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How to get a girl’s phone number


When you leave the girl, turn around, carefully look after and remember some detail that you could not see during face-to-face communication. Maybe she has a tattoo on her leg or a beautiful bracelet, or maybe a hairpin of an unusual shape, but this should be a detail that you will see only after you leave.

And you do this in order to defeat her with the next hook. 15 minutes after meeting you call her or write an SMS with the following content:

“Hi, this is Teymur! I thought this. You, for sure, just like me, do not take calls from unfamiliar numbers. Therefore, write down this my phone. By the way - you have a very cool hairpin (emoticon). ”

Important! During this call, you do not need to invite her on a date, you just need to have her write down your phone number.

It sets you apart from all the other guys. After all, you didn’t just come up, take the phone and joyfully go about your business, but really paid attention to her, thought about her for some more time after meeting and made sure that she wrote down your number. He will understand that you not only know how to get a number from a girl, but also know how to interest yourself. Believe me, after such a girl with a 50% probability in the evening will write you something herself. For example: “How did the day end?” Or something no less original, just trying to talk to you somehow.

Well, then, when you call her, you will already have notes in the notebook with her “special signs” and some context that you already created during this correspondence or during the first call.

How to get a girl’s phone number

When I learned to approach and get acquainted with girls without fear, I had the following difficulty: it was difficult take the phone number from the girl. I felt some uncertainty. I did not understand at what point and how exactly to do it.

But this is a very important stage in meeting a girl. Imagine you talked to a girl and left without a phone number. Thus, you can forget about continuing to meet her. Therefore, you need to learn to be effective and try to do everything conceived successfully.

What to do if a girl does not want to give a number

Do not show your need for it and in the room. Yes, you went to meet her and showed your sincere interest. But if something goes wrong, that in no way should you cling and soar. Left your number? Fine! Not given? Well, okay. There are countless other girls.

But it happens that a girl breaks down for a look. She liked you. But just like that, right away she cannot leave the phone and sculpts various excuses. In this case, you can translate the topic into something abstract, and return to the phone in a minute.

Shift your focus from her “no” to other things. Distract her.

Say you call her only once. If she does not pick up the phone, then this will be her choice, and you will not call her back.

Such a phrase often convinces.

You can say it another way: write down my phone number. She is recording. And you say that I threw off the dialer to you, so that you know who it is calling. Because you don’t take someone else’s number 😀

If you wrote down her number, call her back immediately. Firstly, a girl may simply be mistaken, or you accidentally drove the wrong number. Secondly, you will be sure that she gave you exactly her number, and not the left one. And thirdly, she will know who is calling her.

Why doesn’t the girl give you her number in any way?

There can be 2 reasons for this:

  1. You could not interest her. He was not sure enough, showed his need for it, and so on. That is, she realized that it would be uninteresting with you.

In this case, do not be discouraged. Come and meet other girls. With experience and the passage of time, you will have confidence and everything else. And the efficiency in girls will increase.

  1. She has a boyfriend. It happens that this is just an excuse. And you have to determine it. If you feel that this is just an excuse, then you can try changing the subject and still take the number.

But there are also girls who love their boyfriend, they feel good in a relationship, and they don’t want to change anything in their lives. Here you can wish the girl good luck and look for those who do not have a boyfriend 🙂.

When to insist on taking a girl’s phone number

To begin, let's make it clear that taking a girl’s phone number is not the goal. Your goal is to sleep with her. Therefore, if you, for example, meet a girl in a club or cafe, you do not need to take her phone number and leave. You should do this only if you meet the object you like during the day in the city, when you go about your business, and you simply do not have time to start a date with her right now.

My experience shows that a girl’s phone number can be taken at any time while communicating with her. It happens that you walk along the street, rushing to an important meeting, and then you see - a pretty girl is standing at the stop. You do not want to miss her, but there is no time to communicate with her. Therefore, you come to the beauty and say: “Hello! I liked you. I would talk to you, but now I'm in a hurry. Leave me your phone number, I'll call you in the evening. " If the girl initially likes you, she will leave her phone number without problems.

Sometimes a girl refuses to give a phone number right away. Here you need to clearly calibrate how she communicates with you. If she is positive, but doesn’t give a phone number because of her cockroaches (she has a boyfriend, she doesn’t meet on the street, etc.), she should live. If you feel and see that a woman is negative towards you, calmly say goodbye to her and move on. It is not necessary to squeeze it, only you will spend your energy in vain.

How to understand if a girl is ready to give you her number

Practice shows that it is rather difficult for inexperienced guys to correctly calibrate girls. They cannot understand when it is worthwhile to persevere, and when it is better to say goodbye to their chosen one.

If you want to take the girl’s phone number and she politely refuses you, she says that she’s not used to meeting on the street or she has a boyfriend or something else, but she smiles, does not leave you and reacts positively to your touch , then it needs to be squeezed. This girl wants you to trick her into taking a phone number. Thus, she transfers the responsibility for getting to know you. This is necessary so that no one accuses her of frivolous behavior. Then she, in which case, will say that she resisted, but you really insisted. Again, there will be an excuse for his young man if he suddenly finds out about it.

If a girl tells you right away that she doesn’t want to get to know you and give a phone number, while she doesn’t even stop to talk to you, it’s best to miss such a girl — she doesn’t want to get to know each other.

It also happens that a girl politely communicates with you for 5-10 minutes, but the number does not give. In this case, try to interest her more, to cause emotions. Sometimes it works, and the girl leaves her phone number, after which she easily gets called out and everything goes smoothly there too. But it also happens that a girl, even after a pleasant conversation, does not want to leave you her number. In this case, it is most likely not quite adequate and it is better to skip it.

Instead of a resume: why is it better not to run away right away

When meeting some guys, they try to take the girl’s phone number and get down as soon as possible, and then wonder why she doesn’t agree to go on a date or not pick up the phone. Why wonder here? Why would she meet a young man whom she did not know at all and who, moreover, nervously ran away from her as soon as she received a phone number. Maybe he just came up to have fun with her, or was he a sexual maniac?

So that the girl does not have such thoughts in her head and then she normally calls out on a date, one should not get to know her in a hurry. If your time allows, chat with her for at least a few minutes, and even better, immediately invite her on a date if she has free time. Then the question of the phone number will not stand at all.

Remember!The main purpose of meeting someone is a girl, not her phone number.

Quickly, the phone number should be taken only when you have no other choice - after 5 minutes your plane flies away, and you saw a stunning beauty at the airport. In all other cases, do not look for excuses for yourself and be kind enough to at least a little interest the girl before taking her phone number. Or then do not be surprised why she cannot remember you or does not pick up the phone.

Remember!Much more effective to start a date with a girl immediately. Work not on quantity, but on quality. Phone number should be taken only in EXCLUSIVE situations, when you are really in a hurry, and you do not have time to chat with your girlfriend.