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How to love school


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Many children complain that the school is boring and uninteresting. One just wants to, and studying at school will again become an interesting occupation. Find new sources of inspiration for yourself! Join a circle, attend extracurricular activities, chat with friends, and come to school well prepared. Thanks to this, you will go to school with great pleasure.

What you need:

  • Patience
  • Time
  • Tenacity

What could be better at any age than friendship with peers, a bunch of friends and communication? That is why, in school, you must have an endless supply of friends. It is advisable from different groups, and “nerds” - they will help you with your studies, and “mods” - you can talk with them about the latest fashion trends and consult what color to dye your hair, athletes and various strange students, among all you can find a good conversationalist and faithful helper!

Due to misunderstanding, there are various conflicts in the school with teachers. How to avoid them? Find a common language with them, or simply become a “non-intrusive sneak”. Small gifts for teacher’s day, International Women's Day (or Defender of the Fatherland Day) and birthday. It can be a banal box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers or a postcard. And you can do something unusual with your own hands. And you can just give a flower to your classroom, teachers are always welcome. Or offer any help (wash the board, help with the documentation). Feel free to ask teachers for help and ask them questions. And the main thing is, of course, homework, it will always have to be done.

School uniform.
Every morning, going to school, many of us wear a school uniform just because it is required at school. Because of this, we believe that it is impossible to stand out in any way and this is bad. In fact, even in school uniforms, you can look like the queen of fashion. The main thing is to choose the right accessories (earrings, beads and bracelets), shoes at any time of the year and hair style (neatness and originality play a major role). And boys can dilute the boring form with a funny tie, bow-tie, colored shirt or unusual shoes. Like girls, guys should be neat and well-groomed, have clean shoes and clothes.

1. Perspective Vision

It allows you to notice that which is inaccessible to the ordinary gaze, to believe in what seems implausible, and to accept that which seems impossible. And if school subjects look boring, and the purpose of their study is not quite clear, you should look at this picture more broadly and look into the future. After all, studying at school is the first step in mastering a future profession. If you want to do medicine, then you can not do without biology, chemistry and anatomy. Mathematics and physics are also in demand in modern medicine - without them, there is no development in such areas as medical robotics, prosthetics. Seeing a new hidden potential in school subjects, you will treat them with great attention and interest.

2. The secret of the jeweler

A good master can create a work of art from a nondescript stone - only the correct cut is needed. Try to apply this method to subjects that at first glance do not have an obvious connection with a future profession. Use them as an opportunity to develop creative thinking - look for interesting moments, look from the other side, apply the acquired knowledge in life. For example, come up with your own way of memorizing historical dates and apply it at the university. Skills of working with various sources, dictionaries, additional literature, the ability to make effective presentations will be useful in any profession. Foreign languages ​​will allow in the future to communicate with colleagues at international conferences. Find in each discipline what is useful in the future, and learning will become more interesting.

3. The key to success

Education is closely related to the image of a successful person. A university degree is an important element for career development, and most employers require a diploma. There are exceptions, but in fact they only confirm the rule. Therefore, schooling should be considered not only in terms of prospects for entering a prestigious university, but also in terms of acquiring skills, without which success cannot be achieved. This is a training of attention, memory and listening skills, a way to work out your skills of searching and analyzing information, hone your ability to think figuratively and abstractly, build logical chains and associative series. Use each lesson in order to "pump over" one of these aspects, do not waste time in vain.

Do you like computer games? You can play and learn at the same time. A well-known fact: fans of the Civilization game will not hesitate to name five to ten cities of almost every civilization or country, starting from Ancient Egypt and Sumer to the United States or Great Britain. And they will easily show these countries on the map and name the leaders of these peoples - sometimes even with a biography. Want to go further? Use gamification and make boring tasks interesting. Team up with classmates in “clans” and compete in mastering the subject. Consider grades as points that allow you to move to a new level. And if you need a real challenge, try creating a learning quest on your computer yourself.

5. Mastermind

In the classical sense, mastermind is a group of like-minded people who develop in a chosen direction, share their accumulated knowledge and experience, and also monitor each other's achievements. The power of mastermind groups is that they help each member achieve their goals faster. And this is not surprising, because each member of the group can offer their own approach to mastering the subject, new ideas and opportunities, and all together these people work on one common goal. This technology allows you to make learning interesting. It is proved that a person better assimilates information if he explains something else. Therefore, unite in groups, get ready for classes, understand complex topics. The advantage of this approach is that peers living in different cities and different countries can be members of the group. All you need is Skype or Zoom.


These are the animals that are found in school corridors at about 8.30 in the morning every weekday. Several species of these mammals live in the wild. For example, a classmate is friendly. These are absolutely safe and even pleasant to talk to. If anything, they can even steal a booter or borrow a movie ticket. They will endure. But there are other representatives ... By the way, the main types of classmates living in any school, see HERE! And with these you may have some problems. If you are not lucky and your relationship with classmates is not sugar, do not despair. You can still fix it. And the new school year is a good reason to do this. Just do not count on a quick result - you will have to work hard. And remember, a real elle girl never hangs her nose. Even in the most difficult situations. Yes Yes! And if you read our magazine, then you are already halfway to victory. Because how to dress, so that they all fall, and put on makeup so that the head teacher takes to the toilet, you have already studied. Now it's up to the small thing - to impress them with your rich inner world. By the way, here we are completely without jokes. After all, with whom are we usually interested in talking? With someone who can or knows something that others cannot and do not know. Take this into service and immediately acquire some kind of exclusive exclusive superpower. Or maybe you already have it? Have a fashion blog? Do you draw comics with parrots? Do you plait braids? Do not keep it to yourself! Share with others - and they will reach for you. The main thing is to interest your classmates, for a start, at least one or two. Show them your skills. And, we believe, your relationship will improve.

All this is true only when it comes to scumbags. If they use violence, humiliate you, extort money and spoil your property, you can no longer tolerate it. Be sure to ask adults for help. If it so happens that there are no adults around whom you can talk about this, call the psychological support line for teenagers or contact a specialized center. The main thing is not to be afraid and not be ashamed. Are you okay! Read more about what to do if you are an outsider, read HERE!

Don’t be afraid, girlfriend. At least once in a lifetime, this happens to everyone. Somewhere, one day, someday you find yourself new. Not the most pleasant moment in life, we understand. But let's try to survive it with minimal losses. To begin with, once in a new team, try to lie low and look around. Do not rush into battle immediately. You need to figure out at least approximately who is who, and only then take decisive action. First impressions, of course, are the most important. But we do not advise you to try to seem better than you are, or to impress.

The most sensible strategy is to behave naturally.

Do not seek out, do not lie, do not immediately share all the most intimate and do not be afraid to seem ridiculous. If you are naturally sociable, then you will not have problems getting to know everyone. Then you will choose those with whom it is most comfortable to communicate. For introverts, the most suitable option is to find a "guide", that is, get to know someone alone, and through it with everyone else. By the way, if you suddenly find yourself on the other side of the barricades and a new one comes to your class, remember how hard it was for you. We hope that from a simple secular courtesy and an offer to show everything here, you will not fall apart? And know, everyone can be in this place. Read more about how to behave if you're new, read HERE!

These are those annoying aunts and uncles who constantly meet you in the corridor and in line in the canteen. Oh yes! Lessons also lead by some ridiculous coincidence. And here it’s how lucky: one of them can become a real friend and Teacher with a capital letter for you, and someone can seriously ruin your life. If your option is the last, listen here carefully. Life can be ruined in many ways. Let's consider at least a couple of options. And, by the way, study the classification of teachers HERE! The nasty grymsa historian does not like your appearance, and therefore she underestimates the grades. Parents do not believe you, but it happens, we know. And this is a fairly simple case, colleague. All you need to fix the situation is to do your homework regularly and pull your hand at each lesson. We do not promise that the wicked witch will immediately turn into a good fairy, but after a couple of weeks you will begin to notice the result. This is what we guarantee. Or, for example, everything is wonderful with the subject, but you really do not like this nasty aunt who teaches him. She constantly makes mistakes, does not cope with the class, screams and, from impotence, puts you all two. It's all very simple. Hammer on it and learn the subject yourself or with a tutor. Homework will have to be done. But in the lessons you can not especially show off. You will surprise everyone later on the exam.

And a very sad story already happens if you are really subjected to unreasonable psychological aggression or even outright persecution by the teacher. Here you can not do without the intervention of adults. At first it would be good to clearly formulate the problem, and then contact competent persons. Better to start with your parents. But if you don’t have an understanding with them, you can try contacting one of the teachers. To the one with whom you have a trusting relationship. Just do not let everything go by its own accord. It’s worth fighting for you. We are telling you. Read more about how to avoid conflicts with teachers, read HERE! And we want to tell you that school teachers really do the impossible! And they should be respected.

School romance

New knowledge is, of course, good. But you and I perfectly understand that the only thing for which I really want to go to this almshouse is the opportunity to have an affair with a pretty classmate. Of course, school loves are very, very different. Here are some examples.

Let's start with the tragic. You are crazy about him, and he. doesn’t notice you at all. Every day turns into unbearable hard labor. After all, I want him to pay attention to you. Let's see what we can do about it. And do not convince us that the right to life has only love at first sight and for life. The subject of your sighs is quite possible to conquer, even if you are familiar with kindergarten. It is never too late. And your magnificent appearance is not enough. We advise you to carefully study the habits of your chosen one. What kind of music does he listen to? What movies is watching? Which team is rooting for? Which bun prefers for breakfast? Gather maximum information about him and act. By speaking the same language with him, you significantly increase your chances of conquering it. Well, if it doesn’t work out, you will at least learn a lot of new and interesting things.

Sometimes, however, it happens and vice versa. You do not like him at all, but you do. It’s completely impossible to get rid of. If such a misfortune happened to you, the main thing is not to slide into aggression right away. Yes, we, of course, understand that he got you and you want to quietly strangle him with jumpers in the locker room. But this is a completely vicious path, believe us. Try to do the opposite. Most importantly, stay calm and try to look at your tormentor as an ordinary person. In the end, everyone has the right to fall in love with anyone. Your task is to slowly, sadly and as friendly as possible explain to him that, alas and ah, he is not at all the hero of your novel. And do not succumb to provocations - do not be annoyed. Remember: getting you out of balance is his main task. If you catch this bait, you have to start all over again.

And to put everything on the shelves, THERE ARE YOU 6 types of guys in whom you fall in love with school. And the last, most dramatic, case in our charts of school love. It so happened that you are crazy about the teacher. And you can’t imagine what to do. And here we also have the answer for you. What to do, what to do? Suffer! Preferably silently. That is, of course, you can share your feelings with your best friend, but it is unlikely that she will help you. Such loves rarely grow into something more. Most likely, you will suffer a couple of months and switch to a pretty classmate. But if your feelings are taken seriously, you will have to wait for graduation and your coming of age. And then you can safely come to him and spread everything directly. Who knows, maybe you are lucky.

Best friend

Here is another reason fiercely and furiously to love school. Because, as our infinitely vast life experience shows, the best friend is very often part-time your classmate. For 11 years spent side by side, it’s not surprising to not only make friends, but also become for each other the closest people for life. Best friend, she is like a cat: she will silently listen and purr when necessary. Yes there! She's even better than a cat. After all, what kind of cat will let you write off your homework and will smear it out in front of your mother if you were late on a date. By the way, you can also be friends with boys, no matter what they say. Sometimes it’s even better than with girls. Because boys are less emotional and in stressful situations are able to stay calm much longer. Maybe they are not so fluffy, but you won’t drown with them, if that. True, such a friendship always has a chance to develop into a romance, but ... perhaps this is not so bad?

For sweet

By the way, if you look, school is not so bad. After all, in it you can do everything the same as in big life. Only much easier and more comfortable. Especially if you learn to use school resources to the fullest. In your own school walls, for example, you can easily create your own musical group. One has only to agree with the head teacher or with the person who is responsible for the entertainment events - and the entire assembly hall with everything that is in it is at your disposal. If things go well, then in the future you will be able to conduct awesome parties directly without interruption from the educational process. In a similar way you can use the gym. A basketball team, a Pilates master class, a collective yoga lesson are all that your sports imagination is enough for. Fizruk will only be glad and, perhaps, even carry you a few meters in his arms. And you will get the opportunity to make your figure perfect and earn +100500 points to your social capital. School media can also be fun and interesting. Watching how to approach their creation. After all, in a team of friends, anything can be done funny. Come up with a cool public for your class. Or create a whole separate school site. All in your hands. And do not say that school is a terrible boring thing. Если твоя активность бьет через край, ты можешь попробовать предложить руководству своей школы поучаствовать в какой-нибудь образовательной региональной или даже международной программе по обмену.It is a fallacy to think that nobody needs anything. Give it a try! We are sure you will succeed! And do not drift! Just think, the new school year. Keep your nose up, look confidently into the future - and another year at school will bring good luck. And with her and good friends, adventures and a carriage and a small cart of knowledge. After all, you and I cannot do without them!