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How to cause ovulation by traditional folk methods?


This article is co-written by Sarah Gehrke, RN. Sarah Gerke is a registered Texas nurse. She received a master's degree in nursing from the University of Phoenix in 2013.

The number of sources used in this article is 22. You will find a list of them at the bottom of the page.

Do you want to become a mother, but you have an irregular menstrual cycle and it is difficult for you to get pregnant? If you are committed to natural remedies, you can try some home-based herbal remedies to cause ovulation. However, do not forget to consult a doctor before taking any nutritional supplements, especially if you have health problems. In addition, a healthy lifestyle significantly increases the chances of natural ovulation.

How can ovulation be called folk remedies

The basis of this method is phytohormones that make up the deficiency of hormones in the body and establish the process of egg maturation. Before you engage in ovulation stimulation on your own, you need to consult a doctor to avoid negative consequences.

Folk remedies can in no case be used together with medications, since there is a risk of exacerbating hormonal imbalance.

During treatment with folk remedies, folliculometry is recommended - a procedure that allows you to assess the effect of phytohormones on the body. Results can be expected after 2-4 months and even later. Herbal medicine allows you to: improve the work of the uterine appendages, stimulate the growth of the endometrium, ensure the timely maturation of the follicle, support the second phase of the cycle, increase the implanting capacity of the egg.

How to cause ovulation of medicinal plants at home

  1. Sage. This plant contains substances similar to estrogens - female sex hormones.
    To prepare the infusion, you need 25 g of dry raw materials and a glass of hot water. The remedy is insisted for half an hour. Drink it in 50 ml 4 times a day. You need to start the course of treatment on the 5th day of the cycle,
  2. Linden + sage. This collection is more effective, as linden enhances the effect of sage. According to the prescription, you will need 25 g of the first and 35 g of the second. An infusion is prepared as in the previous recipe, but they drink it only three times a day, 25 ml each. It is recommended to start treatment from day 7 of the cycle,
  3. Rose petals. They contain vitamin E, which is necessary for normal ovarian function. To prepare the broth, you need 30 g of fresh raw materials. But the remedy needs to be boiled in a water bath for a quarter of an hour, and then insist for another 1 hour. Take it only once a day, at night, 1 tbsp. l.,
  4. Plantain is big. The seeds of the plant contain many necessary phytohormones. According to the recipe, you need 25 g of seeds and a glass of boiling water. The mixture is boiled for 3 minutes in a water bath, insist 1 hour. Drink 40 ml 3 times a day. Treatment can begin on any day of the cycle,
  5. Aloe tree. For therapy, you need the leaves of a five-year-old plant. First they are kept in the refrigerator for 5 days. Then they are washed and ground, add lard, honey and ghee (proportion 6 to 1). The mixture is taken 25 g 2 times a day, mixed with warm water or milk,
  6. Knotweed. Recipe: 80 g of dry raw materials + 1/2 liter of boiling water, insist 4 hours. Drink 1/2 cup 3 times a day,
  7. Pine uterus. For 60 g of dry grass, you need 1/2 boiling water. The remedy is insisted 12 hours. Take 150 ml after meals 4 times a day.

Features of stimulation of ovulation with folk remedies

Ovulation is the main process in the female body. With a regular menstrual cycle, when all sex hormones work smoothly, the processes occur rhythmically. But in case of violation of the production of at least one of them, a failure occurs and substitutes of natural hormones are often used to restore it. These can be obtained not only from synthetic drugs, but also in the form of herbs, roots, etc.

Before herbal medicine, you need to know:

    you can’t take your hormonal background by taking the necessary tests and pinpoint the essence of the problem, contraindications, do not take hormonal drugs at the same time, don’t wait for a quick treatment effect, usually the minimum course lasts 3 months, in the process of taking herbs control the hormones, donating blood and conducting an ultrasound through 1-3 months, do not take during menstruation, continue treatment from 15 to 25 days, take all herbs no more than 3 courses, decoctions are prepared only in a water bath, use hot water of 70-80 degrees for infusions, not cool that boiling water.

Women who have had ovulation stimulation by folk remedies give positive reviews in most cases, but they all agree that it is not worthwhile to treat yourself, without the supervision of a doctor. Despite the name - folk remedies, they must be taken under supervision, and for control, take tests and undergo an ultrasound examination.

Sage to start ovulation

In the first phase, treatment is carried out with herbs that support the growth of the follicle and contribute to its rupture and the "birth" of the cell.

Among them, sage is known, used even in ancient Egypt to increase the woman's reproductive function and strengthen her health. Now it is known as a "grandmother" infertility treatment.

Sage - one of the popular folk remedies for stimulating ovulation

Sage contains phytohormone estrogen and therefore it is treated after the end of blood secretions. More often, an infusion of its dried leaves is recommended, a collection of which is better to buy in a pharmacy. The dose is determined by the doctor. Usually this is a couple of spoons several times a day. To enhance the effect, you can add linden flowers to the infusion, brewing together in one container.

Sage essential oil helps eliminate irregular or scanty periods when rubbed in the form of a light massage in the lower abdomen from the 4th to the 14th day of the cycle.

Sage essential oil is used to stimulate ovulation

Sage is used in such situations:

    with a lack of estrogen, hormonal imbalance, disruptions in the menstrual rhythm, to maintain uterine tone, in the treatment of sexual impotence in men, in the treatment of nervous and mental diseases.

Contraindications for use are:

    kidney disease, uterine bleeding, thyroid disease, menstrual irregularities, pregnancy and lactation.

Perhaps the use of a decoction of rose petals, which contains a large amount of vitamin E. It is believed that this drug is useful for men. Therefore, a decoction is prepared for them from red petals or dark pink, and for women from white or pink.

Infusion of rose petals - a popular means of stimulating ovulation

A decoction or infusion of plantain seeds, elderberry, rosemary, etc. stimulates ovulation. It is useful at this stage to mummy with sea buckthorn, quince or carrot juice, as well as a mixture of aloe leaves, butter and lard.

What are good folk stimulants

The main stimulator of ovulation among folk remedies are phytohormones. Their task is to replenish the missing hormones in the body and restore the follicle maturation process for the further release of the egg from it.

Recently, people have become accustomed to relying on other people's experience, reviews of others. They think that folk remedies can not harm health. However, everything can be the other way around - any remedy has the ability to both heal and harm the body if you do not know the exact proportions in the formulation or do not know the exact dosage regimen. Therefore, it is recommended that you consult a doctor before using a folk remedy when there is no ovulation. This will definitely prevent a negative effect on the body.

In addition, combining the drug and folk treatment is strictly prohibited, otherwise, it can provoke a hormonal imbalance.

During the entire process of stimulating ovulation, ovaries should be monitored using folliculometry. Thanks to this procedure, you can see the effect of the folk method. However, do not forget that the result comes much later for the medical stimulation of ovulation. The entire period will take about 3-4 menstrual cycles.

In general, with the help of herbal medicine, many processes are being established in the body:

  • Endometrial growth is stimulated,
  • The functioning of the ovaries is stabilized,
  • Follicle growth and egg maturation are getting better,
  • The balanced work of hormones in the second phase of the menstrual cycle is regulated,
  • The ability of the ovum to invade the uterine wall increases for further growth.

Assistants in the treatment of anovulation

What to do if there is no ovulation? For help, you can turn to folk methods, that is, to ordinary herbs. Decoctions and infusions of herbs in ancient times were the only "medicines" and the healer grandmother "gave" the recipe. But they said what herbs help to get pregnant, what dosage should be and when you can drink these potions.

The most effective herbs in this matter are the following representatives of the plant family:

  • Sage is naturally created with phytoestrogen, which is very similar to estrogen in the female body. Tincture is prepared from 50 g of dried plants and 500 ml of boiled water. Ready broth should be left to infuse for 30 minutes and you can start taking. The course of therapy begins with the 5th day of the cycle and drink 45 ml 4 times a day.
  • Linden also contains a large number of phytohormones. To increase the effect of alternative drugs, two means can be combined - linden and sage. To do this, take 50 grams of sage and 70 grams of linden, pour half a liter of boiling water. Give infused for half an hour, and take three times a day for 25 g. Treatment should be started on the 7th day of the cycle.
  • Who did not apply plantain in his childhood to wounds on the body? But it turns out that this herb helps in the absence of ovulation. The recipe is: 50 grams of plantain, pour half a liter of boiling water and cook this mixture in a steam bath for about 3-4 minutes. Allow to infuse and cool for an hour. Then you can take 40 ml three times a day.
  • Many have heard that the hog uterus has helped many couples to become pregnant. In the case of anovulatory cycles, it also acts. To do this, take 60 mg of grass in a thermos and pour half a liter of boiling water. Leave for 12 hours. You need to take 150 ml 4 times a day.
  • Rose petals contain vitamin E, which positively affects the functioning of the ovaries. The recipe is as follows: 50 grams of the petals are poured with boiled water. Boil the broth for 10 minutes, and insist an hour. Drink at night for 15 ml.
  • Well-proven in stimulating the maturation and release of the egg, knotweed grass. To prepare the broth, take 80 mg of dried grass and half a liter of boiling water. Insist about 4 hours, and drink 100 g three times a day. In the early stages of pregnancy, such a decoction is harmful to the health of the child and mother, so you should be careful.

Healthy lifestyle in a woman

Proper nutrition, intake of vitamins, daily physical activity - all this is the key to health. By correcting the lifestyle, it is possible to establish the work of many systems in the body, including the reproductive system.

You should not once again recall the dangers of nicotine on women's health, as well as the destructive effects of alcohol. Women who smoke and abuse alcohol are often diagnosed with infertility, because these factors directly affect the development of the egg.

To accelerate the onset of ovulation, the daily menu should include:

  • Bean family
  • Fresh vegetables,
  • Sprouted Wheat Sprouts
  • Fruits: apples and pomegranate,
  • Dates
  • A variety of seeds: flax, sesame seeds, pumpkin.

There are a number of products that inhibit the synthesis of estrogen. You should be careful with them and, if possible, remove them from the diet:

  • Cabbage,
  • Pear,
  • Melon,
  • Figs
  • Kefir or yogurt,
  • Citrus family
  • Vegetables and fruits are red.

In addition, the woman's body must be filled with vitamins. Everyone knows that a person cannot take the whole composition of vitamins necessary for health with products. Therefore, there are special complexes containing all useful trace elements and vitamins.

For future pregnancy, folic acid remains important vitamins, which reduces the risk of intrauterine pathologies and vitamin E.

Which vitamin complex to choose - this question will help to solve a gynecologist.

Contraindications for the treatment of folk remedies

As already noted, the challenge of ovulation with folk remedies does not always give a positive effect. In some cases, this type of treatment can be harmful.

For example, an excess of estrogen helps to reduce another sex hormone - progesterone. The imbalance of hormones is disturbed, which will lead to a malfunction of the menstrual cycle or other problems.

At risk are women with the following problems:

  • Inflammatory processes occurring in the uterus and female appendages,
  • Any diseases associated with the uterus,
  • Polycystic ovary,
  • Adhesive processes in the fallopian tubes,
  • Imbalanced hormone levels,
  • Various neoplasms in the body,
  • Infertility of unknown origin.

With caution in treating the anovulatory cycle, women older than 35 years should be treated. Since after this milestone, a woman increases the number of cycles without ovulation in a natural way and cases of hormonal imbalance become more frequent. Without consulting a doctor in this situation can not do.

Any stimulation of ovulation increases the risk of adverse effects. For example, such as ovarian exhaustion, ectopic pregnancy and other pathological situations.

Reviews of folk remedies

Reviews of women who used herbs to cause ovulation are mixed. There is no direct answer to the question, but is there a result?

Of course, many drugs are based on medicinal plants. But there is a whole technology and only the necessary element is taken from the “grass”. On the other hand, no one undertakes to assert that it was with the help of traditional medicine that pregnancy occurred.

Therefore, it is very difficult to rely on someone else's experience in this matter and a visit to the gynecologist remains the best step. Only he can accurately determine the causes of infertility and competently get rid of it. And there, look, not far off and the joy of future motherhood.

Medications for women that cause ovulation

Such agents as Puregon, Menogon, Klostilbegit, etc. can stimulate the growth of follicles. The doctor selects them individually, guided by the results of analyzes and other studies.

“Klostilbegit” stimulates the production of FSH, LH and prolactin - hormones involved in the process of ovulation and conception. They must be taken strictly as prescribed by the doctor, otherwise early ovarian exhaustion is possible. Stimulation is usually carried out between 5 and 9 days of the cycle. Tablets are taken 1 piece per day. This tool negatively affects the growth of the endometrium. If its layer is less than 8 mm, other drugs are prescribed, because it will be difficult for a fertilized egg to strengthen on the thin endometrium.

"Puregon" is a gonadotropic group agent that provokes the production of FSH and LH. This medicine helps to grow several follicles in the ovaries, which contributes to ovulation in the middle of the cycle. It is used both for natural conception and for the IVF procedure.

Menogon also affects the production of FSH and LH, which activate estrogen production. This leads to the maturation of follicles and the growth of the endometrium. Both Menogon and Puregon are taken from day 2 of the cycle. The course of admission is 10 days. At the same time, an ultrasound scan is performed to determine ovulation.

If the follicles have reached the required size, they can inject HCG - human chorionic gonadotropin. Injections are administered a day after the last dose of the above tablets. An example of drugs on SoneHCH is “Gonakor”, “Profazi”, “Horagon”. Ovulation should occur in a day.

If the above funds had a positive effect, progesterone therapy begins.

How to cause ovulation in a woman with polycystic ovary

This disease does not always interfere with pregnancy. Many ladies get pregnant successfully and
give birth to children. Sometimes, of course, you have to resort to drug therapy or even surgical treatment.

If a woman with polycystosis has regular menstruation, then it is quite possible that she can become pregnant on her own. In this case, the doctor gives 1 year for conception. Lack of result requires treatment. If irregular periods or a baby cannot be conceived, therapy is needed. After this, pregnancy usually occurs within 6-12 months.

To conceive a child, a woman may be prescribed birth control pills. Of course, during treatment, she will not be able to conceive a child, but after their cancellation - yes. The course usually lasts from 3 months to six months. The choice of such drugs is due to the fact that hormonal birth control pills help regulate the menstrual cycle, therefore, after taking them, a woman appears to ovulate. Often prescribed drugs such as Diana 35, Yarina, Jess.

При поликистозе помогает забеременеть и стимуляция овуляции – курс терапии, заключающийся в приеме в определенные дни цикла определенных гормонов (таблетки, уколы). Выше уже описывался этот процесс, способствующий созреванию фолликулов.

Как вызвать овуляцию при поликистозе яичников, чтобы забеременеть

  1. First, appoint clomiphene ("Clomid", "Klostilbegit"),
  2. From 11-12 days, ultrasound of the uterus and appendages is indicated to assess the development of the follicle and endometrium. Go to the next stage approximately in the middle of the cycle, when the dominant follicle reaches 18 mm,
  3. Chorionic gonadotropin injection. It is administered intramuscularly. As already mentioned, ovulation occurs a day later,
  4. Sexual intercourse on the day of injection and the next day,
  5. From day 16, progesterone (Utrozhestan, Dufaston) is indicated to support pregnancy. On the 17-18 day, an ultrasound is performed again.

Pine uterus - preparation for pregnancy

In the second phase, the grass of the uterus, which contains the phytohormone progesterone, is used. It stabilizes the hormonal background, supports fertilization and helps the attachment of the fetal egg. It is consumed in the form of a decoction or infusion.

Pine uterus is also used to stimulate ovulation.

Contraindications to its use are:

    individual intolerance, obstruction of the fallopian tubes, stomach diseases, pregnancy (you can not drink, so as not to provoke a miscarriage), breastfeeding.

When taken, side effects may occur in the form of migraine, weakness, nausea, and heaviness in the stomach. If they do not disappear after 1-2 days from the start of the course, then treatment will have to be stopped.

During this period of time, a red brush grass is also used, which enhances the action of the uterus. A cuff is used to adjust the growth of the corpus luteum.

Reviews and tips for conceiving twins

Despite the sufficient number of herbs known to the people to restore the function of the female reproductive system, the most common and often used scheme is: sage in the first period, and grass of the pine uterus in the second.

Some couples want to conceive twins and are looking for ways to do this. When ovulation is stimulated by folk remedies, twins can be born, as with conventional hormones.

Ovulation stimulation folk remedies can help with the birth of twins

But statistics speak of one conception of twins for 80 single-fertile. Predicting a multiple pregnancy is considered impossible. Many factors play a role here. Twins are more likely to occur in women in adulthood. The number of births plays a role. When contraceptives are canceled, the ovary, feeling freedom, can also grow two eggs. But all these processes are difficult to predict.

People believe that in order to improve the work of the ovaries, so that they are more productive, you need to eat the liver, more meat and dairy products, which provide the necessary supply of protein. In a word, double fertilization is a gift from above and a test for the expectant mother. Indeed, in this case, the toxicosis is stronger, the weight also doubles and pregnancy is harder to tolerate. Therefore, it is better to rely on fate. Although to satisfy this desire, there is IVF. But it also does not give a 100% guarantee, because one of the cells may not take root or triplets will be born at all.

In any case, if you decide to stimulate ovulation with folk remedies, namely, infusions of herbs, you need to carefully approach the selection of the herb itself, the time and its use and dose.

Stimulation of ovulation with folk remedies and long-term use of these funds can lead to inflammatory processes in the genitals. Therefore, the stimulation process, regardless of whether you take synthetic or phytohormones, takes place only according to the scheme prescribed by the doctor, taking into account the individuality of your body.