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How to get the rarest and strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go


Perhaps all Pokemon GO players noticed that the same Pokemon can have very different CP values, for example:

This is due to the fact that Pokémon have an internal (hidden) level, which affects many characteristics.

Important: do not confuse the level of Pokemon with the level of the trainer - these are different indicators.

How to find out the level of Pokemon?

The hidden level of Pokemon can be determined by the amount of pollen (stardust), which is required to strengthen it. Here is a table of correspondence between the levels of the Pokemon and the necessary resources to strengthen it:

Let's look at how to determine the level of a specific Pokemon using this table. Click on it and see how much pollen (stardust) is required to enhance (Power UP), say 600. This means that its level is 5 - 6.5 Strengthen it (if you really need Pokemon), and as soon as the pollen requirement changes to 800 - that means its level has become 7. And then calculating its level is not difficult - for each gain the Pokemon gets 0.5 levels.

What determines the level of Pokemon?

The level of captured Pokemon hatching from eggs, or obtained through evolution, depends on your level (level of trainer). And taken randomly from the range:

Minimum Level (1) - Trainer Level

Those. if your level is 20, then the resulting Pokémon can be level 1-20.

This leads to a simple conclusion, verified many times in practice: the higher your level, the more powerful Pokemon you will meet. Therefore, do not rush to spend pollen on weak Pokemon - it will still be useful to you.

How to increase the level of Pokemon?

The Pokemon level rises by 0.5 with each gain (Power UP), the arc above the Pokemon displays its current level, relative to the maximum possible at the moment. According to unverified information, the maximum level of Pokemon that can be done by increasing = trainer level + 1.5.

Choose the right places

As for the “right place”, then, unfortunately, there is no universal solution. Each city and region is populated differently, and you will have to proceed from what is available where you live.

However, there are some tips I can still give you. Practice shows that the greatest concentration of wild Pokemon is observed in places of large concentrations of Pokestops, in places of cultural and historical significance: in Moscow it is Red Square and the Alexander Garden, VDNH, Park them. Gorky is the historical center of the city and the most landscaped park areas.

If you do not live in Moscow, first check the city center and the park; most likely, luck will smile at you there. To understand how likely it is to meet a rare or even any Pokemon in one place or another, take a look at the map in the application - the more uplifting leaves you see, the more successful your hunt will be.

If you can’t determine by the leaves, download Ingress, the previous project of the developers from Niantic, and look around through this application. You will notice places dotted with white dots of Exotic Matter - the same places in Pokemon Go are likely to please you with rare monsters.

Level up

The higher your level, the stronger the Pokémon that you will meet on the street and get from eggs. Up to 10, I recommend focusing only on leveling your character and catching Pokémon and not investing precious sweets in reinforcing initially weak, low-level monsters.

The level increases with the accumulation of experience, which, in turn, the game assigns you for performing a variety of actions:

  • Visit Pokestop - 50 exp
  • Evolve Pokemon - 500 exp
  • “Hatch” an egg - 200-1000 exp depending on the “complexity” of the egg
  • Fight a trainer in an enemy Guime - 100 exp
  • Defeat the enemy Guime - 150 exp
  • Defeat your team's Pokemon in Guime - 50 exp
  • Catch the famous Pokemon - 100 exp
  • Catch a new Pokemon - 100 + 500 exp
  • Hit the Twisted Pokeball, Nice throw - Bonus 10 exp
  • Great throw - bonus 50 exp
  • Excellent throw - bonus 100 exp

The most effective way to gain experience is to catch Pokémon and get bonuses for accurate throws. For rating Nice enough to get into a big white circle. For Great you need to get into a narrowing circle, and for an Excellent-throw you need to get exactly to the center of the narrowing circle. From experience, it is easier to do if the circle is small, either it’s either in the center or not at all. To improve the chances of success, I recommend turning off Augmented Reality (AR) mode, so wild Pokemon will always be in the center of the screen, although part of the charm of the gameplay will disappear.

The best way to upgrade

In order to increase your level quickly and effectively, you will have to invest a lot of time and energy into the game. This instruction is not suitable for some, it is designed for more hardcore players, aimed at dominating their team.

The secret to fast pumping is simple, but has several features. The bottom line is to combine several sources of experience and the most favorable conditions, concentrating on your goal. I recommend the following:

  1. Choose a free day on which you can fully devote a few hours to the game
  2. Go to the park (preferably by bicycle), where you can safely move and stop to catch Pokemon, without the risk of getting under the wheels of a car
  3. Place a “two-kilometer” egg in the incubator, by the end of the trip you will be able to “sit” several eggs, receiving 200 exp for each and replenishing your candy stores
  4. Catch Pokemon, and the most commonplace Pidgey, Weedle and Caterpie in this case we need most
  5. Having caught many identical Pokémon, transfer the maximum number to the second stage of evolution, this is 500 exp in just 12 candies. Do not waste resources on evolution in the third stage, these Pokémon are needed only for the sake of experience

You can speed up the pumping even more in three ways that will require cash investments. It is not necessary to do this at all and it is quite possible to do without expenses, but the opportunity is still worth mentioning.

  • Ride a bicycle (move faster - eggs hatch faster), but you have to buy a holder for a smartphone on the steering wheel
  • Use Incence, this item attracts wild Pokemon to you. In sufficient quantities they will have to be purchased.
  • Using Lucky Egg, this item doubles the amount of experience gained in half an hour. They will have to be bought for real money, they rarely give Lucky Egg for free

Despite the fact that hunting in parks is the basis for fast pumping, try to keep the application turned on all the time while on the street. So you definitely will not pass by someone rare. But the main thing is that you will “hatch” even more eggs. In fact, it is eggs, and not hunting, that are the key to obtaining rare Pokémon, because of those for which a long incubation period is indicated, you are guaranteed to receive not only rare, but also strong Pokémon that will decorate any Stadium.