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10 Ways to Feel Confident While Resting If You Have Critical Days


Let your periods not interfere with your plans.

Maria Denisova February 5, 2017

Yes, these are not the most pleasant days in our life. As we understand you! Drawing pain in the lower abdomen, bad mood and eternal fears that others will notice something. How we all know this. Is it really impossible to improve the situation? Well, we came up with something. And it definitely works.

  • Eat the right food. Some potassium-rich foods can relieve spasmodic pain. For example, bananas. Imagine how cool. Sit yourself and crack bananas all day or two. or three. And dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, which can help your muscles relax, which also reduces pain.

  • Refrain from eating certain foods. For example, do not eat foods that contain a lot of soda. This can cause bloating. And caffeine can increase cramping pain. Bad news for coffee lovers. But what can you do.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Water in general is absolutely a magical thing, necessary for our body. It is good for everything: for the skin, and for the normalization of metabolism, and for the work of the brain. For everything. Always drink a lot. And especially during menstruation.
  • Move on. Yes, yes, we understand that you dream of curling up in your bed and watching some bullshit on TV all day. But, unfortunately, such behavior will not alleviate your condition. Oddly enough it sounds, but to ease the discomfort, you have to walk. At least around the house a couple of circles.
  • Get enough sleep. Long sleep is generally necessary for girls to be in a good mood. And even more so these days. A sleepy body is miserable. And even more so if it is not a sleepy body, which has menstruation. Try to sleep at least 8 hours a day.
  • Do not overload yourself. Yes, light charging can help you feel better. But overload yourself with physical activity is not worth it. These days, you simply have to listen to your body. As soon as you understand that you need to relax, immediately stop exercising.
  • Use a heating pad. Warmer in this situation has saved more than one life, that's what we are telling you for sure. Even if you do not experience severe pain, a heating pad will help you relax and feel much better. By the way, there are heating pads that can be worn all day under clothes. They really can seriously make your life easier.

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Include physical activity in your vacation

Light exercises can really relieve pain associated with menstruation, since your body improves blood circulation in the process. This can be a light jog along the seashore to perfectly start a new day, or an evening session of calming yoga. One way or another, you need to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine. If you feel less pain associated with your period, you will feel more confident and will be able to do everything you wanted, not allowing the nature of your body to ruin your vacation. In addition, physical activity is useful for your body as a whole, and given the fact that most people forget about diet and going to the gym during the holidays, it will be very nice to keep fit.

Be considerate when choosing a bathing suit.

Your period began, and now you are horrified to wait for the moment when you need to show up on the beach in your bikini. There is no need to panic, you just need to be considerate when choosing your bathing suit. The obvious choice, of course, is black, but other dark colors are also great if something unforeseen happens. If you’re still uncomfortable, take along a beach cloak or a shirt to make you feel more confident. Remember that in reality you do not attract the attention of all people on the beach, so do not be afraid that something will happen to you. If you prepare for this, no one will notice anything.

Make a hairstyle for the holidays

Many women say that their hair becomes a little oily before menstruation. The reason is elevated levels of tarragon, which rises before the onset of menstruation, which leads to stimulation of the production of fat by the skin. There is no point in fighting fat, you just need to accept its presence and choose a different hairstyle for your vacation. For example, make pigtails, because if you remove the hair from the face and shoulders, this will allow you to overheat less in the sun. In addition, if you decide to make a hairstyle that you have never tried before, then you will have one more impression of your vacation. This will allow you to feel additional confidence in yourself, and it will always come in handy in such situations.

Choose a suitable size

Emergency cases usually occur because a woman chooses a pad or pad of the wrong size or if she forgets to change them. Make sure you choose the right size. Most manufacturers produce pads and tampons of various sizes, and some even have a special manual that allows you to choose the size you need. So with this you should not have any problems.

Carry everything you need for emergency

If you go somewhere for the whole day during your vacation and feel a little nervous about it, take your emergency kit with you. You can even take special packaging for used swabs and pads if you are afraid that you cannot find a single public toilet along the way. One way or another, you always need to have everything you need with you, because then you will feel more confident, and you will also be able to eliminate any potential unpleasant situations without spoiling your mood.

Wear striking clothing

A lot of women during menstruation prefer to wear their most comfortable outfit and just relax. However, you should not succumb to the temptation. Put on your favorite outfit in which you feel great, so you can make sure that you do not need to sacrifice your appearance just because you have started your period. Remember that menstruation does not determine your character. Yes, they affect the level of hormones in your body, but you still remain a person, a person, so do not let nature defeat your intellect and continue to live a normal life without panic.

Eat right

Try not to order meals that are high in saturated fat when you’re not eating at home, as these foods can worsen pain associated with your period. Instead, you should focus on fruit. In particular, bananas are very good, as they are full of vitamin B6 and potassium, thanks to which you can avoid the feeling of bloating and muscle cramps. Proper nutrition during the holidays is the key to success after its completion. Many people return from vacation in poor physical shape, gaining a few pounds. You can return from vacation in perfect shape, no matter what.

Fight bloating

When your body is dehydrated, it tries to retain at least some water in your body, which can make you feel bloated even more when you have your period. Make sure you drink enough water to flush out toxins from your body, as well as supply it with fluid.

Try something new

Menstruation should not restrain you from having fun and trying new activities, so you should not sit at home or in a hotel room all the time. Do something that you usually don’t do. Say yes to new experiences and this will instantly increase your self-confidence. Do not let your periods get in the way of your vacation, so that later you do not have to regret what you did not do while you could.

Think about your skin

Use a not too oily face sunscreen to avoid rashes that may appear due to the fact that your skin releases more sebum during menstruation. In addition, such a cream is much more pleasant when applied, and also combines well with makeup, which means that your foundation and all other cosmetics will not float when exposed to sunlight.