Useful Tips

Instructions for use of the Colorado insecticide


Colorado from the Colorado potato beetle is a modern systemic insecticide with a wide spectrum of action. In a few hours it kills adults, larvae of different ages. The residual effect with external spraying lasts 28 days. Requires strict observance of the instructions. It is not allowed to process crops without personal protective equipment. The tool is released by the famous German company Bayer.

Description of the drug

The remedy for the Colorado potato beetle is made in the form of a concentrate, from which a solution is prepared before use. There is a specific smell. Colorado in ampoules goes on sale, each contains 1-2 ml. This dose is enough to prepare 10 liters of concentrated solution from the Colorado potato beetle.

Insecticidal substance belongs to the second class of danger. When used correctly, it does not harm a person.

One of the main conditions for proper use is the availability of personal protective equipment. When Colorado gets on the skin, an allergic reaction develops, penetration into the respiratory tract, the mouth threatens poisoning of varying degrees of intensity. The first signs are dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, heart palpitations.

The active ingredient is a broad-spectrum insecticide - imidacloprid. It is used to control many garden, garden, and domestic pests. From the Colorado potato beetle, potatoes are sprayed. The toxic substance accumulates in the green part of the culture, residual decomposition is carried out in 28 days.

Using Colorado From Colorado Beetle

Venom enters the body of the insect by the contact-intestinal route. Larvae instantly die when poison enters the chitinous cover.

Imidacloprid does not act on eggs, but kills larvae immediately after birth.

Colorado disrupts the nervous system. It blocks the transmission of nerve impulses, paralyzes, causes death. The rate of death depends on the concentration of the toxic substance, the maximum effect is observed during the first 5 hours after spraying the potatoes. You can notice the result in half an hour.

Terms of use

Colorado from the Colorado potato beetle - instructions for use, provides for the independent preparation of a solution. To destroy the Colorado potato beetle, it is necessary to dissolve 2 ml of the product in 500 ml of cool water. Stir well. Add 9.5 L of water. The finished product must be poured into a household spray bottle or a spray bottle.

Colorado poison is used from many garden pests. To destroy moths, cabbage butterflies, aphids, a less concentrated solution is required. 10 g of water consumes 1 g of the product.

  1. Spraying should be carried out in dry, calm weather. Heavy rain will be washed away by poison if it begins within 2 hours after spraying. It is advisable to review the weather forecast before the procedure.
  2. Experts recommend spraying potatoes early in the morning or in the evening. Otherwise, water droplets on the leaves of the culture under the influence of the sun lead to burns, destruction of the leaf plate.
  3. It is necessary to direct the spray gun in the direction of the wind so that drops of poison do not fall on a person.
  4. Experts advise spraying before flowering, only 1 time per season. In a difficult situation, re-spraying is allowed, but no later than 20 days before the start of the harvest.
  5. The plant should be processed carefully, on large bushes you need to spray from the back of the leaf, because it is where the eggs are.

It is necessary to prepare the solution immediately before use, in which case a high rate of toxic substances remains. It is allowed to use the ready-made solution for 3 days if the product was stored away from sunlight.

Colorado Remedy for Colorado potato beetle


Reviews about the action of Colorado are different. Not everyone is happy with the result; protective properties are not always preserved for 28 days.

A garden appeared last year. Planted potatoes on one half. In early June, an invasion of Colorado beetles was discovered. They hadn’t dealt with poison before, the store was advised by the famous company Bayer Colorado, assuring of high efficiency. Conducted processing according to the instructions. Bred 10 ampoules per bucket of water. A week later they came to see the result. There were no larvae, but adult beetles still crawled in places. A week later, no one was seen. And here in a month again bugs. The tool is inexpensive, not very toxic. But this is both a plus and a minus.

Colorado pests are weak. For the season you have to spray at least 2 times. It helps well from caterpillars, aphids. Advantage at an affordable price. We process potatoes before flowering, again in a month. You can poison the larvae in half an hour, to kill adults, it will take at least a day.

You can buy the product in specialized stores, on sites on the Internet. Sold individually or in packaging. The price of one ampoule is 8 rubles. A minimum of 10 pieces is required for one treatment. Store the product in a dark place. Use within three years from the date of manufacture.

The main properties of Colorado

The Colorado potato beetle control drug Colorado is a powerful insect-fungoacaricide with a triple effect (intestinal, contact, systemic), which positively affects the process of removing the insect pest population.

The active substance of the remedy for Colorado potato beetles and other insect pests was neonicotinoid imidacloprid, contained in Colorado in the amount of 200 grams per 1 liter of concentrate.

Imidacloprid, acting on the central nervous system of the Colorado potato beetle by binding to the corresponding receptors, causes paralysis of the pest and its convulsions. The death of the Colorado potato beetle population occurs very quickly, and the maximum effect occurs within 3-5 days after spraying with the plant. High residual activity allows the substance to maintain a protective effect for up to 14-28 days.

Imidacloprid has a crystalline structure and the following physical characteristics:

  • the molecular weight value is 255.7,
  • the value of the melting point is 136.4-143.8 about C,
  • solubility in water with a temperature of 20 ° C - 0.51 grams per 1 liter of water.

Packing, protective functions of the product

In retail, this drug against Colorado beetles comes in the form of ampoules containing 2 grams of the drug. The volume of water required to dissolve such an amount of concentrate is 10 liters. The standard package of Colorado is designed to prepare 50 liters of an aqueous solution of poison.

It is necessary to highlight the main advantages of the Colorado remedy for the Colorado potato beetle:

  • effectiveness and instant effect on insects,
  • the presence of a therapeutic and protective effect on crops,
  • stimulating plant growth, increasing yields,
  • preservation of active properties at any temperature,
  • environmental Safety,
  • resistance to precipitation - the product is not washed off by rain from the plant.

The most effective protective effect of the drug "Colorado" has on the following cultivated plants:

Processing the remedy for Colorado potato beetles of berry and fruit plantations and decorative flowers also leads to a protective effect and the destruction of insect pests.

Danger to pets and humans

The active substance of the drug against the Colorado potato beetle "Colorado" - imidacloprid - is a dangerous reagent for pets and humans.

Direct contact of pets with a means to combat the Colorado potato beetle can lead to severe poisoning, leading to damage to the liver and central nervous system.

The main symptoms of drug poisoning from Colorado potato beetles will be:

  • motion uncertainty
  • breathing problems
  • severe diarrhea
  • vomiting

The constant contact of the pet with imidacloprid (in quantities insufficient for acute poisoning) leads to a decrease in body weight and impaired appetite.

The negative effect of the active substance of the remedy for the Colorado potato beetle affects primarily children. An insecticide is of particular danger to the nervous system, actively acting on the brain structure and neurons. These processes can lead to a decrease in learning ability, memory impairment.

The destructive effect of the use of the insecticide affects the bees, leading to their mass death.

In view of the danger of the remedy for the Colorado potato beetle and its active substance for bees, it is possible to spray plants with the drug only away from apiaries. Processing crops from Colorado potato beetles during flowering is also unacceptable.

Security measures, first aid

Safety measures when working with Colorado and other insecticides against the Colorado potato beetle containing imidacloprid (Confidant, Bison, Iskra, Biotlin, Confidor, Commander and others) will be the following conditions:

  • the work is strictly in personal protective equipment, including gloves, rubber boots, overalls, glasses,
  • spraying the drug in a calm period,
  • a ban on the use of the product before the rain,
  • a ban on the processing of crops near apiaries and ponds,
  • carrying out work with the drug from Colorado beetles in the absence of pets and children,
  • protection of dishes and aquariums (they need to be covered),
  • a ban on the use of sewers and ponds to drain the water used in the washing process of work clothes and washing parts of the sprayer.

Completion of work with the use of Colorado must be done by washing the face and hands with laundry soap and rinsing the mouth with water.

The ingestion of a solution of the drug from the Colorado potato beetle in the eyes must be neutralized by washing with water for 10 minutes. The appearance of the first signs of poisoning with a drug (nausea, weakness) must necessarily lead to the following medical care:

  1. gastric lavage,
  2. the use of activated carbon at the rate of one tablet for every 10 kilograms of human weight,
  3. see a doctor.

The Colorado beetle and other insect pests, Colorado, being a highly effective poison, also carries a danger to humans. That is why the use of this substance becomes possible only in strict accordance with the instructions and all possible safety measures.

The triple-acting Colorado insecticide against Colorado potato beetles will reliably protect crops, destroy pests and give the plants a long-lasting protective effect.


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