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Do you have to take a cold shower because you are in a hurry and cannot wait for the water to warm up, or you want to temper your body, you need to get used to cold water. Many swimmers, athletes and military personnel specially accustom themselves to cold water. Although cold water helps improve health and lose weight, at first it causes a rather unpleasant sensation. Fortunately, you can get used to cold water using certain methods.

What are the procedures for hardening the body?

On our skin there is a huge amount of the so-called "cold receptors", irritating which you can affect the whole body. If you conduct hardening procedures correctly, you will contribute to strengthening immunity and improving thermoregulation (the body’s ability to maintain a constant temperature under various environmental conditions). In addition, hardening stimulates the metabolic processes in your body, strengthens the nervous system, tones the heart and blood vessels, eliminates arrhythmia. Finally, hardening contributes to weight loss, improves skin tone and gives the body a boost of vitality.

For starters - simple rules for hardening the body, which everyone should know about. If you decide to pour cold water (or choose other types of hardening - we'll talk about them below), keep in mind:

1. You can begin to temper only when you are absolutely healthy

Colds and viral diseases (for example, acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections, influenza), purulent wounds on the skin will have to be cured before the start of hardening procedures. Also, hardening of the body is contraindicated for those who suffer from increased eye pressure - with a temperature difference, the pressure can become even higher, which will provoke retinal detachment. Hypertensive patients, hypotensive patients and those suffering from kidney diseases should consult a physician before proceeding with the procedures. Coronary heart disease, heart failure, tachycardia are diseases in which hardening of the body is strictly prohibited.

2. Begin to temper gradually to relieve the body of stress

If your body does not differ in good health, start strengthening it in the simplest way - accustom yourself to washing with cold water (do it gradually - let the water be at room temperature 20-22 ° C first, then lower it by about a degree every day). In the end, you will get used to washing with cold water from the tap and will be able to move on to the next stage without negative consequences for the body.

3. Carry out hardening procedures regularly, systematically, without interruptions

If you already decided, then temper daily, in any weather and in any conditions. Even on a trip or camping trip you have to continue what you started, and what kind of procedure it will be - walking barefoot or wiping with a towel - decide for yourself. Keep in mind that hardening can cause a runny nose, but this is not a reason to stop the procedure. An exception may be an increase in temperature.

1. Air baths

Air quenching should begin in a well-ventilated area at a temperature of at least 15-16 ° C. At the initial stage, the session should last 3 minutes (over time, you will increase it to 5 minutes). Having undressed, do some energetic “warming” exercises (walking on the spot, squats, push-ups - whatever your heart desires). Bathing in the open air can begin at least after a month of such preparation.

If you begin to temper now, then by summer you can switch to air baths on the street - it is recommended to start taking them at a temperature of 20-22 ° C. The first session - no more than 15 minutes (and only if you prepared the body with winter home workouts), subsequent air baths can be longer (add 1-2 minutes every day).

In the cold season, air sessions (on the balcony, for example) can be carried out only after a year of preliminary preparation (start from 1 minute and gradually increase the "dose" to 15 minutes).

2. Wiping

Rubdowns are useful to everyone who has no contraindications and - especially - violations on the skin. The procedure consists in vigorously rubbing the body with a towel dipped in water. For 2 minutes, successively rub with a wet towel until redness and a rush of warmth to the neck, chest and back, then wipe them dry. Repeat the procedure with the hips and legs.

First, wet the towel with water, the temperature of which is 33-34 ° C, gradually (every 10 days) lowering the temperature by 5 ° C, so you bring it to 18-20 ° C. Having fixed the result within 2-3 months, you can go on to lower the degree of water to cold - also once every 10 days continue to lower it by 5 ° C.

3. Pouring

The easiest way for beginners is partial douche. The best time for the procedure is morning. I recommend preparing water in the evening: pick up a bucket of cold tap water (it will warm up to room temperature overnight). In the morning, pour several times over your arms, legs and neck and rub them dry with a towel. After 2 weeks of daily douche, you can start dousing the whole body.

As for temperature, the hardening efficiency increases as the contrast between body temperature and water temperature increases. Every 10 days, as with wiping, lower the degree of water by 5 ° C. Make sure that the room temperature is not lower than 20 ° C - so you will avoid hypothermia.

4. Contrast shower

The contrasting effect of water strengthens the heart and blood vessels, triggers metabolic processes in the body due to the rapid flow of blood to the organs. Without lingering for a long time on individual parts of the body, sequentially shower yourself with a stream of water from the shower. The simplest and most understandable procedure scheme from existing ones, in my opinion, is this: 10-30 seconds - a hot shower, 10-30 seconds - a cold shower, repeat the cycle three times.

Start with 10 seconds, after 2 weeks, increase the time to 20 seconds, and after 2 weeks - bring up to 30 seconds. Water temperature in the first 2-3 weeks: hot - 40-45 ° C, cold - 28-30 ° C. Then you can lower the temperature of cold water to 15-20 ° C.

5. In the frost barefoot

Hardening of the feet is an accessible method for everyone. Pour water at room temperature (20-22 ° C) at the bottom of the bathtub, stand in it for 2-3 minutes and step over from foot to foot. Every 2-3 days, lower the water temperature by 1 ° C. Gradually, you will “reach” the temperature of cold tap water.

A nice bonus - this method of hardening the body not only helps to increase immunity, but also serves as a prevention of flat feet and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) of the feet.