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Sage is the best way to clean a house from a bad aura! Here's what to do


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People from time immemorial have used sage for the purpose of spiritual purification, as well as because of its healing properties. Many believe that sage is able to clean the atmosphere of a room by driving out all the negative energy from it. Moreover, the aroma of this plant has fantastic therapeutic properties, whether you brew it, use it as incense or simply inhale the aroma of living wild sage. Therefore, it is not surprising that the practice of burning sage as incense has become quite common.

Sage, magical and healing properties

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From the evil eye

Fold the dried sage leaves in a white small cloth bag (cotton). Hang the pouch on a white or yellow thread and carry it on your chest. Change the contents of the bag after 28 days.

From the evil eye

Prepare a solution of sage, cool, strain and wash with this solution 2 times a day (morning and evening).

From witchcraft "to its feet"

This happens when a person accidentally steps on any material used in rituals. This refers to materials left by someone after the rituals of purification. Usually, with such "random" witchcraft, the feet suffer. The legs hurt, swell, the skin on the feet crack. So, sage can cleanse, remove such witchcraft. To do this, for three months every evening, do baths with sage infusion. Previously, a healing solution must be prepared.

Take 3 tbsp. tablespoons (with a hill) of dried sage, pour 3 liters of boiling water and leave to cool and infuse until the evening. In the evening, not before bedtime, but when you are sure that on this day you will not go anywhere from home (outside the yard), make a foot bath. In a pre-prepared sage solution, wash your feet for at least 24 minutes.

The sage solution for the bath should be at room temperature. The used solution must be poured into the sewer or into the yard, but not onto the path or path along which you walk.

Talisman for trade

To create amulets for trade with your own hands with this grass, you need to roll any banknote into a tube. One end of the resulting tube is melted with wax from a burning candle. Then they wait a while for the wax to cool. When it has completely hardened, crushed sage is poured into the finished tube, and the upper end is also sealed with molten wax.

These amulets must be stored at the workplace, for example, in a safe or directly on the desktop. Then only good profit and the absence of serious problems can be expected from trade. Plots during the preparation of this magic item are not used.

To fulfill a wish

To do this, you need to write a wish on a leaf of a plant and put it under a pillow. Sleep on it for three nights, and one of the nights, the desire should be a dream, if it is a dream, it will be fulfilled, and if it is not a dream, it must be buried.
If you see sage in a dream, it means that you will find luck in business and love. And if you collect sage in a dream, it means that you are compassionate to a person who does not need pity at all.

Conspiracy to increase love power

This conspiracy will help solve the problems of frigidity or impotence. It is necessary to take the same amount of lemon balm, rosemary and sage. Herbs need to be dried and powder made from them. When the night of the new moon comes, you should sprinkle the resulting powder on a burning piece of charcoal, creating the effect of incense. Coal and powder will burn while you and your loved one indulge in love. In this case, when the smoke reaches you in bed, you must say together:

"Burn grass of love, burn,
Give strength, drive away fatigue.
Unite hearts, raise blood.
Trouble away, may love burn. ”

This procedure should be repeated every time you make love, and after a while, herbs and spells you will no longer need.

A tool that invokes love and delights taste

Take from a lover a coin that he carried with him. In a ceramic refractory vessel, preheat one liter of red dry wine in the oven, add spices: cinnamon, clove bud, saffron sprig, sage sprig, 2 red pepper seeds, 2 ginger slices, a little liquid white honey. Drop the coin into the vessel.
Bring the resulting mixture to the viscosity of the liquor.
Remove a coin from the vessel and hold it in the palm of your hand when you treat your loved one with liquor.

Sage has strong astral and magical properties. He returns love to a destroyed family, and the witching power of this weed away drives away evil and protects lovers from all harm. If you find yourself in a situation where a loved one has left you, then collect dry sage in the field, which blooms in July-August, and ripens in early September.

You need to do this during the third phase of the moon (from the full moon to the last quarter of the heavenly disk), you should come to the field during the evening dew when the sunset rays of the sun illuminate the grasses that smell of summer and steppe. Cut branches and leaves with a knife (well, if there is silver or ceramic), while holding the stems in the middle with your left hand and leaving the roots of the plant in the ground.

Dry sage in the open air, folding leaves in linen bags, which become powerful amulets.

Love spell with sage

Sage oil creates a sensual, erotic atmosphere; it is a strong aphrodisiac, kindling love in cooled hearts. A drink from this herb helps to gain wisdom and fulfills secret desires.
During the collection of sage, you need to read the spell: "Field grass, bulk grass. Take my strength, accept my passion. I conjure you with all my might so that my beloved (person’s name) will return to me (my name). To live for us is not to grieve, but to know no troubles and separation.

You can cook sage in a bowl or pan, stirring the broth with a wooden spoon. When steam rises above the dishes, the same spell must be read into it, repeating the words of a love spell until you feel a slight tingling sensation at your fingertips or over the body. Then put the broth to cool, wash thoroughly under the shower and draw warm water into the bath. Pour the broth from sage there and bathe for 15-20 minutes. Closing your eyes and relaxing, imagine your beloved or husband, dream a little about something pleasant and good.

After you take a swim, you need to collect some water with a decoction from the bath in a jar and put it in a dark place. As soon as you meet your chosen one, he needs to discreetly pour a little spellbound water into tea or drink. The love potion will take effect in 14 days.
Note: the sage bought at the pharmacy is not so strong, and the effect of the love spell will pass quickly.

Protective assistant
(from M. Skalozhabskaya)

Sew a doll from natural fabric. Stuff it with a mixture of mint, sage and wormwood. Harvest three small pebbles from the road.
Light two white candles, put a doll between them. Put water and burn incense on the corner (you can add the same sage to the incense). Next, read the plot:

“I call the assistants who have been waiting for me on Earth. I call the assistants who came to Earth to follow me. I urge those who stand behind my left shoulder, I call those who stand behind my right shoulder. I urge those on whose shoulders are my feet, Those who look at me from Heaven. "

Fumigate your doll, spray it with water. Bring the doll over one, and then over the second candle. Put it again between the candles and say:

“I ask the Higher Powers, I ask the Powers of my Tree to create for me a protector. May the Helper Spirit come to the call of the herbs, my protector. He will not let evil wormwood come to me, will not harm mending peppermint, he will drive away the unclean spirit of sage in a doll. I illuminate the place for my assistant with water, fire, air and earth. ”

Take the sage that you burn (or incense, if you do not want sage), begin to circle them around the doll clockwise and say:

“By the power of the herbs of the earth, by the power of the herbs of heaven,
In this doll I combine the power of good, for the benefit of me given.
From forests and fields, I take the power of herbs.
Bring me the Spirits and Gods of the helper,
Reliable and loyal defender.
Take him along forest paths, steppes and plains,
Mountains and ravines, through dreams and bridges,
From the invisible worlds.
To stand guard over my peace
To protect the house and me,
That we were inseparable together at night and day. ”

Wrap the doll in white cloth, leave it on the altar. Extinguish candles only when a third of the candle burns out. Water remains on the altar as well.

So do the ceremony for three days in a row. After wrapping the doll in white cloth and taking it to sleep with you, until you see your Protector Assistant in a dream. What to do next with the doll is recognized by the Higher Forces or Gods, Spirits, and Ancestors.

Ancient Native American remedy.

Remember the period in your life when you were haunted by a bad mood, from which you could not get rid of it.

Perhaps the negative emotions generated by the unpleasant incident did not want to leave you, or you just got into a new space, and you suddenly felt uneasy. Call it whatever you like - intuition, energy, perfume - but we all felt the effect of the sixth sense on ourselves.

And although such moments are usually fleeting, sometimes they drag out, and the accumulated negative does not let us go for too long. This is where sage fumigation comes to the rescue.

Sage fumigation is an ancient practice of expelling negative energy. It helps to clear the negative of a specific person (including himself), as well as the home.

What is sage?

Sage is a stunted plant related to mint.

Many people know it as a spice, but sage has also been used since ancient times as a healing agent - and not only among North American Indians.

The Romans used sage in sacred rites, and its scientific name "salvia" comes from the Latin word "save", which reflects its healing properties.

The spiritual history of sage purification.

Sage has always played and continues to play an important role in various rituals and beliefs of the Indians. It is believed that sage smoke has the ability to carry away negative feelings.

Indians believe that smoke not only takes away negative energy with them, but also brings blessings and prayers to the universe.

The psychology of sage.

Cleansing with sage is undoubtedly a spiritual practice, and therefore requires a certain faith. However, most people can experience the benefits of fumigation on a purely psychological level.

It is not necessary to practice Native American beliefs in order to feel the beneficial effects. Even if you do not have spiritual beliefs, you can still feel the positive and negative energy.

When burning sage, the smell in the room changes, and the temperature and texture of the air become slightly different. This subconsciously creates a sense of positive change.

Why and when should sage be cleaned?

People who regularly carry out sage purification confirm that this is an effective way to cleanse the space of stagnant negative energy. It is known that burning sage or any other incense cleans the air of negative energy and improves the aura.

Some do fumigation daily, some only during religious and ceremonial ceremonies. Others believe that it is enough to carry out fumigation after difficult, negative experiences, so as not to create energy blocks.

Whatever path you choose, one thing is certain: by making fumigation with sage once, you will definitely return to it in the future!

What will change after cleansing with sage?

The idea of ​​cleansing or “disinfecting” space with fumigation may seem strange to those who have never tried it, but proponents of this method say that the difference is felt immediately after the ritual.

First, fumigation clears thoughts and allows for more complete awareness. Secondly, after fumigation you will feel physically cleaner, as if taking a shower!

In addition, it will be easier to breathe in the house, and if you had trouble sleeping, they will magically evaporate. You wake up awake and full of energy!

How to choose a sage and fumigate?

If you still decide to conduct a cleansing ceremony, then the first thing you need to find is a white sage - this is the variety that is usually used for fumigation.

White sage differs from sage, which is used in cooking, and is used for a variety of medicinal purposes - from healing wounds to relieving menstrual pain. Fortunately, white sage can be easily purchased online. Moreover, many online stores sell ready-made bundles or fumigation sticks.

Some people prefer to use a sea shell for ashes when fumigating, but you can take the most ordinary plate or ashtray.

When you are ready to start the cleansing process, light the sage and go around each room of the house or apartment. Try to make sage smoke get into all corners. Also pay particular attention to windows and doors.

While lighting the space with smoke, pronounce blessings to make your home safe, cozy and welcoming.

It is very important to remember your intentions and not think about unnecessary things in the process of fumigation.

If you want to fumigate yourself, start from the head, and then drive a lit bunch of sage around the trunk and limbs.

Try to cover yourself with smoke from all sides to touch every part of the body and aura.

Although this process will take very little time, you will feel the result right away.

Having lit smoke with sage smoke, you will feel that the atmosphere has become cleaner and your mood has improved. Even pets will be calmer!

Are you ready to try sage purification?