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Write a WhatsApp message to a new contact


WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile apps in the world. Millions of people connect to it for messaging, photos and videos. It is not surprising that Facebook Mark Zuckerberg paid $ 19 billion to buy this amazing application. We are sure that you love WhatsApp, but you know all the important WhatsApp Tricks and Tips who can make you a master of this business? We are aware that you know some of the features of WhatsApp, but today we will tell you some interesting and useful tips and tricks that you will love to use. We pass and study!

The very first thing you should know are Whatsapp ticks. These are the check marks that appear in the chat bubbles message. There is a single teak gray, teak double gray and blue double teak. All of them have a special meaning attached to them.

Simple, right ?! Knowing the value of these marks helps you keep track of your conversation progress. This should be the first WhatsApp trick you should know.

A large number of WhatsApp users are wondering about whether their girlfriend / boyfriend has read their posts! Sending a message is one thing, but getting confirmation of whether the message has reached and reading email is equally important.

Read Notification Details

If you and your love interest do not talk with each other, you might not want him to know that you read his messages! You can secretly read WhatsApp messages without sending confirmation to the sender.

But this object comes with a catch! You can hide your reading, but as a result you will also not be able to see the reading on the messages that you will send to others. In general, if you turn off your WhatsApp blues ticks, you will also not see blue ticks from others. Take the following steps to disable the blue serif in WhatsApp:

Here we would like to introduce you to very cool whatsapp trick! Even if you disable the function of reading receipts and in exchange you lose the ability to see blue checkmarks, you can know if your WhatsApp message was read by your friend!

Sometimes we need to send a message to all the contacts in our phone book. For example, you can send an open invite to an event - so you would like to send an invitation to everyone in one go. Sending individual messages will take too much time.

To send a message to several contacts, follow these steps:

More Information on WhatsApp Broadcast Messages

The popularity of WhatsApp goes beyond geographic and linguistic barriers. People use WhatsApp in hundreds of languages ​​(like Hindi). So it is quite natural that recently the demand to have this application on a computer has grown tremendously. Soon, this application is currently being used on PC via cross-platform Android Emulators like BlueStacks. As a result, in the end, WhatsApp developers have already officially offered us a way to interact with WhatsApp mobile through a computer screen.

Learn how to use WhatsApp on PC

The question is you can stop whatsapp message after as you sent it.Is there any way , to delete and remember whatsapp message?

As mentioned, we have not tested the WhatsApp trick above. If you use it, please let me know the results. We would love to hear from you!

We all use different emoticons (aka emoticons, emoticons) during our WhatsApp conversations. These small illustrated expressions help us convey our thoughts quite conveniently. However, some of these emoticons seem strange to us. Since we do not know the true meaning of these emoticons, we are afraid that they will not be misinterpreted! But why do so many of these emoticons seem strange to us? The main reason is that most WhatsApp emoticons have their origin in Japanese culture. If you are not very familiar with Japanese culture, you cannot understand the meaning of these emoticons.

To help you in this regard, we have created a selection true Whatsapp emoticons values.

WhatsApp has a very annoying and privacy-breaching “feature” called "Last time him seen on. " This timestamp feature tells your friends the last time you used WhatsApp. Well oh well, users want to share all kinds of cold conditions through, but most of them do not want to share their last seen status! If you were unable to fall asleep late at night and decided to check the messages -Everyone in your contact list will know that you were awake, and using WhatsApp instead. This is a gross violation of privacy. But no more!

Immediately after Facebook acquired WhatsApp, the application was updated and the ability to hide the tag "last time have seen " suggested to users. However, many users have already come to terms with violating their privacy on WhatsApps. These users still do not know that this option is now available.

This is one of the tricks that millions of Indian WhatsApp users want to know. Many of my readers ask me how to create Hindi messages on WhatsApp. They feel surprised when they receive jokes and other messages written in Hindi Devanagari directly on their mobile phone. And they wonder how to write in hindi on whatsapp. Let's end this surprise and see how it is achieved.

The good news is that you don’t have to do anything special to write or type Hindi on WhatsApp. As long as you can activate hindi devanagari on a mobile device, you will be able to print in Hindi everywhere, whether it be SMS or email or search or. anywhere!

WhatsApp is used for all types of formal and informal conversations. Mobile phones are often lost and stolen, in which case we lose all our chats. But you can easily take a backup of any WhatsApp chat.

We recommend that you use this WhatsApp trick to regularly back up important chats.

Your WhatsApp status does not always have to be as boring as busy, available, in a meeting, etc. I have completed a list of some very smart and daring quotes that you and your friends will love to read. Give the best lines as your status and enjoy.

Sending messages on WhatsApp to an unknown number

In the process of following the instructions, you will learn how to write messages, knowing only the phone number. This is a messenger that allows a billion users to always keep in touch not only using mobile devices, but also on computer versions of the most popular OS. Knowing how to write a message to WhatsApp to an unknown user, you can significantly expand your social circle.

Sending a message through the phone book

To send a message in Vatsap to a new contact, you need to “introduce” it to at least your phone. WhatsApp should see the new subscriber’s completed template for you to understand to whom you need to address the message. To do this, we recommend that you read the brief instructions:

Note! When using this method, the recipient must have the WhatsApp application installed.

  1. In the tab "Chats»Click on the message icon in the lower right corner.
  2. Be sure to fill in the two fields shown in the screenshot and complete the save with the corresponding button. In the first line we enter any content, and in the second - a set of numbers known to us, preferably in an international format.
  3. In the pop-up window, select "To write».

It turns out that writing to a stranger in Vatsap is quite simple. Unfortunately, this does not provide functionality, but the task is solved by the built-in phone book. Thus, we can write to the person whose number we know without adding a contact to the messenger list.

3. Recover Deleted Correspondence in WhatsApp

If you accidentally deleted messages, do not worry, because there is a way to restore correspondence. However, you need to anticipate the situation.

To do this, you need to back up your chats. Go to Settings - Chats - Chat Backup. Then you can choose to back up daily, weekly or monthly. Whatsapp will copy your chats only when the phone is on.

If you accidentally delete a message or chats, you can restore them by reinstalling this application.

4. Quote the WhatsApp message as evidence.

Instead of flipping through hundreds of messages and taking a screen shot to prove that your friend promised to come 2 hours ago, use the quote function.

To do this, you need to select the desired message by holding it and clicking on left arrow (on Android) or the "To answer"on the iPhone to quote the message you want.

5. Highlight, bold, italic, or strikethrough text on Whatsapp

WhatsApp is very convenient to use for many things, but like all text messages, it does not convey intonation well. You can use bold, italics, and even strikethrough for these purposes.

If you want to focus on a specific word, you need to use certain keyboard shortcuts.

To highlight in bold, you need to put an asterisk on both sides of the word, *like this*, use underscore for italics _the words_, and for striking a wavy hyphen

. You can also combine * _ fat italics_ *.

6. Turn off chat notifications on Whatsapp

For example, you want to know what time the meeting will be tomorrow. But this simple question turned into a three-hour conversation between the other chat participants.

Now you can avoid annoying notifications by selecting the chat name at the top and choosing silent mode. Press the button Do not disturb in the upper right corner and uncheck the option Show notifications.

7. Disable saving WhatsApp photos in your gallery

All files that you receive are automatically saved in the phone’s gallery. If your friends send photos that you do not want others to see, there is a way to avoid this. For iPhone, go to Settings - Chats and disable the option Media visibility.

In addition, you can hide photos taken on WhatsApp by creating a .nomedia file.

For Android, you must have a file manager installed, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. After downloading, go to Images / WhatsApp Images and create a file called .nomedia.

8. Save smartphone memory from junk files on WhatsApp

When someone sends you pictures, gifs, audio and video files, they are downloaded automatically. To prevent them from clogging the internal memory of your smartphone, download only the necessary types of files when you connect to Wi-Fi or a mobile network.

For iOS, go to Settings - Data, where you can choose the download method. For Andro> 9.Create a shortcut for a specific contact in WhatsApp

If you find it difficult all the time to find your best friend in the total mass of WhatsApp chats, you can give preference to certain people (if you have Android). You can shorten your search by saving your favorite WhatsApp contacts to your phone’s screen.

Click on the desired chat in the menu (ellipsis in the upper right corner) and select "Add shortcut", and a shortcut with a contact will appear on your phone screen.

11. Make private messages to many users on WhatsApp

If you want to send one message to a number of people, you do not have to create a group chat where everyone can communicate with each other. In this case, it is better to choose a newsletter.

Press the menu button in the upper right corner and select New Newsletter. This will send one message to many people, creating an individual chat with everyone.

12. Transfer your WhatsApp messages to another phone

If you do not want to lose messages in the case of, for example, acquiring a new phone, you can back up the messages.

Go to Settings - Chats - Chat Backup and keep a copy of the messages daily, weekly or monthly. When you access WhatsApp from a new phone, messages will be transferred to the new device.

13. Easily find important messages on WhatsApp

Many people know the feeling when you have to scroll through several hundred messages to find a message about the desired address or meeting time. But there is an easier way to do this.

Hold the desired message and click on the icon stars.

Now you can view all the marked messages in the menu, where you will find the option Featured Posts.

14. Find out when your message was read (checkboxes in WhatsApp)

Hold on the message you sent and click on the "info". A window will open where you will see who read and who received the message with the specified time when this happened.

15. Keep your privacy in group chat on Whatsapp

If you do not want friends of friends whom you have never seen, but who are in a group chat to view your personal data, you can make the necessary changes.

You can restrict access to your profile photo and personal status by going to Settings - Account - Privacy, and choosing the options you need.

16. Mark unread chat on Whatsapp

Suppose you cannot reply to a message right now, but you do not want to risk friendship with a person. You can set a visual reminder that you have messages that you need to reply to.

This can be done in the chat list, highlighting the chat and marking it as unread.

17. Send a voice message to Whatsapp

Instead of dictating the message, you can use Siri's virtual assistant (for iPhone) to control WhatsApp without having to pick up your phone. To do this, you must have the latest version of WhatsApp installed, where you can say: "Hi Siri. Send WhatsApp to Mom".

You can also read messages using Siri, saying: "Hi Siri. Read the latest WhatsApp posts"and you’ll hear the last unread messages.

For Android users, use OK Google, asking "send whatsapp (name)".

18. Make a video call on WhatsApp

To make a video call, open a contact and click on the video icon.

19. Draw on photos or add emoticons on WhatsApp

Take a photo in the application, and then use the various tools at the top of the screen to draw on photos, add emoticons or text.

20. Turn videos into GIFs on Whatsapp

WhatsApp already has a large GIF gallery that you can send to friends and acquaintances in messages. If you did not find the desired GIF, you can convert your own videos to GIF format. Click the photo and video gallery icon, select a video and press the GIF button in the upper right corner.