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Chocolate fondant for cakes: cooking features, recipes and reviews


  1. Take a softened butter. To do this, you need to get it out of the refrigerator in advance.
  2. Mix cocoa with sugar or powdered sugar.
  3. Heat the milk and pour it into the mixture.
  4. We warm the mixture in a water bath, constantly stirring it.
  5. Bring to a boil and cook chocolate fondant for 1-2 minutes.
  6. Remove the boiling fudge from the heat.
  7. Add oil, mix.
  8. Water the cake, cakes or muffins.

Useful Tips

The technology for preparing chocolate coatings is characterized by maximum simplicity and does not require the culinary specialist to possess specific skills. Therefore, any novice hostess can easily cope with this task. In order for everything to go as it should, several important nuances should be taken into account. Fondant for cakes can be prepared on the basis of water, thick sour cream, cream or fat cow's milk.

To make it more saturated, chocolate chips, lemon juice, food poppy, ground cinnamon or vanilla are often added to it. An important role is played by the consistency of the finished coating. It should resemble thick sour cream. Such glaze will lie more evenly on the surface of the cakes and will more likely harden.

Classic version

To prepare this fondant for cakes, you need a minimum of ingredients and a drop of patience. The process itself is extremely simple and does not take too much time. To make a classic frosting, double-check in advance whether your home has everything you need. You will need:

  • A tablespoon of butter.
  • 100 grams of chocolate.
  • 3 tablespoons of standing water.
  • 100 grams of powdered sugar.

Broken chocolate is put in a suitable bowl and combined with hot water, and then sent to a water bath. Once the mixture has melted, add butter and sifted icing sugar to it. Everything is well triturated to a homogeneous state. The resulting icing is applied to the surface of the cake and wait for it to harden.

Egg Option

Using the technology described below, a glossy glossy glaze is obtained, ideal for decorating homemade pastries. It is done so simply that even a teenager can easily cope with such a task. Before preparing fondant for a cake, make sure that you have at your fingertips:

  • 150 grams of dark chocolate.
  • Raw chicken egg.
  • 200 grams of powdered sugar.
  • 60 g of butter.

The chocolate is broken into smaller pieces and put in a suitable container. There, they add the necessary amount of butter and send it all to a water bath. A raw egg is gently driven into the melted mass and mixed well. There, little by little they add sugar powder and beat it all with a mixer. Hot fondant for cakes is carefully applied to the surface of baked cakes and wait until it hardens.

Honey option

The glaze made according to the method described below is distinguished not only by an interesting aroma, but also by a pleasant specific taste. Since it consists of a non-standard set of ingredients, check in advance whether you have all the required components on hand. This time you will need:

  • 180 grams of dark chocolate.
  • 70 milliliters of real liquid honey.
  • 200 grams of brown sugar.
  • A can of condensed milk.
  • 80 grams of coconut.

Preparing fudge for the cake at home is very quick and easy. The whole process can be divided into several stages. In one bowl, condensed milk, honey, butter and sugar are combined. All this is whipped with a whisk and sent to the stove. Five or seven minutes after boiling, the resulting mass is removed from the fire and broken chocolate is added to it. As soon as the pieces are completely dissolved, coconut flakes are poured into the same place and mixed well. Ready icing is immediately applied to the surface of the cake.

Option with milk

This fondant for cake with cocoa and starch has a pleasant chocolate flavor and a light aroma. It will be a great decoration for any homemade dessert. And even those who are engaged in such a business for the first time will cope with its preparation. Before starting the process, make sure that your home contains:

  • 20 grams of cocoa.
  • 60 milliliters of cow's milk.
  • 150 grams of sugar.
  • 60 g of butter.
  • 15 grams of starch.

Milk is combined in one bowl with sugar and sent to the stove. As soon as the grains of sweet sand are completely dissolved, starch is poured there. All mix well, trying to prevent the appearance of the smallest lumps, and heat until the desired consistency is obtained. The thickened mass is removed from the heat and cooled. Then it is carefully poured into a container in which butter and cocoa are pre-ground. All this is thoroughly mixed with a wooden spatula and immediately applied to the surface of the cake.

Gelatin Option

This recipe for fudge cake allows you to quickly and without much hassle make a mirror coating. Such glaze looks very impressive on home baking, and therefore is very popular among domestic housewives. To prepare it, you will need:

  • 150 grams of sugar.
  • 135 milliliters of purified water.
  • 100 grams of condensed milk.
  • 150 milliliters of glucose syrup.
  • 15 grams of gelatin.
  • 150 g of chocolate.

First you need to do gelatin. It is poured with 65 milliliters of filtered water and briefly cleaned to the side. Syrup and sugar are combined in a separate bowl. All this is poured with the remaining water and sent to the stove. Heat the resulting liquid over minimal heat until the grains of sweet sand are completely dissolved.

In another dish, broken chocolate, condensed milk and gelatin are combined. All this is poured with hot syrup, whipped with a blender and cooled to thirty-five degrees. Only after this is the finished fudge smeared on the surface of the cake.

Cream option

This is one of the simplest recipes, according to which you can quickly and without any hassle prepare glaze to decorate homemade pastries. To get it, you will need a minimum of time and a little effort. Before making fondant for a cake, be sure to make sure that you have everything you need at your fingertips. In this case, you must have:

  • 40 grams of butter.
  • Standard bar of chocolate.
  • 3 tablespoons 30% cream.

Broken into pieces of chocolate spread in a dry clean bowl and placed in a water bath. Butter is added there and gently mixed until smooth. At the final stage, whipped cream is carefully introduced into the resulting mass.

Cocoa Option

Using the technology described below, it is possible to make a sweet and tasty icing relatively quickly. It is ideal for decorating cupcakes, pastries, pastries and other pastries. Chocolate fondant for cocoa cake has a bright, rich color and a pleasant characteristic aroma. The intensity of the shade can be adjusted by decreasing or increasing the amount of powder-like ingredient. Since it is cocoa that has a decisive influence on the texture, taste, aroma and color of the finished product, it should not contain any additional herbal additives. To prepare a dark, thick and shiny fondant, you will need:

  • 100 grams of unsalted butter.
  • 5 or 6 tablespoons of cocoa.
  • 150 milliliters of cow's milk.
  • 10 tablespoons of sugar.

Pour the right amount of cocoa into a convenient bowl. Sugar is sent there. All well rubbed with an ordinary spoon, trying to prevent the formation of lumps.

Melted butter and milk are added to the resulting mass. Still intensively mixed and placed on the stove. The contents of the saucepan are brought to a boil. It is important to constantly stir the mass so that it does not stick to the bottom and walls of the container. As soon as the first bubbles appear on the surface of the liquid, the fire is screwed to a minimum and the future glaze is boiled to the desired consistency. Thickened chocolate fudge is removed from the burner, cooled to thirty-eight degrees, and only after that it is used for its intended purpose.

To obtain a shiny, smooth glaze, on the surface of which there will not be the slightest hint of white coating, it is advisable to use high-quality unsalted butter with a fat content of about 82-83%. Only in this case, chocolate fudge will not only have excellent taste characteristics and an aesthetic appearance, but will also lie perfectly on the baked cakes.

Culinary reviews

According to many experienced housewives baking a variety of desserts, homemade fudge for cakes is not only tasty and beautiful, but also quite useful. Unlike store counterparts, it does not contain a single gram of artificial colors and preservatives. And this means that such delicacies can be fearlessly treated to even the smallest sweet tooth.

Most housewives pay attention to the fact that if the glaze is not properly prepared, it can burn. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to break the chocolate used into smaller pieces and only then send it to a water bath. It is recommended to lightly grease the bottom of the bowl in which this ingredient will be heated. Thanks to this simple manipulation, chocolate will not stick to the walls of the container. Under no circumstances should the product be melted in boiling water. Try to maintain the average temperature.

How to Make Chocolate Fondant Cake

The recipe for chocolate cocoa fudge is quite simple. The cream can be based both on water and on sour cream, butter, cream. Depending on what lies at the base, the caloric value of the product increases and the taste is changed.

You can add cocoa, poppy or lemon to it. Preparation involves the introduction of cinnamon and vanillin, depending on which taste is preferable for this dessert.

The consistency of the glaze should be like thick sour cream. Then it is easier to distribute on the surface of the cake, and it freezes faster. Fondant can be used to smooth the surface of cakes. If you achieve the right consistency, then this process will be easy.

Essential Ingredients

Classic cocoa fondant for cake is cooked in 15 minutes. The recipe does not contain any expensive or unusual ingredients. The main product that gives aroma, rich taste and color is cocoa. It should be only natural and without impurities.

Chocolate fondant for a cake with cocoa includes:

  • 100 g butter with sufficient fat content,
  • 6 large spoons of cocoa powder
  • 150 ml of whole milk
  • 10 tablespoons of sugar.

This simple list of products allows you to create a wonderful chocolate fondant for a cake with cocoa. It is necessary to strictly adhere to the formulation in order to achieve the desired consistency.

Recipe algorithm

To make chocolate fudge, you must follow the dosage and adhere to the algorithm.

  1. Sifted cocoa is poured into the cup, into which sugar should be added. Two bulk structures are frayed together. No lumps should be allowed.
  2. Butter is melted in the microwave and combined with milk. All must be mixed. Beating the mixture is not necessary.
  3. Dry and dairy masses are mixed until smooth. Then the container with fondant is placed on the fire and brought to a boil. During cooking, it must be constantly stirred, otherwise it will burn.
  4. As soon as the first bubbles appear on the surface, it is necessary to remove the fire to a minimum and bring the mass to a thickening.
  5. After cooking, the cocoa fondant should cool to 30 degrees. Only after that you can decorate pastries.

To make fondant for a cake with cocoa shiny and smooth, you must use butter with a fat content of at least 83 percent. In this case, there will be no white marks on the surface. Fudge will lie evenly and correct all the defects of baked cakes.

Tasty fudge on sour cream

It’s very easy to learn the filling recipe for sour cream cake. Chocolate fondant acquires a rich taste and light acidity. Cooking it is quick and easy. The components are needed the most ordinary, and baking takes on a respectable appearance. The composition of fudge does not include various preservatives, all components are only natural. This is a big plus.

Product Composition

For viscous chocolate glaze, you will need the following products:

  • sour cream in an amount of 100 g,
  • sugar in the amount of 3 tablespoons,
  • butter 2 large spoons,
  • 3 large spoons of cocoa powder.

As a substitute for sour cream, you can use condensed milk. Then the taste of fudge will turn out a little different. It will become sweeter and sourness will disappear.

How to cook step by step

Chocolate fondant on a cake is one of the necessary components. Thanks to her, cakes become smooth and all irregularities disappear. Glaze is shiny, viscous and rich in taste. It can be cooked even in boiling water, and fudge becomes exceptional on sour cream.

  1. For cooking, you need a thick-walled stewpan. Sour cream is laid out in it.
  2. Cocoa is sifted separately and sugar is added. These components must be mixed together. The formation of lumps should not be allowed.
  3. Sour cream is added to the sugar mixture. The stewpan is put on fire. The mixture must be constantly mixed so that the contents do not stick to the bottom and walls. The cooking process continues for 5-7 minutes. During this time, the mass should slightly thicken.
  4. Before removing the saucepan from the fire, you must enter the butter. All must be mixed until the mass becomes homogeneous and shiny.

Ready glaze can be cooled a little or immediately used to cover confectionery. Warm fudge lays well on the surface. If it is cooled below 30 degrees, then the density of the product will be higher than necessary for even coverage.

Condensed Milk Chocolate Fudge Recipe

A quick recipe for chocolate fudge with condensed milk has a delicate taste and light consistency. It can contain whole chocolate or cocoa. It is also prepared in full-fat milk. Fondant for a cake with cocoa at home is tasty and fragrant. It is only necessary to clearly follow the recipe and observe the proportions. Fondant will be a wonderful decoration for baking. Cooking time is 10-15 minutes.

Essential Products

To make cocoa fondant smooth and uniform, you need to use only high-quality products with a high percentage of fat content. A spatula or whisk is sufficient to mix the ingredients. Glaze does not require strong whipping. The composition of fudge includes:

  • cocoa powder in an amount of 20 grams,
  • 100 ml of condensed milk,
  • 150 g sugar
  • a spoonful of butter
  • 15 g of starch.

The cooking process is very simple, so even a novice hostess can handle it.

Cooking technology

Any chocolate fudge is necessarily warmed up, so you need a stewpan with thick walls. It will allow you to cook the glaze and prevent it from burning. To make chocolate fondant at home and decorate pastries, you need:

  1. We cook all the ingredients only in thick-walled dishes. It is required to place sugar and milk in it, and then put on fire. Do not forget about the constant stirring.
  2. After the sugar is dissolved, starch is introduced into the mass. Stirring is continued until the stew is on fire.
  3. If the consistency is too thick, you can add hot water to it, just a few spoons.
  4. It is required to cook the mixture until the required structure, and then the mass is removed from the fire.
  5. In a separate container, the butter is ground with cocoa powder. The mixture from the stewpan is poured into this mixture. All must be thoroughly mixed until the fondant is smooth and uniform.

Further cooling the icing is not necessary. It must be immediately applied to baking or used for cakes.

Ingredients for the recipe

In order to make chocolate fondant correctly, you must strictly follow the recipe and keep the proportions. For fudge you will need:

  • 180 g of dark chocolate
  • 70 ml of liquid honey, just real, not a surrogate,
  • brown sugar in an amount of 200 g,
  • condensed milk in the amount of 1 can,
  • 80 g coconut flakes.

Cooking fudge with honey is not difficult. It turns out smooth and viscous.

Step cooking

All fondant products must be of high quality. Only under this condition it will turn out smooth and suitable for all types of baking.

  1. In a stewpan with thick walls, you need to mix condensed milk, honey, sugar, then add butter. All components are mixed with a whisk.
  2. For 5-7 minutes it is necessary to keep the stewpan on fire, so that all components are warmed up well. During this time, the fudge will thicken. Constantly stirring, the mixture must be removed from the heat.
  3. After that, chocolate broken into slices is added to the stewpan. It is necessary to constantly interfere so that it is completely dispersed.
  4. At the end, coconut flakes are introduced into the icing.

The main secret of fudge is constant mixing and bringing to a homogeneous consistency. It is not required to cool down strongly this type of glaze.

It must immediately be applied to the surface of cakes or muffins. Остужается шоколадная помадка уже вместе с готовым изделием во время пропитки десерта.

Рекомендации и советы

Каждая хозяйка должна знать, как приготовить шоколадную помадку для выпечки. Она делает любой десерт изысканным и привлекательным для сладкоежек. Трудно встретить человека, который полностью равнодушен к шоколаду. Sweet viscous glaze to all its charms has a rich aroma that gives it cocoa. Chocolate fondant, whether it is white or black, is an excellent option for decorating a festive cake, muffins, cakes or soft gingerbread cookies.

There are a few simple rules that make the glaze exceptional.

  1. If butter is added to the icing with a fat content of at least 83 percent, then it will turn out to be shiny, smooth and will well mask the costs of baking.
  2. It can be applied under the mastic so that the product is exceptional in shape, and the content is beyond praise.
  3. For piquancy, lemon juice can be added to the fudge. She gives the fondant a special aroma. Lemon cream has a slight acidity and makes baking spicy.
  4. Several slices of dark chocolate can significantly improve the taste of the product. It can be combined with cocoa or used alone. The main requirement remains high quality components. Cocoa with vegetable impurities has a lighter color and less saturated odor.
  5. To make the fondant exotic, you can mix the cream with lemon zest. The fat content of the dairy product should be above 33 percent. Fondant is very concentrated and thick.
  6. To achieve airiness, whip cream, butter or condensed milk with sugar syrup. But it’s better to do it with a whisk, and not with a mixer. Or using technology, but at low speeds.

A feature of chocolate fudge is its ductility, density of consistency and the ability to grind shortcomings of cakes due to its structure. If you follow the recipe, then it turns out exactly the way it is needed for high-quality baking.

Chocolate cake fondant step by step recipe

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Separately mix flour, baking powder (can be replaced with soda) and 4 tablespoons of cocoa.

Beat eggs with sugar until white foam. Then pour the flour mixture in parts, mix.

Add sour cream and bring to a dough with a mixer.

Lay out the dough. Bake the cake at 180 degrees for 30–40 minutes. DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN UNDER THE READINESS OF THE CART!

Get the cake, depending on whether he got up, cut it and let it cool.

Make an impregnation (steep tea + sugar + alcohol to your taste (vodka, cognac, liquor, sweet tincture).

When the cake has cooled, soak it, grease it with pasta, again the cake - impregnation - paste, and so on, until the cake ends.

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