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How to make cowboy coffee


This could only happen in Texas. For the sake of fidelity, we even call the exact place - right north of Graham, a little away from Wichita Falls, where free winds blow, fragrant like morning coffee!

There, in the open air, the best Texas cowboys circled horses. The ranch owner and his lads were up to their neck. Dawn was a little occupied, and already cowboys on horseback were racing. Everyone did something while waiting for an early breakfast and coffee.

And I must tell you, the rancher was the most famous coffee maker in all of Texas. He almost never trusted the cook with this business and, as a rule, made coffee himself. Strong morning coffee in a cowboy way in the country of game and curved cowboys is sweeter than singing a violin on Saturday night!

And what is strong cowboy coffee, you know? No? Now we will tell.

Take two pounds of ground coffee and pour into boiling water. It boils for two hours, is filtered through a horseshoe and boils a little more. This is real cowboy coffee and ready!

At this ranch was a three-gallon pot in which the cowboys made their favorite drink.

First and foremost, the owner himself washed the pot so as not to doubt its cleanliness. He filled it with clear water, set it to boil, then poured out more freshly ground strong coffee there. Coffee boiled and foamed, and a delightfully spicy aroma flowed in the air, like a sweet spring breeze.

Everyone was seated around and took for unleavened cakes with bacon, washed down with steaming coffee. True pleasure! After breakfast, everyone in a good-natured mood mounted their horses.

Everything except the owner. He liked to wash the pot himself, so as not to doubt its cleanliness and to know that he was ready for the next meal.

And once he rinsed the pot several times, and even put his hand in it to check if there was any coffee grounds left on the bottom, and when he touched the bottom, he felt something soft and slippery there. Picked up, pulled out and ... Oh, horror! It turned out to be a long centipede at seven inches!

Have you ever heard of the Texas centipedes? Each has forty legs, and each leg has deadly poison. A touch of one poisonous leg is enough, and you are already dead! And imagine what it means to eat it whole?

The owner of the ranch was a decent and honest man. Seeing what a forty-footed monster was brewing in coffee, he became whiter than the canvas. This poisonous coffee will poison himself and his guys!

And he did as any decent Texan would do in his place. He howled, screamed, screamed louder than a thousand coyotes to convene all his people. What, what, and he knew how to think, and thought quickly. Everyone immediately jumped back.

“Friends,” he said, “we are done!” And my fault. I brewed a poisonous centipede in our coffee. He lifted the highly long, flexible body of the vile insect. - One bite of a centipede is enough to poison a person. And since I made this poisonous reptile in coffee, it means that the coffee is completely poisoned. Graham is over twenty-five miles away. Maybe they would help us there, but we can’t keep up! There is no hope. And if we are destined to die, we die, guys, like true Texans!

Cowboys slowly got off their horses, they were gloomy and inconsolable. Everyone sat in a circle and began to wait ... Someone tried to put his fingers in his mouth to expel all the poison from himself. Others encouraged themselves with such strong words that they would drill tin plates. And one even praised the owner:

“That was your best coffee!” So they waited ... waited ... and waited for the centipede's poison to work.

They waited a long time ... An hour passed. Then the second slowly reached out. And nobody died! No one even got a stomachache!

The owner was puzzled.

“Maybe the boiled centipede isn't poisonous at all ?!” He muttered displeasedly. “Maybe the centipede is not at all harmful to the Texas loafers?” Personally, I feel more cheerful than the son of a thunderbolt on a fiery chariot!

- And I. And I. - came from all directions with noisy relief.

- Gip-gip, cheers! “And the cowboy hats flew into the air.” - This coffee for cowboys is not scary! Great was the coffee!

There was laughter and all kinds of jokes! Only inveterate nerds who did not understand jokes at all were silent.

“Hey, master, another poisoned bear breakfast with vinegar - and we will cure all scabies with fear!”

- It’s true, guys, it’s more fun to die from a cup of first-class coffee than from rheumatism in old age!

And everyone went to work in a great mood and ... in good health.

The next morning, the owner declared:

- Already today I will brew coffee so that no centipede will get into it!

He thoroughly cleaned the pot, then poured water and poured coffee.

And soon everyone was sitting around and enjoying hot cakes with bacon and strong coffee.

The leanest cowboy on the ranch, nicknamed Reed, said:

- Coffee what you need, master! I bet you put the glorious little fat centipede in it again!

- Jokes aside, Reed! - said the owner. - This time you lost. There are no centipedes in the coffee!

When breakfast was over, the owner shook out the coffee grounds and ... those times! Again, a great boiled centipede fell out of the pot.

Well well! After all, he checked everything himself, examined everything. In front of other cowboys.

“I don’t know, I don’t know,” he said, “if the sweet words will soften the heart of the stubborn northerner, but that coffee with a boiled poisonous centipede is especially good - that's for sure!”

Making cowboy coffee:

  1. Pour water into a clean saucepan, filling approximately 3/4 of the container. Place a saucepan on a fire source.
  2. Boil water and pour in ground coffee at the rate of about 2 tbsp. 150 ml of water (I do not specifically indicate the exact proportions, focus on your taste).
  3. Such coffee should be brewed for about a minute, not more. While constantly stirring with a spoon.
  4. Remove the pan from the heat and cover with a lid to infuse for 5 minutes. During this time, the thick will settle to the bottom of the pot and it will be possible to pour coffee into mugs. At home, you can strain. Sugar and / or cream can be added to the finished drink if desired.

Can you imagine what an incredible pleasure it is to drink coffee by the fire? Mmm ... I even think that I smell the fire and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.