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Restaurant revenue increase


This is probably the largest material of its kind on the Internet. I recommend adding it to your bookmarks and sometimes reviewing, perhaps while reading, interesting ideas will appear. I will make a reservation right away. Do not take all the advice literally. It is worth considering the format of the institution and the type of visitors. Some methods can be taken as they are and immediately implemented, some will not work in any form. Consider, perhaps, some of the tips can be slightly reworked. Or maybe for your institution some combination of the above methods will work.

Themed parties to attract visitors

Now the Halloween holiday is very popular, adults are happy to dress up and apply various drawings to their faces. But you should not be limited only to this holiday. Here is a short list of ideas that are already used in institutions and attract visitors: masquerade, gangster party, evening of superheroes, musical. It is not necessary to come up with a script yourself; you can invite a holiday leader who has experience in conducting such events. And if the event is held on weekdays, you can get an impressive discount.

Offering something else that matches the current order

Depending on what the customer acquires, you can offer additional goods that go well with the order. To beer croutons, to tea dessert, etc. But be careful. This must be done not intrusively. In some places, the staff strongly insists or makes a displeased person in case of refusal and this behavior spoils the mood of the guests.

Gather contacts of existing customers

It is much easier and cheaper to attract a person who was already with you and was satisfied than to attract new visitors. There are several ways:

  • Filling in visitors a small questionnaire for a fee or for a discount
  • Offer to join your group on a social network or subscribe to an account
  • If you have a website, you need to install counters on it. For starters, at least Google. Analytics and Yandex.Metrica. They will collect all visitors to your site and, if necessary, you can make them an offer.

Free wifi

There are people who do not let their gadgets out of their hands. Many sitting in the institution take pictures and post photos on social networks. Someone needs to send an important letter of work. Fast and stable internet will be a big plus.

To find out what specific odors to use, it is better to consult a specialist. They can be used both indoors to create a pleasant atmosphere. Both outside and to attract those who pass by.

Bright appearance of the institution

Attract the attention of passers-by in various ways. Bright facade, sign, illuminated advertising, video screen. It’s important not just to get attention. It is necessary to make sure that a person wants to enter your institution. Show profitable offers, beautifully laid tables, mouth-watering dishes, attractive drinks.

Word of mouth

In order for a person to start talking about your institution, you must exceed his expectations or surprise him very strong.

  • Give gifts promotions and discounts that are not expected from you. For example, the seventh client has a free cocktail, etc.
  • Unusual, uneven prices
  • Products that are nowhere to be found.
  • Unusual interior design

"Cross pollination"

Lotteries and promotions can be held in conjunction with some other business, beauty salon, photo studio, taxi company, etc. The principle is this. You offer them a promotion and give, for example, three coupons for 1000 rubles in your institution, and they take coupons for a free hairstyle, 5 free taxi rides, a free photo session, etc. The more prizes, the more willing people are to participate in the draw. Plus, you can agree to jointly advertise this promotion, and the advertising budget will be multiplied by the number of participants.

Copy successful models

  • Copy competitors by modifying this a bit. Pay attention to the menu, the behavior of the waiter, administrator. Enter in Yandex or Google "the restaurant and the name of your city." Open the first 10 sites, see what ideas you can adopt
  • Remember, some business that you think is very difficult and competitive. Open 5-10 sites, representatives of this business and find interesting ideas that can be adapted for advertising your institution

Create a website for your institution

The simplest site is better than not having one. It is not necessary to invest a lot of money to create a site. A simple business card can be created for 3000-5000 rubles or even free of charge. Your client does not need a unique design. Place photos of your institution, menu, promotions, map, contact details. In most cases, this is enough. There are a lot of free designers, in my opinion the easiest

Advertising on the social network "Vkontakte" to attract visitors to the institution

At the time of writing, this is the most visited site in Runet. In second place is the resource classmates. Compared to other social networks, advertising here is quite simple. The most popular ways to advertise

  • Community Posts
  • Advertising in user feed
  • Teaser advertisement

Very curious way. People take pictures in places that visit and post photos on social networks. When photos are sent to the Internet, they mark where this place is on the map. With the help of advertising on social networks, you can make an offer to these people. For example, those who are celebrated in the institutions of competitors or in any other places near you.

Make an offer to the birthday party for how many days before the birthday

  • If you collect contacts, and are actively engaged in promoting your establishment, an impressive base will gather in a few months. You can send them a message with a special offer for birthday
  • Social networks allow you to show the offer to people whose birthday is coming soon

Search engine optimization

Many are looking for cafes and bars in the search engines Yandex, Google, Mile. People enter the queries they are interested in in the search bar. Search engine optimization is aimed at making your offer appear in the first places. This is a rather long and laborious process, but if you get into the "top", you will receive a hot, interested audience for free. There is a faster and easier way to get to the first places of search engines, but it is paid.

Thematic contextual advertising

Unlike search engines, it is not shown at the time of the search, but to people who may be potentially interested in your proposal.

  • Ad units on sites relevant to the content. For example, an article on the Internet tells how to choose an institution for an anniversary and it will have an ad unit with an advertisement for a bar
  • Interest Advertising. Man, once looked for a bar or restaurant. Search engines remember it. Further, when he watches a movie or watches the weather, he is shown an advertisement for restaurants.


This is a type of advertising that allows you to show the offer to those who have already visited your resource. To do this, you need a website, and install the site counters on it, in which you want to show the offer again. Depending on what actions the person performed on the site, you can show him the corresponding ad. The most popular sites that allow Yandex, Google, Vkontakte, Facebook to do this.


On these sites you need to offer services at a great discount. It is a reasonable step to make such offers in those days when there are practically no clients in the institution. List of the 10 most visited coupon services.

  • Biglion.Ru
  • Groupon.Ru
  • Vigoda.Ru
  • Kupikupon.Ru
  • Bigbuzzy.Ru
  • Kupibonus.Ru
  • Kingcoupon.Ru
  • Shopogoliq.Ru
  • Weclever.Ru