Useful Tips

How to transfer contacts to Android from Nokia: useful tips


Copy contacts from the SIM card to the phone and vice versa.

To copy contacts from the phone to the SIM card and vice versa, in the contacts list, select Options> Copy contacts, and then specify where to copy contacts from the phone or from the SIM card.

To send a contact to a friend, scroll to and select a contact, select Options> Send, then select the method for sending the contact (email, message, or Bluetooth).

Transmission methods

Transfer Nokia contacts to Andro>

Nevertheless, among the available methods of transferring contacts from Windows Phone to Android, there are:

  • cloud services
  • specialized applications.

In practice, the first scenario is most often encountered. Transferring contacts to Android from Nokia using cloud services is the simplest solution. Further, each of the options will be considered in more detail.

Let's start with the most common way. You can bring the task to life with the help of cloud services. For example, by working with "Google. Contacts." Transferring the phone book in this way will be possible in just a few minutes.

So, the action algorithm for copying contacts will be as follows:

  1. Open Create an account there and go through authorization.
  2. Go to the "People" section. Select "Management" - "Export for Outlook".
  3. Save the received document in .csv format.
  4. Open Google Contacts on your mobile phone.
  5. Click on "More" - "Import.". Select the resulting .csv document.
  6. After the download is complete, take an Android phone. Log in using your Google account.

That's all. Automatically syncs contacts. All entries from the phone book will be copied to the new mobile device. Now it’s clear how contacts are transferred from Nokia to Android. Google in this case is an indispensable service.

Now consider an option that involves working with a variety of third-party services. Transfer contacts to Andro>

What if you want to copy the phone book in this way? Smartphone owners should follow these instructions:

  1. Install Nokia PC Suite on your computer.
  2. Connect the Nokia phone to the PC using the USB cable.
  3. Run the program and wait for the devices to sync.
  4. Go to the "Contacts" section. Click on the "Contact Sync" button. It is located at the bottom of the application window.
  5. Wait a while. Synchronization takes some time.
  6. Select all contacts (for example, using the combination Ctrl + A), and then click on "File" - "Export".
  7. Specify where to save the document. For example, "Desktop". It is best to select a separate folder for contacts. Each contact will be saved as a document.
  8. Create a BAT file in the contacts folder. Open it and write copy / B *. * Contacts.vcf command there.
  9. Run the received document. A shared contacts.vcf contacts book will appear in the contacts folder.
  10. Go to Google Contacts. To do this, open an email on Google, then select the "Contacts" section.
  11. Click on the "More" - "Export" button.
  12. Select the received contacts document.
  13. Sync your Android phone with Google. To do this, enter the data from the mail in the "Accounts" section.

Thus, you can transfer contacts from Nokia to Android. Samsung and other mobile phones perfectly copy phone books after the manipulations.

What other options can be offered? The following method is different in that it is suitable for any mobile phone, but it is costly. You can use an application called MOBILedit. It allows you to transfer contacts to Andro>

How to use this application? It is recommended to proceed as follows:

  1. Install MOBILedit on the PC.
  2. Connect Nokia to computer. Run the mentioned program.
  3. Open the Contacts menu. Copy the phone book to a PC using a special button.
  4. Connect an Android phone using a USB cable.
  5. Open the MOBILedit menu and download contacts.

That's all. But these are far from all scenarios. Copying the phone book from Nokia is different.

Via bluetooth

For example, through the "Bluetooth". To do this, you will need to use specialized applications. They allow you to copy the phone book into a single file, which will then be transferred to a new phone.

Transferring contacts from Nokia to Android via Bluetooth is not in great demand. Nevertheless, the algorithm of actions for translating ideas into reality will be approximately as follows:

  1. Install the program for working with the phone book. For example, "Transfer". Launch her.
  2. Select the model of phone from which copying will take place. In our case, this is Nokia. Be sure to clarify the model of the device.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth on your old phone.
  4. Click on "Next".
  5. Turn on Bluetooth on the second phone. In the list of devices that appears, select the line responsible for the Android device.
  6. Mark the checkbox "Contacts" and click on the "Yes" button.
  7. Wait a while.

In fact, everything is much simpler than it seems. But there is another scenario.

Transferring contacts to Android with Nokia is not possible. The following method is familiar to all people. To save and transfer the phone book from one mobile phone to another, you just need to save all its contacts to a SIM card. Then insert SIM into a new phone and start working with it.

After the actions taken, the phone book will be copied. This scenario is suitable for those who do not have many contacts. After all, the memory of a SIM card is usually limited.