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How to use Skype


Modern technological progress allows any owner of modern gadgets with the Android operating system to make the most of all the advantages of the popular Skype service. Its main advantages in this case are the cost, since free video calls are comfortable and convenient, and all users have a unique opportunity to make calls to landlines.

Getting started in Skype

To start working on Skype, you need to download the program through the special Android Market service.

If you already have a personal account, it will be enough just to enter your personal data: username and password, if there is none, you need to register.

After completing the installation of Skype on an Android device and successfully logging into your account, Skype usually suggests synchronizing the program with all the contacts in the phone book of the gadget. You can communicate with these people through the Contacts section.

Important: This will be very convenient for those Android owners who use Skype as their main way of communication.

Add contacts to skype list

All experienced users of android skype know exactly how to add a contact to their list. To do this, you need:

  • Go to the main menu of the Skype program.
  • Then you should select the field labeled Add contacts.
  • Then comes the transition to search.

Important: to simplify the search process, you must enter all the data that you know about the person: name, surname, login, country and city of residence, etc.

  • After you find the person you need, you need to send him a request.
  • The subscriber will confirm your request and his data will immediately appear in your contact list.

To make a call on Skype using android, just select the desired user from your contact list and confirm the corresponding Skype call command.

How to delete skype history

After a long conversation, many Skype Android users cannot delete the history. Although, many professional programmers recommend some very effective ways. The easiest one: go to the list of recent conversations - find the necessary contact - click on it until the menu appears - click on the Delete from recent button - confirm all actions.

Important: Thus, the history of communication with only one person will be deleted, therefore, in order to get rid of the whole history, you need to go to more drastic measures.

  • Make sure to close the Skype program,
  • Go to the main menu of the phone,
  • Select the Settings button,
  • Find the field with the application caption and select skype from the list,
  • Click the Delete Data button.
  • Re-enter Skype and accept all the conditions of the program, after which all data will be deleted.

If communication is no longer urgently needed, there is an effective way to disable skype on android. To do this, you need to go to the personal profile menu by clicking on the picture of your avatar, which is located in the upper right corner of the Skype program window.

Then you need to go to the service menu of your phone or select a special button on the control panel, which is located at the bottom of the screen. Then a special menu will appear, in which you need to select the Exit item. After completing all the necessary actions, the Skype program will be guaranteed to be disabled.

Thus, each user of the Android operating system can easily install, configure, and, if necessary, quickly remove the useful Skype program.

Briefly about the main thing

Skype is a popular application for exchanging user files, instant text and voice messages. The user is given the opportunity to make calls both to the platform participants and to friends on smartphones and stationary devices. Although such a service is paid, the tariffs are significantly lower than the monthly fee of mobile operators.

In addition to the above “strengths”, we must mention a few more:

  • High performance - adaptation to popular platforms went unnoticed, software implementation pleases with the “smooth” operation process.
  • Free basis - on the official website of the project distributions for current platforms are presented.
  • Security - automatic data encryption prevents the listening and seizing of materials for further use (the restriction also applies to law enforcement agencies).
  • Cross-platform - installation files are provided for most popular systems.

Separately, it is worth considering the nuances of using the service on PCs and mobile platforms. This we will continue to do. In the case of computers, we will talk about both the new and the old version of Skype.

Advantages of Skype over other instant messengers

Due to the fact that Skype appeared earlier than other similar applications, this program had more time to maximize its functionality. Skype has such unique features as group voice and video chat. Skype also has other functions typical of any messenger, for example, a text message or the transmission of multimedia content.

This program has no limit on the volume of transferred files. Also, in Skype there are extensive settings allowing you to use both the built-in camera and microphone, and external gadgets.

For example, you can connect a phone used by a computer as a microphone or a web camera to this application.

Unfortunately, this program also has drawbacks. After Microsoft acquired it, Skype received significant integration with Internet Explorer, which, unfortunately, is inferior to other advanced browsers.

Computers and laptops

Currently, Microsoft offers users an updated version of the program, which differs from the classic version with a changed appearance and the presence of new features, for example, notifications about reading messages. But along with this, many users remain faithful to the old Skype. We will consider the nuances of use for each of the cases.

If you have difficulty installing on computers and laptops, then refer to this article.

How to use Skype on a computer

At the time when Skype appeared, there were still not enough powerful mobile devices to make video calls. The only tool to make video calls was a computer. One of the advantages of Skype is its simplicity in settings and extensive application settings, so this program is affordable for both experienced users of a personal computer and elderly people who are less sophisticated in using computer technology.

The program interface is a window, on the right side of which the avatar and user name are indicated, just below the search bar, in which you can enter both the nickname of the person you are looking for and a full name. Even lower, there is a list of contacts and a tab with the history of correspondence.
Selecting one of the contacts, the chat history, the handset, and the video call icon appear on the right side of the window.

At the bottom of the window, there is a field for entering a message, with additional parameters that allow you to attach an image, file, video or contact.
Any section in the program can be increased at the expense of another. For example, the text input field can be increased by decreasing the correspondence history windows.

An icon is installed near the user's avatar, by default it looks like a green circle with a white tick inside. By clicking on this symbol, you can change your status: not in place, do not disturb, not online. Moreover, the status of "offline" allows you to stay online, while other users will consider that the person is not in place.

Case 1: Old program

As soon as you launch Skype, an authentication window will appear (this does not apply to the Modern version). Here you need to specify data from the account or register a new one. As an account, a Microsoft profile is perfect. The procedure for creating a “record” is especially unremarkable:

  1. Click on the registration item.
  2. There are two options to choose from: linking the profile to an email address or phone number. Indicate the one that will be more convenient for you.
  3. In the other field you need to enter the password.
  4. It remains only to activate the profile.

After authorization, the main program window opens in front of the user, made in a concise style. Before searching for relatives and video calls, it is important to make sure the recording and playback devices are working. Further activities are presented below:

  1. Go to the tab "Instruments"click on the item "Settings ...".
  2. Choose “Sound Settings”, adjust the volume of the microphone, speakers.
  3. The system makes it possible to verify the operability of the device, a similar procedure is intended for the webcam (if any).
  4. In the contact list you can find the entry "Echo / Sound ...". This is a special bot to check the connection. Go to the dialogue with him, and then click on the tube icon.Now you know how to make calls, but at the same time you can check the operation of the headphones and microphone.

The process of adding a new user to contacts will require the following manipulations:

  1. There is a line just below the username "Search".We click on it and enter the user login.
  2. We go into dialogue with him and click on "Add to the list…".

On this, the first acquaintance with the features of the Skype messenger can be considered passed.

Case 2: New Skype

At the first start, as in the previous case, the user must either log in to his own account or create a new one. The registration process in all details we have already reviewed here, and now we offer a short version:

  1. Click on the button "Login or create".
  2. Now click on "Create her!".
  3. Here either enter the phone number or switch to registration via email address.
  4. Fill in the required fields and confirm the procedure by entering the code from SMS or email.

Then, directly setting up your account will begin. First, you will be prompted to upload an avatar.But this step can be skipped by clicking on the appropriate button. Then the sound check page is displayed. Try to say something into the microphone and listen to the speakers / headphones. Then a similar procedure is performed with the webcam.

When all the settings have been completed, the main program window will be displayed. Let's try to add the first contact for communication. Click on the search form, enter the nickname, phone or email of your friend and switch to the section "People".Open the page of the desired user and send him any message. It will be automatically written in the address book when it accepts the invitation (it is sent automatically).

Smartphones and tablets

Now let's figure out how to use Skype on your phone. It’s worth starting with installing the application and authorizing it. All contacts are synchronized between the mobile device and the stationary program, and they are stored on Microsoft servers. Therefore, you do not have to transfer anything manually. Let us dwell on a few points:

    Sending messages and calls - the interface is designed in the same way as its "desktop" counterpart. At the bottom of the screen there is a field for calling up the virtual keyboard, at the top there are voice call and video connection icons. The process of registering a new user and authorization in the mobile version is no different from the “desktop” one. The user still needs to fill in the required fields, the list of which is presented above.

Skype for smartphones

With the development of powerful mobile devices, it has become possible to make video calls from smartphone to smartphone and from smartphone to computer. Skype interface for mobile operating systems is much simpler than the computer version.

  • Username, setting and changing status are available by swipe to the right.
  • On the main screen of the application is the history of correspondence, in the next tab, the user's contacts.
  • When synchronization is enabled, contacts from the address book are added to Skype. In the last tab, you can dial a mobile phone number by making a call from Skype to a GSM network.
  • Of course, to call to a mobile phone number, you must have a replenished account on your Skype account.
  • When you select a contact that does not have the Skype application installed, the program will offer to invite a friend using SMS messages or e-mail.
  • When you select a contact with Skype installed, the user will be sent to the chat history. As in the stationary version, the voice and video chat icon will be at the top of the chat, and the area for entering text, below the chat history.
  • With a voice call, a person can bring the device to his ear and talk like on a regular phone. If a proximity sensor is installed in the device, the smartphone screen will turn off at this time.
  • When making a video call, a person can use the front camera, so that both participants in the conversation will see each other. If there is no front camera, a person can turn the smartphone backside. One way or another, one of the participants in the dialogue will not be able to see his interlocutor.
  • If desired, even with a front camera, the smartphone owner can switch the view from the front camera to the rear. This can be useful, because the main camera is usually better, has optical stabilization and autofocus.

Despite the many messengers that also have voice and video communications, Skype is still relevant. In addition to high-quality communication, Skype has many unique functions, for example, group video chat.

  1. Both clients, both mobile and stationary, when minimized, display a small video window on top of the remaining windows.
  2. Despite some shortcomings, it is unlikely in the near future that some other messenger will be able to compete with Skype.

Today you learned how to use Skype, if you have questions for me about this - ask them in the comments, I will be happy to help everyone. All peace and goodness!