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How to increase Internet connection speed


Slow internet is annoying, bad internet is annoying, lack of internet is causing a fit. This is of course a little exaggerated, but close to the truth. Bad internet really only causes a negative reaction.


Any antivirus software during its operation consumes a significant amount of computer system resources. Some antiviruses simply "shamelessly" devour RAM and load the processor. The leader among all antiviruses for overloading a computer is (this is not a secret) Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Yes, and all other antiviruses are also "well done." Therefore, the speed of the computer, and as a result, the speed of the Internet, depends on the correct settings of the antivirus. How to solve this problem, read the article "Why does the antivirus slow down the Internet."

This is the aspect that we pay the least attention to. And all because they are sure that there are no viruses on our computer. But in vain. I guarantee that you have them. Clean your computer with an antivirus scanner. Just not the scanner of the antivirus that you have. Download any free antivirus scanner on the Internet (the benefit is full of them) and check the system. The result will greatly surprise you. Top 10 best antiviruses here.

A lot depends on the modem and its performance. Unfortunately, in most cases, modems are configured at the factory and are not intended for adjustments. Therefore, if the problem occurs on the side of the modem, then the only way to resolve it is to replace the equipment. Sometimes it is possible to update the modem software by making a firmware upgrade. Go to the website of the manufacturer of your modem and see if there are new firmware. And it is possible to determine whether the modem is slowing down or not only in one way: borrow a similar modem from friends for a while and do a comparative test.

As you know, a router is just a splitter (by analogy with electromechanics) only for the Internet channel. Despite this, the speed of the Internet is very dependent on the quality of its work. How to properly configure the router, read the article "How to increase the speed of the router"

This is our window on the Internet. Through it we read, use, write, communicate. And if this “window” is not fully opened, then you will not have to expect fast network work. How to properly configure the browser for fast work on the Internet, read the article "Why the browser slows down"

A very important parameter that directly affects the speed of the Internet. Read more about fast DNS settings in the article "How to speed up the Internet"

Communication Pack Optimization

You know whether or not this is, but the size of the data transfer packet is of great importance and depends on the speed of the Internet and the quality of communication. Internet speed is largely dependent on these parameters correctly set. To make such settings in manual mode is very difficult. Therefore, for this purpose, a special "Program to accelerate the Internet."

Solving these problems will help you partially speed up the Internet. But if you want your Internet to really “fly”, read the article “How to Speed ​​Up the Internet”.

9 reasons for slow connection and their elimination

In apartment buildings, business centers, office buildings, wired data transfer technologies (twisted pair, DSL telephone cable, fiber optic networks) are most often used. The signal transmitted through the cable has a specific frequency. Most often, for the arrangement of wired networks, a category 5a cable is used, whose bandwidth is 100 MHz. The signal can achieve data transfer and file upload speeds of up to 1 Gbit per second.

Unstable operation or a drop in the signal can be observed both due to the fault of the provider, and due to incorrect settings of technical equipment and user actions. Today’s popular VPN technologies - encryption of a signal that provides anonymity on the network - can significantly increase the time it takes to send and receive data, because the computer needs more time to connect to external servers, request and process the received data (for this reason, browser pages open slowly, sites load for a long time ) But the drop in the speed of the Internet at home or in the office occurs for other reasons.

Before concluding an agreement with the provider, it is necessary to clarify the nominal connection speed. Most home Internet providers have several tariffs that differentiate between data transfer volumes and monthly fees. The lower the cost of the communication service, the slower the Internet is. Therefore, it is advisable to study the entire line of company tariffs, choose the best-priced package or speed up the Internet.

If you need to increase the speed, which is constantly decreasing or has disappeared sharply, it is better to change the provider’s tariff to a more convenient one even before signing the contract for maximum return. The next time it is better to extend the contract already on more favorable terms (the supplier company should send to your name an offer with several options to choose from or speed up traffic using available methods).

Another common reason for the very slow speed of the Internet is the incorrect operation of network equipment. In an apartment or office, users connect to the Network in two ways - directly through a cable or wireless adapter. A direct connection between a computer and a network cable gives the maximum fast data transfer claimed by the provider. Because of the router, you can often observe that the time for data transfer and file downloads has increased by 10-20%.

To get an improvement in the operation of network equipment, you must first connect to the Network in turn through a cable and a router, measuring the time it took to download files in both cases. If the browser works faster through the cable, you must reconfigure, reflash the router, or change the router to a new one.

Just as in an apartment with old wiring, the light disappears when several electrical appliances are turned on at once, so the Internet speed drops when several external devices are connected. If the apartment has only one dedicated WiFi network, and three computers, two tablets and five smartphones are connected to it at once, then the traffic will naturally be distributed between them.

In this case, the MB transfer speed will be small or it will disappear in the evening, when everyone returns from work / study and together goes to the Internet. The most powerful of the devices can sometimes completely block the rest. To find out where all the traffic goes or to check how many megabytes each device eats, you can turn them off in turn and observe the changes (if the network was restored when the smartphone was turned off and the speed did not decrease, then this is the case).

To increase the parameters of the Network, the first thing to do is to properly configure the equipment in the apartment, it is possible to connect an additional communication channel paired with the main one or change the parameters of the router. Then the Internet in the house will work faster.

Often, the low speed of the Internet is a consequence of the work of installed programs, as well as viruses. The antivirus, working as usual, constantly scans the received data from external sources for malicious files. Sometimes even the normal operation of the antivirus eats up a large amount of RAM, affecting the ability of the device to quickly analyze the received data.

Sometimes the easiest answer to the question of how to increase the speed of the Internet is to check the settings and operation of the browser itself. This is the program through which you go to the network on different sites. Reasons why the previous speed disappeared or decreased:

  • a large number of installed extensions,
  • too many tabs open at the same time,
  • ad serving
  • clogged cache folder.

Cache - copies of files downloaded in the browser stored in the temporary memory of the computer - the most common cause of the problem with Internet speed, which can completely block the browser. It is easy to restore it - just clear the cache using the standard browser options or change the settings for saving temporary files. After that, the connection parameters should become faster.

How to do this using the example of Yandex Browser, see the figure below:

Programs installed on the computer can also cause low Internet speeds. Many of them can work in the background, taking a significant share of traffic. Various instant messengers that you have not been using for a long time (say, ICQ), various agents and other programs that require a network connection - all this loads the PC, affecting the incoming and outgoing Internet speeds.

To determine why the Internet speed has dropped and improve the network, go to the Task Manager (right-click on the status bar at the bottom of the screen). Go to the "Processes" tab and disable if there is:

  • Team Viewer,
  • Viber
  • Skype
  • Chrome (in case of multiple duplicate lines).

These are all processes that work hidden from your attention, but consume a lot of resources. Messengers can greatly slow down the PC, so it’s better to install them on a phone or tablet where 4g works. This will improve computer performance and direct traffic to the right direction.

Problems in the computer itself also often cause the Internet speed to suddenly drop.. The stability and performance of a PC or laptop can affect the time of receiving and transmitting MB. The hidden activity of viruses, a weak video card, a small RAM resource, a “clogged” C drive consume a lot of resources from the device, and it can no longer fully service the network adapter or browser.

It is important that the cable length from your router or access point to the device is no more than 50 meters. Cable length is a very important point that affects traffic, but many other secondary parameters affect it. Most often, these are negative factors for which you can establish the main reasons for the low speed of the Internet.

Often there are times when a weak internet speed is the provider’s fault. A company providing your apartment with a wired or wireless connection may simply perform poorly its obligations. Old equipment, unprofessional configuration of external network parameters is a frequent reason that the laptop has low Internet speed or it does not match the declared parameters in the contract.

Connect the smartphone in modem mode to the computer and compare with the provider (see how many megabytes were received and transferred). If the data is very different, then this is an occasion to change the supplier company, to revise the tariff in Rostelecom or another provider.

Reasons for Slow Internet

Knowing exactly the cause, you can effectively get rid of the problem. Unfortunately, the list of reasons is very wide and the influence on the speed of the Internet often has not one, but several factors:

  • One of the main ones is the type of connection used, for example, cable, DSL or Dial Up (the last type of connection is the slowest). If the connection is made through a telephone line (copper wires), then the degree of deterioration of the wires and their length have a significant effect on the speed reduction. Today, companies supplying the Internet are switching to fiber optic cables, which allow you to get the highest possible connection speed,
  • The activity of various utilities and add-ons in an Internet browser,
  • Viruses
  • Congestion of popular Internet resources. Frequently visited sites are designed for high loads when working in a large audience, however, it happens that the servers can’t cope with the flow of visitors,
  • Problems with local equipment, for example, an incorrectly configured router, outdated software versions, insufficient power of used devices, PC components, etc.

The listed number of factors is far from complete. A review of the reasons can be devoted to a separate article, but it is more expedient to move on to specific methods that allow to determine and increase the speed of the Internet.

What is the maximum speed of mobile and home Internet?

There is no single answer to this simple question. The subscriber’s contract with the company that provides communication services always indicates the speed, but marked “DO”. Unfortunately, the maximum value prescribed in the contract with the provider is never achieved in real conditions. Also, it should be noted that the values ​​in the documentation have a dimension of “Mbps”. It is necessary to take into account the ratio of megabytes customary to people to megabytes (1: 8). For example, in the case when the number 100 Mbit / s is printed in the contract, this is only about 12 megabytes.

The maximum home Internet speed offered by providers under the ADSL technology of ITU G.992.1 Annex A (B) standard does not exceed 12 Mbps, and ADSL2 + is twice as high. However, this popular standard is gradually becoming a thing of the past, since in practice, users of these technologies gain access to the World Wide Web at speeds of no more than 8 Mbps.

Optical fiber
Increasingly, home-based Internet access uses twisted pair and fiber optic communication. Obviously, the narrow link in this case is the use of copper wire and as a result, the data reception speed is not more than 100 Mbit. Although technology allows you to get a value of 10 times more, gigabit speeds are rarely provided for ordinary people for home use.
If only optical lines are used, then the speed can be tens of gigabits, but for ordinary users from 100 Mbit to 1 Gbit is provided.

Usually, according to WiFi technology, the speed does not exceed 140 Mbit, while the declared value can be 300 Mbit / s. In practice, the decrease in the indicator is explained by the influence of many factors, for example, interference from electrical equipment, walls and other obstacles.

Mobile Internet

  1. 2G up to 474 Kbps.
  2. 3G up to 42.2 Mbps.
  3. 4G to 1 Gb / s.

How to find out the real speed of the Internet?

The most convenient way is to use the “” service.

You need to click “Start” and wait for the results to appear on the screen. Even for beginners, it is not difficult to find out the real speed using this popular resource.
There are many services with similar functions on the Internet, for example, experienced users prefer Here the test start button has a different name “Measure”, but the principle of operation is the same.

Before running the test, it is recommended to exit all open programs and deactivate the proxy extensions of the Internet browser.

Top 5 Internet Speed ​​Tips

Knowing how to increase the speed of home and mobile Internet, a user can increase this important indicator by almost a third without additional costs. The following are specific recommendations that have proven effective and efficient.

Remove unnecessary traffic consumers (programs, devices connected via wifi)
Not only utilities launched by the user consume traffic, but also hidden applications that download updates, exchange statistical data with the program developer, etc. It is recommended, through the task manager, to stop the work of applications that are not required for the system and the user.

In order to find out which applications actively use the connection to the World Wide Web, you should use the "COP" (Command Prompt). In order to fulfill the plan, you will need to launch the “KS” with extended privileges and take the following sequential steps:

  1. Type "netstat -b 5> activity.txt",
  2. Click "Enter"
  3. A list of the required applications will be displayed in “KS”,
  4. Click “Ctrl” and, without releasing, click on “C”,
  5. A file with a list of connections is created,
  6. In "KS" type "activity.txt",
  7. Click "Enter"
  8. To study the list of applications, closing which will reduce the load on the network and increase the speed of Ineta.

It is recommended to disconnect unused home devices from the wifi network. This will reduce the load on the modem and allow you to work more comfortably on the network with a PC or smartphone at high speed.

Remove unnecessary toolbars or change your browser and use turbo mode
Simple disposal of unused toolbars in an Internet browser allows you to speed up your network. Sometimes uninstalling add-ons takes a lot of time or causes difficulties for novice users, therefore it is recommended to change the browser to a faster one, for example, switch from the default Internet Explorer to Chrome, Firefox or Opera. The latest browser incorporates a turbo-mode use, which increases the network speed by almost 10%.

Check your device (PC or mobile) for viruses
Регулярный анализ антивирусником памяти ПК или мобильного гаджета не только предотвращает риски утечки личной информации, но и увеличивает скорость интернета. Вирусы и рекламные приложения значительно замедляют работу в сети, расходуя трафик на свои нужды. Однако не каждый антивирусник способен избавить ПК от рекламного ПО. Для их удаления хорошо зарекомендовали себя следующие утилиты:

  1. HitMan Pro,
  2. Malwarebytes Antimalware,
  3. Adw Cleaner,
  4. Spybot Search & Destroy.

Отключите автоподстройку TCP
Чтобы отключить автоподстройку TCP_IP необходимо открыть «КС» с расширенными полномочиями.

Далее исполнить несколько действий:

  1. Напечатать «netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled»,
  2. Клацнуть «Ввод»,
  3. В «КС» отобразится «Ok»,
  4. Напечатать «netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled»,
  5. Клацнуть «Ввод»,
  6. In “КС” “Ok” will be displayed,
  7. Type “netsh int tcp set global rss = enabled”,
  8. Click "Enter"
  9. In “КС” “Ok” will be displayed,
  10. Type “netsh int tcp show global”,
  11. Click "Enter"
  12. In “КС” “Ok” will be displayed,
  13. Restart "PC",
  14. Done.

To reset the TCP_IP stack to default values, you can use the command "netsh int ip reset C: resetlog.log". After that, you must restart the PC.

Use only the fastest DNS servers
Using the fastest DNS for specific conditions of connecting a user's PC is one of the best methods to increase the speed of the Internet.
You will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Download the “NameBench” application (the utility is freely distributed on the global network),
  2. Run the utility (you do not need to install it),
  3. You do not need to configure the utility. Click “Start Benchmark” right away,
  4. Wait,
  5. A detailed report is displayed,
  6. The report shows information with optimal connection parameters that the user can only use.

How to increase Internet speed on Windows 7?

You will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Kick "Start"
  2. Click "Computer",
  3. To click RMB in the empty space of the window that appears,
  4. Click Properties
  5. Click “Remote Control” (Device Manager),
  6. Expand the column “Ports”,
  7. Click “Serial Port (COM1)”,
  8. Open the tab "Port Settings",
  9. Set the largest digit in the item "Bit per second",
  10. Flick "Ok"
  11. Done.

How to increase Internet speed on Windows 10?

You will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Press “Win” with one finger and do not release the key,
  2. With your other finger clap “R”,
  3. Type "gpedit.msc",
  4. Expand the contents of the column "PC Configuration",
  5. Enter the “Adminshones Network” directory,
  6. Go to the QoS Scheduler subdirectory,
  7. Call the context from "Restrict Resp. Ability",
  8. Click "Change",
  9. Check the box “Enabled”,
  10. Set “zero” as shown in the screenshot above,
  11. Flick "Ok"
  12. Call context from the connections icon,
  13. Open the "Network Management Center",
  14. Click “Change network card settings”,
  15. Call context from connection,
  16. Click "Properties"
  17. Check the box “QoS Scheduler”,
  18. Flick "Ok"
  19. Done.

How to increase download speed?

If a user is thinking about how to increase the download speed of a torrent, it is recommended that you first install only official client modifications on your PC. At the same time, the speed is almost not affected by which client the PC owner uses, free or paid. Their differences are reflected in the table below.

Internet providers sometimes set limits for their subscribers regarding the speed of torrent rocking, so you need to do the following:

  1. Click "Settings"
  2. Go to the “Program Settings” tab,
  3. Kick BitTorrent
  4. Next, in the encryption column, select "Enabled" and put a mark in the permission line,
  5. Flick ok
  6. Done.

Often in the client itself, reception restriction is configured. To remove it, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open context from client icon,
  • Place an arrow on the line "Restriction of reception",
  • After that, a menu will open where you want to put a mark in the line "Unlimited".

How to increase the speed of the Internet on an Android phone?

Owners of mobile gadgets are often dissatisfied with the speed of wireless connections of even the most modern standards, so the question of how to increase the speed of 4g Internet or Wi-Fi connections is a concern for many. It should be noted that the problem can be solved quickly and without long manual settings. For this purpose, it is enough to install the “Internet Speed ​​Master” utility.

To fully work with the application, it is recommended to get root access to the android, but some functions will be available without them.

You will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Install and run the utility,
  2. In the menu that appears, tap “Provide”,
  3. In case the device is rutted, tap “Apply Patch”,
  4. Restart android device,
  5. In the absence of root authority, tap “Improve Internet Connection”,
  6. Restart android device,
  7. Done. Now you can enjoy the high speed of the Internet. The program will automatically make all the settings.

If you need to roll back the settings to their original state, then tap “Restore” and then “Ok”.

How to increase the speed of the Internet through a wifi router?

The following activities will be required:

  1. Reduce the distance of the PC or mobile gadget from the router,
  2. Then, in the web-configurator of the router, select the most free Wi-Fi channel,
  3. Update the firmware of the router,
  4. Clean the components of the device from contamination and ensure proper cooling,
  5. Replace antennas with others with a high gain.

How to increase the speed of the Internet on a laptop?

Sometimes on weak laptops, speed is limited by hardware capabilities. Often, the installation of additional RAM slots allows you to get an increase in Internet speed. It is also recommended that you replace the network card with a more modern one.
To get the highest possible speed of access to the global network, you should not connect to it from a PC via air, but preferably by cable connection.

How to increase the speed of mobile Internet operators?

In the contract with the subscriber, the mobile operator indicates the speed, but it never reaches maximum values ​​in practice. They can only be approached by following the tips described earlier in this article. Problems with low speed via cellular communication occur mainly in the evening, when users are most active and after spending the traffic provided by the operators in accordance with the connected TP, the speed is sharply limited. In order to increase speed again, each mobile company has its own USSD commands.

Subscribers of the "yellow-striped" often detect a drop in speed up to 64 Kbps. With this indicator, even opening Internet pages in a browser becomes an unbearable torture and a cruel test of user patience. To increase the speed, you just need to extend the high-speed traffic provided by the connected plan. For this purpose, use the command "* 115 * 121 #". After that, Beeline will provide 1 GB of additional traffic at unlimited speed. However, one must take into account that such an extension is not free (250 rubles).

There are services with an extension to a larger and smaller volume of traffic, which can be found on "", respectively, their cost will be higher or lower.

MTS also has a similar service and it is called “Turbo Button 1 GB”. It costs a little cheaper than Beeline (175 rubles). You must use the USSD "* 467 #".

The option “Extend the Internet 1 GB” customers can use the megaphone for 210 rubles by entering “* 370 * 1 #”.

In addition to using USSD commands, the option is activated through the subscriber’s personal account.

How to increase the speed of the Internet Rostelecom?

Recommendations for increasing speed are also relevant for RTK subscribers. The company also offers its client the following special packages to speed up the Internet:

  1. 100 Mbps
  2. Turbo boost
  3. Night acceleration.

After installing one of the three packages that the user liked, the increased speed will be guaranteed.

Programs to increase the speed of the Internet

There are applications that optimize the network settings of equipment and Internet browsers.
The use of a large army of users around the world have proven the effectiveness of the following programs:

  1. Speed ​​It Up Free,
  2. Internet Speed ​​Booster,
  3. Proximodo,
  4. AuslogicsBoostSpeed.

Applications take up little memory on your PC and are easy to install, for example, the last of the above list has a size of 7 Mb. It is recommended that after installing the utility, restart the PC for the parameter changes to take effect.
Launching the installed application is possible through the appeared icon on the desktop. The menu of all utilities is intuitively clear, for example, in “AuslogicsBoostSpeed”, click “Tools” and go to the “Internet Acceleration” tab.

To work in programs, instructions are redundant. The user can independently choose the degree of acceleration after optimizing the settings.

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Speed ​​check

First, check the speed of your Internet connection. Read the article by clicking on the link. You can also do this online by entering the appropriate query in the search bar. You may be surprised at the results. I have the speed declared by the provider of 100 Mbps - you say, and the scan result showed only 8 MB / s.

Firstly, in the contract, the provider declares the speed to which it can provide an Internet connection. But it usually does not reach this value. Secondly, they consider the speed in megabytes (Mbps), and we are used to megabytes (MB). 1 megabyte - 8 megabytes. That is, if your promised speed is 100 Mb / s, then the actual speed of receiving data should be 100/8, approximately 12 megabytes.

Now back to the main question of our article, and consider ways that will help increase the speed of your Internet connection.

Setting values ​​for backup bandwidth

The first thing we will do is set the value for the backup bandwidth. Not everyone knows that Windows reserves 20% of the bandwidth by default. Thus, you do not use it to the fullest.

To change the settings, press the combination Win + R and in the field “Open” write the command gpedit.msc. Click OK.

The "Local Group Policy Editor" window opens. Follow the path: “Computer Configuration” - “Administrative Templates” - “Network” - “QoS Packet Scheduler”. Now click on the item “Limit reserved bandwidth”.

The following window should open. Put a marker in front of “Enable”, and set “0%” in the “Bandwidth Limit” field. Click Apply and OK.

Now check that the checkbox “QOS Packet Scheduler” is checked. To do this, go to "Start" - "Control Panel" - "Network and Sharing Center."

Here click on the connection through which you are connected to the network.

The "Status" window will open, click on the "Properties" button in it. Pay attention to the “QoS Packet Scheduler” item, a checkmark should be in front of it. Reboot the computer.

DNS server address setting

The second thing we will do is configure the address for the DNS server. If you open a site, the browser first sends a request to the DNS server to obtain the IP address of the site. Usually, the DNS server is selected by default, but it will not always be the most optimal, namely the page loading speed depends on it.

Using the NameBench program, you can determine the fastest and most reliable server that is located near you. The program was developed by Google and is suitable for any operating system. By clicking on the link, you can download the program.

We launch NameBench on the computer, such a window should appear. No settings need to be changed in it, just click the button at the bottom of the “Start Benchmark” button. The program checks for a long time, it worked for me for 3 hours, use a computer and do other things.

As a result, a window should open in the browser. Large green numbers will show how many percent of the proposed DNS server is better than the current one.

As described in the paragraph above, open the "Network and Sharing Center." In this window, click on the item “Change adapter settings”.

Now right-click on the connection through which you are connected to the Internet, and select “Properties”.

In the next window, select "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)" and click "Properties".

On the "General" tab, mark with a marker the item "Use the following DNS server addresses". In the “Preferred” field, enter the DNS that the program defined, from the “Primary Server” field, in the “Alternative” field - from the “Secondary Server” field. Click OK.

If you do not want to wait long for the result of the program, you can consider the following. “Google Public DNS” is the server of Google itself. Often, they are the fastest and most reliable. The company provides the following DNS addresses:

Enter them in the “Preferred DNS server” and “Alternative” fields, respectively, and the speed of loading web pages will increase.

Turn off automatic updates

Third, turn off automatic application updates. Many programs can download updates without your knowledge, thus taking away the speed of the Internet. These can be various products from Adobe, an operating system update, or an anti-virus program installed on the computer. Configure them to search for and install updates manually.

You can also remove programs from startup, if you do not use them every day, in this case, you can be calm, it will not search for updates until you launch it on your computer.

Also follow the files in the browser downloads and in the torrent. If some of them were not fully downloaded last time, their download may continue the next time you connect to the Internet.

Turbo Mode

Fourth - using the Turbo mode in the browser. You can enable turbo mode in Yandex browser and turbo mode in Opera. At the same time, pages on the Internet will load faster.

It also makes sense to switch to another browser: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Yandex browser. Install different ones and see which page loading speed is faster.

Other ways

The fifth way is perhaps a server problem. If the site you want to go to does not load, or the file is downloaded from it slowly, then it is likely to be overloaded. Try to search for information on another site, at this time, this should not be a problem, or you can return to the site a little later.

The sixth way - we deal with the router. Routers, like any other device, require updating. Install a new firmware for it and update the drivers. Perhaps your device cannot provide the desired speed, so it simply trims it.

Try also to reboot the router. To do this, press the power button on it, if it is present, if there is no button, just unplug it from the network, wait 30 seconds and turn it on.

Seventh way - see who uses your wi-fi network. If you use wireless Internet, then it makes sense to check who is connected to wi-fi. Maybe a neighbor has been using your Internet for a long time, but you don’t even know about it. Yes, it’s good that you have, say, unlimited. But this is not the point at all - the more people connected to the network, the lower the speed of the Internet.

Read the article at the link above, and if you find someone, it makes sense to change the password for accessing the Internet.

Slow internet speeds can also be due to computer viruses. Scan your computer with a couple of anti-virus programs, for example, installed and Dr.Web CureIt. An article can also help you: how to remove viruses from a computer.

To make browsing comfortable, close all unused tabs. After all, there is a lot of advertising, animation on the sites, video can be automatically uploaded - all this will use Internet traffic. If you’re afraid that you won’t find the site you want next time, you’d better just bookmark it.

It also makes sense to install additional browser extensions that allow you to block ads on sites.

It also happens that the user is not happy with the speed of the Internet, and the whole thing lies in the computer itself. For example, you have installed RAM with a small volume, or a weak processor. If you have not updated your computer components for a long time, then maybe it's time to think about it. There are other ways to speed up your computer. If you have the Windows 8 operating system installed, read the article: How to speed up a computer with Windows 8.

And the last thing to do - and this is the most important point - look at the tariff plans that your provider provides. Perhaps you will find one where the Internet speed will be higher, while it will cost less. Or maybe you will even find another internet service provider.

I think the described methods will be enough to increase the speed of the Internet on the computer. Good luck to you!