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World famous singer Beyoncé is the idol of many fans. Her life is rich and interesting, she is constantly evolving and improving as a creative person and as a successful woman, which attracts literally an army of fans. Many are interested in the details of the singer’s personal and professional life, and therefore we will raise the veil of mystery and secrecy by telling these interesting facts about the famous R’n’B performer.

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Beyoncé Biography

1. Place and date of birth - Houston, September 4, 1981.

2. Parents named the Beyonce girl Giselle Carter Knowles.

3. The girl received such an exotic name from her mother, or rather, this is a derived name from her last name to marriage.

Source: Tumblr

4. Among its ancestors are the peoples of Africa, America and the inhabitants of the former French colonies. On the maternal side, the singer is a descendant of Joseph Broussard.

5. Mom star girl - hairdresser and stylist Tina Beyonce, father Matthew Knowles is engaged in document management.

Source: Corner of Beyonce

6. Favorite show of the singer and actress - Jersey Shore (Beach).

7. She loves the movie “A Star Was Born”; this is her favorite film at all times.

8. The model of style Beyoncé considers actress and super model Kate Moss.

9. In her free time, she likes to spend time at home watching television or watching her Brooklyn Nets game in the front row with her husband.

10. She is very sensitive and responsive, has a high level of compassion, therefore she is an active participant in charitable organizations. Among them are those who are involved in targeted assistance in the fight against infertility, general-purpose funds and assistance to women in difficult life situations.

11. In 2012, the singer became the ambassador of the world in the action World Aid Day, a video was shot on this occasion, where she calls for sympathy and charity. If possible, help those in need.

12. In New York, Brooklyn, Beyonce created a non-profit cosmetology center - Beyoncé Cosmetology Center.

13. In honor of his grandmother, the designer house Dereon was named a singer. In addition, she released several lines of fragrances, the most famous of them Heat, Pulse.

Source: Facebook / HouseOfDereon

14. The list of her promotional activities includes multi-million dollar contracts with Pepsi, Loreal and American Express.

Source: Pepsi

15. People magazine in 2010 declared her the most beautiful woman in the world.

16. The singer is 167 cm tall.

17. The favorite number of the famous pop diva is 4. Her mother’s birthday is on the 4th, she married on the 4th, her and her husband’s birthdays also fall on the 4th. Singer - September 4, her husband - December 4.

18. Of the real estate has a condominium in Miami and a house in the capital of Great Britain, in London.

19. She loves light makeup, which consists only of tinting eyelashes with mascara. With this method, she rests from the abundance of cosmetics and makeup at work.

20. The singer’s assets are $ 300 million. Her husband Jay-Z - $ 500 million.

Beyonce's Career

21. The talent for singing was revealed in little Beyoncé when she was 8 years old, when at a dance lesson she effectively finished the song with her teacher, powerfully and confidently picking the highest notes.

22. At the same age, a fateful meeting with other members of the future Destiny’s child group took place. At that time, they with three other girls were united in the group Girls Tyme.

23. At a young age, a talented singer won a vocal competition, performing with John Lennon's song “Imagine”.

24. During the period when the Destiny’s child group crumbled, the singer suffered from severe depression for almost two years. But she hid it, since the group received a prestigious award and this fact would still not have been paid attention.

25. The debut album, with which she began her solo career after the breakup of the group, Dangerously in Love brought the singer 5 Grammy awards.

26. Mom Beyoncé helps and supports a talented daughter from the very beginning of her career. She designed a wardrobe for young Destiny’s child.

27. The timbre of the singer’s voice has a mezzo-soprano classification.

28. Vocal capabilities demonstrate 3.5 octaves of range.

29. In 2003, the stage image was created for the singer, which was supposed to help her suppress shyness on the stage, and in 2010 the singer stated that she did not need an alter ego to feel relaxed during the performances. Sasha Firs became the heroine of the clothing line, which emphasizes the personality of the singer’s image and conveys this spirit to all her fans.

30. Among her many nicknames, the most popular are Bey, B, Queen B, and the pop princess.

31. The first round of the singer as a solo artist took place in 2004.

32. In 2006, after the success of the song translated into Spanish by Irreplaceable, the singer decided to translate the whole B’Day album, which she worked with Shakira.

33. Sports Illustrated’s magazine published a photo of Beyoncé on the cover of its 2007 summer issue. This fact is noteworthy in that this is the first and only photograph of not an athlete or professional model who graced the cover of this magazine.

Source: Sports Illustrated

34. In the same year, she became the first artist to receive the International Artist Award presented at the American Music Awards.

35. In 2010, the singer became a record holder, receiving 6 Grammy awards in one evening.

36. Speaking of Grammy awards, it should be noted that Beyoncé has the largest collection of Grammy, 20 of them.

37. The singer’s latest album “visual” Lemonade, which is an hour-long film, created a sensation in the press, a lot of discussions, comments and a lot of criticism. But at the same time he became the best-selling album, a record holder who broke all previous sales records in the first 27 hours of release.


38. The debut of the career of the film actress was the hip-hopper Carmen, where the singer played the main role.

39. In 2002, Beyoncé played a supporting role in the third part of the Austin Powers - Gold members. She played Foxy Cleopatra.

Source: Tumblr

40. The singer performed a talented jazz vocalist in the film “Fighting Temptations”. This is a comedy on the theme of music, where the singer looked very organically.

41. In 2004, Jay-Z made a film about Beyonce, with her in the title role - “Going Black”.

42. 2006 is rich in participation in films. The singer became a member of two films - “Dream Girls”, where she got the role of prima and in “Pink Panther” (the character of Zaniya).

43. The television project “My Night at Grammy” was filmed based on an autobiographical passage from the life of a star with her participation in the title role.

44. In 2009, the singer was entrusted with a leading role in the drama film Obsession.

45. Beyoncé portrayed herself in the story-biography Life as a Dream.

46. ​​Her character Shine sang in the series Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! And voiced the character of Tara in the cartoon Epic.

Source: Twentieth Century Fox Animation

Beyonce's personal life

47. The singer caused a two-year depression by the fact of breaking up with a guy at the age of 19, with whom she maintained relations for several years before the breakup.

48. She hid for a long time the relationship with her future husband, Jay-Z rapper.

49. The couple officially secured their relationship on April 4, 2008.

50. The general public learned about the marriage of a rapper and pop diva only three weeks later, Beyoncé did not even put on a ring before the event, at which the couple revealed the truth.

51. The film “Life is like a Dream” uses parts from the family video archive about the singer’s childhood and moments about how she prepares for each performance by reading a prayer.

52. At the end of August 2011, at the MTV Music Awards, the expectant mother announced her interesting position, effectively demonstrating the already outstanding tummy.

53. This post got into the Guinness Book of Records for the number of reposts and the speed of distribution on Twitter.

54. On Christmas night 2012, Beyonce and Jay-Z had a daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

55. In the life of the eminent couple there is a sad moment, which they told much later than the incident itself. The singer suffered a miscarriage, which pushed her to help women suffering from infertility or having difficulty conceiving.

56. Within two days, the baby became the star of the charts. The young dad included the recording of the first cry of the newborn in his song “Glory”, dedicated to the birth of a daughter.

57. Wanting to keep the moment of birth of Blue Ivy secret, the expectant mother turned up under a false name to a clinic in New York.

58. In early February of this year, an official statement appeared in the media that the singer was pregnant again. This time the couple is waiting for twins.

59. At first glance, the secretive Beyoncé willingly shares the details of his life with fans and the world community.

Writing and Producing Songs Edit

Since Destiny’s Child, Knowles has been masterfully building his career. She happened to be a co-author of many songs of the group, as well as her own solo works. Known for writing personally energetic and feminist compositions herself, she stated that the presence of Jay-Z in her life changed several of her thoughts about the relationship between men and women. Some of her songs are autobiographical and, as she admits, taken from both personal experience and friends.

Knowles was also a co-producer of most of the recordings in which she was involved, especially during her solo work. However, she does not associate herself with the rhythm, but, as a rule, offers melodies and ideas during the creation, sharing them with the producers. Knowles is also known for writing songs during the promotion of Destiny’s Child in the 1990s and from the beginning to the mid-2000s. She won the "Author of the Year" award in the "Pop Song" nomination for 2001 A

Diva with swaddling clothes

The fact that the eldest daughter of Texas hairdresser Tina Knowles and printer sales manager Matthew Knowles will become a star has been understood almost from her birth. Beyoncé from a young age was very musical and loved dancing. Parents strongly supported her aspirations and raised her as a real princess, before whom everyone should bow.

At the age of eight, Bee passed a casting in the girls band, which was a symbolic start to her future super-famous career. In 1996, the Destiny's Child pop group was formed, and Beyoncé, who at that time was only 15 years old, immediately became a soloist.

For the time being, Kelly and LaTavia tolerated Beyoncé's harsh remarks about him. The soloist of the team now and then exposed the girls in a bad light in the interview. So, Bi could easily say that only she is able to sing and move beautifully in a group. One case of the artist’s fans is still reminded of her: during one of the video reports, Rowland called herself “the second soloist”, which greatly infuriated Knowles. The future pop diva showed her dissatisfaction with eloquent facial expressions and the clear message that there can only be one star in the team - and this, of course, Beyoncé herself.

This case was later commented upon by Miss Roberson. “Kelly was telling the truth. Each of us knew our role. Bee is a soloist, Kelly is the second soloist, and I sang the soprano. We never tried to outshine each other, because we had certain places in the group, ”LaTavia explained in an interview with MTV. However, the sincerity of the artist’s judgments, which during almost the entire conversation with the journalist chuckled nervously and nervously, was hard to believe.

Despite the arrogant nature of the singer, Kelly continued to be friends with her and even performed with the band Destiny's Child, the composition of which changed several times, until the collapse in 2006. The artists still communicate, because Miss Rowland since then has not even tried to compete with her "friend".

Excessive Requirements

With the beginning of a solo career (I must say, very successful), Beyoncé's habits became almost royal. According to anonymous sources who had to interact with the singer during the concerts, she is not at all the funny and sweet girl she is trying to impersonate. Being a perfectionist to the marrow of bones, a celebrity requires only the best results and unquestioning submission from his team - the pop star does not give anyone the right to make a mistake, even the slightest. Insiders say that the artist is a real tyrant in a skirt: she is unfair and very cruel to those with whom she works.

It’s not easy to please her. If you believe the publication of The Daily Star, then the requirements of the performer of the hit Single Ladies are almost monarchy. The following points are written in her rider: in the dressing room there should always be alkaline (alkaline - approx. water, chilled strictly to 21 degrees, as well as special titanium drinking tubes worth $ 900 each. In addition, the artist insists that in the room where she will be preparing for performances, there is a fresh repair and new furniture.

Super Bowl Organizers (the final game for the title of champion of the National Football League of the USA, which has become a national holiday, - approx. in 2013 pretty tormented with Beyonce. Ryder then struck managers who had seen a lot in his lifetime. The pop queen insisted that a special nursery should be equipped in her dressing room for her daughter Blue Ivy, which should smell like roses, and also demanded to establish her own bar in miniature with elite drinks for her husband Jay Z.

It is curious that at the same time the artist herself does not consider herself a demanding diva, that you, that you! Its representatives repeatedly commented on the press, stating that Beyoncé was a shy and ascetic. For complete happiness, the joy and convenience of her fans is enough for her.

Marriage built on a lie

Beyonce never tire of repeating that Sean Carter, known to the general public under the pseudonym JJ, is her only true love. The artists began to meet in 2002 after a fruitful collaboration - they recorded the duo 03 Bonnie & Clyde. A year later, fans of lovers heard the song Crazy In Love and proclaimed them the most beautiful couple of our time.

Ideal at first glance, the union actually raised a lot of questions from the very beginning. The fact is that throughout the affair with Beyonce, Jay Z systematically cheated on her with other women, moreover, he noticed “traces of crimes” carelessly. Multiple winner of the Grammy Award guessed that the chosen one was unfaithful to her, but was not in a hurry to leave him. Bee knew this would delight the haters, who from the very beginning insisted that their relationship with Sean was doomed. The reputation, which poured in millions of dollars, was also jeopardized.

In 2005, the musicians nevertheless parted for a short time due to Carter's frequent spree. The R & B diva was madly jealous of her boyfriend for the then-beginning singer Rihanna. An experienced music producer and at that time still so naive, but even then already hot, his proteges constantly flirted in public, which was supposedly part of the Ri-Ri promotion plan. However, evil tongues began to whisper, and Beyoncé with each note about the "close cooperation" of Jay Z with this Barbados little thing was getting darker. A few years later, Beyoncé biographer John Randall Taraborrelli announced that Sean Carter and Rihanna had never been together - their romance was invented exclusively for the PR of the voiced singer.

Shortly after a happy reunion with BJ, he made an offer of marriage. The couple played a secret wedding in 2008, and four years later they had a long-awaited daughter.

The lull before the storm was short-lived: in 2014, the younger sister Beyoncé Solange pounced on Jay Z with his fists right in the elevator, in which the three went down from the status ceremony. The incident was recorded on surveillance cameras and soon leaked to the Network. Fans have long been gossiping about what could lead her sister-in-law to take extreme measures. There was only one conclusion: Solange could not forgive the wife of her beloved sister for having been unfaithful to her for years. Fortunately, the Beyoncé team quickly managed to hush up the unpleasant situation - its representatives said that the press misinterpreted the events. However, few believed it ...

Over the past few years, the media has been full of headlines about the imminent divorce of the Carter couple. Allegedly, Beyoncé no longer wants to put up with her husband’s campaigns to the left, but suffers him only for the good of the common child and his image of a woman who deserves her personal happiness. Once again, the situation escalated in 2016, when the pop diva released the visual album Lemonade, in which, it seems, she sang only about the betrayal of a loved one. Mrs. Carter fans were desperate to find out the real name of the woman who was named Becky in the song. There were many versions, nobody got to the bottom of the truth. It is curious that even Chris Jenner, who is almost two times older than Jay Z, was among the suspects! The wife’s new record prompted the rapper to publicly acknowledge his love affairs on the side. “I always treasured our relations, but they were originally built on untruth. Since we are public people, it was especially difficult to start from scratch, ”the musician said before the release of his new 4:44 album, in which he apologized to his wife.

There is, however, one more version of this belated public penance of the rap producer. In the light of the anti-harassment movement that has spread all over the world, Jay Z's lawyers have decided to anticipate the events, well aware that many women can call this “mischievous reveler" at any time. Уж лучше подстелить соломку и как бы заранее взять на себя вину в многочисленных интрижках на стороне, чем потом разбираться с многочисленными исками, параллельно объясняя миру, как они вяжутся с имиджем добропорядочного семьянина.

Буквально за последний год отношения пары вроде бы улучшились. Бейонсе подарила мужу, мечтавшему о большой семье, двойню — сына Сэра и дочь Руми. По слухам, Джей Зи даже грозился развестись с певицей, если она не согласится родить ему еще детей. Похоже, для Би действительно важно поддерживать образ идеальной матери и жены, ведь далеко не каждая стала бы мириться с систематическими изменами второй половины.

Впрочем, фанаты звезды до сих пор не могу понять, почему она раз за разом терпит унижения и противоречит сама же себе. In his songs, Beyoncé tries to create the image of a strong and independent feminist and calls on other women to end their unhappy relationships without regrets: they say that there are no irreplaceable men.

An affair with the president?

In early 2014, rumors circulated on the web that Beyoncé had come up with a cunning plan to humiliate her husband. The actress allegedly paid the faithful with the same coin. The French journalist Pascal Rosten told the press that the singer had cheated on her husband - and not anyhow with anyone, but with the US President Barack Obama himself. A reporter who had previously managed to expose the affair of former French leader Francois Hollande with actress Julie Gaillot, claimed that he had undeniable evidence of American pop diva romance and politics.

The presence of such incriminating evidence on Beyonce shocked the fans who idealized her. Celebrity officials immediately contacted reputable media to issue a rebuttal of this information and save Mrs. Carter's reputation.

Confirmation of the relationship of Beyoncé and Barack Obama, the world did not see. But we all know very well that there is no smoke without fire ...

Fake pregnancy

When in 2011 Beyoncé announced to the whole world that she was expecting her first child, many fans doubted her pregnancy. Fans were embarrassed that the belly of the singer miraculously appeared, then disappeared during the releases.

Fragments from the television instantly hit the Web, and the singer for a long time tried to justify herself for embarrassment. According to rumors, she even specially invited the paparazzi to a staged beach photo shoot to be shot in a bikini. But the blurred pictures taken per kilometer were not convincing enough.

During the second pregnancy, the artist immediately decided to play it safe: she published half-naked photographs so that no one would have any doubt that she was wearing babies herself.

Sworn girlfriend

A few years ago, the relationship between Jay Z and Kanye West spoiled sharply, due to the fact that the performer of the hit Stronger was unflattering about his colleague and his wife Beyonce during one of his performances. However, the singer was not very upset because of this. She does not hide the fact that the greedy for fame Kardashian family openly annoys her.

The artist generally emphasizes by all means that she is above the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Despite not the warmest relations with members of this family, the singer regularly congratulates them on important events in life.

Recently, for example, she presented her newborn daughter Kim and Kanye with an expensive gift - a bracelet with diamonds created by an exclusive order from the jeweler Lorraine Schwartz. Fans even decided that the queen changed her anger to mercy and is now ready to make friends with Internet stars. However, anonymous authors warn that a pop diva never cheats on herself.

Other facts testify to the fact that Beyoncé is a nature woven from contradictions. So, the singer often repeats that she wants to keep her personal life a secret, while at the same time she sometimes spreads rumors and calls the paparazzi so that the world does not forget about her. It seems that Bee’s ideal at first glance is really just a masterful camouflage. But he eventually wears out and ceases to hide the true essence of things.