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How to stay on the labor exchange longer


Good afternoon! This article will discuss what to do if you cannot find work for a long time. We will consider in detail all the errors and reasons that interfere with your path to this goal. You will learn how to get out of this situation, as well as understand how to get a job if there is not enough experience.

Reasons for a Long Search

Consider the most popular reasons that prevent you from finding a job:

  • Little activity

It may seem to you that you are constantly on the lookout, but in fact, you are not making any effort. Today's competition is so high that desire alone will not be enough. To send a resume and sit to wait by the sea for the weather is pointless and useless. Imagine how many applications a good company is considering. You should be interested in something more.

  1. Be persistent and come or call the company that opened the vacancy. Remind yourself, show that you are ready for a lot to work there. Just do not overdo it, because obsession can begin to annoy.
  2. Try to place an ad on job search not only on the Internet, but also in the newspaper, or vice versa. Some companies may not use one resource, but be active in another. The same goes for personal search. You should adopt different sources.
  3. If you think that exchanges are useless, then this is not so. Firstly, the state really has the motivation to find a job for you. Secondly, at least some money will be paid for this time. If you have already passed this stage, then try contacting a recruitment agency. Just act carefully, as there are so many scammers now.
  4. Tell your friends that you are out of work right now. Word of mouth is much more effective than you think. Perhaps one of their buddies or friends is in search of the right person. Thus you can find at least a side job.
  5. Do not forget to update your application on the site where the resume is posted. Still, new profiles appear, and your leaves each time lower. In addition, the employer will be sure that you are still looking for a position, and not just forgot to delete your resume.
  6. Constantly monitor new vacancies, because sometimes it is better to call right away than to remain a backup option after someone does it earlier.

  • Excessive Requirements

Think about it, because perhaps you overestimate your talents. Courage and self-confidence is good, but the employer is always at an advantage. If you have little or no experience at all, and you are applying for a very good job, there is only one chance out of a hundred that they will choose you. Still, the company is looking for a professional in its field, considering many such profiles.

If you really know everything, but look at an excessively large salary, then difficulties will arise here. Look at different vacancies in your profession and evaluate how much you are willing to pay for your skills on average. Also, you can omit the numbers at all in order to impress with your interview skills. In this case, a person can fall in love with you so much that he will make concessions.

Think about it, maybe you have other expectations? For example, you want a large salary, and an easy job, and a good schedule, and that it is next to the house, as well as countless such desires. Unfortunately, the ideal work does not exist, and if it does, then usually this place is taken immediately.

Of course, you can find a job to your liking, but sometimes such a chance needs to wait too long. If you are not ready to make concessions, then search in parallel with another job that provides at least some kind of income.

And an overestimated self-esteem is bad, and an understated one too. Only if in the first case perseverance can save, then the problem is more serious. Still, considering yourself unworthy of a certain job is one of the biggest mistakes. Especially when you know how to do this, but think that there are more professional competitors.

Understand that you can try anyway. If you do not call back, then do not worry. And you need to understand that the reasons for irresponsibility can be completely different, and the matter is not necessarily in you.

Step over yourself, because in extreme cases you can refuse.

  • Errors insummary

Very often, the reason for the lack of feedback is precisely the poor resume. And the point is not even that you are an unskilled specialist, because sometimes even this goes by the wayside. The problem may be in several nuances:

  1. Too superficial and incomplete. You indicated the main points, but did not add many other criteria. For example, they did not indicate strengths or forgot to note that you have some kind of awards or have passed certain courses that improve qualifications. All such trifles should not be missed, because it is they who often play the largest role. Imagine that your opponent has six months more experience than yours, but there are no other advantages. Now think about who the employer will choose?
  2. Too cliched or there is a lot of superfluous. If you are looking for a job in a particular profession, then you do not need to indicate absolutely distant school achievements in the resume. Write only what may be useful to someone who is viewing your profile. If a person sees that most of the points are completely useless, then this will make him think about your normality.
  3. Absolutely uninteresting and even faceless resume. Of course, this is almost an official document, but it must be diluted. Perhaps some work allows you to use a little frivolity in the text. Just keep in mind that you also need to know the scope.
  4. If you don’t see any mistakes, then try looking at other people’s resumes. It is best to look for those who apply for the same position. If you have problems with creativity and want to copy witty phrases or interesting details from another person, then do so. Just keep in mind that a company can view both profiles and notice similarities. Therefore, it is best to monitor the resumes of people who live in another city or even country. This way you eliminate the possibility of getting into an awkward situation.
  5. You made a lot of grammatical mistakes in the profile. Managers who are fixated on spelling rules will notice this right away. They will not trust a person who does not know basic things.

Sample Successful Resume

  • Behaving in an interview

You were called and you were interviewed, but no one called back. The main reasons for silence:

  1. You came unprepared for a meeting and just got confused. When the leader asked to tell about yourself, you got confused and gave out something slurred. Much depends on the presentation, because it was for this that you were called for an interview. If you can’t come up with a beautiful story on the go, write and memorize the speech at home. Also disassemble the answers to questions that the employer may ask.
  2. Caught on provocative questions. For example, about the fact that you often have children or you plan to have a baby in the coming year. No company will want to take a person who immediately goes on maternity leave or will be constantly asked for permission. Also, do not talk about the fact that you quarreled with past bosses or other colleagues.
  3. You were constantly silent or talked too much. Shyness is not a hindrance to some work, but excessive passivity may indicate that this vacancy is not really what you need. Too many words on the contrary can confuse the interlocutor or even piss off. No one likes being interrupted or not listening.
  • You do not want to find a job

In fact, this often happens. You really look for vacancies, go for interviews, but the matter does not go further. Read: What to do if you don’t want anything

Remember how often you refused an internship when you were already invited to take it? Or were you lying that you couldn’t at a certain time? If you constantly use excuses, then the problem is only in you.

It seems to you that the work just does not suit you. However, why did you respond to this vacancy or even went for an interview. Admit it, the fact is that they really did not live up to expectations or that you do not want to work?

It is worth noting that this is absolutely normal. This happens when a person gets tired and just wants to take a break. Or you hope and use someone else’s help, so you don’t want to change anything. In any case, you need to honestly admit yourself and stop cheating on others. If you need rest, take a short break. If the problem is laziness, then you should voice it to those who contain you. They may even be pleased to help you.

How to deal with the problem?

What if there is no work? First, you need to understand the reason for your long search and try to fix it. If you are doing everything right, but there are no offers, then the problem may simply be in great demand and in a small offer. Many firms collapsed due to the crisis or reduced their employees, reducing jobs.

If it’s not about you, then in no case should you become discouraged and lose your mood. With depression, you don’t want to do anything at all, but what is happening now is not forever. Try to find the positive aspects of unemployment, because they also exist. What can be done:

  • Let yourself rest. Surely you did not have a normal vacation or a long weekend. If there is not much money, then you can go to parents or relatives. It is especially great if there is a summer cottage or someone lives outside the city to actively spend their holidays. You can also finally meet with friends or stay longer with your loved one, children. In this case, it all depends on your budget.
  • Go to some training or courses. Perhaps you do not have enough knowledge for the desired profession or you are a bit behind modern rules. By the way, classes can be on a completely new topic for you. It is not necessary to stagnate in the same place if you are not lucky there. Perhaps you have a stage when you need to reevaluate your life and change something in it. Think, maybe you were always interested in something else?
  • Find a hobby. You need to get distracted and stop thinking that you have difficulty finding a job. The best way out of depression is to actively engage in something. By the way, not every hobby requires a lot of investment, so do not come up with excuses. By the way, very often a favorite hobby turns into a very profitable business of life. READ: How to calm your nerves and relieve stress
  • Do not be constantly alone. Loneliness is the main friend of despondency, so go out more. Friends and loved ones will help you get distracted, which means that time will fly by much faster.
  • If you really need money, then apply for any part-time job or consider a vacancy that did not suit you before. This must be done if now you do not have the opportunity to find a job in the specialty. Most likely, the offer will be below your dignity, but this is at least some kind of income. In addition, a vacancy with a small salary can be very promising or good bonuses are possible at this job. The main thing is to somehow move, because you cannot predict the future.
  • Start working on your thinking. In fact, the constant scrolling of negative thoughts in the head has the ability to come true. Try using affirmations that bring many people closer to your goal. We are talking about phrases that the Universe hears more sensitively and quickly performs. In your case, these will help:
    “I have a great job and I like this place,”
    - "I get paid a high salary,"
    - “I have a lot of good job offers,” etc.

You must realize that what you do not have a permanent job is not a disaster. Enough work for everyone, because in fact there are a lot of vacancies. Try to at least temporarily change your views on the world and in no case fall into depression.

I can’t find a job, what if there is no experience?

The paradox of today is that without work experience they don’t take it, but you need to get it somewhere. In this regard, many young professionals cannot find work in their specialty.

  • You can try to look for vacancies for students, since there often only requires education or at least some knowledge. You can start with a small salary, but the prospect in this situation is more important.

If you are not satisfied with such conditions, then you need to change something in yourself. Try to fill out a resume so that the employer is interested. You need to show him that you have a lot of advantages, you grasp everything on the fly, and you do not need to be retrained. Show your imagination and you will certainly be interested. (See a sample of a successful resume above).

  • Be persistent and come to the company that attracts you. Ask about any possible vacancies. It is likely that now there are several suggestions where experience is not required. This is a good opportunity to get into the desired company and prove yourself. Very often successful leaders started from the bottom and achieved what they have only a few years later.

By the way, now there are a lot of alternative professions where official experience is not the most important part. Check out the options that bring good income and without an entry in the workbook:

  1. Infobusiness
    Now it has become very popular to earn on their knowledge and skills. For example, if you studied well at school and institute, then there is a great chance to share this for money. The plus is that you will not have a boss, and the expenses are minimal. Of course, it all depends on what you want to surprise. By the way, not only a diploma or a gold medal from school, but also various seminars will help to increase its price. Take knowledge from others and wrap it in your favor.
  2. Distant work
    Work on the Internet is accessible to everyone and many professions require a minimum of skills and knowledge. Some employers are even ready to train, but, of course, in response to a small salary. In this case, you can get experience there, and then go to a place where they will pay more. One of the most popular professions is copywriting. If you can write correctly, then you will like this work. You can also consider such vacancies as: manager of an online store, administrator of groups or pages in social services. networks, operator, personal assistant, moderator, content manager and many others Do not be afraid to learn something new. Read: Work at home without attachments and cheating for women
  3. Blog or vlog
    You can write articles on topics of interest to your blog. Also, most readers are very fond of pictures, so add them. In vlogs, you need to shoot something interesting on the video. As for those, there are a lot of them. Someone talks about travels, someone writes recipes or reveals secrets about cosmetics. It is also now popular to shoot vlogs about your daily routine, because many people are interested in someone else's life. Find something of your own and create a channel or blog. At the beginning, you will simply earn money on clicks, and then on advertising. If you have a lot of subscribers, then some brands will be interested and will offer you to advertise their product on your page. Read: How to become a blogger and make money on it
  4. Hobby
    Turn your favorite business into a profession. There you will have not just experience, but also skills. You will know some mistakes and subtleties of a certain occupation, which is sure to be useful to others. Before you begin, it will be nice to take additional courses in order to have some kind of certificate. As for the options, there are a lot of them: like to cook, create cooking courses, like to take pictures, take private pictures, like to play sports, become an instructor, etc.

In fact, in the modern world there are many more offers and types of earnings than you think. Engage in active search and don't be afraid to change something. Perhaps your current situation is a hint that you need to rethink your own life and go the other way.

How to stay longer in the employment center?

To register, you need a passport, an original work book and documents about education and professional qualifications. These documents are enough for an employment center specialist to register you as unemployed and offer vacancies from his own database.

If you are interested in unemployment benefits, you also need to provide a certificate of average wages for the last 3 months at the last job. A special form of inquiry can be found on the Internet and in advance to make a request to the accounting department of a current or former workplace.

How to competently stand on the labor exchange

I received the severance pay, after 2 months I can get an amount equal to the average monthly income, and in addition for the third month I can get the same amount (the amount is nice and the money is very necessary), if I hold on the exchange for three months as unemployed. I got on the stock exchange and immediately gave direction for an interview.
I needed the employer to refuse my candidacy and make an entry in the appropriate box.I “mowed down like a fool” as much as I could, such as “I don’t know why they sent me to you, I don’t understand anything in this area, and I have a small child, I have no one to leave with, I can only part-time, etc.” V as a result, they made a note that they refused me, but with the following wording: “The candidate was rejected due to the rejection of the offered vacancies due to the work schedule” It turns out they either didn’t accept, or I refused ... I’ll go to the exchange next week with this piece of paper .

How to stay on the labor exchange for longer?

Between two periods of registration at the labor exchange, a break should not be less than six months, since payments accrue a maximum of 24 months for 36 months (Article 31). To receive a new allowance you need to be deregistered, register again after 6 months.

Next year, a citizen will receive payments in a minimum amount. A person can receive the entire amount due once, rather than in proportionate payments distributed over the year, and invest it in his own business.

You need to come to the Employment Center twice a month. The date and time are indicated by the employee. If a person disappears, ceases to be marked, the amount of benefits may be reduced or ceased to be paid.

The Center also offers periodical vacancies that correspond to the professional training of the applicant.

How much can you stand on the labor exchange and receive benefits

Catch a big and small fish. If before you became unemployed, you worked continuously for at least 26 calendar weeks (on a full-time basis), during the year you are entitled to the following payments: the first 3 months - in the amount of 75% of the average monthly earnings, the following 4 months - 60%, subsequent months - 45%. At the same time, the law establishes the lower and upper levels of unemployment benefits: a minimum of 850 rubles, a maximum of 4900 rubles.

How long can I stay on the labor exchange and receive benefits?

  • want to resume work after a long break,
  • were sent by the Employment Center to training, then deducted for guilty acts:
  • refused to receive vocational training or to receive additional professional education after the end of the first period of unemployment benefit payment,
  • are registered with the Employment Center for more than 18 months,
  • have been unemployed for more than 3 years,
  • appealed to the employment service after the end of seasonal work.

The following is not considered suitable:

  • associated with a change of residence without the consent of a person,
  • the working conditions of which do not comply with the rules and standards for labor protection.

Duration of registration with employment service authorities. Accounting at employment service authorities gives unemployed citizens the right to receive financial assistance from the state.

We play on the labor exchange: you got the role of the unemployed

  • passing training
  • failure to appear for more than a month at the Labor Exchange in the absence of valid reasons,
  • relocation.

The payment of benefits may be suspended if a person refuses a suitable job qualification twice. In addition, so that the payment of benefits is not suspended, the applicant should not take the following actions:

  • refuse after three months of registration as unemployed from participation in paid public works,
  • refuse training from the Employment Service,
  • come for re-registration in alcohol or drug intoxication, etc.

How many times can you register with the Employment Center Unemployed citizens who were unable to find a job after the first period of payment of benefits can be re-registered in order to receive financial assistance from the state.
You can re-register at the Employment Center in six months. The allowance will be paid, but a smaller amount. Therefore, specialists of employment service bodies advise against giving up work. You can always quit and register again immediately after leaving. To a common question, how many times you can get on the unemployment office, the experts answer the following: if an unemployed citizen does not belong to the category of persons listed in paragraph 3 of Article 3 of the Law, he has the right to contact the Employment Center at the place of residence to register as unemployed, even if he had previously been deregistered as unemployed.
Whether the experience is going on, if you are standing at the labor exchange, depends on different conditions. The period of payment of benefits and participation in public works shall be entered into the length of service if periods were preceded or followed by periods of work without taking into account the duration.
The following do not apply for a place in the Employment Center:

They may refuse to register citizens who were previously registered and twice refused to undergo the proposed training. Social benefits are calculated on an individual basis, depending on work experience, length of service for the last year, grounds for dismissal, and other factors.

There are also electronic labor exchanges, the site of the employment center: Here, citizens can find useful information about various trainings, seminars, and training courses.

On the site you can always find relevant vacancies, the necessary training. Suitable work Employment centers help a citizen find a suitable job. Suitable - work corresponding to the suitability of the person.

Reason number 1. A person does not know how to look for work correctly

A normal person will not undertake to fly a plane and will not do surgery if he has not learned this. But look for work - please! Many do not understand that this can and should be learned. And even more so they don’t know how to do it.

View on the Internet a couple of statues about how to create a resume and how to behave in an interview - this is not training, but only visibility. At a minimum, you need to study one of the books on how to look for work or take a full-fledged training course. And find someone who can competently check your resume, your job search plan and your willingness to interview.

With approximately the same business qualities, knowledge, skills, education, experience, age, etc., success is more likely to be achieved by someone who seeks work more correctly.

Reason number 2. A person wants to get the wrong job and the wrong pay, which he really deserves

For many employers, the business is organized in such a way that you can work for years without upgrading your qualifications and even losing previously acquired knowledge and skills. Some companies are even afraid to train their employees. Like, I will train him, and he will begin to look to the side and will soon find another job. Let him hold on to what he has here.

In business, this approach does not contribute to success. And if in the end you have to lay off employees, then they have to do poorly in the labor market. All things being equal, they lose to those who, while already working, continued to study, and whose qualifications are higher. It is especially difficult for such jobseekers in the labor market to find a new job with pay, which was before.

What to do? Either stubbornly looking for a job no worse than the old one, dragging out the search process and waiting for a happy chance or someone else's help. Or honestly admit that working with the same salary cannot be found, and lowering the bar of expectations.

How to properly assess your true value in the labor market? There are also working tricks for this. But many job seekers do not know how to do this. When looking for a new job, they charge themselves the wrong price and then they are surprised that they are not getting the job, but someone else.

Reason number 3. A man lost faith in himself, unsuccessfully trying to find a job

Quite a common and understandable problem - after a long search, a person dropped his hands, and he sharply reduced activity.

People have different levels of psychological security. If a person is not confident in himself, then failure to find a job can greatly reduce his self-esteem and deprive him of faith in success.

Here a lot depends on the right mood at the beginning of the search. Poor understanding of their pros and cons, poorly knowing the situation on the labor market, a person may be overly optimistic about the amount of required effort and the time frame for getting a new job. Pink glasses at the beginning of a search can be very dangerous psychologically.

Reason No. 4. Objectively difficult situation on the labor market

In the region in which a person is looking for work, the vacancies of the required profile are clearly not enough for all applicants. Most often, this situation is called as the main cause of problems with a new job.

Yes, in relatively small communities this can be a very serious problem. Along with other reasons, the overproduction of lawyers, economists and some other “specialists” with higher education diplomas contributes to this.

It is necessary either to substantially reduce the requirements for wages, or to change the profile, or to look for work with relocation. The market requires flexibility in decisions. But at the same time, vacancies of almost all profiles appear in big cities, they only get to someone else. If so, then an explanation of the situation must be sought for other reasons.

Reason number 5. The person really does not really want to work

Therefore, he seems to be looking for work, but he is not overworked and is waiting for a happy occasion. There are those too. They say that they are doing everything that is possible, and sit on dependents of relatives.

A person is rarely ready to admit that he himself is to blame for the fact that he has problems with work. Most will tell you a variety of reasons, but not their own flaws. In the book “5 steps to decent work” there are such words: “Finding a new job is also work. And its success depends on you, on how correctly you will do this work and how much effort and time you will spend on it. If you find yourself unemployed, then you should spend 40 hours a week looking for a new job, and preferably more. ” Wrote it in 2003. But I’m ready to subscribe to it today.