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Dress Code: Formal Event Rules


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How to dress for events such as weddings, birthdays or New Years, everyone knows more or less. But in life there are still so many events that get out of everyday life, that sometimes they take them by surprise. It would be nice to know about the rules of the dress code appropriate for the occasion. Let's analyze a few of them.

What to wear at a children's party

A school line, a play, a production, an open lesson with your child’s participation is always an exciting event. The preparation and collection of the bloodstream takes all the time and thoughts. You yourself at the last moment throw the first things you get from the closet or go according to the standard plan and put on “something solemn”. As a rule, this is a white blouse and black pants.

How to? All attention at such events belongs primarily to the child. Mom's task is to be a support group. It turns out that you just need to pick up comfortable things. A touch of elegance will give self-confidence, and the child will be proud of his stylish mother.

For example, put on the same white shirt, but with jeans and patent leather boats. Or, for a smart skirt (tutu, in sequins), choose a casual denim shirt. In hairstyle and makeup, also adhere to elegant simplicity: instead of smokey and voluminous curls, make slightly noticeable arrows and ponytail, hiding the elastic under a lock of hair.

How to dress for quests, intellectual clubs

Today it’s no longer interesting to just go to a cafe or a restaurant, people still need spectacles in which they are not averse to participating. To visit an intellectual cafe or go through an exciting quest in a good company is an attractive idea. Just what to go there?

How to? Here, first of all, you should pay tribute to convenience. Going for a "bank robbery" or brainstorming in a group is better without too much effort. Everything is simple - jeans (trousers), comfortable shoes (wedge sandals, slip-on shoes, sneakers, mules with a minimum heel) and some accented top like a striped top made of rough linen, a bright polo t-shirt or a white shirt with a bow tie and suspenders .

How to dress for friendly gatherings

In adulthood, with her worries about home, family and an 8-hour work day, meeting friends is rare. The same when you have not seen a man for a long time and you go to meet him as a blind date. “I remember that Olga was still a fashionista, now, probably, even more beautiful. And I, as always, have nothing to wear ... "

How to? Preparing for regular gatherings with old friends sometimes drives you to despair. Think of meeting avid mods or evaluating everyone and everything as a chance to show trends. Everyone can correctly enter the trend into the everyday image, the main thing is not to overdo it. Leave a comfortable familiar bottom (your favorite jeans, trousers, a straight skirt), and replace the top with an asymmetric top with frills or a satin top in a linen style. Or, on the contrary, combine an ordinary white (black) T-shirt with bright trousers (red, yellow, menthol). By the way, the lack of trending things is not a reason to lose heart and refuse to meet. Underwear will save the situation: just put on a lace sconce under a loose T-shirt, slightly exposing your shoulder.

What to wear on t-training, a master class

The main life motto of most advanced people was self-development on all fronts. A techie wants to learn how to embroider a cross, and a philologist needs to learn the tools that influence a video blogger on an audience. Sooner or later, some training or master class will have to be attended.

How to? You go to a training or a master class for certain knowledge, it’s logical and it looks appropriate for the student to be neat and strict. A cotton shirt (striped or polka dot) can be tried on with culottes or trousers 7/8. A shirt dress or dressing gown is always appropriate. It is better to complement the image with shoes with a closed heel and a toe - it’s ideal to find good old boats.

How to dress for a corporate party

At the celebration, we are surrounded by colleagues, so excessive revelation in clothing is useless. In short, then, going to a corporate party, decisively refuse a too bold neckline, a completely naked back, and inappropriately short mini.

When choosing an outfit, rely on your age: the older you are, the more restrained the image should be. Agree, it is strange after 40 to put on naive-romantic shuttlecocks. If you occupy a leadership position or a step away from it, then a strict sheath dress to help you, leave fashion experiments for a closer circle.

Perhaps, the overalls remain the most universal outfit for a corporate party. Velvet models with fringe, sequins and asymmetrical cuts will help keep up with the trends.

How to dress in the office

Black-gray-white gamma has long been sitting in the liver, and experiments with red velvet and pink chiffon in your office are prohibited. There is always a compromise! Moreover, the strict dress code does not end on a dark bottom and white top, there are many allowed color variations and examples for inspiration at hand.

Why not get inspired by the style of practicing psychologists? It is always a calm muted color scheme, the perfect combination and impeccable fit. For example, cropped beige trousers are successfully combined with a white shirt and a blue jacket, a powdery pink turtleneck harmoniously fits into the look with a classic trouser suit.

You can borrow from lawyers the method of dressing strictly, but at the same time with a challenge: to dilute a boring gray suit with a purple blouse, wear jackets and trousers (skirts) from different sets, and not be afraid of patent leather shoes.

Bold shapes and daring colors are not exactly what you need to work. Therefore, in accessories for work, we rely on high-quality and natural fabrics, good accessories and deep shades. If the shoes, then medium-heeled boats with a basic shade (beige, black), if the bag is a form-resistant version of suede or leather in wine, dark blue shades, if jewelry, then earrings, studs, a necklace on a thin chain, one laconic ring from noble metals.

With all the seemingly rigor, office images can be vivid and memorable thanks to one catchy detail. It will be a contrasting scarf, velvet lace on the collar of a blouse or fringe on a bag, it's up to you!

Dress code for formal events. Explanation of symbols and abbreviations

Invitations to social and business events are increasingly accompanied by a desire or requirement to dress in accordance with a specific dress code indicated on the invitation. Familiarize yourself with the basic designations and abbreviations of the dress code.

You have to become a party to the reception, presentation or ball. At the invitation, you find a mysterious abbreviation, such as Black Tie or A5. Only the initiate can decrypt such signs.

A person gathering for an official celebration cannot do without knowledge of secular etiquette. It may be a visit to a closed nightclub with strict face control, a semi-official dinner at a pompous restaurant, a charity evening or a reception at the embassy. Such events, as a rule, are accompanied by a wish or even a requirement to dress in accordance with a specific dress code indicated on the invitation. Below in the article are the most common designations and their abbreviations that you can find on invitation cards.

What you might face

A formal suit (dress coat, business card and tuxedo), consecrated by time and tradition, is designed for especially special occasions. For example, a tailcoat is put on an official reception at the embassy, ​​a court ball in the European monarchy state, an Oscar or Nika award ceremony, etc. The tuxedo is much wider. It may be needed for any official reception, ball, presentation. In Russia, unlike Europe and America, the probability of attending an event for which these items of clothing may be needed is not high. If you receive an invitation with a trip such as a dress code, such as White Tie, contact the hotel staff. You will be provided with your own formal clothing rental services or redirected to a special company.

In Russia, most often you may come across an indication of the form of clothing in invitations to various official evening events. At the same time, the most common dress codes are Black Tie, A5, Formal, and White Tie is much less common. The remaining conventional signs are by and large used only in the West. We have a very popular non-standard dress-code, that is, not accepted in international practice, but invented by the organizers of the event, for example, Total Black (in black from head to toe) or Orange Party (they are waiting for you in something orange). Business people can bring an invitation to a day or morning event marked Bb or Btr.

In addition to indications of clothing, you can find other important symbols on invitation cards. Among them may be:

  • S.t. (sine tempore - lat.) - exactly, on time, without delay,
  • C.t. (cum tempore - lat.) - with a delay of no more than a quarter of an hour (academic delay),
  • R.S.V P (Reponse S'il Vous Plait - fr.) - please answer.

Ignoring the latter is the biggest violation of secular etiquette. If you are called for a presentation, ball or reception, regardless of whether you are going to attend or not, first of all, call or write an answer. Your answer must be delivered no later than the eve of the celebration.

If the invitation does not indicate “For Two Persons” and the desired presence of the spouse is not specified, it is better to be unaccompanied. Business events also do not imply the presence of a spouse, unless he (a) is a participant or participant in the business. As a rule, a satellite must be brought to entertaining social events - balls, charity evenings, concerts, dinners.

Business etiquette is more stable because it does not have class restrictions, but serves only as a “working uniform” convenient for everyone. Nevertheless, significant changes are taking place here - over the past decades, society has consistently destroyed the rules and taboos associated with business clothes. There was a “Friday standard”, the world wide web stretched its networks, allowing you to work without leaving your home, more and more often you can see people dressed in casual in the office. Russia, not having time to approve the strict rules of business etiquette, will gradually join the global trend towards the democratization of clothing.

Dress code at formal events

White tie, Ultra-formal (Cravate blanche - fr.): "White tie". The most formal men's suit for a formal occasion.

  • Possible events: an evening reception with the president, the marriage of an ambassador, a ball, a prize presentation, etc.
  • Men clothes: dress coat with a white bow tie, patent leather shoes and a pocket watch. The vest must be white and in no case black, otherwise you may be mistaken for a waiter. White gloves are welcome.
  • Woman clothes: Full evening toilet: Floor-length evening dress, gloves, high-heeled shoes and a tiny evening bag. It is impossible: loose hair a la natyurel, jewelry, bare hands.

Black Tie (Cravate noire - fr.): "Black tie".

  • Possible events: an official evening reception, such as Christmas, or a wedding, a theater premiere, etc.
  • Men clothes: the tuxedo
  • Woman clothes: cocktail dress or long evening dress. Costume jewelry and the absence of furs.

Formal: "formal evening event". Usually means the same as Black Tie, but sometimes it may imply a more fashionable look, a creative approach.

  • Possible events: similar to Black Tie.
  • Men clothes: tuxedo (preferable) or a dark formal suit with a tie.
  • Woman clothes: cocktail dress, long dress or evening set of individual items.

Black Tie Invited: "black tie is welcome".

  • Possible events: a dinner party in a pathos restaurant, a corporate banquet, a family celebration with a large number of guests, etc. If we are talking about a cocktail, we usually mean an evening, but not too solemn event, usually with drinks and a buffet table.
  • Men clothes: with this designation it is better to wear a classic tuxedo.
  • Woman clothes: cocktail dress, long dress, elegant suit.

Black Tie Optional: "black tie is optional".

  • Possible events: similar to Black Tie Invited.
  • Men clothes: Tuxedo can be replaced with a dark suit with a tie.
  • Woman clothes: cocktail dress, evening dresses (individual items of clothing that are not part of the kit), elegant costume.

Creative Black Tie: Black Tie, Creative.

  • Possible events: similar to Black Tie Invited.
  • Men clothes: this dress-code suggests a wider field for the interpretation of a formal suit, fashionable novelties are acceptable. Tuxedo with unconventional accessories or unconventional colors. If in doubt, wear a classic tuxedo with a motley, but not “clownish” vest, or an informal tuxedo with a dark shirt without a tie.
  • Woman clothes: A long or short dress or evening outfit, such as a lace or sequined skirt combined with a thin cashmere sweater.

Cocktail Attire: Cocktail.

  • Possible events: similar to Black Tie Invited.
  • For man: dark suit.
  • For woman: cocktail dress.

Semi-formal: semi-formal. The most tricky dress-code. It seems to allow freedom, but strictly in accordance with the event.

  • Possible events: similar to Black Tie Invited.
  • For man: usually tuxedo is optional. For events after 18-00, preference should be given to a dark suit. Until this time, let's say a regular suit with a tie.
  • For woman: after 18-00 it is better to wear a dress for cocktails (long - not welcome). Until this time, let’s say a smart suit or a day, but smart dress.

A5 (After Five): "after five". Such a designation may be supplemented by others, for example, A5 Semi formal. Otherwise, A5 stands for "Cocktail".

  • Possible events: any evening event starting after 17-00.
  • Men clothes: a costume is supposed, not necessarily a business one. Any colors, a tie is optional.
  • Woman clothes: cocktail dress or elegant separates, for example, an open embroidered top and a skirt. As an option - an elegant suit with a skirt or trousers.

A5c (After 5 casual) or Dressy Casual: "casual evening style" (after five in the evening).

  • Possible events: similar to A5.
  • Men clothes: casual should not be misleading. This is not about worn jeans, but about trendy and trendy clothes from designers or well-known brands, regardless of whether you wear a smart jacket or a silk turtleneck. If in doubt, put on a regular business suit with a smart shirt without a tie.
  • Woman clothes: It is better to choose an elegant feminine suit or elegant day dress.

Casual: casual - free clothing.

  • Possible events: corporate party, such as a picnic, etc.
  • clothing: The nature of the event should always be taken into account. In some cases, it is better to dress elegantly than at ease.
  • Informal: "informal" - means the same as "casual".

Btr (Business Traditional) or Undress: "traditional business suit" or "casual dress".

  • Possible events: a business meeting.
  • clothing: ordinary business suit.

Bb (Business Best): "the most rigorous and expensive business suit".

  • Possible events: responsible business meeting, especially with foreign partners, business reception.
  • Men clothes: The best business suit, usually dark blue, possibly striped, single or double breasted, with a dazzling white shirt (preferably with double cuffs and cufflinks) and a tie in red colors, with a pocket square. Shoes are exclusively black oxford or derby.
  • For woman: gray, blue or beige suit, white shirt blouse, tie possible, flesh-colored transparent stockings, black shoes or suit color, low heels (3-5 cm).

This material will also be published in the journal "Consultant" in number 11 for this year.