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How to attract women


Today - according to all the feng shui and other chthonic laws,) So, thanks to our previous portion of wisdom, you have probably already become young and fresh as a May rose. However, the princess, stopping the white horse in a gallop, hasn’t rushed to you yet? Basic abstract “Beloved herself will find you if you are in the right psychological state” and “Smile, looking into the eyes of oncoming women!” didn't help Even when the desired degree has been reached, did your oncoming women move the whole carriage somewhere beyond the horizon from your smile? Do not drift, right now we’ll twist abruptly!

Back to first grade

“We attract the images of people who already exist in our subconscious. Every day imagine Her, beautiful scenes of your romance, wedding and old age together. All this at the level of thought will bring your dream to fruition. ”

So, in the evenings, sit down and write down on a leaflet in all the details which one you want to see your Princess. Draw detailed illustrations on another leaf. Then She, apparently, will not withstand such an intrigue and will climb out of the window to you. (Well, how else to get to the only one that, without leaving the house, attracts the perfect couple with such irresistible witchcraft!) If she is not scared off by the Russo customs officer porn that you got on your sheet, it is yours.

If Drosophila is more likely to start in your house than women, urgently think about the need getting rid of negative energy and unpleasant memories of the past that have accumulated in the house. I mean, a mop in the teeth - and forward to the embrasure. And then the qi energy through the stubs will not squeeze. Your Woman will find out that your home has been successfully cleared of negativity, by the sacred sign: the web in your hair. And how rushes to beg for you! Well, just stare at the great miracle of a clean men's apartment. Leave her at least a couple of unwashed cups in the southwest zone, otherwise she will decide that you are a new generation robot.

Split personality

“Nothing in your house should speak of loneliness. Buy a double bed, put women's slippers in the hallway. It’s useful to observe the principle of pairing in the interior: two plush hares in an embrace, a picture with a pair of swans, two vases on a shelf ... ”

Well, don’t look at us like that, we didn’t come up with it, but it’s even Feng Shui, ancient and wise as Tortila and direct as Pinocchio. Do you think that at the sight of alien slippers she will run away at the very first minute, because she decides that someone is already nagging here, and on this place is this cupid de trois? Well, mne-uh ... You think logically. But we are not teaching you the logic here, but still the fan is the same shui. So follow two hares and not buzz. Love, by the way, is considered a mental illness. To this, it seems, the whole calculation of ancient wisdom.

Very dramatic

“I met a girl that you like - you need to quietly whisper in your left hand:“ Let me be with you ”, and then touch this chosen one with this hand. This plot works especially well during the dance. ”

Good luck, friend. We are sure this is a sure means. Are you afraid of the integrity of your scoreboard after such a manipulation? Well, well, very compassionate nurses come across in the emergency rooms. This is actually a magical mnogohodovochka!

Conjure grandfather!

Light a red candle ... Didn’t you find one? Well, light any color. No one was found? Well lighter, okay. Now read the text: “Litato Vista (your name) drillot descended. As the sun is red without a month, just as there is no bright month without stars, so I, a servant of God, will find a man by heart, by fate and by life. Amen. Amen. Amen".

How old are you - read so many times. What a drillot it was all down, don't ask. In matters of magic, the main thing is hot and indestructible faith. Well, without a mental illness (aka love), you can’t do without it, you already learned that.

Practice for energizing

And now, dear comrade, turn off your brain completely. And turn on other organs. We will do the great practice of “Prostate Breath”. She will charge you with the energy of the ancient elements - and how you charge will make anyone happy you want.

So. “You close your eyes, take a breath in your stomach and imagine how the prostate expands and fills with energy, and as you exhale, tighten your intimate muscles. With each breath you imagine how the space of your prostate grows to the size of a room, then to the size of a city, then to the size of a country, planet and, finally, the Universe ... ” Further, we can’t read it already. For further diminutive suffixes grow to the organs - and their mouths open ... But they promise that with such a macar the whole world in the person of the opposite sex will revolve around your, um, nature. You’re chasing energy in your trousers, but everyone is running, running, running. Well, yes, if you think about it - where else would they go if your causal places occupied the whole Universe: it’s hard to somehow miss!

Right in the left eye!

Well, for a snack. If you are already so tired of such magic that you can’t even focus on the potential victim. Do not need. Defocus and listen!

“Do not be afraid to look at women, but in order for your eyes to become alluring, sexy and attractive, tighten your intimate muscles. Your pupils will expand, and your gaze will become so bottomless that a woman will immediately want to drown in it. Give her this opportunity, trying to look into her left eye. He is responsible for our unconscious and helps to penetrate the soul. "

To the left, got it? I missed - we are not responsible for the result! Where you penetrate, there is a way for you.

... In general, do not stop vibrating, pulsating, contracting and expanding, recharging from chthonic forces. And be sure to wear pants. Pants - this is a magical sacred object, in them these forces just creep through. Don’t wear panties under your pants, otherwise the forces will not reach the desired points. Vedic Epic masculinity requires sacrifice, and with the brain we said goodbye a few points ago. Some unwise men, however, are trying to attract a woman into their lives by precisely this body. What can you do: women corrupted by civilization, in their underpants and without paired plush hares, are increasingly found in our logic-infected world ... Feng Shui with them! To hunt for the True - if only because they, too, were already gored to hunt!

Photo: Shutterstock
Text: Julia Sheket