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How to clean carpet from nail polish


It is not difficult for many girls and women to make a beautiful manicure at home, but each situation may happen when nail polish accidentally was poured onto clothes, floors, carpets and other interior items. In this article, we will try to understand in detail what to do if the nail polish is spilled on the carpet and how to remove the stain (fresh and old).

As is the case with many other types of stains, it is easier to wipe the nail polish stain off the carpet while it is fresh, so you should always start cleaning the carpet immediately and wait until it dries and the varnish is deeply absorbed into the pile of the carpet.

Note: any new carpet cleaner that you have not yet used and do not know the reaction of the carpet on it (does not spoil the pile, does not wash dyes), it is better to check it in an inconspicuous small area of ​​the carpet and make sure that it does not harm it.

Depending on whether the stain is fresh or old, the approach to stain removal will be different, so below we will consider separately how to get rid of fresh and old stains from nail polish on the carpet or carpet.

How to remove a fresh stain from nail polish from the carpet

The most effective tool for removing varnish from carpets and carpets is the usual tool for removing varnish from nails, it is only important to use the product without acetone and preferably colorless (especially if the carpet is white or in bright colors).

Also to remove stains from nail polish you will need:

  • Pure water at room temperature.
  • Pure white cotton rag.
  • Makeup removers and cotton swabs.
  • Clean white napkins.
  • Spoon or not a sharp knife.

For fresh stains, when the varnish is only spilled and has not yet dried on the carpet, the cleaning sequence will be as follows:

  • Using a spoon or knife, we carefully collect excess varnish from the pile of the carpet that has not yet been absorbed, and each time we carefully wipe the spoon (knife) from the collected varnish with a clean cloth, so as not to smear the clean areas of the carpet around the stain with the collected varnish.
  • After the main part of the varnish has been collected from the pile, the stain needs to be gently wet with a clean white cloth several times (each time with the new clean side of the fabric) so that the remaining varnish from the carpet is absorbed into it. It is important to get the stain wet rather than rubbing it, so as not to smudge the varnish along the pile and not to increase the stain area.
  • The next step will be to clean the last traces of varnish on the carpet with a varnish remover (without acetone in the composition). You must carefully apply a clean cotton swab or cotton pad to the stain, rubbing it lightly until the stain is removed. It is important to often change cotton pads (sticks), since they absorb the lacquer removed from the pile, and it is not recommended to pour and generously moisten the stain with lacquer remover, as this can ruin the carpet.
  • At the end of the cleaning process, you need to dilute the carpet cleaner, such as Vanish, or shavings of laundry soap (or a few teaspoons of dishwashing liquid) in water, beat until foam is formed and apply foam to the place where the stain is, wait 5-7 minutes Then gently rub the cleaning area with a clean, damp cloth. This procedure will help get rid of the smell of nail polish and a means to remove it.
  • The last step is drying the wet area of ​​the carpet. It is advisable to simply place a small object under the moist area so that the warm air in the room dries the carpet from the warp side (the carpet should dry at room temperature, it is better not to use hair dryers and heaters for this purpose).

How to remove old nail polish stain from carpet pile

The process of removing dried nail polish on the carpet takes place in a slightly different sequence:

  • The first step is to carefully scrape off the bulk of the varnish from the pile with a spoon or a non-sharp knife.
  • Next, you need to thoroughly vacuum the cleaned area of ​​the carpet (to collect small particles of dried nail polish).
  • After the varnish particles are collected by a vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to carry out cleaning, as in the previous tip, first with a varnish remover, then with foam and finally dry the wet area of ​​the carpet.

In conclusion to the article, it can be noted that knowing how and how to wipe the nail polish from the carpet, you can easily get rid of this type of stains on the carpet at home and return it to its original form. We leave our feedback and useful tips on how to remove nail polish from the carpet in the comments to this article and share it on social networks if it was useful to you.

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If you have to talk about manicure, then qualities such as beauty and persistence are assumed. Perfectly executed manicure pleases both the owner and those around. However, often unfortunate incidents occur. Getting varnish, for example, on the carpet is one of many. The question arises, how to clean the carpet from varnish?

An annoying little thing or a problem?

Are there ways to correct such an annoying oversight? After all, a good varnish is famous for its persistent corrosiveness. If the carpet is light, white, unpainted, then you can try to use a special tool to remove manicure varnish without acetone. In the event of a “damage” to the carpet from painted materials, such a tool can deprive the threads of the dye, leaving an unpleasant stain. Fill the defective area with alcohol. Then carefully clean it with a paper towel, sponge. Most likely, at first the carpet will not be cleaned. It may seem that the spot has become brighter. Do not despair, just clean it should be done several times in a row, regularly changing available means.

Tips are different

If the stain simply does not intend to give up, you will have to resort to the strongest means. To remove the varnish from the carpet, you need to pick up chemicals that can decompose the manicure substance. For example, refined gasoline, acetone. The main warning - first, in a secluded place, make sure that the chosen product does not corrode the fibers of your carpet, does not cause it any additional defects.

If a drop of varnish “gets lost” in a carpet with a thick high pile, you can just wait for it to dry. And after that, gently scissor off a little lint with varnish with scissors.

Another option is how to get rid of spilled varnish. At the first stage, nail polish remover or acetone is used. After a short time, they put a towel on the carpet, holding it tightly. The role of the towel in the process is to absorb the stain.

The next option to remove spilled varnish involves the use of a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid (for example, 1 spoon in 2 cups). Armed with a piece of white cloth, blot the stain with this mixture. Rub in until the fluid is completely consumed. Next, you should wet the affected area of ​​the carpet with cold water, allow it to dry thoroughly.

Finally, the main advice is that in order to remove the stain with the greatest possible efficiency, you should start rescue measures immediately. The fresher the stain, the greater the chance of a successful disposal.

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In dreams, every woman imagines that she has enough free time and financial opportunities for daily visits to the nail salon. However, in harsh reality, most of the fair sex for some reason are forced to perform manicures and pedicures on their own. If you managed to knock over a bottle with a bright liquid on the carpet with an awkward movement - do not despair. We will tell you how to wipe the nail polish from the carpet, returning it to its former attractiveness and cleanliness.

What might be needed?

Before you remove the nail polish from the carpet, thoroughly moisten its fibers and prepare the following cleaning products:

  • water,
  • alcohol,
  • acetone-free nail polish remover,
  • hydrogen peroxide,
  • Polish for hair,
  • carpet cleaner
  • soft cloth.

Apply a special fluid

Each fashionista’s nail polish remover will help to erase the coloring matter not only from the nails, but also from the carpet surface. To achieve the highest quality cleaning result, it must be used according to the following instructions:

  1. Blot a dirty piece of carpet with a small piece of dry and clean cloth.
  2. Change the fabric as often as possible to prevent the stain from spreading across the floor.
  3. When the dye ceases to be absorbed, and as a result of blotting you find a clean shred, moisten the cloth in a nail polish remover.
  4. Apply the chemical composition to the stain and achieve the transfer of varnish from the surface of the carpet to the fabric.
  5. Wet the stain with water as needed to prevent the contamination from drying out.
  6. Continue the cleaning procedure until you achieve the desired result.

Important! Before using this method of cleaning, check the effect of a special liquid on the carpet surface. This can be done on an inconspicuous part of the product. You should also remember that it is necessary to use chemical compounds without the content of acetone.

Apply hairspray and alcohol

To achieve the desired cleansing effect using hair styling products, follow these recommendations:

  1. Moisten the area of ​​contamination with plenty of cold water.
  2. Apply hairspray to the stain.

Important! For the necessary cleansing effect, you will need 15-20 short presses.

  1. On top of the contaminated substance, add a few drops of medical alcohol.
  2. Slightly brush the stain for a few minutes.
  3. Repeat the cleaning process until the trace of dye has completely disappeared.

Important! It is much easier to clean just a fresh stain, in addition, immediate cleaning will leave you more likely to completely remove unpleasant contaminants. Also do not forget to constantly moisten the carpet surface.

Apply hydrogen peroxide

If you are looking for the most practical solution than washing nail polish from a white carpet, then a solution of hydrogen peroxide is perfect for these purposes. You can buy this medicine at any pharmacy.

Important! Hydrogen peroxide has a whitening effect, and therefore it can not be used to clean colored or dark carpets.

To achieve the best possible cleaning result, use hydrogen peroxide according to the following instructions:

  1. Mix the medical solution with water in a proportion of 1: 1.
  2. Moisten the area of ​​contamination with the resulting fluid.
  3. Lay the carpet in the sun.

Important! After a few hours, the spot will dry out in direct sunlight, and there will be no trace of nail polish.

Using any of the above tools, clean the surface of the carpet using a special household cleaning product. Residual moisture can be removed from the textile surface with a clean cloth.

What do you need?

To solve the problem of how to remove dried nail polish from the carpet, prepare the following products in advance:

  • water
  • nail polish remover,
  • alcohol,
  • a vacuum cleaner,
  • soft tissue
  • stain remover for carpet surfaces,
  • old toothbrush
  • shampoo for carpets.

Cleaning process

The most effective in cleaning the carpet from dried nail polish will help to achieve the integrated use of several products:

  1. Moisten the carpet with plenty of water.
  2. Apply a small amount of polish and alcohol to the dirt.
  3. Using an old toothbrush, clean the carpet from loose colorant.

Important! Using the vacuum cleaner thoroughly and as quickly as possible to remove loose dye from textile fibers.