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From friendship to love - how are relationships reborn?


We all know the price of friendship. True friendship brings us both a sense of self-esteem and the opportunity to get useful advice, as well as an important understanding that someone needs you, that you will not be left alone in difficult times. But sometimes it happens that our former lovers become friends. Why does this happen? Much more understandable is the transformation of friendship into love affection, or the birth of an office romance. But why sometimes love does not fade irrevocably, and having lost passion, sexual relations, is transformed into another form of emotional intimacy?

1 Security. In a company of friends, we feel more secure. Our need for affection is satisfied. Emotional affection, comfort.

2 "Good tone." The absence of a gap as such gives some self-esteem. It seems like we did not part with the bastards, but rather, these are the handsome men who were able to remain friends. Likely some believe that decent people do just that - turn off passions and become friends and comrades.

3 Practical reasons. Sometimes the former is of ordinary benefit. It can be gifts, and monetary support of the former partner, even useful skills of the former and his valuable social connections. Maintaining common interests, belonging to a group with a common interest.

4 Incomplete attraction to a former partner. Some part of a broken pair can be scary that his partner will have someone. And then he stays to control the brides / grooms market. But, you see, this is not at all like friendship.

And there is also an opinion that the reason for the transformation of a love affair into friendship may be the initial predominance of friendly motives over sexual ones.

Staying friends with your ex is not easy, but you are not alone. According to the latest research by sexologists, up to 60%, that is, most of us remain friends with at least one of our former romantic partners. iniyz relation

Partners coming out of ordinary people and blaming them for cowardice would be easy. Maybe they are not cowardly, but cowardly, maybe they are not cowardly, and do not have the dignity necessary for a real break. And who said that when we parted, we should pass on the street and not say hello to each other? But would it be easy to end up in a society populated by proud, stern women, vindictive men? What would playwrights, novelists, cinematographers and choreographers make their living? Dependence, the inability to live without each other, non-healing wounds, the conviction that this person is destined to play the role of the only half - there are a lot of things that prevent people from forgetting each other. And there is a legend that says that in ancient times friendship was called love.

What common?

There is no clear line between friendship and falling in love. Outwardly, they have a lot in common, so it's very easy to mix them up. Friendship and love are characterized by stability. Even if there is a misunderstanding, resentment, after a while everything dissolves.

At the same time, friends remain friends, and people who love one another also try to forget the taunts inflicted on each other and make up. Both concepts are based on empathy, mutual assistance, emotional closeness, as well as respect and support.

Love and friendship: differences

Love is a very intimate concept and its main difference will be sex. Yes, there is such a thing as “friendship sex”, but practice shows that he also has a love aspect. The second characteristic difference is interdependence. Friends without long communication will be bored, but this will not result in hysteria and tears, as in the second case. We must not forget about the difference in obligations. The decision to devote oneself to the one and only is a serious step, which implies responsibility for every wrong action. There is no such thing with a friend, and there can be more than one friends, unlike love relationships.

Not at all friend

How to determine other intentions of a man to you? There are several criteria:

  • He does not have a beloved woman for a long time, and sharply rejects all options for dating.
  • Attention becomes excessive. In this case, the man will always worry about you, as the most dear and closest person. He, no matter how bad the girl looks, falls asleep with a bunch of compliments. Your communication will be long and regular.

  • Help. Hour of the night? Living in the opposite end of town? It does not matter. Despite the time and circumstances, this so-called friend will come running in one call and will do whatever he is asked for.
  • Gifts are clearly different in size, price from those that would have been presented by an ordinary acquaintance or friend. So he expresses his feelings and hopes to reach out to his beloved's heart.

  • Discussion of men takes on a characteristic feature - yes, they are all bad, and you are absolutely right in everything.

Planned transition

Consider another situation - you are not indifferent to a man and want something more with him than just nice and nice to talk to. You can turn friendship into a relationship, but for this you need to have patience and make every effort.

In the beginning, give up the role of sister. She obviously will not be called on a date and she will not be invited to meet. Show how smart you are: keep an eye on your figure, apply light makeup, dress in those things that can attract the attention of a chosen one. Spend more time together, offering just a walk or helping you do something very important. Do not miss the opportunity to turn an ordinary trip into a movie into a romantic evening and do not be afraid to gently touch your beloved, but be sure to follow his reaction. The video below will tell you how to transform friendship into something more.

Great sequel

The best relationship is a relationship after friendship. Family psychologists have repeatedly confirmed that if partners perceive each other as friends, their relationship lasts much longer. You two are united by a sea of ​​memories that you can talk about forever. You know exactly his tastes and character, so there will definitely not be any unexpected unpleasant surprises. Familiar with his parents, who do not have to get used to a new girl. These couples usually have a common circle of friends, so you can avoid jealousy of other men from your community. The main thing is that you know almost all the secrets about each other, he saw you different and in different conditions, if after all you started dating, then it really is love.

Is friendship between a man and a woman possible? Everyone will answer this question in their own way, based on personal experience. But the practice of many proves that such a concept does not exist. Sooner or later, attraction will appear in one of the parties, it is only a matter of time

The main sign that your friendship can develop into a relationship

The friendship between a man and a woman is a subject of heated debate. Someone believes that this is a myth, and someone - that it is an absolute reality. There is only one important sign that your friendship can grow into something more.

Friendship between a man and a woman is impossible - the opinions of psychologists are quite justified and understandable. But there are many different people and many types of friendship, for example partnership. Friends can be ex-husband and wife, colleagues of different sexes with a family. Sometimes there are men and women who do not go deep into each other's study and do not get too close for some mutual reasons important to them. And even between them passion can erupt.

Why any friendship is the beginning of love

Take the example of the friend zone, when one person is in love and the other is not. If a woman does not have a romantic interest in a male friend, then this means that he most likely loves her. This observation also works in the opposite direction. Diverse couples of friends are rare, where both are absolutely not interested in intimate relationships.

If you, being inside such a relationship, it seems that you are good friends and everything is fine, then one of you does not finish, claiming that he has no love feelings. It is important to learn to distinguish the very turning point when friendship ceases to be such. It is sometimes very difficult to notice this.

The main sign of the transition from friendship to love

Remember how you understand that you are in love. You spend all your free time together, you have all the thoughts on how to quickly see each other. The main sign that friendship can soon flow into a relationship is a sharp increase in the number of meetings when you are alone. When people are often together, a connection appears between them. Even the small beginnings of a certain intimacy and the presence of common secrets and secrets may indicate that the friendship between a man and a woman is about to degenerate into something more.

Usually during such periods, people sharply push off from each other, experiencing fear of the unknown. They are really scared, but they need to be able to talk to each other at these moments, so as not to break the connection. Because of this fear, people immediately part, but very often you can not do this, because in love there is nothing wrong, especially in one that originated from friendship. Partnership and companionship with a woman begins in about 90 percent of cases due to attraction, so if you are a lady and read this article, do not be fooled by the fact that your friendship with a man is as pure as fresh snow: a friend certainly has views on you.

There are four situations where a lie has good intentions. Do not lie to yourself and the man that everything is fine, if friendship in your relationship does not even smell. Share your opinion in the comments about when friendship turns into love irrevocably, and is it possible to maintain friendship between a man and a woman. And of course, don't forget about the buttons and

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