.

So, when designing a project, you need to pay special attention to external and internal decoration (the corporate style is a fundamental factor), planning (it is necessary to have a convenient client area and a functional back office) and technical strength in accordance with a number of regulatory requirements (security equipment and an integrated system, providing security).

The main feature of construction is the requirement for mandatory equipment with engineering and technical means, the main purpose of which is protection and safety. The following institutions present their requirements for bank premises: the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Fire Inspection, and Rospotrebnadzor.

The activities of the institution are daily associated with the processing of large amounts of cash, therefore, specialized equipment will be very useful. It allows you to count money, sort it according to face value, and even verify its authenticity. You can purchase several separate devices, as well as one multifunctional unit that can cope with each of the above tasks.

Of course, you can not do without an ATM. By the way, it is desirable that he was far from alone and located in a passable place or in a department.

Work at the bank is a very responsible occupation requiring the observance of criteria such as concentration and quality. Therefore, the selection of personnel requires close attention, especially when it comes to leadership positions. Only a qualified leader can ensure the efficient operation of the company.

The organizational structure of the institution is determined by the charter, which should set out information about the governing bodies, the powers granted to them, the responsibility assigned and the relationship in conducting financial transactions.

Top management is General Meeting of Shareholders. Its convocation should be carried out at least once a year, and an extraordinary meeting can be held at any time, if required by the founders, the board of directors, the audit committee or shareholder. The main tasks of the board include: operational management of banking activities, approval of the regulations on the structural unit, representative office or branch of an institution, as well as the resolution of issues related to the selection and placement of personnel.

The structure of the organizational structure should be a number of units that fulfill their functional purpose:

  • credit and audit departments, each of which deals with solving common issues: the first - the development of credit policy, the second - conducting an external review and evaluation of the organization,
  • planning departmentwhose main tasks are: the organization of commercial activity, the control of such important indicators as liquidity and profitability, economic analysis and the study of customer solvency, as well as marketing and public relations,
  • deposit management: acceptance and issuance of deposits, issue and placement of securities,
  • credit management: the implementation of short-term and long-term lending, conducting non-traditional banking operations, for example, leasing, factoring, etc.,
  • international operations management: foreign currency deposits, provision of a foreign currency loan, etc.,
  • accounting and operational management, consisting of the operational, settlement department and the department engaged in cash transactions.

Staff functions should be performed by the administrative, legal, human resources and accounting departments.

Necessary costs and possible sources

Experts felt that opening your own bank would require at least 300 million rubles. In addition, almost 200 million will be spent on organizing offices, a security system and hiring the necessary staff.

Own funds of the institution can maintain its stability. At the time of opening, they are necessary to cover priority expenses: land, premises, equipment, wages. Subsequently, at the expense of own funds, investments are made in long-term assets.

Own funds of the organization consist of:

  • from share capital,
  • from the reserve and special fund,
  • from insurance reserves,
  • from surplus capital
  • from undistributed profit during the year.

Funds that form the basis of the bank’s resources are contributed by legal entities and individuals - participants (shareholders or shareholders).

Two options for those who want to open a bank

A bank is not only a room where managers and cashiers work, where you can take a loan, get a deposit, transfer money to an account and make another financial transaction.

The banking system resembles an iceberg: the average person sees only its top in the form of a specific organization that works with money.

Everything else - possession of huge cash reserves, various financial transactions, profitable for the bank, exchange rate fluctuations, foreign exchange trading and much more is not accessible to non-financiers and is hidden under water.

Those who have experience in the financial sector and are well versed in market trends, sooner or later begin to think about opening a bank or at least a credit union.

They have two options for starting a business:

  1. Open your bank from scratch.
  2. Buy a bank that is put up for sale as a result of a change of ownership or bankruptcy.

Both the first and second options have advantages, but are not without drawbacks.

For example, opening a bank from scratch is a long and expensive process that can drag on indefinitely.

But you can start a business from scratch, easily earn a good reputation and build a customer base if you conduct business honestly.

By acquiring a bankrupt bank, you get ready-made infrastructure, market entry, experienced employees and clients, but with all this you buy the reputation, debts and obligations of the financial institution that interests you.

Which bank can I open?

Bank is a very broad concept.

We all know that there is a Central (National) Bank, which is engaged not only in financial transactions, but also acts as an adviser to the government, regulates the work of commercial fin. institutions cares about the stability of the national currency.

But commercial banks are free to choose what exactly they want to do.

If you are thinking about how to open your bank, then decide on the scope of your future business.

You can choose among the following options:

  1. Universal.
    It provides all the traditional types of financial services: lending, cash transactions, paying bills, opening deposits, etc.
  2. Investment financial institution.
    Its main task is to search for profitable projects for investment.
  3. Credit financial institution.
    You can apply for any loan: mortgage, for the purchase of a car, household appliances, for other expenses.
    You will earn on a percentage.
  4. Savings financial institution.
    The antipode of credit banks.
    You do not give, but take the money of customers for storage, paying them interest after a certain period of time.
    Earn such banks mainly on the fact that they have the opportunity to invest the money of investors in profitable projects.
  5. Market Bank - works mainly with securities.
  6. An interbank financial structure whose main task is to ensure effective interaction between various credit unions.

Payback period

The financial situation in a city is strongly influenced by the profitability and payback of an institution, but any carefully organized bank pays off in 5-10 years.

The level of competition in this area is very high, but even the presence of a large number of large organizations does not impede the development of small ones. Due to the fact that they provide completely different services, the population feels the need for one and the other.

In addition, it is often necessary to open one's own institution, for example, when it acts as a subsidiary helping to serve the main company. In general, this is a profitable investment, because with such a large-scale project 5 years is a good indicator of payback.

What services can someone who decides to open a bank make money from?

Risk preparedness is the soul of commerce, caution (I almost said “fear”) is the soul of banking.
Walter Bajot

Even at the stage of writing a business plan, you must create a list of services that your financial institution will provide customers with, and on which you can earn.

Almost all banks profit from:

  • opening and servicing bank accounts for individuals and legal entities,
  • cash service
  • issuing loans
  • deposit deposits
  • providing brokerage services,
  • issuing and further servicing plastic cards,
  • money transfer
  • servicing foreign exchange accounts,
  • financial advice and more.

Given the specifics of your bank, create your own list of services.

Your potential profit depends on how competently you do it.

How to open a bank: registration procedure

Owning a financial institution involves a complicated registration procedure and obtaining a special license from the Central Bank.

Experienced entrepreneurs say that serious difficulties can arise with one and the other, therefore they recommend that those who study information on how to open a bank seek the assistance of a professional lawyer, since it is quite difficult to cope with all this independently.

First you need to register as a business entity.

There are no individual entrepreneurs in this case: you must register as a joint-stock company, and whether it is closed or open, you decide.

In the OKPD classifier, your code is 64, which legitimizes the activities of all structures that provide financial services, except insurance and pensions.

After registration, you come up with a name for the bank that you intend to open, and send all documents to the Main Territorial Administration (GTU) of your region.

Make sure that you have a registered capital of 300 million rubles, otherwise it makes no sense to contact GTU at all, since its employees will definitely check your financial viability.

After obtaining the written consent of GTU, please contact the Central Bank with a request to issue you a license.

If the Central Bank agrees to issue a license to you, do not rush to rejoice, as you have yet to obtain the consent of the Banking Supervisory Committee, which allows or prohibits opening a new commercial bank.

If you manage to overcome this bureaucratic step, it remains only to verify that the data on your bank is entered in the register of credit organizations of the Tax Department.

To open a bank, you will need to collect a whole package of documents, hold a meeting of shareholders, have candidates for the positions of the head, chief accountant and their deputies, confirm that the origin of the authorized capital is legal, and also provide a ready-made business plan with specific calculations.

Если открыть банк, то его нужно обязательно рекламировать?

Businessmen asking “How much money is needed to open a bank” should definitely ask how much they will have to invest in an advertising campaign at the stage of starting a business and how much they will have to spend monthly on its promotion.

The amounts obtained are very decent: at least half a million rubles.

You will have to advertise the bank that you decided to open, not only using traditional advertising tools (media, leaflets, banners and posters), but also looking for direct outlets to your potential customers.

For example, you can send managers to large private and state-owned companies to carry out explanatory work among employees: why they should become clients of your bank, what are the advantages of working with you, what are the most profitable offers you have today, etc.

But, before launching an advertising campaign, it is necessary to create competitive advantages that will really interest potential customers.

How to open a bank: competitive advantages

The competition in the banking sector is very great, and although the crisis has slightly thinned the ranks of domestic financial institutions, it is still not easy to find an unoccupied niche.

If you are thinking how to open a bank, then try to attract customers in the shortest possible time.

You can do this in the following ways:

  1. Build excellent infrastructure so that your investors do not have to travel to a single representative office throughout the city.
  2. Offer profitable annual interest on loans and deposits.
  3. Make the service as cheap as possible or completely free.
  4. Hire enough employees so your customers don’t have to stand in line.
  5. Design secure and easy-to-use online banking.
  6. Place enough ATMs around the city or make your depositors cash out without a fee.
  7. Keep your staff as polite as possible with visitors.

But, of course, in addition to servicing and attractive conditions for loans and deposits, the population cares about the reliability of the bank.

A financial institution that has recently opened is not easy to convince people of its reliability, so first you have to attract people with favorable conditions for cooperation.

How to open a bank: calendar plan

In addition to the huge amount of capital investment, you will need a team of like-minded people, because it is quite difficult to realize the plan alone, and starting a business can take an indefinite period.

If you find a good lawyer who will be involved in the registration procedure, a financier - for writing a business plan, a marketer - for an advertising company, a manager - for creating infrastructure, a HR director - for hiring staff, you can open a bank for six months.

Registration and license
Search for infrastructure facilities, repair
Purchase of equipment, furniture, stationery
Staff search
Bank advertising

We offer you to watch a video interview with the young owner of a new bank,

where he talks about the features of this business:

How much does it cost to open a bank?

If you are interested in a specific figure and you expect to hear a sum with a maximum of six zeros, it means that you did not choose the right business to start.

It is almost impossible to unequivocally answer the question “How much does it cost to open a bank?”, Because the amount depends on the scale of the future business, on your desires for infrastructure, on the profile of the bank, on the number and qualifications of future employees, and much more.

Get ready to invest in the business at least half a billion rubles, at most - 2-3 billion.

This money will be spent on opening a bank, namely on:

  • registration procedure and registered capital,
  • office rental and repair,
  • advertising campaign
  • purchase of equipment, furniture, stationery,
  • software,
  • hiring staff and more.
Expense itemAmount (in rubles)
Total:500 500 000
Registration, license, registered capital350 000 000
Rental of premises, their repair50 000 000
Appliances, furniture70 000 000
Advertising500 000
Additional expenses30 000 000

If you don’t have how much money, you don’t have to rush to open a bank in a small room with several employees.

It is better then to open a credit union or some other financial organization.

Recent studies show that customers trust large banks with a developed infrastructure, many ATMs in the city and representative offices in different settlements.

If you can’t offer all this to your customers, do not try to open this business.

Of course, those who think how to open a bankvery interested in the issue of profit.

Here experts' forecasts are even more vague than regarding the amount of capital investment: it all depends on you.

But, even under favorable conditions, a reasonable advertising campaign, intensive customer acquisition, you will not be able to return capital investments earlier than 5 years after you decided to open a bank, the average payback period of a commercial financial institution is 7-8 years.