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How can a beginner quickly learn how to draw graffiti?


How to learn to draw graffiti? You need to start with graffiti for beginners, and do not be afraid or embarrassed by simple drawings. If you are a beginner, then start with easy drawings - they will help you in the future to draw more complex graffiti.

How to draw graffiti for beginners

So, to draw graffiti you will need a simple pencil, eraser, black pencil or marker, well, and colored pencils. We will draw the word "COLD".

We draw the first letter "C" - look at the figure, what shape this letter should be. If you are not yet confident in your abilities, first draw with a simple pencil, and then circle around black.

Next, draw the second letter “O”. It has the shape of a rhombus and partially goes beyond the first letter "C".

We continue to draw graffiti for beginners, and draw the third letter "L". Please note that it is smaller than the rest of the letters. To her right, draw a curved line.

The last stage is the most difficult - we need to draw the last letter "D". Please note that the letters "L" and "D" seem to be intertwined - this is the complexity. Carefully review the picture below, and try to draw as in the picture below.

When all the letters are drawn, you can begin to decorate graffiti. On the contours, circle all the letters in black, and paint over the middle of the letters: “C”, “O” and “D”.

What colors to decorate such graffiti? I chose pencils in blue and light blue. First, draw vertical strokes at the bottom of each letter with a blue pencil.

Next, with a light blue pencil, you again need to do vertical strokes, leaving the top white. Blue and light blue shades on contact are mixed among themselves. Thus, we get a soft transition of shades of blue, and the top will remain white. Also, you need to paint black between the letter “L” and “D”, I forgot to do this earlier. The result that we have, you can see below in the figure.

Did you like it draw graffiti for beginners? Now try something more complicated from graffiti drawing lessons here or here.

How can a beginner quickly learn how to draw graffiti?

When drawing graffiti there is no strict sequence and rules. Each work is an individual. Each has its own style and you will have it too over time. First you need to learn basic skills, and after that everything will come by itself.

Do not waste time experimenting on your own. You should immediately look at the professionals, as they will quickly learn what they could learn for a long time. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Look on the Internet, on forums and other resources for the work of other graffists. They will help you quickly navigate this environment. Learn to redraw other people's work on paper first. This will train your hand well and help in the future. We advise you to take a simple job, without any "chips" and complex details,
  • Be sure to watch the video tutorials from the masters of their craft. This is the lion's share of invaluable experience!

How to create graffiti - a sequence of steps

Drawing graffiti is a fairly popular activity, but not everyone can create a really stylish and attractive graffiti. To acquire the appropriate skills, try create beautiful graffiti on a piece of paper with pencils of two colors, then to be able to paint our graffiti with markers or special paint.

Arm yourself with at least two pencils and a piece of paper

When creating graffiti, it is recommended that you follow a certain sequence of steps.

Decide on the style

Since graffiti usually consists of some text, we first need to decide on the style of future letters. You saw a lot of graffiti on the street, various designs can be found online. The easiest way for a beginner is to imitate a certain style, for example, the popular "bubble letters". You can choose round or sharp edges of letters, letters of the same size or different, many other forms and implementations that suit your taste.

Create Graffiti Letters

Draw letters in graffiti style. Use light pencil strokes to create letters, as you may encounter them later. the need to adjust some lines. This can take a long time, and you have to be patient so that all the letters come out stylish. At the same time, try to make your graffiti original, and not just copy one-on-one's work.

Special effects

Decide on special effects for your graffiti. When you finish drawing letters, you can add some details to your graffiti. For example, the letter “Z” can display lightning, the letter “O” can appear in the form of a drop, and with the letter “P” you can use various impressive effects. In this case, be careful if errors occur in your drawing, you will not be able to continue drawing. Copy your pencil sketch (for example, using a scanner) before you start painting your graffiti. Set up the scanner so that it correctly displays all the shades of your picture.

Add color

Add colors to your graffiti. Browse some ready-made graffiti patterns online before embarking on a coloring book. Do not use pencils to color letters; it is better to use felt-tip pens or paint. Graffiti should be bright, vibrant, contrasting. You can color each letter with a different color, or use several colors at the same time. At the same time, remember that too bright letters can distract from the general perception of graffiti, and complicate the focus on the word itself.

How to draw graffiti on paper - draw a lily

Consider creating more complex graffiti in the form of a lily flower with illustrations.

To get started, draw a small circle for the future lily bud, and add a long line to it for the future stem.

Draw the shape of the petals

Next we need to draw simple contours for flower petals. To do this, draw seven starting lines (not necessarily symmetrical) using curved lines that will define the final shape of the lily petals.

Create petal shapes

Now create the contours for the lily petals.

Erase the internal labels for the petals

Add more details for the final contours each petal. It's time to erase the initial contours of the inner labels for the petals.

Move on to drawing the stalk lilies as well leaves of various sizes and quantities.

It remains to add the shadows to the petals in places where light does not fall directly on the flower.

Now you have to color the flower, pencils or watercolors. Remember that leaves have different shades of green.

Graffiti in VK messages

You can also draw graffiti in VK, while this function is available only in the mobile version of the site. To activate it, you must go into private messaging with the person you need. To the left of the message line, select a paper clip, and in the appeared set of options select "Graffiti".

Click on a paper clip and then select Graffiti

After that, it remains to click on the blue button “Draw Graffiti”.

You will have access to several buttons for creating graffiti (from left to right).

CrossExit this mode.
Three horizontal stripesBrush size selection
Check markSaving and sending the result
EraserWill help erase unnecessary
ArrowUndo the last action

Graffiti Tools There are also various color options available to create graffiti.


In this material, I examined how to draw graffiti beautifully and what is the sequence of steps when creating different types of graffiti. If you are just starting your way, it is recommended to start with the simplest types of drawing, as you improve, complicating the style and form of execution. Learn, try, invest your time and efforts, and you will succeed. Good luck

5 tools that any beginner graffiti cannot do without

To start learning graffiti there is no need to immediately run to the store for a bottle of paint. Surely you already have everything you need:

  1. Album for drawing or thick sheets of A4 individually,
  2. Simple and colored pencils,
  3. Colored helium pens, felt-tip pens,
  4. Eraser,
  5. Markers

Of course, you can take much more tools. For graffiti, even pastel and paint are suitable. To each his own.

Although graffiti is more of a street art, but for a novice graffist, the best canvas is paper. Aerobatics are walls, and a real graffist (rider) will need completely different tools for work:

  1. High-quality paint (preferably from a domestic manufacturer - “Type” or foreign - “Lada”),
  2. Spray nozzle
  3. Paint spray gun,
  4. Vandalizers for the tag image *,
  5. Respirator,
  6. Lantern and stairs for night drawing.

* Tag is a unique signature of the author of graffiti. Each rider has it and is usually depicted below.

Get started with the basics

To learn the basics of graffiti, you should start by drawing artistic writing. All experienced craftsmen started from this point and advise all beginners
learn to draw text graffiti on paper. You can choose any text, but it’s always fun to mock your name. By the way, you can immediately
come up with your tag and portray it. Do not rush to immediately draw in volume, everything has its time.

So, the first steps with which you can start training right now:

Learn to write letters the same way

Step 1. On a piece of paper, simply write the text in pencil. Let it be simple text with an ordinary font, you do not need to immediately twist the letters and draw mysterious arrows. Your goal is to learn to write exactly, observing kerning, height and size of all letters. Try stroking to make it easier to fix defects in the event of an error. After the letters begin to turn out equal, start to leave small spaces between the letters, then to increase them in volume.

Step 2. Circle your letters. To do this, choose the style that you will depict the easiest. “Old-timers” advise all newcomers to learn to draw graffiti on paper with style bubble (bubbles). Letters made in this style really resemble inflated bubbles, and they are most easily depicted. Although there are many more styles:

  • Wild (wild) - letters are intertwined and confused. A lot of detail and additional elements,
  • Blockbusters - huge and wide letters on the background,
  • Character - Suitable for experienced or talented graffiti artists. They draw comics and cartoon characters in this style.
  • Messiah - multilayer text overlaying one on another. Also for advanced writers.

For now, one style is enough for you. Change the letters beyond recognition, because this is free training!

Step 3. As soon as the sketch will completely suit you, you can make several copies. When painting, you can not be afraid to spoil the sketch, since you will always have more in stock. Sketch - sketch, sketching, sketch.

Step 4. Before painting, the lines drawn with a pencil can be darkened with a pen or marker. There are so many ways to colorize the letters. Get new ideas on the Internet, look at other works. The easiest option is to sketch the letters in one color. But good graffiti should be catchy and bright, but in moderation! Therefore, colors can be alternated or each letter can be made different colors.

Tip: Use moderation in colors and additional elements so that your graffiti does not turn into chaos.

What will others think?

One correspondent of the Russian television channel somehow joined the team of writers and found out: according to them, 9 out of 10 people love what they draw. The latter usually calls the police.

It was a good indicator. Now he has fallen due to the fact that there were “writers” who do not care what kind of fame they pursue - bad or good. More often than the first. How many mutilated walls of shops, shop windows, garages or houses are in your city? Banal inscriptions that do not carry any emotion and thoughts simply spoil the appearance of the city. There are few real masterpieces. Because of this phenomenon, many began to associate graffiti as vandalism, rather than art.

Therefore, many writers prefer to work only at night and as quickly as possible. And some are limited to drawing graffiti on paper and are completely satisfied. It is a pity that in our country there are no specially designated places for creativity of writers, as, for example, it is in France and the countries of the Scandinavian peninsula.

Learn and develop your talents. Become a sought-after writer and participate in various festivals of hip-hop culture!