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Drinks from the USSR


Today the sitra wanted so much since childhood, where can I get it now?

You can do it yourself!

To do this, you will need only three ingredients: lemons, sugar and water. It takes only a quarter of an hour to make a sitra.

To prepare a liter of citra you will need:

  • lemons - 5 pcs.
  • zest - from one lemon
  • sugar - 3/4 cup
  • water - 750 ml.

Remove the peel (peel) from the lemon and grate it on a fine grater. Put the resulting mass into an enameled saucepan, or other non-oxidizing dishes. Then squeeze the juice of four lemons and add it to the zest. Add sugar to the saucepan and pour it all with water.

Put the resulting mass on fire and boil for ten minutes. Then strain the resulting drink and cool it. Cut the remaining lemon into circles and decorate the prepared drink with them.

If you want your drink to become carbonated (the Soviet Citro was exactly that) you can use carbonated liquid from an external source of CO2, dry ice or a bottle of gas under pressure.

The composition of the Soviet Citro

Along with other soda, this was in special demand. It was prepared from infusions of citrus fruits such as orange, lemon and mandarin. They constituted the spicy-aromatic basis of the drink. Prepared Soviet citrus lemonade with the addition of vanillin. Apart from this spice, no other flavorings were used. The composition included only natural syrups with sugar and citric acid.

It is difficult to imagine a more natural and at the same time so tasty soda, which was called "Citro" (or "Extra-Citro"). Translated from French means "lemon" (citron). Today, this word is often used as a common name for sweet and sour carbonated water with a citrus flavor and aroma.

Interesting fact about the Citro

Interestingly, in the school canteens of St. Petersburg, only Citro lemonade is officially allowed for inclusion on the menu. It is designed specifically for baby food and does not contain any preservatives, dyes or other harmful additives.

Other carbonated drinks come from the USSR

But Soviet citrus lemonade with vanilla is not the only tasty drink that has been remembered since the days of the USSR. There were others, including Lemonade, Duchesse, Pinocchio and Tarhun.

Lemonade, for example, was made from a mixture of lemon infusion and apple juice with sugar, lemon and color. Its peculiarity was that it had a peculiar caramel-lemon flavor and for a very long time emitted carbon dioxide, already being poured into a glass.

And Duchess was named after the famous pear variety. From it he prepared. This drink was especially aromatic, light and perfectly quenched thirst.

There was also another rather popular Soviet lemonade, named after the fairy-tale hero, “Pinocchio”. Its composition of tastes is somewhat more complicated - it combines sweetness, acid, and a little bitterness (which gave a special highlight to the drink). Pinocchio soda had a beautiful golden color and was characterized by a high content of carbon dioxide.

And who does not remember the bright, joyful color of Tarkhun lemonade? For the first time he went on mass sale in the 81st year and immediately fell in love with the Soviet population. Only the emerald green color was worth it! “Tarragon”, among all other components, included tarragon extract, which gave it a special, “herbal” flavor. True, during the Soviet Union, a special green dye was used to create the desired shade, which many manufacturers today refuse because of its harmfulness.

Instead of a conclusion

There were many other delicious soda - this is “Cream Soda”, and “Bell”, and “Pepsi-Cola”. But still, Soviet citrus lemonade with the addition of vanillin, Citro, was and remains especially loved. It combines everything that is needed for a perfect sweet soda - an unusual taste, a pleasant fruity aroma and the absence of unhealthy additives. No wonder he was made the only permitted lemonade in the school menu of St. Petersburg.