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How to color popcorn


SBS Colored Popcorn - Step 3 Ingredients. 2010 SBS Color Popcorn - Step 3 Ingredients Photo (c) Carroll Pellegrinelli

Gather the rest of the ingredients. This recipe requires 1/4 cup oil, 3 tablespoons light corn syrup, 1/2 cup tightly packed brown sugar, and 3 ounces (4-serving size) boxes of green colored gelatin powder.

Note. This recipe will not work with non-peeling gelatin.

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How to Make Colored Popcorn - Step Four - Heating the Ingredients

SBS Color Popcorn - Step 4 Add sugar and gelatin. 2010 SBS Color Popcorn - Step 4 Add Sugar and Gelatin Photo (c) Carroll Pellegrinelli

On low heat, melt the butter with corn syrup. After melting, add brown sugar and gelatin powder. Stir together.

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How to Make Colored Popcorn - Step Five - Shuffle

SBS Colored Popcorn - Step 5 Stir the mixture. 2010 SBS Color Popcorn - Step 5 Shuffle the Mix Photo (c) by Carroll Pellegrinelli

Bring the mixture to a boil over medium heat. Shuffle constantly. Reduce heat to low and simmer for five minutes while continuing to mix.

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How to Make Colored Popcorn - Step Nine - Baked Popcorn

SBS Color Popcorn - Step 9 Pop the popcorn. 2010 SBS Colored Popcorn - Step 9 Breakdown of Popcorn Photo (c) by Carroll Pellegrinelli

Remove from oven and let cool completely in pan. After coloring, the popcorn is cooled, broken into pieces and stored in an airtight container.

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Slimming popcorn

Claiming that popcorn is good for balanced diets, nutritionists have the following points in mind. First, in order for weight loss to occur successfully, restricting your body's access to high-calorie food is a very reasonable business. And popcorn, fully satisfies these requirements.

Secondly, popcorn is a great provider of fiber. Plant fibers are a type of carbohydrate, which is completely digested by our stomach. The fiber contained in the food gives it a lot, when saturated, we fill it with our esophagus and stomach. Being in the yolk, the fiber slows down digestion, so satiety is felt for a longer time.

A person needs 21 to 38 grams of fiber per day. More accurate indicators are calculated on the basis of the weight, gender and age of a person. Studies conducted in European countries, it was found that in the control groups where food was accompanied by a daily intake of 19 grams of fiber.

Increasing fiber intake is a great way to lose weight.

It was found that upon reaching this threshold, weight loss was observed. Popcorn ideally satisfies the daily requirement for dietary fiber, which in turn stimulates the body to lose weight.

Popcorn is a low-calorie food, despite huge portions. This suggests that you have a break from satiety with high-calorie foods. You can eat from 2 to 5 glasses of popcorn, starting from the required number of calories that you follow while eating. Replacing high-calorie snacks with popcorn popcorn will protect against excess calories and will contribute to weight loss.

Excess sodium in the daily diet leads to water retention in the body, which will instantly affect the arrow of the balance and upset your weight loss plans. Rid yourself of ready-made packages of popcorn full of colorful cereals on store shelves. Cook pure corn grains in the oven and use natural seasonings - they will give the popcorn a healthy taste.

Nutritionists call popcorn kernels "nutritional power plants," emphasizing that "popcorn contains more polyphenols, healthy antioxidant compounds, than many fruits and vegetables."

To follow a diet you just need to eat popcorn instead of something else. There are no strict rules on how many air grains you should eat and what time of day. You do not need to replace absolutely all your dishes with popcorn. “Popcorn - diet” - the least strict dietary regimen, it is more like a fun pastime.

Best Popcorn Recipe

Oil and salt will greatly compensate for any nutritional value of pop-up pop-up popcorn, but there are things you can use to spice up the taste of your snack.

We recommend making homemade popcorn and add some Parmesan cheese, chopped chili and caraway seeds to it. Herbs such as basil, oregano or red pepper can work wonders. You can also dip your popcorn in fragrant mustard, just be careful using it too much you increase sodium intake.

Idea # 1: Garland of Popcorn

Making garlands of food is a lot of fun, and the children will help you in this lesson. If you want to entertain children with useful things while they are busy with more serious preparations, then this master class is just for you!

Popcorn can be used not only for watching movies! It can make a chic garland, which is also edible. Such a craft can become a decoration not only for a Christmas tree, but also for a room, fireplace, window or kitchen. They can become a fantastic and delicious winter decor. If you do not have young children, you can use paint to spray and make a silver or gold garland. You can also use paint in different colors. But if there are children in the house, it is not recommended to use any paints, and it is better to leave the material for the garland in its original edible form. Do not be surprised if the decoration is less than the original material. Popcorn can be diluted with other sweets of equal size, such as dried fruits.

To make a popcorn Christmas garland, you need to stock up on:

  • a large bowl of popcorn
  • strong thread - red or white,
  • large sewing needle
  • spray paint

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Step-by-step production of a garland of popcorn:

Step 1. Make popcorn and let it cool well. It is best to do this without oil to avoid greasy stains. Do not dry the product so that it is not too brittle when stringing. If children are involved in the process of making the garland, make more popcorn than is needed for the garland.

Step 2. Cut the thread to the size of the future garland. Make a supply of thread at the ends of the garland for further fastening.

Step 3. Use a large needle to string.

Step 4. If desired, you can spray paint on a garland of popcorn, but this is only if you have no children or you warned them that in this case you can’t eat a garland. If there is no spray can, you can also cover the garland with a thin layer of glue and sprinkle with sparkles. After using the painting, the craft should be allowed to dry well before decorating it with a Christmas tree or interior.

Idea # 2: Pasta Garland

A new type of crafts using dry pasta came recently. Especially good are pasta in the form of bows. Tubular pasta is also often used for making Christmas trees.

Materials for the manufacture of New Year's garland of pasta:

  • pasta
  • twine
  • gypsy needle
  • paint, glue and sparkles

Step-by-step instructions for making a New Year's garland of pasta:

Step 1. Paint the pasta with golden or silver paint. Can be coated with glue and sprinkled with sparkles. Let it dry well.

Step 2. Cut the thread to the size of the future garland, making allowances for attaching decorations in the apartment.

Step 3. String the pasta on a thread using a gypsy needle.

Idea # 3: Garland of jelly bears, marshmallows and other sweets

One of the most delicious and fun ideas for a children's garland is to use sweets of any kind! You need packs with jelly bears or other jelly candies, red and white twine and a needle.

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The easiest way to make a delicious bear garland is to tie each bear cub individually on a twine, wrapping a thread around the figure. You can choose bears of the same color or use different colors of sweets.

How to make a marshmallow garland? Marshmallows are usually used as a favorite addition to hot cocoa or coffee, but they can also be used as a delicious Christmas decoration. You will need packaging marshmallows, threads and needles. White marshmallows can be painted red with food color, which is diluted and dipped in a candy solution. For stringing, a needle with a thick thread is used. Such a garland can decorate a children's table. In the same way, you can make a garland of any jelly candies.

Various edible garland options are listed below.

Leave all sorrows and worries in the past year, distract from the hustle and bustle into the world of your imagination, and the New Year's mood will warm you in winter evenings. And if children participate in this process, then you are guaranteed fun! After all, joint creativity with children not only develops talents among the younger ones, but also unites your family! For such crafts, everything that is at hand is suitable. Do not be afraid to experiment and do not limit your imagination!

American popcorn on the ceiling (Jul 2019).

It was one of the most used forms of decoration in the 1970s and could be easily applied. The popcorn texture is really hard to remove, so if you plan to apply it and remove it later, think twice.

How to remove popcorn texture

People are usually more interested in removing this type of drywall texture from the ceiling than in a new application. Acoustic popcorn textures sprayed before 1978 are likely to contain asbestos. Materials containing asbestos should only be removed by a trained and licensed specialist.

Start by scraping the popcorn texture to remove the stained layer.

  1. After removing paint
  2. apply water to the texture to soften it . The texture of the popcorn in its natural state will absorb water and it will be easier to remove the texture. Scrap-popcorn-texture will generate dust, so be sure to close or remove all furniture from the room. If the room has carpet, cover it with a plastic barrier and process the paper. There are specific products on the market that can be placed directly above the carpet and will serve as a plastic barrier.
After removing the entire texture, you can apply a new surface.
  1. Be careful when removing the popcorn texture and try not to break the drywall surface where the popcorn was applied. If the surface has been changed, be sure to correct it before applying another drywall.
  2. If removing the surface of the popcorn creates additional problems, I can suggest installing a new layer of drywall on top of the existing texture, but be sure to use screws long enough to penetrate existing surfaces and penetrate the rafters or beams.
  3. How to apply popcorn texture