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How to send a document scanned using the HP Deskjet 5525 directly to e-mail


The HP Deskjet 5525 is an all-in-one printer, copier, and scanner. Scanning functionality allows you to scan directly to an installed memory card, scan and attach a photo or document by e-mail, and scan wirelessly to your computer. Go to step 1 to learn how to scan and send a photo or document directly to your email address.

How to send scanned documents by e-mail

  1. Go to your mail and click on the button "New letter" (or "Create", "Send"),
  2. Enter the recipient’s email address (or multiple recipient addresses),
  3. If necessary, fill in the fields “Subject of the letter” and “Text of the letter” in the main fields,
  4. Under the field of the main letter there is a button “Attach files” - click on it and specify the path to the documents. Usually they can also be attached by dragging the desired document or archive from the folder into the body of the letter,
  5. If the volume of the files is large, wait until the download is complete and click on the "Submit" button.

Please note: there is no need to attach all files one at a time - you can put them in a folder and add them to the archive. It also makes sense to save documents in PDF format (the most common and easy to read, edit and process format) and give them the correct name.

If you do not know where the scanned documents are saved

You can find out the way to save documents in the settings of your scanner. Usually this is the personal folder of the scanner itself, the My Documents section, or the Desktop. But in some cases, when scanning, a different path is indicated - go to the "Settings" section and see in which folder the scanned documents are saved. Here you can specify a different, convenient way for you to save.

How to attach a file to an email?

Often there is a need to attach a file to an email, for example, attach a screenshot, resume, report, presentation, table, etc. To get started, let's decide that “attach a file to an email” means that

  • first you create a file,
  • then write an e-mail in your mail in which, in particular, indicate the presence of an attached file in the letter
  • and, finally, attach a prepared file to the letter.

All the options for creating files that you can then attach to your letter, I don’t presume to list here, but the main options are:

  • you can create a file in Notepad (this is a standard Windows program), in the WordPad text editor built into Windows, in the Microsoft Word text editor,
  • in graphic editors, for example, Paint (, Photoshop, free Gimp (,
  • You can also create a file using Micosot Excel spreadsheets,
  • Using Microsoft Power Point presentations
  • in free licensed packages OpenOffice, LibreOffice,
  • using the program for working with sound Audacity (,
  • using the program for working with video UVScreenCamera (,
  • using the doPDF .pdf program (
  • etc.

In addition, you can create a new folder, combine several files in one folder, then archive this folder with files, and then attach this archive with files to the mail. For archiving, there are winRar archivers and a free licensed program 7-zip (

Before attaching a file to an email, you write an email. It should be mentioned in the text of the letter that there is an attached file with brief information about the contents of the file, for example: “For clarity, I attach a file with a screenshot to the message” or “In the attached file, look at the screenshot with the image of the problem on my PC” .

After the file is attached to the letter, the letter can be sent.

Let us examine the principle of “how to attach a file to a letter” using the example of two Yandex and Mail mailboxes. This principle is for different mailboxes - Yandex, Mail, Gmail, Rambler, etc. - the same everywhere, there is not much difference.

How to attach a file to a letter in Yandex mail

About how to create mail on Yandex, thereby creating an account on Yandex and be able to use all Yandex services, I wrote in the article “Yandex account”.

So, the mailbox is on Yandex, we write the letter, filling in the To, Subject fields and the field for the letter. Then click on the button “Attach files” (number 1 in Fig. 1):

Fig. 1 In the mail Yandex attach the file to the letter

After clicking on the “Attach files” button, the “Select files to send” window will open in front of you, in which

  1. you need to find the file to attach to the letter,
  2. 1 LMB (click the Left Mouse Button 1 time) on the selected file (number 1 in Fig. 2),
  3. make sure that the file is in the “File name” field (number 2 in Fig. 2),
  4. then click on the “Open” button (number 3 in Fig. 2):

Fig. 2 We are looking for a file on our computer for sending by mail

Actually, this completes the attachment of the file to the letter:

Fig. 3 The file is attached to Yandex mail. The letter can be sent.

If desired, you can check whether the file we downloaded. To do this, click on the name of the attached file or on the “View” button (number 1 in Figure 3).

If it turns out that the file was downloaded incorrectly or something is wrong, then you need to click on the red cross next to the file name (number 2 in Figure 3) - the file will be deleted and automatically unlinked from the message.

You can attach several more files to the same message. Again, click on the “Attach file” button, find the file, click on “Open”. If the files are small, then you can attach many files to one letter. In the screenshot above, two files are attached: with the name “145_Two windows simultaneously” and with the name “Polls”.

Sometimes it’s more convenient to create a new folder, put all files for attachment to the letter in this folder, archive the folder and then attach this archive to the message, just like a regular file is attached.

How to attach a file to a letter in mail

We repeat all the same steps described above:

Fig. 4 Attach the file to mail mail

After the text of the letter is ready,

  • click on the button “Attach file”,
  • after which the window "Select files to send ..." opens (also, as in Fig. 2 above for Yandex),
  • find your file
  • 1 LMB (left click once) on the file name,
  • click on the “Open” button,

all - file attached:

Fig. 5 File attached to mail mail

Here is a red X opposite the name of the attached file - to unpin the file from the letter.

How to understand that a file is attached to an email

If in Inbox you see a paper clip icon opposite the received message (number 1 in Fig. 6 - click on the image to enlarge it), then the paper clip means that a file is attached to this message.

Fig. 6 How to understand that a file is attached to a letter

You can click on the paperclip icon (number 1 in Fig. 6).

Then you will see a list of attached files in the drop-down window (number 2 in Fig. 6). At the same time, you might think about whether to open these files. If the sender is suspicious, then the attached files are NOT worth opening.

Pay attention to the “Files” menu (number 3 in Fig. 6). If you click on “Files”, you will see a list of all the files sent to you from all your letters.

If you delete a letter from your mail, then the files attached to it are also deleted at the same time.

Exercise "How to attach a file to a letter":

Write three letters to yourself (to your inbox):

  • with 1 attached file,
  • then with a few attached files,
  • create archive from several files
  • and send all three letters from your inbox to your inbox.

For example, if I perform the exercise, I will train by sending letters with attached files from the [email protected] mailbox to the same [email protected] mailbox

P.S. The article is over, but you can still read:

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After you go to Jail's email, you must complete the following steps:

  • In the upper left corner, click on the red button called “Compose”, which means “compose” a letter in translation. After that, a form for sending a message will exit.

  • The first element of the submitted form is a line that requires you to specify the email address of the recipient. The address should look like this: [email protected], [email protected], etc. The swirling symbol is called the “dog”. After it must be the name of the mail used by the recipient, for example or Before the “dog” can be any combination of letters and numbers.

  • The second line is for the name of the letter, its title. It is advisable to fill out this field so that the recipient, looking at the new letter, can determine what topic it is. Come up with a headline that will highlight your letter among the rest. Especially if you send important documents that require urgent reading.

  • Actually, the following form is intended for the text of the message itself. In addition, you can attach various files to the letter. In order to do this, click on the paperclip icon at the bottom.

  • After clicking on the icon, a window will appear. In it it will be necessary to select the file that you are going to send to the person. To select an item, you need to click on it once with the left mouse button and click on the “open” button.

  • After the above action, the file will be attached to the letter and when you click on the “Send” button, it will be sent in the message. The text field does not have to be filled at all. You can simply specify the title of the message and attach the desired file without unnecessary text. It is important to remember that Google mail does not allow attaching files larger than 25 mb to the message. If your file does not meet this requirement, you will need to compress it using special programs.

2 Mail

After you log in to, you must complete the following steps:

  • In the left small window you will find 2 tabs. The first displays the number of unread emails in your inbox. You need to click on the second tab called “Write a letter”


  • After clicking on this tab, you will be transferred to the message creation page. In the “To” field, you must specify the email address of the recipient.

  • The second line under the name “Subject” is for the name of the letter, its title. It is advisable to fill out this field so that the recipient, looking at the new letter, can identify the subject on the subject. Come up with a headline that will highlight your letter among the rest. Especially if you send important documents that require urgent reading.
  • To attach a file to the message, click on the tab called “attach file”. As in the case of Google mail, you can not drive in the text of the message, but simply send the file.
  • After clicking on the tab, a window will pop up. Select the desired file and click on “open”. After a small download, the file will be uploaded to the root of the letter. Unlike jail mail, you can send a file of any size, within reason. The larger the file, the more you have to wait for it to load.
  • If everything is ready, you need to click on the “Submit” button in the upper left corner of the page.

4 Yahoo Post

After you log in to Yahoo, you must complete the following steps:

  • In the upper left corner, the “compose” tab is indicated in small print. Click on it.
  • Attaching a file to Yahoo mail is similar to Gmail, read the first paragraph of the article. Sending too large files is not provided. Despite this, you can attach the file not from a computer, but from some Internet source. To do this, click on the paperclip icon and select the first item in the small menu that appears. If you want to forward the photo that you already sent in your letters, you must select the second item.

This article outlined ways to send files to the most popular email accounts. If you use some other unpopular email platform, the methods for sending documents will be similar. It is advisable to have several mailboxes for different purposes. So, if you want to send a large file, use or Yandex mail. If you need to send a working document, then you can use Gmail mail.