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How to copy a game to Xbox 360 Freeboot


Are your Wii discs scratched, cracked or simply lost? Want to make an easily accessible copy of all your Wii games? To make a backup copy of the games, you will need to make a soft mode of your Wii set-top box and install a backup program. Soft modding means modifying the Wii system software with a hack so that you can install the backup program. This article will guide you through all the steps of soft modding your Wii set-top box, installing a backup program, and copying disks.

How to copy a game on Xbox 360

After several weeks of active use of the stitched prefix, you will say that there is nothing easier than record a game on Freeboot. It is enough to glance a couple of times at this “cheat sheet” and in the future all actions will be performed “automatically”.

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So there are several ways you can "Throw off" games on the Xbox 360 with Freeboot:

  • Download to USB flash drive,
  • Download to external hard drive,
  • Transfer files over a local network,
  • Copy the game on the Xbox 360 with Freeboot directly to your hard drive.

Let us dwell on each of the options presented.

Xbox 360 Game Formats

On sites with free distribution of games, games are most often found in GOD, JTAG and ISO format.

The first format, GOD, was created by Microsoft special for xbox 360. It is the GOD content that is downloaded from the official store. If the prefix is ​​not flashed, then you need to pay for a digital copy of the game.

JTAG format developed for recording games on Xbox 360 with Freeboot. In structure, it is not much different from the official format of the games. Installing JTAG is different than installing GOD files.

ISO images used to write information to disk. It is a kind of "archive" with the corresponding extension - .iso. If your console has drive firmware, it’s better to download just such files, but they will not work for Freeboot.

If the image of the game is compiled in ISO format, read this article. It describes the process image format changes Using Iso2God and Xbox Image Browser.

How to burn nintendo wii games to a flash drive

To record Nintendo Wii games downloaded from an Internet, you must first write them to a USB flash drive. Moreover, for the games to go, you need the console to be stitched. What does it mean to “stitched”? I don’t know how many ways there is to flash the prefix, but personally I have the Homebrew channel program and the loader, neogamma accompanying it (such programs). And you must download the wii backup manager program on your computer in advance without this program.

1. We take any flash drive of the appropriate size (so that the games (game) fit) In my case, this is a Kingston 16gb flash drive (16 gigabytes) This usb2.0 flash drive, so it is slower than 3.0 So it will take longer to record games on it (well, where ours did not disappear))

2 Insert the USB flash drive into the appropriate slot on your computer (usb port In general, where the USB flash drive fits in, this is the port)

3 We look at the computer screen In the “my computer” menu, the flash drive will be reflected as a removable disk (on windows 7 I don’t know how it will be reflected on other systems)

4. The wii backup manager program must be installed on your computer. When you install it, run it

5 To the security system question, click start, and wii backup manager will start

6 In the program menu, select any drive (for example 1) and select your USB flash drive in the drop-down menu

7 Now you need to format the USB flash drive. Otherwise, your wii prefix just won’t see your USB flash drive (or for example hangs). Therefore, select the option-additional-format ATTENTION. Look carefully at what kind of letter in the name of the drive, and by mistake you can format your hard drive And we only need to format the USB flash drive, SO, CAREFULLY look what we are formatting

8 now the flash drive is prepared to record games on it. Select the “add” item. -Files. -Games. The games themselves can be in the archive as well as iso, wfps

9. Next, “send” the game (that is, record it on a USB flash drive). To do this, check the game names, click “transfer” and select the disk number under which our prepared USB flash drive is located.

10. Everything can be exhaled - the USB flash drive is recorded Now we take it out of the computer and insert the rear socket on the console in the bottom (this is if you have the console horizontal) Turn on

11 We are looking for the program on the screen (well, if it’s right - the “channel”) by neogamma Point to it, go

12 And finally, using the cross on the remote control (well, remote), move the cursor to the second line (top). Next, on the same cross of the Nintendo remote control, select usb. Next, select the first line (the first one on top). Press “A” on the remote control and all the games are recorded. on the flash drive we have a choice Thank you for reading this post

How to install a game from a flash drive on an Xbox 360

To transfer a game from a flash drive to the Xbox 360, make sure that it is recorded in a suitable format.

Immediately highlight a few nuances. External media must have FAT32 format. It so happened that the prefix ignores any file system, except the one indicated above. Learn more about changing the format.

Depending on the format of the games for the Xbox 360, installation method will be different.

GOD format

The game in the GOD format has a unique name consisting of letters and numbers. In no case do not change it when copying to a folder 0000000000000000otherwise the prefix does not recognize the game.

It is best to copy games to a folder with zeros in the name. Then they will be displayed in the library. By default, the console looks for games in it. The path to the game folder can be changed.

Turn on the prefix. Before us opens the menu Freestyle Dashboard or Aurora. Each of these graphical shells is designed specifically for consoles with firmware. They make it much easier Xbox 360 game recording process with Freeboot.

If the shell is not installed, use XeXMenu program. Open the game folder and run the file with the extension .xex.

Open "Conductor" and we see two windows. In the left, open the console’s hard drive, and in the right, open the USB flash drive, where necessary find a folder with games.

Games must be stored at this address: HDD1: / Content / 0000000000000000 /. Accordingly, we must go to this directory in a window with a hard drive.

Go to the window with the game, select it, hold RB and press the button A. The process of recording games on Freeboot should start. After him you need log into the system or restart the console so that new games display normally.

To re-enter FSD, click Guide and select the transition to the home page.

JTAG format

You can download games on Xbox 360 with Freeboot in JTAG format to any folder on your hard drive. It is better if they are stored in a separate folder, for example, Games. It can be created manually.

If the Xbox 360 cannot find the game, try naming the folder with Latin letterswithout spaces. For example, mafia3deluxe, darksouls2, callofduty etc.

If the console has a graphical shell, the game can be found in the library. You can also launch through XeXMenu.

You can download the Horizon app for the Xbox 360 (Horizon). It allows significantly speed up the process of copying games. Detailed manuals for working with this program can be found on the Internet.

How to install a multi-disc game on the Xbox 360

Along with Freestyle 3, a special FreestyleDash program is installed. It is sewn into it special plugin, which greatly facilitates the installation of multi-disc games.

Any of the ways you need to copy the game to the HDD so that each "disk" was placed to the hotel folder.

It looks something like this:

D1, D2, D3 - numbering disks.

How to transfer the game to the Xbox 360 on a local network

For those who seriously thought about creating a home local network, we wrote a detailed article on configuration. Briefly describe the process of recording games on the frebut.

  • Via a router (Wi-Fi or LAN cable),
  • Through a computer (directly).

In both cases, copying looks the same.

Run Total Commander (or any other that supports FTP, for example, FileZilla). In one of the file manager windows open the contents of the console, and in another open the games folder on the computer. Just drag and drop the necessary files from one window to another.

How to directly upload an Xbox 360 game to your hard drive

To use this method, you must have SATA to USB adapter or SATA cable. The bottom line is that you have to remove the hard drive from the console and connect it to the PC.

Download Xbox 360 Games with Freeboot need to the appropriate directories on the hard drive. Depending on the format (see above).

If connect HDD via USB adapter, then Windows will recognize it immediately as removable media. Just open it and drag the game folders into the appropriate window.

If you connect directly to the motherboard, first turn off the computer. After it is connected, turn on your PC and copy the games on the Xbox 360 to your hard drive. Before removing the drive, turn off the computer again.

How to remove a game from Xbox 360 with Freeboot

There are several ways to delete a game.

The easiest way:

  • Go to the library with games in FSD or Aurora and press Y,
  • Select Delete and confirm.

You can go to the menu "Conductor"if the graphical shell is installed, then find the folder with the game and remove her.

If your console does not have a shell installed, go to XeXMenu and delete the folder from there.

You can also erase the folder by connecting the hard drive to the PC.