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A few simple tips on how to quickly recover from a cold


I was always interested in the question, how do some people manage not to get sick in the SARS epidemic? Do not get sick at all. Only many years later I realized that these people get sick, but from the first symptoms of the disease they struggle with it, try to maintain their health and cure the “cold” as quickly as possible.

The most important thing is not to miss the onset of the disease. How many times do you have to go overboard so as not to take a sick leave at work, not to upset your loved ones and endure temperature, runny nose, pain.

There are funds that we can take from the first symptoms of the disease in order to recover faster. This is not only medicines, but massage, including acupressure, herbs, vitamins, ointments. We all know this, but we often lack the willpower to take control of the disease.

The most common cause of malaise is a cold or SARS. There are different ARVI viruses, so the infection proceeds with a different clinic. There may be a high temperature with minimal catarrhal symptoms (no runny nose or cough), on the contrary, there may be nasal congestion, sore throat, and the temperature is low.

Some people have ARVI without any temperature. This also applies to weakened elderly people, in whom a cold may externally be manifested by lethargy, drowsiness. Such people must definitely call a doctor to listen to the lungs, look at the throat and, if there are signs of a viral infection, prescribe the appropriate treatment.

I had a case when I was a local therapist. One grandfather calls, and in the call to the house it says - runny nose. Well, I think that cause it with a runny nose? Probably the dispatcher was mistaken. I come to a challenge - indeed, my grandfather complains about nasal congestion, neither temperature, nor cough. I looked at my grandfather. She prescribed treatment for the common cold.

And what? I hear a cough from the next room, and there my grandmother, with a temperature under 40 degrees, lies, coughing, pneumonia in her. Everything wheezes in the lungs. Appointed treatment and grandmother. Here is an example. One with a runny nose calls a doctor, and the other suffers in a serious condition.

Neither this nor that is necessary. You need to know how to treat a runny nose and know when it is already necessary to seek help in order to quickly cure a cold and avoid complications.

Want to cure a cold faster - you need prevention

To begin with, during the epidemic, preventive measures should be taken:

1. Flu vaccine - free of charge in the clinic at the place of attachment of the compulsory medical insurance or in private clinics,

2. Wearing a mask in public places, especially if you come to a clinic where there are many sick people,

3. Smear the nose with oxolinic ointment for the entire period of the epidemic, when you go outside,

4. Take prophylactic courses of antiviral drugs: lavomax (amixin, tiloram), kagocel, ingavirin, arbidol, ergoferon, tamiflu. The instructions for each drug are well described how to take it for prophylactic purposes. Usually a preventive dose from several days to several weeks. They are taken prophylactically when they come into contact with a patient (someone gets sick at home) or when working that involves communicating with a large number of people, there the risk of infection increases at times (sellers, bank operators, teachers, kindergarten teachers, etc. )

5. Wash hands frequently with soap or disinfectant! Sometimes this simple action can protect us from infection. Not only wash your hands, but also disinfect your door handles and keep your home clean.

6. During the period of the epidemic, the apartment can be quartzized. Now, portable ultraviolet irradiation devices such as “Ray” and “sun” are being sold. With their help, you can disinfect the apartment, can be used as an adjuvant in case of an onset disease. If there is no quartz, you can ventilate the rooms, open the windows for 15 - 20 minutes. You can ventilate and quartz at the same time.

How to recover quickly if you get a cold

If you still get sick and feel chills, you need not to let the situation go out of control, but take urgent measures.

1. Antiviral drugs are no longer as prevention, but as a treatment. The drugs are taken the same as for prophylaxis, only according to a different scheme. Usually, the regimen is detailed in the instructions or on the drug’s website. Sometimes after treatment with antiviral drugs, the initial symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections stop and a person recovers very quickly. Antiviral pregnant women are prescribed child doses of viferon or geneferon.

2. Gargle 5-6 times a day with a decoction of chamomile or calendula, chlorhexidine, furatsilinom. In the past, an effective, but unpleasant to taste, agent called “sea water” was often used. Take a glass of warm water, drip there 5 drops of iodine, a tablespoon of salt, a tablespoon of soda. A couple of rinses - and the throat is disinfected. Now iodine is not consumed so widely because of the frequent cases of allergies. But there were a lot of lollipops for the throat. They are convenient to use, but still it is better not to abuse them, because, unlike rinsing, they do not clean the surface of the pharynx, and some cause irritation, because they contain a lot of essential oils and preservatives.

3. Washing the nose with saline solutions. There are many ready-made hypertonic solutions for rinsing the nose, you can make a saline solution yourself and rinse your nose out of the teapot. Finally, there is Dolphin - a special jar and powders for washing the nose with salt and chamomile. When washing the nose, viruses are mechanically washed off with water and the disease does not develop. After washing, you can put turundas in your nose with aloe juice or Vitaon balm, these funds not only relieve inflammation, but also stimulate local immunity.

4. Shock doses of vitamins. B vitamins enhance immunity. Ascorbic acid helps fight the virus. Vitamins are now sold a wide variety, from expensive complexes to penny ascorbic acid and rosehip syrup, familiar to us from childhood.

5. Folk remedies in addition to the main treatment in order to recover faster:

  • milk with honey,
  • finely chop the onion and cover it with sugar, drink the allocated juice,
  • to warm legs with mustard in a bowl,
  • brew herbs: oregano, St. John's wort, licorice, chamomile, sage, calendula. Herbs insist on a water bath for 20 minutes, then cover with a heating pad and insist 40 minutes, then, as it cools down, drained and stored in the refrigerator when consumed, slightly warm or add boiling water. You can brew herbal preparations, you can even some one grass. Herbs are so good because they have bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, and expectorant effects. That is, we get a complex effect on the body. You can add a spoonful of honey to the herbs. Of the herbs for pregnant women, camomile and calendula are good,
  • carry a clove of garlic on a neck with a string, put saucers with garlic gruel in the apartment,
  • drink ginger tea. Ginger tea is brewed from grated or dry ginger, you can add a little honey. Ginger tea can be recommended for pregnant women to treat colds.

6. Acupressure very well helps with the first symptoms of the disease. Below is a diagram. We act with your thumb or index finger on biologically active points counterclockwise up to 21 times, for a better effect you can in the morning and evening.

7. The “golden star” balm and similar ointments and patches with essential oils are usually applied to the area near the nostrils or to the sternum, where the active points are located. These drugs relieve nasal congestion, they have a bactericidal effect.

6. Home physiotherapy. Now there are so many portable devices on sale that you can arrange a real physical exercise room at home. This is the quartz of the Ural Federal District (they were already mentioned), a magnet, denos, a nebulizer. Before using them, you need to carefully read the instructions and use only if you do not have contraindications for physiotherapy.

If we overcome the disease with these means, this is very good and will help to cure colds much faster. But if the symptoms remain after 5 days of treatment or worsen - cough with green sputum, purulent discharge from the nose, pain and stuffy ears, general weakness, fever above 39 degrees, all this is an indication for antibiotics.

It is necessary that the doctor prescribe antibiotics. It is not recommended to prescribe these drugs on your own, because usually people take the drug that once helped, which means it has already been taken. This should not be done, because our microbes may be resistant specifically to this antibiotic.

To prescribe such treatment, the doctor takes into account many factors: what medications you took recently, do you smoke, is your work related to people, do you often get sick, what is the state of your cardiovascular system, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, what time years, how you tolerate antibiotic treatment, side effects of drugs.

Therefore, antibiotics are sold in pharmacies with a prescription. Some unscrupulous pharmacists still sell antibiotics, but this is wrong. If it comes to taking antibiotics, it is best to undergo a medical examination so as not to miss a complication.

Ambulance at the first symptoms

Since it is very important to recover quickly from a cold, treatment should begin immediately after the first symptoms have appeared. Influenza, acute respiratory viral infections, pharyngitis, laryngitis, rhinitis - all these diseases in everyday life are called with one word "cold." And the signs of all diseases are similar, it can be headaches, fever, runny nose, cough, etc.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with some tips that will tell you how to cure a cold in one day:

  1. A mild form of a cold in an adult is treated at home. It’s not always necessary to go to the clinic, as donating blood or urine for analysis is not necessary, and it is harmful to be among infected people. Therefore, it is wiser to take a day off at work and lie down at home. A weakened body definitely needs rest and relaxation, it is best to observe bed rest.
  2. To quickly cure a cold at home, you need to monitor your condition. First of all, you need to measure body temperature. It’s completely wrong to shoot her down right away. Remember that they do not bring down the temperature to 38º, because at this time the body fights the disease on its own. Therefore, you do not need to immediately use any well-known medications, especially advertised. This only worsens the condition and does not allow the body to defeat the disease on its own.
  3. Vitamin C is recognized as a very effective remedy for colds. Scientists have proved that this vitamin can significantly reduce the unpleasant symptoms of a cold, and at the beginning of treatment a large dose of this vitamin will help quickly defeat a cold. Therefore, try to eat citrus fruits, spinach and drink rosehip infusion and cranberry juice.
  4. It is noted that the treatment of colds at home can be much faster if you drink a lot. The type of liquid does not matter much, but it is still more beneficial to drink warm infusions of herbs, fruit drinks, and fruit drinks. Drinking promotes the rapid elimination of toxic substances from the body.
  5. To recover quickly, you need to sleep a lot. After a plentiful warm drink with honey, put on comfortable pajamas made of natural fabric and go to bed. Perhaps you sweat in a dream, which is good. Be sure to change your underwear and bedding and go to bed again. It is important that the linen is sewn from natural fabric. Such a fabric will not interfere with free perspiration and heat transfer. And this is a very important element of how to get rid of a cold in 1 day.

During treatment, it is strictly forbidden to drink any alcoholic beverages. As soon as the temperature drops, go out for a walk. Short walks in the fresh air strengthen the immune system and contribute to a quick recovery.

Keep warm and sweat

A cold occurs because a person has caught a cold in the street, walked for a long time in the cold, or soaked his feet in slush. So you need to warm up quickly. To do this, you can steam your feet in a warm bath with mustard. To do this, add a couple of tablespoons of dry mustard to a bowl of hot water (temperature 40º). Immerse your feet in water, while the water should reach the middle of the ankle. The duration of the procedure is 15 minutes. If the water cools in the process, then you need to add hot, maintaining the desired temperature. After the bath you need to wipe your feet dry, put on warm socks and go to bed. If there is no strength to make a hot bath, then you can simply pour dry mustard into your socks.

If your hands are frozen, then you need to warm them. It is very simple to do this under a stream of hot water. This procedure should last about five minutes. The water temperature should constantly increase to very hot. After this, you need to wipe your hands well and put on mittens or gloves. However, you can just wrap them in a towel.

To get rid of toxins, the body needs to sweat. Therefore, drink a lot more liquid than on any other day, this will help to quickly recover from a cold. To sweat faster, you can drink hot drinks. It’s good if it is tea with raspberries, lemon and honey. You can also prepare a delicious and healthy infusion of chamomile, linden, thyme and mint. To do this, take two tablespoons of dried medicinal herbs, pour a glass of boiling water, let it brew for 15 minutes. Drink a lot and often. It is absolutely safe to drink more than two liters of fluid per day.

Treat stuffy nose and runny nose

It's no secret that a cold is often accompanied by a runny nose. To prevent this harmless disease from becoming much more serious, treatment should be started immediately. This can be done with folk remedies. There are many recipes that will help get rid of a cold.

It is very effective to lubricate the nasal passages with Kalanchoe juice. The procedure should be repeated 2-3 times a day. And the juice of this medicinal plant can be instilled into the nose 2 drops twice a day.

Rinsing the nose with saline will quickly get rid of the first snot. To prepare the solution, you need to dissolve 1 teaspoon of table or sea salt in half a glass of boiled water. Cool to room temperature. The washing procedure is as follows: one pinch the nostril with your finger, and the other draw in saline solution, the fluid should begin to flow out through the mouth. This procedure helps moisturize the nasal mucosa and makes breathing easier.

Since you can quickly cure a cold by many means, then pay attention to ordinary onions. To do this, you need to cut the vegetable in half, put on saucers and arrange in the apartment. Volatile - biologically active substances - effectively destroy bacteria. In order to quickly cure a runny nose with a cold, you need to breathe onions for 10 minutes 3 times a day.

Treating sore throat and coughing

How to recover from a cold in 2 days if a cough starts? Traditional medicine comes to the rescue. Here are some simple and effective tips on how to overcome the first cough symptoms.

To cure a cold overnight and get rid of cough, you can rub your back and chest with a mixture of castor oil and turpentine before bedtime (2: 1). This mixture can be rubbed into the feet. After rubbing, it is important to get dressed quickly and wrap yourself in a blanket.

Black or green radish juice is a simple and effective cough suppressant. You can just squeeze the juice out of the radish and add a little honey to it. You need to take such a medicine 1 teaspoon 5 times a day. And you can do more interesting: cut the top of the black radish, cut about 1/3 of the pulp (make a deepening), put a spoon of honey there. Put the vegetable on a glass, and lower the tail into water in a glass. After some time, a very healthy juice will begin to stand out in the recess. It should be drunk 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day.

Green radish is also very useful, but its therapeutic effect is slightly weaker. But the taste of green radish is not so tart and bitter. Usually this kind of radish is suitable for treating children.

We strengthen immunity

If a person says: “I can’t recover, I’ve tried everything already”, then he can be advised to drink decoctions of medicinal herbs instead of ordinary tea. Strengthening the immune system is an important component of treatment, since a person will be able to fully recover only when his whole body is stronger and stronger.

The following medicinal herbs are suitable for preparing healing broths:

Herbs and ready-made drug fees can be bought at the pharmacy. If you yourself are well versed in herbs, then in summer they can be collected and dried. Remember that the collection of plants is possible only in an environmentally friendly place.

To prepare a decoction, you need a small handful of such grass. It needs to be placed in hot water and boiled for several minutes. Then remove from heat and let stand for 15 minutes. After this, the broth is ready, it can be drunk half a glass 3 times a day. Literally before our eyes, a sick person will begin to recover.

We treat a sore throat

The first way to treat a throat disease is to rinse. For this, you can use decoctions of chamomile and St. John's wort. For cooking, you need 1 tablespoon of grass to pour a glass of very hot water, put on the stove and bring to a boil. After that, the fire must be extinguished immediately. On the stove, the broth should be left for a few more minutes. Для полоскания используют тёплый отвар, так можно быстро избавиться от боли в горле.

Второй способ – полоскание солевым раствором. Для этого в стакане воды нужно растворить 1 чайную ложку соли и 1 чайную ложку соды, можно добавить пару капель йода (если нет аллергии на этот компонент). This means you need to gargle 6-8 times a day until the patient begins to recover.

Cold Prevention

Every adult should monitor their health and teach their children to do this. There is one simple rule that states that prevention is much easier than treatment. The main preventive measures for colds are:

  • The use of vegetables and fruits containing a large amount of vitamin C (citrus fruits, spinach, herbs, sour berries). Better - fresh.
  • Hardening and sports. Find time for morning exercises, spend more time outdoors, walk more. Moderate exercise is always beneficial.
  • Bad habits - smoking and drinking alcohol greatly reduce the protective properties of the body (in other words, immunity) and provoke the appearance of a variety of diseases. If you quit smoking, then very soon you will feel much better and become much less likely to catch a cold.
  • Try to drink as much as possible. With a sufficient amount of fluid, the body recovers much faster.
  • A visit to the bathhouse or sauna is able to win and prevent all sorts of colds and ailments.
  • Do not undergo stress, relax more and get less nervous over trifles.

These simple preventative measures are best done before the disease. In any case, they can begin to be performed immediately after a person begins to recover from a cold.

When to call a doctor at home

If on the first day a cold is accompanied by a mild fever and the onset of symptoms, then there is still no need to worry. If everything is done on time and correctly, then the cold should pass quickly.

But what if two or three days have already passed, and the patient only gets worse? In such cases, a visit to the doctor cannot be avoided. Call a doctor immediately if a sick person has the following symptoms:

  • more than three days a high temperature is kept (above 38º),
  • the cough intensifies (at night - in full urge), wheezing is heard when inhaling,
  • It's difficult to breathe,
  • the throat is so swollen and sore that it’s not even possible to eat,
  • headache doesn’t go away
  • pain and pain in the eyes
  • sputum is brown, sometimes even with blood.

Dear readers, try not to be treated, but to do prevention. These simple measures in most cases will protect you from unpleasant diseases. If you really had to get sick, then there are many simple, safe and effective ways that can save you from a cold in one day. Take care of yourself, strengthen your immune system, do not get sick.