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How to choose a golf club


You can always buy clubs at an affordable price on the Internet. But you need to be careful and not make a mistake. Read our article to find out what you need to do when buying golf clubs online.

  1. 1 You are advised to buy golf clubs online as you will have a good choice as well as the opportunity to save money. But you should also understand that there is a certain risk when buying goods online. We are not even talking about any fraudulent sites that send spam to us daily, trying to persuade them to buy their product. You can make a mistake by buying clubs on a normal site. Golf clubs are very individual things. Therefore, before you make a purchase, think carefully so that you don’t worry about it later.
  2. 2 You need to know what type of club you need. Go to the store that sells golf equipment and try a few clubs to determine which club is best for you. Determine what type and length the stick must be, what material its head is made of, etc. Having all the necessary information, you can easily buy yourself the right club online.
  3. 3 Explore the site where you want to buy clubs. A site can be trusted if
    • The site has phone numbers and contact information
    • There is a Hacker Safe logo or other sign that the site is protected from hacking
    • The site accepts major credit cards.
    • The site offers a warranty on their product. Check that this is clearly indicated on the site.
    • The site offers a refund. Since you cannot test the product in person, this offer will be beneficial if you do not receive the club you were expecting by mail.

  • 4 Note that some sites sell fakes or copies of well-known brands. Although some of the clubs they offer at low prices can be played. So decide for yourself. It is very good if such a site offers a refund. Thus, sellers guarantee the quality of their goods.
  • Stage 1. Measurement

    To find out which golf club is best for you by height, take two measurements. To improve the accuracy of the results, ask someone to help you.

    First measure the height from the top of the head to the heels. At the same time, straighten your back. You do not need to take a stand for a strike.

    The second important measure for choosing a club is the distance from the wrist to the floor. Straighten, straighten your shoulders, and hands freely lower along the body. Have someone measure the exact distance.

    These data will help you determine the approximate length of the club and the angle of its bend.

    Note! Sticks of all kinds (wood, iron, wedge, etc.) have different standard parameters. Each type will have to be customized.

    Stage 2. Consultation with a specialist

    All good golf clubs and professional stores have putter masters. The specialist uses the measurements you have taken to select the inventory.

    But this does not end there. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, it is necessary to test the clubs before buying.

    The fitting wizard will see how you work with them. If errors are found, the specialist will offer you the most suitable clubs for replacement.

    Top Golf Clubs

    If you want to become a professional or are already one of them, do not save on quality. Choose the best golf clubs. We list the top manufacturers of high-quality inventory.

    • Taylor Made (TM). The clubs of this brand are the choice of the pros. The company occupies a leading position in the global market.
    • Titleist (TTL). Takes second place in the ranking. Sticks from this company are not inferior in terms of product quality to the market leader.
    • Callaway (CW). Closes the three.

    Sticks from brands such as Wilson and Cobra are also widespread. The latter are best suited for amateurs and beginners.

    There are several categories corresponding to the level of professionalism:
    • Low handicaps - players who can hit the ball with draw and fade types. They are already well versed in special equipment and confidently hit the ball.
    • Average handicap - passionate golfers who love golf as a sport. Dedicate to him all his free time. The level of skill is average, and most of it depends on natural talent. They play well, but sometimes they make mistakes.
    • Medium-high handicap - these players consider this sport nothing more than entertainment. Ready to play in good company, but still have difficulty putting the ball on the green. A golf club designed for inaccurate kicks is suitable for such players.
    • A high handicap is an elderly player or a beginner golfer trying to move as fast as possible, which does not always work. Best for such players are instruments that will not “dig” into the turf when they hit the ball.

    To collect the set that you need for playing golf, you need to correctly determine your level of skill. As a rule, manufacturing companies produce inventory that corresponds to each category. Thin clubs with a spade-shaped sole are suitable for experienced players. But massive with a hollow back are intended for beginners. All clubs outside these categories are recommended for lovers.

    In appearance, it is difficult to judge whether this or that golf club is suitable for you. Each accessory should be tested in practice. When acquiring equipment, make each club a few hits on the ball. Since the characteristics of different manufacturers are comparable, the difference will only be in how you feel with a specific tool in your hands. That is why it is so important to try every look in the game.

    The most important thing when choosing a club is your sense of self. If you feel comfortable with a specific tool in your hands, then it should be purchased.

    By the way, the characteristics of a set of clubs can be optimized by increasing or decreasing the length and flexibility of the handle shaft. But it should be remembered that no matter what kit you choose, with the wrong swing, there will be difficulties with the accuracy of hitting the ball.

    Choosing a good set of golf clubs, you guarantee yourself a great pastime with friends or rivals. Golf is still a sport, albeit not as widespread in our country as abroad. Moreover, it is called the sport of aristocrats. Get involved in a great way to relax and have fun with a selection of good equipment.