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How and where to enter cheat codes in Android mobile games


The most common questions we get from our users are “how to hack the game”, or “where to enter the codes”? To find out this information, it is enough to study several articles. We do not have the opportunity to answer each personally, so instructions were created for each individual article. They are slightly different for Android, iOS devices, but the principle is the same. In 2018, this is the easiest way to get a lot of money for free without hacking and breaking the rules.

What is a cheat code literally?

What is a cheat code is pretty well known to everyone, however, a little in the wrong way. The Russian player, especially the player of the 2000s, is used to using cheats as a joke to the game, or rather cheats were used for the fan mainly, just remember the games of the GTA series and how we had fun entering all kinds of codes, for example, on Tommy Versetti, the protagonist of GTA Vice City , attacked everything around and so on. But if you literally translate the word Cheats from English - it means "cheating." At that time, we did not realize that we were playing honestly by entering the cheat code of Nuttertools - all weapons for an infinite number of times. Although there were games that directly told us that we were crooks after we entered some cheat code, for example Heroes 3.

Cheats, cheat codes, cheats

Why do we need cheats?

Initially, cheat codes were used by developers, this is a kind of code that is built into the game in order to test the game. For example, look at the character’s behavior at one or another action directed in his direction, or for example, the code was used to quickly move to different levels. In simple words, they are needed in order to test each game situation without starting the game every time again.

How to use cheat codes in Android games?

From the foregoing, it becomes clear that you can also enter cheat codes in android games, but how to do it? There are several easy ways:

    The Android operating system has the ability to call the virtual keyboard in the game itself. However, in order to do this, you need to use the Smart Office 2 program, you can download Smart Office 2 through the Google Play Market.
    So, we start the game and do minimization through the Home button.

Turn off the game through the Home button

Then open the program, create in it "new document»With any proposed format, for example.Doc and at the bottom of the program interface click on the button "Edit».

Click the Edit button

After all that has been done, the keyboard appears, and we thereby restore the minimized game, while the keyboard should not disappear. There is another easy way. Download a similar application from the Google Play Market called GameKeyboard + (GameKeyboard +), but this application is paid.

You can download it for free using the AC Market program, where it is freely available. To read

After downloading the application, open it in language and keyboard settings => keyboard settings put a tick "Yes».

Go to the GameKeybord + application

Next, we select the input method, well, in the third way we configure the gamepad, for the latter we do the following:
Press the buttons USAGE MODE and EDIT MODE.


We remove the unnecessary buttons, for this we click on them one by one and in the window that opens we press Remuv (remove).

Recent settings remove unnecessary buttons

And finally, we start the game, add volume by pressing the volume up button and see the included keyboard, it can be used.

Open the keyboard with the volume up button

So the question of the ability to enter cheat codes for mobile Android games has ceased to be a mystery to many readers. I hope everything was very clear, but if you have any questions, you can always ask them in the comments.

How do codes work?

On the site you will find cheat codes for hundreds of popular games. They were created by game developers to test the application at different levels. This allows you to quickly get to any level without restrictions.

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In-game purchases

It is important to understand that when making game purchases you enable the developer to work on improving the game. Use cheat codes as needed, or when you have lost all your achievements and want to quickly return them.

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