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How to download music to iPhone or iPad without iTunes (the best way)


To begin with, the ways to download music to your iPod and mp3 player are different
companies are significantly different. You can transfer music to other music players using Windows Explorer, just like regular files on a removable drive. However, the question "how to record music on an iPod" is a bit more complicated. After all, you can’t habitually drag and drop audio files into the music folder on the player, for this you will need to use the free iTunes program, which is also developed by Apple.

Perhaps at first this method will seem unexpectedly complicated to you, but here all the little things are taken into account, and working with the program is convenient and enjoyable. Please note that the question of how to drop music on iPod has similar solutions, regardless of which player model (touch, nano or shuffle) you use.

About the program installation process

We have already found out that iTunes exists. She will help us understand
how to download music to iPod. This application can be downloaded from the official Apple website. Next, install the program.

Music download operations are performed thanks to this software solution, there is also a radio here, in it you will find absolutely all the genres that exist in the music world. After installation is complete, launch the application and you will be taken to an endless world of entertainment and relaxation.

How to download music to iPod: add music files to the music library

To add music to the music library, go to the "File", then "Add a file (or folder) to the music library." After that, you need to find and select the music you need. The process of adding music files is displayed on the display in a special status window.

We have already done everything necessary, however, the question of how to download music to iPod has its own nuances, we will discuss them below. Thanks to the above actions, the necessary music files will appear in your iTunes library, you can listen to them and easily transfer them to your iPod.

🎵 How to download music to iPhone or iPad without iTunes

Step 1. Using the Chrome browser on your computer, go to home page Google Play Music service.

Step 2. Press the button to open the menu in the upper left corner of the page and select “Top up your music library».

Step 3. Drag the songs or folders with albums onto the page that opens.

❗ If the error “Secure connection failed” appears, temporarily disable the antivirus - this will help. For some reason, antiviruses prevent the Google browser from making a secure connection to the same Google service.

Step 4. The page closes, the music download starts. You can monitor the progress of the download by clicking on the button that appears in the lower left corner of the page. When the download is complete, all your music will appear in the “Music library».

This is where the music download progress is shown.

Step 5. Launch the Google Play Music app on your iPhone or iPad and sign in with your account.

On the first page of the application will be presented all the music you downloaded. Choose a track or album - you can already listen to music in excellent quality!

Step 6. To save any song, album or playlist into the device’s memory, click on the download icon opposite the desired object. After downloading, you can listen to music without an internet connection.

🎵 Will Google Play Music be an alternative to the standard music app?

Replace the full-time “Music” application Google Play Music can fully. The Google application has a convenient interface (albeit imperfect), the music being played is displayed in the Control Center and on the lock screen, and most importantly - there is no advertising in the Google Play Music application, unlike similar applications from the App Store.

Music plays quietly on a locked screen

How to download music to iPod: sync process

If you need a music library to be organized all the time, you should
go to the menu item of the "Edit" program, then go to "Settings", then open "Add-ons" and, finally, launch "Basic". Confirm with a checkmark the item that offers copying to iTunes Music while adding music files to the music library.

After that, you need to connect the player to the computer using the USB port and install it in iTunes. In the "Music" section, select the item titled "Sync music", then click "Apply." Thus, your favorite works will be automatically recorded on the iPod. If the format of a specific file that you placed in the program is not currently supported by the iPod, iTunes will offer to automatically convert it to a compatible one.

Synchronization takes about 5-10 minutes. You can choose in the music library the music materials that you want to put on your iPod - all at once (if the memory size and condition of the player allows) or several or even one of your playlists.

Note that after the recording of music to the player is finished, a message appears on the display in the already mentioned status window on the completion of synchronization with iPod.

If the music does not play, does not load, or another problem occurs

Any problem in the application is solved by resetting the cache and settings. To do this, go to "Settings" and click "Reset application data". Do this if you have any difficulty listening to music downloaded from your computer.

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How to delete music files?

To clear the player of music files, you need to open the “Music” folder in the music library, and then proceed to delete the songs you do not need. Open your device in iTunes and select "Music", then click on the sync button. After you create your own music library, you can disconnect iPod from a personal computer and enjoy the sound.

If you downloaded music to your iPod outside the home, for example, in a service center, and after that you wanted to add your own music files to your device already on your computer, all the music that was downloaded from another PC will be deleted, the material you selected will be recorded instead.

After work with the device is completed, it must be correctly removed. To do this, click on the “Remove Device” function next to the iPod and wait for the safe disconnect to end.

Do not connect your iPod to another person's computer if iTunes is installed on this PC. In case of urgent need to connect, for example, to share information from the player as from a removable drive, you should turn off automatic synchronization with iTunes. To this end, go to the "Edit" menu and select "Settings".

Next, visit the "Devices" section in order to check the box next to the item on preventing automatic synchronization of branded devices. After completing these steps, click OK.

Bypassing iTunes

Next, we’ll look at how music is downloaded to iPod without iTunes.
its particular popularity, however, we recommend using only official software.

PwnTunes is an application that is suitable for anyone who does not want to come to terms using the official iTunes solution. On i-devices there is a file system that is hidden from prying eyes, its contents are encoded, instead of file names, unclear combinations of letters are displayed. Downloading music to a personal computer is problematic.

It is completely impossible to record information without iTunes on the device, because when connected via a USB device to the computer, the user sees only the folder with photos that were taken by the device’s camera in Explorer. The PwnTunes application modifies folders so that a user in Explorer accesses several additional folders.

  • My music In this section, you can record music for an i-device, in this directory, music files are automatically converted, and then transferred to your library.
  • iTunes Music From this section you can transfer your music library to the computer from the player, while the usual file names are saved.
  • Misc. You can use this folder as storage for any file, file transfer is also available from here. In other words, the i-device becomes a flash drive.

Now you know how to download music to your iPod.

Method 1 - Sync with iTunes Library

To transfer music from your computer to your device, the first thing to do is download the iTunes program itself. With its help, it will be possible to synchronize the entire music library, after which the files on the PC and on the device will be the same. If iTunes is already installed on the computer, you need to check if it is out of date, otherwise problems may arise during use, for example, the device will not be detected.

After the program is installed in the desired directory, you can proceed to connect the iPod. Recognizes iTunes automatically without installing any additional drivers. However, this is how the iPod is recognized as a flash drive, and it can only be used to transfer files to another computer, and you won’t be able to listen to music on it.

Now you need to start iTunes, find the iPod icon and click on it. The settings should appear on the screen. If the device is being connected for the first time, installation will be offered. The program will perform this procedure on its own.

Now you can proceed to downloading music via iTunes.

Music can be thrown, dropping tracks into the device’s memory, this requires synchronization. It is performed as follows:

  1. Using a USB cable, you need to connect the device to a PC. However, you can use the connection via Wi-Fi.
  2. Run the program.
  3. In the "Device Model" section, go to the "Overview" tab.
  4. Now in the “Music” section you need to check the “Music sync” box. After that, the settings will become available.
  5. If you want to download all the music, select the option “All media library”, selectively “Selected playlists, artists, albums and genres”.
  6. When the choice is made, you need to click "Apply" and wait until the synchronization of the entire library ends.

If dealing with this program is difficult, there are other ways to upload music to your iPod.

Method 2 - without using iTunes manually

When you need to upload only one or several tracks to your device, it is not necessary to use iTunes and wait for the synchronization to end. You can throw songs on iPod without adding them to the program library. To do this, go to iTunes settings and do the following:

  1. Connect the device to a PC.
  2. Open iTunes and select it in the list by clicking "Browse." Select the “Options” menu, scrolling down the page, and check the box “Process music and videos manually.”
  3. After completing this operation, open the tab “On this iPod”, select the storage location for music and upload downloaded songs to the player.

Method 3 - through the iCloud cloud

In order to be able to download music to the device via the cloud, you must subscribe to Apple Music or iTunes Match, this option is only suitable for iPod Touch.

If the second option is used, do the following:

    Enter the “Settings” section of the mobile system using the Apple ID>

Now, to download tracks to iPod via the cloud, you need to open the application with the “Music” icon and click “Media Library” at the bottom left. After that, in the upper part of the window, select the “Songs” item, mark the required track and click the “Download” button - it looks like a cloud next to each song that is not yet in the iPod’s memory, but is in the library.

Another option for downloading music to your iPod via the cloud is to use your Apple Music subscription.

To do this, you need:

  1. Open the “Music” application and click on the “Search” button at the bottom right.
  2. Under the search bar there is an Apple Music tab, where you need to go.
  3. After that, enter the name of the track or the name of the artist and select the option you need from the drop-down list.
  4. Once the tracks that you want to download to iPod are selected, you should press the button with the plus sign located on the right side of each music file. The track has been added to the library and is now available on the device.

To upload your favorite tracks to your iPod, you need to click on the cloud next to the media file that is not yet in the device’s memory.

Using Free KiwiG PhonTunes Software

KiwiG PhonTunes is a completely free program for transferring and managing music files. With PhonTunes, you can not only control music on your computer, but also on mobile devices (including iPhone, Android phones, players, and even external hard drives). The program is easy to manage, in 3 stages you can transfer music to iPod without using iTunes.

How to transfer music from a computer to an iPod without iTunes using KiwiG PhonTunes

Launch KiwiG PhonTunes on your computer and connect your iPod to the computer via USB. After opening, PhonTunes will display the devices connected to your computer in the panel on the left, as well as the transfer options that are located at the very top.

In the central panel, select the music you want to transfer to your iPod. The program can also search for duplicates on a computer or on your device. This feature will help to avoid duplication of the same file on the device, thereby saving memory.

Having selected the necessary files, in the top menu, click the “Transfer” button and select your IPOD in the drop-down menu if it was not detected automatically. To transfer, click the "Start" button.

In our opinion, this program is one of the best for transferring music from a computer to an iPod, without using iTunes.